Top 10 Best Saw To Cut PVC Pipe: Reviews & Comparison 2021

Welcome, our dear readers. Today we're back with an article that will help you cut the PVC pipe as square and straight as possible. We agree with you that this is quite annoying but easy to do when you just need to find yourself the best saw to cut PVC pipe.

In this article, we will take a look at the best saws on the market that you can use to cut PVC pipes. You won't need to do some hard research looking at the different buyers’ feedback anymore because we've already done that for you.

Below is the list of the top 10 best saw to cut PVC pipe from AGERN Restaurant. Let's check them out.

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Top 10 Best Saw To Cut PVC Pipe: Reviews 2021

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The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Band Saw is on our list of the best saw to cut PVC pipe for the simple reason that it is the most potent wireless saw on the market. Thanks to the direct metal drive and armor technology, this saw receives excellent protection from splinters and drops.

What impressed us most was the very long battery life of the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Band Saw. Thanks to the use of an overall communication system between charger, battery, and tool, this device can operate with optimum performance, giving you the ability to deliver neat and beautiful PVC plumbing cuts.

Besides, it also gives you a comfortable and natural holding experience in your hand. The reason is thanks to outstandingly improved features such as a well-proportioned body, outstanding cut visibility with LED lighting for the cutting area, and a hanger for easy storage between cuts.


  • Powerful
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy
  • Not durable

Referring to the DEWALT brand, we are all very reassured about its power and performance tools. This DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw is not an exception.

The first detail that we want to mention is that this saw is a wireless circular saw. It means you'll have unlimited mobility when it's cordless, no power cables included. This circular saw’s battery life is up to 30 minutes, which is quite neat and friendly for your onsite plumbing needs.

We have to admit that it is a bit small regarding cutting capacity, but the DEWALT circular saw can still cut through pipes and metal or wood. It is relatively compact and surprisingly light, at just over 10 pounds. It gives you an excellent grip with a nice frame and a well-balanced distribution of the internal components. The handle has a high grip that is non-slip and is very comfortable to hold.

While this cordless circular saw was only capable of operating at a single speed, we still found it to be no big deal than the ability to saw through both materials and decent speed settings. Besides, we also appreciate the feature you can measure before starting to see with the LED lights equipped on the saw blade with 20 seconds of delay.

The DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw also has a very smart hanger to the body, making it a lot easier during storage when placing it on the wall. For added safety during use, it also features an automatic lock so that even when pressed, it will not start on its own. Besides, you will also receive a warranty of up to 3 years from DEWALT.


  • 3-year warranty
  • It has an automatic lock feature
  • There are LED headlights
  • Cuts through pipes, metal, and wood
  • Battery-powered and wireless
  • Portable
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The battery and battery charger must be purchased separately.
  • Operates on a single speed
  • Small cutting width

The Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Bandsaw Kit is on our list of the best saw to cut PVC pipe with a top-of-the-line lightweight and compact size in the market. With the advantage of half the size and weight when compared to traditional saws, maintenance professionals, plumber, and electricians will be able to use it with one hand with power and capacity cannot be criticized.

Not only does the PVC pipe cut neatly, this powerful saw, with a high-capacity battery included, will do the cutting on metal and other materials clean and straight. The saw is also equipped with an LED light and a variable speed trigger.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design


  • Short battery life

This PORTER-CABLE Bare-Tool PC18JS 18-Volt Cordless Jig Saw is another perfect recommendation from us dedicated to cutting from PVC pipe, rack, to plywood. Different materials offer different cutting performance, and you can fully adjust yourself through the three orbital settings this saw provides you with.

This saw model comes with a very useful shoe cover for protecting softer surfaces during cutting or when not in operation.


  • Easy and quick blade replacement
  • There are LED lights.
  • The bevel can be adjusted without tools.
  • The 6 amp motor provides plenty of power.


  • The way the vacuum attached is poor.

Milwaukee 2420-22 12-Volt Hackzall Saw Kit is another recommendation from us for the best saw to cut PVC pipe with its compact design and firm performance. It allows you to use it for sawing in a tight space with versatility and lightweight. It is a suitable and convenient tool for professional plumbers and electricians.

In terms of battery life, the Milwaukee 2420-22 12-Volt Hackzall Saw Kit comes with a 12 Volt lithium battery that will let you use it for a long time with stable power without recharging.


  • Integrated LED light
  • Compact design
  • Battery fuel gauge


  • The blade will become loose with regular use.

The Rotorazer Platinum Compact Circular Saw Set will be a more suitable product for home-made repair projects. This saw stands out from us for its remarkable rotational speed and power compared to traditional sawing machine models despite its compact size.

This Rotorazer saw is equipped with three interchangeable saw blades that give you the ability to cut through various materials with ease. Besides, its portability is also a notable feature, especially suitable if you need to use it from a high distance and in tight spaces.

With a slim, inline design, this saw gives you better control, balance, comfort, and convenience. About the cutting ability, you can optionally adjust the blade to 45 degrees or 90 degrees to cut corners very neatly and beautifully with its mighty working power.


  • It comes with a dust removal system.
  • It comes with a set of 3 blades.
  • Suitable for cutting all types of materials


  • The weight is quite heavy for the size.
  • Must be plugged into an outlet

DEWALT DW304PK 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw will be the correct choice for you if you only need to cut materials that are not too thick or heavy. It is one of the most maneuverable saws on the market today, weighing less than 10 pounds. Especially, it is suitable and useful for work from above without causing pain in your arms.

This saw gives you clean, quick cuts, with the anti-vibration supported to a minimum. However, you will need to manually adjust the speed with your fingers to cut the materials as it is not equipped with a maximum speed controller.


  • Orbital motion is switchable.
  • Horizontal and vertical blade position
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Includes only one blade
  • Lack of speed limit control

BOSCH 12-Volt Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw Kit PS60-102 is a perfect choice for you when it comes to the best saw to cut PVC pipe. When you choose to purchase this saw, you will be accompanied by a kit that includes a charger, a Lithium-Ion battery, a multi-function blade, and a metal blade. It can do its job quickly and smoothly, with a battery life of up to nearly 3 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

This BOSCH Saw Kit will be a worthy investment for you, especially for the act of sawing from a high distance. It can save you a lot of time and ensure the safety of cutting from above.

You can start cutting PVC pipe right away as this kit is included with all the tools you need. It is even suitable for cutting in the tightest places thanks to its robust, compact, and small size. It also has LED illumination to enhance further the convenience of using it in narrowly dimly lit areas.


  • Has anti-vibration technology
  • There are LED lights.
  • Can work in tightest places with a compact design
  • Allows for safe one-handed use
  • Able to flexibly handle all types of cutting jobs


  • Not strong enough for heavier cutting jobs

WORX WX550L AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw And Jigsaw is genuinely a very suitable product for your use as it allows you to switch from a reciprocating saw to a jigsaw with an open hook very easily. It fits your handle, is lightweight, and has a minimal design, making it entirely safe for you to take to anywhere.

One feature we love about this saw is that you can still effectively change blades without the need for additional tools. Your PVC pipe cuts will be cleaner and tighter with the orbital mode its blade applies to motion across your material. Also, the blower that comes with the saw kit will help collect dust that arises during your cutting.


  • Quickly change cutting edges.
  • Light
  • Easy to work
  • Has a built-in fan
  • The swivel head design changed from a reciprocating saw to a jigsaw very quickly.


  • The safety switch does not coincide with your hand.

The Milwaukee M18 Hackzall Cordless Saw Kit will be the best saw to cut PVC pipe for a professional plumber or electrician. This model will genuinely give your arms and hands relief and comfort while ensuring a good performance.

One-handed operation is entirely possible for this saw as it is designed with a lock-off switch within reach between your index finger and your thumb. PVC pipe cutting will give you incredibly smooth cutting at a much faster-cutting speed than other saws of the same type.


  • One hand saw with good performance.
  • Get the best vibration control for the same price range.
  • Excellent cutting speed


  • Lack of an adjustable length shoe

Things You Should Know To Choose The Best Saw To Cut PVC Pipe

PVC pipes are plastic pipes that are commonly used for drains. The people who will usually have to work with PVC pipes are professional plumbers or those who simply love to fix their plumbing on their own or renovate their bathroom or kitchen. Even the simplest things like replacing a new hand sink or relocating the toilet will require some PVC pipe cutting skills.

Using the right saw to cut PVC pipe will make your DIY plumbing projects much more comfortable. There are currently many types of multi-purpose cutting tools and several specialized saws for you to choose to cut PVC pipes or other materials.

Knowing the types of saws on the market will help you choose the model that is best suited for your cutting job. And therefore, below will be some useful information for you to make the wisest choice.

Best Saw To Cut PVC Pipe

Before Cutting PVC Pipes


Safety is of paramount importance that requires special attention in any tool's manual, especially regarding drilling or cutting.

Protect your lungs and mouth

PVC pipes can produce small particles during cutting that can irritate your throat, or worse, your lungs. Additionally, chlorine gas emitted from PVC pipes when heated to the melting point will be dangerous if exposed to the long term. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with a respirator or wear a mask while cutting PVC pipes with a saw.

Protect your eyes

The protection for your eyes is of utmost importance, especially when using power tools. When cutting PVC pipes, fragments of pipes can be thrown out of the cut area. Therefore, you should remember to wear eye protection such as goggles while cutting PVC pipes.

Protect your hands

When cutting PVC pipes with any tool, whether electrically or manually, always remember to keep an eye on where your hands are to avoid danger. It is important to remember that when cutting with a saw, never hold the PVC pipe but always clamp it in place.

Best Saw To Cut PVC Pipe

Ensure proper use of PVC pipe cutting tools

How to cut PVC pipes involves using several blades or saws that we will summarize for you below. However, if not used properly, they can cause serious harm to the user. To avoid damage to the body, always make sure to read, understand, and strictly follow the safety rules that the manufacturer attaches to your kit.

Choose A Lubricant

In cutting almost any material, a slight slip over the surface is essential, and PVC pipe is no exception. The lubricant works to make the saw blade glide on the material’s body more quickly because the lubricant reduces friction. It can also help prevent dust during cutting from getting into the air.

Lubricants suitable for PVC pipe cutting can be food grade lubricants such as cooking oil or spray type specialized lubricants. These oils will not corrode your PVC pipes like other solvents, and because of it, they are safe for use on plastics. Note that you should only use a spray nozzle to quickly spray a little lubricant on the pipe because too much spray will make your PVC cutting work more messy than necessary.

PVC Pipe Cutting Tools

Cut The PVC Pipe With A Hand Saw

A hand saw is the most common way to cut PVC pipes that most professional plumber or amateur home repairer owns at least one. However, this way of cutting PVC pipes produces slightly messy results. Almost all saws are suitable, but ideally should be a hacksaw because of the flexibility it gives you better than many other saws.

You can use a miter box so that it gives you an available right angle to put your saw blade into a cleaner and more square cut. To cut a PVC pipe with a hand saw, you simply need to hold the tube securely over the edge of your workbench and move the saw blade back and forth on the point you want to cut. Remember not to jam the blade into the PVC pipe and move the saw very slowly.

Best Saw To Cut PVC Pipe

One major limitation of using this hand saw to cut a PVC pipe is that the raw pieces will remain everywhere on the pipe and need to be removed to keep your pipes clean. You can now run your kitchen butter knife along the end of the pipe to effectively remove them.

Cut The PVC Pipe With A Miter Saw

If you are a plumber needing regular cutting work, the best solution to cut the PVC pipe correctly is a miter saw. Since the miter saw has extreme cutting power, you need to seriously understand and pay attention to how it works to ensure your safety. From there, you can completely cut many exact and fast PVC pipes.

Since it is fixed at preset angles, of which an angle of 90 degrees, the resulting cuts are almost guaranteed to be square. Using a miter saw to cut PVC requires that it is held firmly to the tube so that there is no possibility of lax damage. Next, you need to align the saw blade with the top mark of the PVC pipe, lift the saw, activate it, and release the saw slowly to cut all of your pipes.

If the saw doesn't cut the pipe the first attempt, stop the blade, then twist the tube with a second release of the blade so that the rest can be cut. When you finished cutting the pipe, before lifting the saw head back up, remember to release the button and stop the blade first. Remember that it is entirely wrong and unsafe to twist the tube while the blade is running.

Best Saw To Cut PVC Pipe

Clean The Burrs After Cutting PVC Pipes 

There will inevitably be some burrs left behind, no matter how carefully you cut it or how advanced and modern tools you use to cut it. These leftover pieces of material can clog the filter in the tube later in use. To remove these burrs, we recommend two solutions for you:

  • Use a sharp utility knife around the cut’s outer and inner rim and cut off excess edges. One tip for cutting small edges more efficiently and making the blade run smoother is to keep the blade at a slight angle.
  • Use a plumber's special cloth or 120-grain sandpaper for sanding the water pipe’s outer and inner rim gently. Note that over-scrubbing is not as effective as rubbing enough to smooth the edges.

Note that you should not use regular household cleaners or bleach to remove letters or ink on PVC pipes because they are printed with special PVC dipped inks. The sandpaper method should also only be applied to conventional water-supply PVC pipes, not on the surface of interior-grade PVC. It will probably scratch the surface of your PVC pipe.

Best Saw To Cut PVC Pipe

PVC Pipes Cutting Avoidances

Although you can use most of the saws on the market to cut PVC pipes, some tools are not recommended for cutting PVC pipes. Specifically, many people believe that PVC pipe cutting will be done the same way and with the same woodcutting tool. PVC pipes and wood have entirely different characteristics.

Do not use tools intended for cutting wood

Wood saws have thick blades and large teeth and do not produce the same results when cutting like a hacksaw with much thinner blades. The use of wood saws to cut PVC pipes will cause unnecessary tumbling as the large teeth do not effectively penetrate the pipe.

Always use the power tool where the PVC pipe is clamped

Fixed blade tools or other power cutters whose usage requires the user to move the PVC pipe onto the blade are not recommended. The reason is that it will be difficult for you to successfully maintain secure support for the curvature of the PVC pipe. Due to the PVC pipe’s curvature, the saw blade will have to contact at unstable points on the pipe. It is very easy to cause the blade to come out of the pipe and injure you.

If you have read this far, congratulations because you now have all the necessary information to choose for yourself the best saw to cut PVC pipe. Now all you need to do is select a product on our list above and watch the video below on how to cut a PVC pipe with a saw:

The Bottom Line: Our Top Picks Of The Best Saw To Cut PVC Pipe

A good saw can give you the convenience and ease of your PVC pipe cutting job. Those struggling with other materials in fixing their home pipes can also use a saw on the list we suggested above to use the cutting very effectively.

Many of you may think it is unnecessary to buy a saw specifically for cutting PVC pipe. But once you've decided to have one, you won't be able to deny its enormous advantages to your plumbing job.

This product review is too long, and you don't have much time to read and research it carefully? No worries, we are here to help you. Here are the best five saw to cut PVC pipe that we have selected to help you make a quick selection:


BEST FOR quality

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We hope that we've helped you make the wisest decision for your best saw to cut PVC pipe. Of course, we can't meet everyone's needs, and we don't have a clear rule for products to match all requirements. But we firmly believe our blog review outlined everything you need to know for your purchasing process.

Thanks for reading! We will see you very soon.

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