Enjoy Your Excited Cooking Experience With Our Top 17 Best Serbian Chef Knife 2021

Are you looking for a new way to upgrade your cooking experience in every single cooking step? The idea of the best Serbian chef knife may be a good choice you should try. It has a wide range of choices with different design and purposes. And sometimes we all can say that finding an ideal chef knife fitting our desire may be challenging and may be a tough deal ever before.

Clearly, this kind of chef knife obsesses a lot of outstanding advantages as compared to the common cooking knife at almost home. So If you may be confused about how to choose an ideal Serbian chef knife, don’t hesitate to check it out now with our AGERN’s top 17 best Serbian chef knives.

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Best Serbian Chef Knife Comparison 2021


Best Serbian Chef Knife For High Durability

Best Serbian Chef Knife For Light Weight 

Best Serbian Chef Knife For Extra Included Utilities 

Best Serbian Chef Knife For Rigidness 

Best Serbian Chef Knife For Luxury Leather Sheath

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Top 17 Best Serbian Chef Knife Reviews 2021

This first best Serbian chef knife comes from the Imarku brand, which is widely reputative. You will wonder why it gains that much reputation. And here is the reason, this knife has its very easy-comport handle, which enables you to chop and cut the food material for a long time without hand pain.

Besides, its wooden handle allows us to manipulate properly without being slipped. This is significantly important in case you do not want slipping issues to interrupt your food preparation step.

Moreover, this chef knife allows you to chop or slice through meat, bones or vegetables smoothly due to its sharp blades which were forged by a traditional technique. Especially, with its own leather sheath, you are able to carry it around safely.


  • Comfortable cutting with wooden handles
  • It has an unique leather sheath
  • Can be used for various food materials


  • A little bit heavy
  • Take more care about cleaning

This best Serbian chef knife named Promaja Serbian chef knife was made of high-quality carbon steel material and was traditionally forged, which increases its sharpness to the highest. Additionally, this knife is significantly light-weight, thus, you can spend time cutting or chopping raw materials with maximal comfort.

You can use this knife with not only meat but also fruits or vegetables in your kitchen. However, you need to pay attention to storage after usage. In order to prevent it from rust, do not forget to add some drops of cooking oil on its blade surface to protect it from exposure with atmosphere which is the factor causing corrosion.


  • High sharpness
  • The weight is light


  • Cannot use for cutting bone
  • Do not have its own sheath

This Gusman Cutlery Serbian chef knife was handmadely from stainless carbon steel, which can enhance its durability. Along with that, it helps users enjoy comfort with a wooden handle for a long time. This kind of best Serbian chef knife was highly recommended by a lot of professional chefs.

Why is this Gusman chef knife is well-known to be suitable for indoor and outdoor cooking? Because its usage can be much more than just an unusual kitchen knife in your home, you can even use it in your camping trip in the forest with your friends where you do need a knife that not only for cooking but can also cut the spice of wood, or branches for a fire starter. It is so convenient, right?

More importantly, it is much more attractive since when you buy this kind of chef knife, it comes with a leather sheath and a wooden handmade cutting board.


  • High durability
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking
  • Bonus wooden cutting board and leather sheath


  • Pay attention to the rust prevent

This Handmade Forged Carbon Steel Butcher Serbian Cleaver Chopper is widely recognized as an innovative chopper with great advantages in every kitchen. It is completely made of high quality carbon steel from a famous brand named Vk Damascus knife, which allows this knife enhance its durability and becomes a best Serbian chef knife.

This type of chef knife is also perfect for your chopping with a very sharp cutting edge. And you can maintain force balance when cutting by its handle which is made of Pakka wood. Besides, this wooden handle also plays an important role in eliminating the slippery problem.

In addition, this product comes with an unique and cool leather sheath. You can bring your chef knife around your kitchen or to anywhere with optimal safety.


  • Perfect chopping and great balance
  • Cool and unique design for leather sheath


  • Need to sharpen the cutting edge after a certain cutting time

Similar to the previous knife, this best Serbian chef knife is also made of carbon steel material. And it comes from VKY Knife brand. This knife is a perfect choice for chopping and cutting any food stuff in your kitchen due to its sharp carbon steel blade.

Moreover, with the high quality handle made of rosewood, it helps ensure your balance when chopping or cutting. Additionally, this chef knife comes with a luxury and unique leather sheath, which ensures your safety when you move it around and makes your kitchen look more elegantly.


  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Rosewood handle
  • Luxury leather sheath


  • Care about the rust prevention

We are surely confident to say that the perfect sharpness and skillful craftsmanship are the key factors that contribute to the high quality of this Hunters Serbian Chef Knife and make it stand out to be the best Serbian chef knife. Indeed this Serbian chef knife is made of high quality carbon steel material as other Serbian knives are.

Especially, its handle is skillfully integrated between outer layers of wood at both sides and the extended carbon steel blade inside. And this combination helps maximize the safety when you apply a huge force on your cutting action. You hence are not afraid of being hurt at your hands in case the handle is unfortunately broken.


  • High quality carbon steel material
  • Sophisticated design


  • With no leather sheath for protection

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Wow! Such a cool and best Serbian chef knife you need to have in your own kitchen. Almazan Replica Serbian Kitchen Knife is forged and folded up to 256 layers by a traditional technique, which allows it to last long endurance with cutting edges.

Besides, this chef knife has a super rigid handle made of Pakkawood which is an extremely stabilized wood, and can resist high compression. Thus, this knife can last a long lifetime usage at a reasonable price.


  • Outstanding appearance
  • Highly rigid design
  • Good leather sheath


  • None

Handmade Damascus Steel Serbian Cleaver Chopper kitchen chef is considered as one of the best Serbian chef knives for outdoor. Similar to the previous knife, this knife is also carefully forged and folded up to 352 layers, which enhances its own durability.

The thing that makes this knife much more attractive is its rain drop pattern design. It helps increase the level of comfort of users when cutting or chopping stuff. In addition, the handle made of rosewood helps satisfy users in case they have to cut or chop for a long time in their kitchen.


  • Attractive rain drop pattern design
  • High durability with 352 layers
  • High quality leather sheath of cow skin


  • None

This Imarku 7-inch Butcher Knife is a perfect companion in your kitchen. This type of the best Serbian chef knife has been recommended by a lot of professional chiefs all over the world.

At this affordable price, this Serbian chef knife will not disappoint you by its durability. Since it is made of high carbon clad steel which can enhance the sharpness of the blade of this knife. Apart from the vegetables, you are fully able to chop or slice meat, bone as well skillfully.

In addition, this knife equipped with a wooden handle enables you to have a firm grip when you work with it all the time. It is truly important in case you do not want any accidents to happen.


  • High durability
  • Come with leather sheath for protection


  • Can be rust with long time of usage

Like almost the best Serbian chef knives, this Handmade Carbon Steel Serbian Bushcraft Cleaver Chopper Kitchen Chef Knife is also forged from high quality carbon steel by 100% craftsmanship technique, which is one of the prerequisites contributing to the long lasting durability of this genre of chef knife.

Besides, you can have full control on this knife when cutting or chopping meat, vegetables with perfect balance and firm grip from the wooden handle. Moreover, with a typical black tone, this knife will make your kitchen atmosphere more luxurious. Especially leather sheath made from vegetable tanned material will protect you from accidents if you want to carry it around.


  • Long lasting durability
  • Perfect balance and firm grip
  • Protective leather sheath


  • Pay more attention to the cleaning process and storage

One of the next best Serbian chef knives, XYJ 7 inch Butcher Knife 3CR13 Stainless Steel Serbian Chef Knife is fully made of stainless steel, which contributes to the plain surface of blades. And with a V-shaped design of blade, you completely gain the satisfaction in cutting, chopping or slicing the food stuff, hence we can say it is a muti-fucntion chef knife in cooking.

One thing that makes this genre of Serbian chef knife stand out is its cover sheath. This cover is not made of leather like most previous knives, but it is completely manipulated from plastic and designed with a thumb lock which helps you secure when bringing along.


  • Multi-function chef knife
  • Secured thumb lock sheath


  • A little bit heavy to handle

You will have a big surprise for this type of the best Serbian chef knife. With a relatively low price tag, you will not believe this Chinese Cleaver Knife High Carbon Steel Serbian Chef Knife is able to bring you an excellent experience for the pre-cooking step.

Obviously, like most Serbian chef knives, it is also made of high quality carbon steel material with a skillful forgation and vacuum heat treatment. And another thing that makes this chef knife stand out is the wavy design of the wooden handle, which allows you to have a firm grip and increase the level of comfort as you have to work with it for a long time.

Moreover, a 12-month warranty also gives consumers a 100% satisfaction when they experience this product at an affordable price.


  • Firm grip from wavy style of the handle
  • 12-month warranty


  • Need to pay attention to clean and dry step before storage

XYJ Serbian Chef Knife 5CR15 Stainless Steel 7.5 inch Butcher Knife is forged under multiple processes using 5CR15 stainless steel, which makes the knife become tougher than any other usual Serbian chef knives. That is why it is ranked as one of the best Serbian chef knives.

Additionally, one plus point for this product is the hammer pattern design of the blade. With this typical feature, it can eliminate the adhesion of food stuff when cutting. And 3 / 4 of the front blade will allow you to slice, and 1 / 4 of the back one allows you to chop. That is why you can work with various food materials.

Besides, the extended blade is covered both sides by a wooden handle, which makes you have a firm grip and prevent it from being slippery.


  • High comfort for a long cutting
  • High quality blade for a long lasting service usage


  • Does not come with a sheath for protection

Promithi Full Tang Forged Handmade Professional Kitchen Chef Knife with nearly 30 dollars will bring you satisfaction for cooking. In fact, compared to any usual kitchen knives, this best Serbian chef knife is forged from stainless steel and crafted manually by many 30-year experienced workers, which lasts the lifespan of this genre of Serbian chef knife.

Apart from that, it is obvious that the handle is manipulated in a sophisticated way. Starting from the blade attached part of the handle, non-slip design will protect you from accidents. And the ultimate part of the handle is ended by a fashionable steel head. The middle one is made of natural ebony wood that allows users to have a comfort and firm grip.


  • Light weight in overall
  • Multi-function chef knife
  • Anti corrosion


  • None

This best Serbian chef knife is named 3cr13 Stainless Steel Serbian Chef Knife, which is manually forged from 3cr13 stainless steel material providing a longer usage for consumers. The handle and blade are integrated skillfully to maintain the durability of this knife and also resist to the slippery situation.

And this knife product comes with a handmade leather sheath with a fixed buckle helps to protect you from hand injury when handling. In addition, it is extremely convenient that you can hang this sheath on the belt to bring it with you for outdoor activities.


  • Convenient leather sheath for protection
  • Long lasting service usage


  • Take care of dryness and ventilation when storage

The next best Serbian chef knife comes from AIFUN brand, it is Full Tang Meat and Vegetable Cleaver Chef Knife. This knife is made of high-quality 5CR15 stainless steel and underwent manual forging and quenching processes to give a highly durable chef knife. Besides, this manual forgation also enhances the ability to resist rust and corrosion as well.

And similar to most of the previous Serbian chef knives, the manufacturer has equipped this product with a wooden handle clamping around the extended blade part, which helps us feel more comfortable when cutting meat and vegetables into small pieces for a long working time in the kitchen.


  • High resistance to rust
  • High durability


  • Must pay attention to cleaning step and storage

This XYJ Serbian Chef Knife is ranked as one of the best Serbian chef knives due to its all-purpose property. You can deal with cutting, slicing or mincing various food materials, or you can even bring it outdoors for your camping trip with your family and friends.

This chef knife is made of manganese steel, and then forged and sharpened by many 30-year experience workers. Additionally, you can completely feel comfortable because of having a firm grip and non-slip effect when you have to work with it for a long time. It also comes with a leather sheath, which can ensure your safety in case you move it around. This sheath is designed to have the ability to hang on your belt, it is quite convenient, right?


  • Come with leather sheath
  • High durability


  • Should take care of the dryness before storage
  • A little bit heavy

Checklist You Should Take Note Before Buying The Best Serbian Chef Knife

Is The Durability Of A Serbian Chef Knife Important?

In fact, most of us do care about the durability of a knife when we have to pay a certain amount of money for it. And it is apparent that if you desire for a long-lasting durability of a Serbian chef knife, you have to pay much more money than an usual kitchen’s knife. And the Serbian chef knife which is carefully forged and underwent many skillful heat treatment and quenching processes will actually give you a high quality chef knife with enhanced durability and long lasting service usage. 

Hence, if you want to obsess a highly durable chef knife, you would better choose the one that is manually forged from high carbon stainless steel material and is manipulated sophisticatedly.

Which Is Your Material Preference?

Yes. It is exactly the thing coming along with the durability of a Serbian chef knife. If you pay more attention to insight material, you may wonder whether you should choose the high carbon stainless steel or specialized steel such as 5CR15. I may lean on the later one.

As we all know, both these materials are usually used to produce a best Serbian chef knife with high durability to serve for a long lasting usage. Nevertheless, the 5CR15 steel may attract consumers’ attention due to its ability to resist the rust and corrosion effectively than the high carbon stainless steel can.

Best Serbian Chef Knife

What Is Your Ultimate Usage Purpose?

Before you decide to buy a Serbian chef knife, you have to determine whether you use this knife for indoor kitchen tasks or for outdoor activities like picnics or camping trips. For daily kitchen tasks, you would better buy a chef knife simply used for cutting or chopping meat, bone, vegetables and fruits, it is quite enough.

But if you need one for both indoor and outdoor activities, you should consider buying the chef knife that has a certain toughness and sharpness that can serve your multiple purposes. This thing is also crucial to find out the best chef knife that can meet your demand.

Does The Weight Of A Knife Matter You?


Next, we cannot forget to mention the weight of a Serbian chef knife. In case you have to deal with continuous kitchen tasks such as cutting, slicing, chopping or mincing various food raw material, do not forget to pick the lightweight chef knife.

This does not matter much if you do not deal with a lot of tasks for food preparation, but it truly matters in the situation you have to work with your knife for a long time, and I am afraid of your hand hurt or even injury. Therefore, you should not underestimate the weight factor of a Serbian chef knife.

How Much Will You Pay For?

Right, the amount of money that you are willing to pay for is one of the deciding factors in purchasing a chef knife. Of course, before letting out an amount of money, everyone will carefully consider what they do desire at a Serbian chef knife. In case you want a multiple purpose knife with highly durable property, long lasting usage service and even high-grade leather sheath for your safety and protection, it is undeniable that your desired chef knife may cost you a lot more than usual kitchen knife.

Best Serbian Chef Knife

Whether you are concerned about the knife’s handle or not?

Choosing a suitable handle of a knife is also an important part you need to care about if you are concerned about the feeling of being comfortable and the balance effect at your hand when dealing with kitchen tasks for a long period. Almost Serbian chef knife’s handle are made of natural wood such as rosewood or high quality Pakka wood. 

These wood materials are likely to be lightweight, which can bring to users a feeling of comfort and balance and firm grip in case they make an effort to apply a huge force on the food raw material like bones. It can be said that comfort is the thing affecting your ability to work with the knife for a long time in the kitchen with various tasks of cutting, slicing or chopping.

Vice versa, if you choose a knife with a steel handle, this means all knives are from steel, you will have to struggle with the lifting force of your hand or maybe your hand will suffer from pain. So a perfect handle should not be slippery and quite heavy, it is sure to bring users comfort and balance.

Do You Care About The Shape Of Blade?

Best Serbian Chef Knife

Beside the material, the blade is also important to care about. Of course we have different shapes for a knife’s blade, but the V-shaped blade seems to attract more consumers since with this customized shape, the blade becomes much sharper, thus, increase the performance of itself.

You Do Care About The Unique Design

An equally important factor that most people will pay attention to is the appearance of a Serbian chef knife. In order to turn your kitchen atmosphere into a place where you can enjoy your cooking excitement, you will not miss your preference for a compact and luxury design chef knife, which may make your kitchen look more professional like a five star restaurant.

Besides, a customized handmade leather sheath would also affect your purchasing decision. It is apparent that a leather sheath not only protects yourself from being cut by a sharp blade, but also makes you become more fashionable and luxury.

Best Serbian Chef Knife

This Type Of Chef Knife Is Vulnerable To Corrosion! Is It A Big Deal? 

In case, you worry about the storage step and do not want to see your chef knife becoming oxidized too quickly due to the exposure to the atmosphere, it is recommended to choose the Serbian chef knife made from 5CR15 steel under handmade forgation since this material is supposed to be against the rust effectively. But most importantly, you have to take serious care of your cleaning step where you need to restrict the use of acidic or alkaline substances to apply on the blade surface.

These substances may accelerate the corrosion process. Apart from that, you need to let your chef knife be driest before you leave it into the sheath or into the kitchen-shelf for storage since water is also a parameter leading to the fast corrosion of a knife. It is also advisable that applying a layer of cooking oil on the blade surface is the best way to limit the exposure of blade material to the atmosphere as much as possible. 

After going through our above checklist, I hope that you will have a deep insight for what you desire for a best Serbian chef knife. Now, this video below may provide you some useful tips to go ahead with your best Serbian chef knife.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Serbian Chef Knife

And eventually, it is now time to jump into the conclusion for which is the best Serbian chef knife you should buy? After having gone through our top best Serbian chef knife reviews in 2021, have you had your ultimate choice for shopping yet?

To make it shortly, this table below will describe our top 5 picks for the best Serbian chef knife for you to imagine easily. Therefore, let’s refer and make your final decision. Hopefully, it does work!

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