Top 15 Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric In 2021: A Quick Guide For Your Purchase

It might be easy for you to choose a sewing machine for your daily minimum requirement; however, it is more difficult to choose a machine to deal with thick fabric. It requires a powerful engine which a normal sewing machine is not equipped with to handle with thick layers of fabric. How to choose the best sewing machine for thick fabric is the question many people are looking for an answer.

In this article, we want to present you a list of top 15 best sewing machines for thick fabric with detailed reviews and a helpful guide to choose the best satisfying product for yourself. Let’s check out below!


Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric For Experienced Users 

Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric For Quilting Purpose

Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric For General Use 

Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric For Beginners 

Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric For Embroidery Purpose 

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Top 15 Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric Reviews 2021

Zuki is one of the most outstanding sewing machine brands. Juki HZL-NX7, a newly-launched product with the beautiful name “Kirei” , is absolutely the perfect choice for you if you are seeking a sewing machine for thick fabric, especially for quilting .

This computerized sewing machine is suitable for all purposes and is powerful enough for you to deal with all the toughest tasks. Users also give a good review for this machine on sewing thick fabric effortlessly.

With some significant features integrated in the machine including touch panel screen, features customization, comfortable working areas and improved stitch patterns, it is considered as the best for quilting professional users.

In addition, Juki offers a warranty of 5 years on mechanical parts, 2 years on electronic parts, and 90 days on labor and adjustments for this next generation long arm sewing and quilting machine.


  • Large sewing space
  • Provide enough stitches for garment sewing
  • Easily customize features by color touch panel
  • Integrate with great features to facilitate quilting such as presser foot pivot function or interchangeable straight stitch feed system


  • Automatic thread cutter is not good enough

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is the ideal machine to cover all of garment sewing works because of its precision. With 200 built in stitches and 175 built in embroidery designs, Janome will not make you disappointed to freely create your own style in the most creative way.

Automatic thread makes you excited to get started whatever you want without any hesitation on doing it manually. One more feature you will fall for is that this incredible machine works very fast but quietly.

Janome 9850 is a multi needle sewing machine so you can use more colored thread to beautify your design. A full color LCD screen which allows you to edit and preview your design is one of the most attractive features of this amazing product.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight, easy for you to move from one room to another
  • Quiet
  • A wide range of stitches and embroidery patterns


  • Additional large hoops must be purchased separately
  • Not included with a case/cover

This Juki model is heavy, weighs 250 pounds, we need to say for sure that you will need help to set up. However, it is a worth of choice because it is connected with a servo motor speed control, most users can easily learn how to use it. There is a speed adjustment dial on the motor which is also one of the most reliable features of this product.

If you are still wondering if this is the best sewing machine for thick fabric or not, it is no doubt that this incredible machine can deal pretty good with thick fabric like canvas, leather, denim. Many people bought it for their general home use and gave the best review for this Juki model.


  • Sold in complete unit with all necessary components already installed
  • Blazing fast with quite operation
    Perfect stitches


  • No English manual
  • Heavy

This computerized sewing machine is another perfect choice for you when you are looking for the best sewing machine for heavy materials.

It is the next generation of Janome S3 with more powerful and efficient advanced features, namely, memorized needle positioning, automatic thread needle, an on board ruler, a touch screen presented with a stitch number and an image of proper processor food to get the best results.

This Janome skyline S5 is included with many accessories which make your sewing simpler, say, knee lifter, automatic buttonhole foot, long quilting guide bar set. It is also equipped with many stitches for your choice. This 5S model also works stably and quietly at high speed. We believe that many people choose it because of its convenience, comfort and durability.


  • Easy to use
  • Many sewing options to select
  • Good performance on thick fabric
  • Available recall on last stitch


  • Tense on manual adjustment

This 2018 Woman Choice Award Brother Model is perfect for home use. It is simple for your sewing and embroidery with many interesting features. It only takes you an hour to unpack, set up and learn how to use it, therefore, you will not regret buying this incredible machine as a present for your wife.

This advanced computerized machine will not let you down on the way to create any sewing or embroidery project at a glance. You can import 1000 of designs from the manufacturer's website or any designs you want to this machine so it will easily satisfy your needs.

The working area is designed with a backlit using LED light which helps you see the smallest details on darker fabrics. This is one of the most flexible machines on the market thanks to its ability to modify the brightness of the screen or the automatic swing speed controller.

This well-built model also appeals to all sewers from amateurs to professionals because of its adjustability. In our opinion, it is the best sewing machine for thick fabric for beginners.


  • Easy to use
  • Large working space for your comfortable use
  • Modernized machine equipped with convenience touch screen to adjust
  • Import thousands of designs for sewing and embroidery


  • Needle threader received some complaints

Looking for the best sewing machine which can handle thick fabric well is not an easy task for all people. Thanks to the introduction of the Juki DX series, especially Juki HZL-DX7, the problem is solved quickly.

It is a reliable and dependant machine which is equipped with a lot of accessories including buttonhole presser, walking foot, bobbin, hard case, etc…make your sewing experience more fun and enjoyable.

Attractive features are bright LED lights, foot switch function, free motion stitching, automatic thread tension make this model worthy to have. This Japanese beautiful designed machine received many positive comments from customers about its quality on both performance and customer service.


  • Good on automatic thread
  • The swing up speed is up to 1050 stitches per minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet


  • Automatic bobbin winding system will not work if the bobbin is ⅔ full

No products found.

This Juki model is worthy for your consideration if you come up with an idea to have a sewing machine for your family. Though it is a little bit heavy, it is also notable for being durable so that you can freely use it for 10, 20 years or more.

In comparison with other Juki models, it is fairly affordable for all sewers looking for a good machine working well with thick fabrics. This model does not require oiling regularly so users have no worry about that.

Having this machine, you can do anything you want from making apparel, home decorations, quilts, or crafts. Key features include a reliable electronic servo motor, presser foot lift, automatic lubrication and maximum 5500 stitches per minute. This is the best sewing machine to deliver perfect straight stitches fast you can get.


  • Large space to work
  • Blast fast at 5500 spm
  • Perfect straight stitch


  • Heavy to move around

This is one of the best sewing machines for you, especially for quilting. It is produced with easy-to-use functions even to beginning sewers. It is considered as a high end innovative sewing machine equipped with many incredible functions, namely, 255 different stitch patterns, 16 buttonhole types, dual LED lights, presser adjustment, random stitch option.

Easily set up right after unboxing, you can start using your machine right away following the instruction. Adjustment options on cutting width and knee lifting lever will make you sew properly. Its weight is only over 20 pounds which makes this machine reasonably lightweight and a good choice for every one who wants to move it around your house.


  • Perfect automatic threader
  • Versatile
  • Large work space for large projects
  • Lightweight


  • Can not import designs through USB
  • A little bit noisy than expected

This sewing and embroidery machine comes from the brand of Brother. One of the features that you will notice at first glance is a LCD touch screen display.

The feature is different from other machines is a CD containing 200 incredible embroidery designs. It is easy for you to change the stitch width and length for your preference. It is also versatile with 80 built in designs and 200 from a CD for your embroidery designs.

Some outstanding accessories purchased along with this machine include foot controller, two bobbin pins, sewing speed controller. We recommend this machine for all users because it is a valuable and affordable choice.


  • Automatic features
  • Ability to connect USB
  • Smoothly operating
  • Versatility


  • Inconvenient to operate without a foot controller
  • Software bugs recognized if updated infrequently

This product is well known for its effortless operation on thick fabrics even at high speed. Sewers also love it because it is portable which means that you can carry it outside. Some people call it a dream machine for quilters because it has a large throat that is ideal for your quilting.

This model does a very good job on stitching with the speed of 1500 spm. Sewers can also be satisfied with the smooth and quiet operation from this machine. You will not face tension issues if you decide to buy this model of Juki.

Free motion quilting and straight line stitch are two outstanding features of this product which makes it a desired machine for everyone.


  • Bobbin is large
  • Accurate
  • Free motion quilting function is great


  • Straight stitch only
  • Lighting is not good enough
  • Regular oiling is required

No products found.

You can count on this Juki model if you want to find a sewing machine that works well with thick fabric like denim. One of the greatest features of this machine belongs to the box feed system which allows you to handle well with a variety of fabric including thick fabrics. The automatic needle threader makes it easier for you to get on your project fast without any eye-strain.

The hard case coming with this machine is a big plus because it can protect your accessories from dust and dirt. Owners also give praise on its versatility. It is great if you have one in your house for your convenient sewing and quilting works.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect stitch on thick fabrics


  • ¼ inch food is not included

This is the best sewing machine for thick fabrics for beginners. The Sew Mate works perfectly and smoothly with thick fabrics in a quiet way. It is equipped with 60 built-in stitches and a generous package of accessories. Additional features including automatic reversion, automatic adjustment on stitch width and length, three different presser feet make it attractive to all sewers.

Beginners also find it easy to follow the instruction guide of this machine. Compared to other models, it costs a small amount of money to have it. Therefore, this Singer product is a perfect choice for everyone who just dives into the world of sewing. The compact size of this Singer model is perfect for travellers since it only weighs less than 14 pounds.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Enough stitches for general purposes


  • Noisy
  • Bobbin issues

People who own this Janome model are satisfied with its ease of use. With 120 built-in stitches and 7 button holes, it is enough to serve most of your purpose both sewing and quilting.

The feature of memorizing the needle position is remarkably helpful for users. A hard cover with an instructional CD is also an advantage of this model. A note for beginners is that this computerized sewing machine may not be a good choice because it takes time for you to manage its operation.

Additionally, sewers who desire to have the best sewing machine will also choose Janome 4120Q because of its durability and versatility. This machine can serve you for many years without any doubt.


  • Ease of use
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Stitch quality


  • A little bit noisy
  • Not for a beginners

Brother PQ1500SL is another good consideration for an entry level sewers because of its affordability, portability and versatility. Some users are concerned about its ability to work on thick fabrics, however, a lot of people who bought this model from Amazon shared that it is smooth to handle with thick layers of clothing like denim or canvas.

The feed dog height adjustment is ideal for your free motion quilting. The large working space (table extension 12’’x18’’) is one of the things people like most about this machine. Having a 1500 spm speed, automatic needle threader, and numerous accessories, you won’t regret taking it to your home, absolutely.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Quiet
  • Easy control of the sewing speed


  • The thread cutter trims the thread so short
  • LED light is not good for working at night

This Bernette model is a Swiss design with a variety of functions for your sewing projects. It is aesthetics, of course. Like another computerized sewing machine, you can choose a combination of patterns first then access them later via its memory function. It is easy to set up thanks to its plain and detailed instruction coming along with the machine.

Some outstanding features include adjustable foot presser, a hard cover, automatic needle threader, an energy saving LED light and speed control button. With the speed of 820 spm, it is able to complete your tasks in minimum time requirement with a good quality on stitch.


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth straight stitch
  • Versatile


  • No embroidery function
  • A little bit heavy

Some Helpful Tips For You To Choose The Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabrics In 2021

Choosing the best sewing machine for thick fabrics is not an easy task because it requires the ability to deal with thick layers of clothing without any mistakes or errors. We think you need to consider some factors below before shopping for your own machine.

Its ability to deal with thick and dense fabric

You may look for a heavy duty machine which has a strong motor to handle thick fabric without any vibration. It is normally made of strong material like iron and steel to withstand force and pressure. The computerized machine equipped with smarter functions is better for your large sewing projects than other types of machine such as mechanical, or overlock one. A reliable machine from top brands like Juki, Brother, Janome or Singer should be your top priority.

Sewing Speed

Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric

It is a pity that some users don’t consider the machine sewing speed. It will save a lot of time and energy. Time is money therefore you should invest in a machine which can perform at around 8000 to 1300 spm (or over). In addition, it is great if your machine comes with a speed control option so that you can set the speed for each pace and each material you are working on. 

Stitches availability

Thick fabrics require a variety of stitches to handle with, therefore, it is important to consider available stitches which the sewing machine offers. At present, many sewing machines have a lot of beautiful stitch designs for your large projects for you especially for quilting and embroidery.

Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric

Automatic features

It is the year of 2021, sewers tend to have automatic needle threaders, adjustment on width and length, buttonholer, tension, speed in the sewing machine. Most computerized machines are equipped with these functions so that users are convenient while working.


Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric

Accessories are different from each model so that it is a criteria for you to compare. Useful attachments like a hard case, even feed/walking presser foot, bobbin organizers, are nice to have. In addition, a large extension table is ideal for you to keep your stitches perfect. 

Noise level

To deal with the heavy fabrics, the machine can make some noise. However, some modern sewing machines keep the noise level acceptable, even quiet. This is one attractive point for you to think of.


Many people want the lightweight model for easily moving around or even travelling. Based on the information we gave before, you may have your own decision.

It is a basic and quick suggestion for all of you to choose your best sewing machine for thick fabrics. Let’s check out this video if you still wonder how to set up your first sewing machine by yourself:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Sewing Machine For Thick Fabric

Many people come up with an idea to find a sewing machine to learn basic sewing exercises while others are looking for a machine which helps them perform the toughest tasks of their project. Some people are looking for a sturdy well built machine while others are looking for a compact size which can still cover the general purpose. It is not easy if you don’t know which is your main purpose and priority when searching for a sewing machine can deal with thick fabrics.

We realize that if there are so many options, it is harder to make a decision. Therefore, we wrap all the information up and make this comparison table for your choice.


BEST sewing machine for thick fabric for experienced users


BEST sewing machine for thick fabric for quilting purpose


BEST sewing machine for thick fabric for general use


BEST sewing machine for thick fabric for beginners

We hope that with some quick suggestions in this article you can choose the best fit for yourself. Leave comments below to share your experience on your machine you choose so that we can keep up with you. Good luck!

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