Top 17 Best Solar Pool Heater Review 2020: Have Fun And Stay Healthy In The Cold

Children are unpredictable and can be very persuasive. It could be freezing outside and they still want to swim in the pool. In such cases, you need a solar pool heater to protect your children from sickness and let them have all the fun they want. But what makes the best solar pool heater for a fun swimming section? 

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a pool heater, namely energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness. However, not everyone is well aware of the aspects that a solar pool heater needs to work effectively. 

In the following article, AGERN restaurant will present to you our top 17 best solar pool heaters and a complete buying guide of the aspects that make the best solar pool heater. Let’s dive in right now and have a look.

best solar pool heater
best solar pool heater
best solar pool heater
best solar pool heater
best solar pool heater

Best For Overrall

best in water circulation

best in easy installation and setup

best in heat restrain

best for small and medium-size pools

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best solar pool heater, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top Best Solar Pool Heater Reviews 2020


Many people may be put off due to the price. However, when it comes to considering the features it brings, you will find it cost-efficient. As our forefathers said, “You get what you pay for.” It does not have the name “High Performance” for nothing. 

First and foremost, it is designed to last. Made from polypropylene, it can stand against UV light, harsh weather, and outside debris. That being said, a SOLARPOOLSUPPLY Solar Pool Heater can last up to 15 to 20 years, depending on how you use and how you maintain the panels. 

Secondly, as it is constructed with rubber tubes, it can stand against expansion and shrinkage because of heat rise and heat loss. What’s more, there is a direct tube that provides a balanced current, avoiding concentrating heat at one point, so your pipes will last longer. If this, combined with being long-lasting, does not make SOLARPOOLSUPPLY the best solar pool heater, I don’t know what does anymore. 

Finally, in terms of setup and installation, we can assure you it is another good point. When you purchase the pack, it includes everything that you may need to put it onto the roof, such as strappings, pumping pipes, and connectors. Because of that, there is no need for the extra cost, but you can still have a warm and relaxing swimming session. 

The only thing that people complain about is the price. But compared to the variety and abundance of features that consumers get on purchasing, it is reasonable.


  • Long-lasting, can last up to 20 years under ideal conditions 
  • Can stand against harmful factors, such as UV rays, debris, harsh weather like storm or snow
  • Not affected by expansion and shrinkage in using
  • Can stand against wear and tear
  • Everything need for installation included
  • Can be used for both inground or above ground pools 

Solar Sun Dome Cover Heater

If you are not patient enough to sit back and attach all the parts, this should be on your top list. It does not need outside wiring or a complex setting. All you need to do is equip this cover onto the top of your pool and sit back while waiting for the water temperature to rise.

Once equipped, your pool will turn into a greenhouse. It captures the solar heat that goes inside and uses it to heat the pool. Because it uses solar energy, the bill of electricity or fossil fuels will be cut down dramatically. Besides, it does not emit any harmful substances into the air, water, or land, making it a suitable choice for any eco-enthusiast.

One more benefit users gain is that it protects your pool. Thanks to being covered, there will not be leaves falling or dirt getting into the swimming pool water. Moreover, as it captures solar heat inside, water will not cool down at night like other models.

Even though installation is straightforward, there is one complicated point. Because it is quite big, you need at least 2 to 3 people to put it onto the top of your swimming pool. If you decide to do it alone, it will take quite some hard work and a big brain time. 


  • Easy installation: no need for additional wirings, joints, or connectors
  • Only need to fix the cover onto the top of your pool
  • Apply the Greenhouse Effect, so no need for fuel or electricity
  • Save monthly bill
  • No harmful emission
  • No nocturnal heat loss
  • Protect your pool from debris and dirt 


  • It is hard to install it alone
  • Require at least 2 to 3 people to set up

SunQuest 2 x 12

Being one of the best solar pool heater producers, SunQuest guarantees to bring one of the best solar pool heaters for inground pools with superior technology, high quality, and one of the highest-rated performance. SunQuest 18 - 2x12 is good to go for both inground pools and above ground pools with its versatility. 

As the name suggests, it uses solar power to heat swimming pool water. Therefore, it saves you the monthly cost of electricity and fossil fuel burning. It also helps you save the extra cost of exclusive swimming pool pumps, as this SunQuest Solar Pool Heater can work perfectly well with any existing pumps. 

Moreover, you have all the liberty to choose your pack of panels. It has many different packages, including from 4 to 18 panels a box with varied prices. Therefore, you will not have to worry too much about pool size. Besides, if you buy more than needed, you have extra to replace if one of the equipped panels breaks down. 

Last but not least, manufacturers lengthen its use by applying the MAXFLOW design. It circulates water much better and reduces water pressure on the pipes, making it the best solar pool heater in water circulation. It also can be installed quickly, as connectors are relatively easy to see. What needs to do is to put them together and make it fixed. 

One drawback of the SunQuest 2 x 12 Solar Pool Heater is that there are spaces for air to get in and water and heat to leak out because it is made from pieces joining together.


  • Versatility, can be used for both inground pools and above ground pools.
  • Existing popularity
  • Save monthly bills.
  • Can work with existing pool pumps
  • Can choose different packs with different quantities
  • Apply MAXFLOW design so that your pipes will have to stand less pressure


  • Reported leakage

GAME 4714 SolarPRO Contour

For small and average-sized pools, the best solar pool heater is definitely GAME 4714 SolarPRO Contour. Apart from saving the electricity bill and extra pool parts fee, it saves heating time as well.

The GAME 4714 Contour Solar Pool Heater is designed to apply the Greenhouse effect. The black spiral pipe helps maximize the number of sun rays absorbed. Besides, the hemispheric dome perfectly fits the base, leaving no place for heat to escape, making the most of the solar heat and maximizing the heating efficiency. 

In terms of setup and installation, it is in no way complicated or needs any professional knowledge. With foldable legs, you can alter the angle so that the device aims directly at the Sun. This way, the solar pool heater can receive as much sun rays as possible, then your pool water will heat up much faster. 

This device can work seamlessly with a variety of pumps, regardless of brand, but it has to be  1.5 HP or lower. So if your pump exceeds this number, find another one, or it may cause leaks. Also, aim the solar pool heater carefully, because it needs sun rays daily to heat water.  


  • Fast heating, and even faster when working with Intex pools.
  • Save electricity cost
  • No need for extra parts
  • Maximizing the amount of solar heat received thanks to the dome construction
  • The hemispheric dome fits the base, preventing heat lost through small crooks
  • Foldable legs, able to adjust the angle in order to get as many sun rays as possible
  • Easy to install
  • Can work with a variety of pumps


  • Does not work very effectively with large size pools
  • Need to be aimed directed to the Sun for efficient heating
  • Pumps greater than 1.5HP may cause leaks

If you do not find it considerably beneficial yet, check out the link below and see what others have to say

Intex Solar Mat

Is your yard big enough to connect 2 or 3 huge panels, or even at least 1? If not, then Intex Solar Mat is the best solar pool heater for you to consider. With environmentally friendly energy and great versatility in both usage and setup, this solar pool heater is guaranteed one place on the top pick.

Do not let the design and the size trick you. It is small and may not be solid like others, but it does not fall behind in performance. With one mat, your pool can be heated up to 10 degrees in a couple of days, depending on your pool size and weather condition. If your pool is more than 7500 gallons, you might need more than one mat. Luckily, this product can be bought in packets of 2, 4, 6 depending on your pool size. 

In terms of setting up and installation, you can easily attach all the necessary parts without a professional’s help. The setup of Intex Solar Mat is outstanding, as it can be placed anywhere, not necessarily on a flat surface. If your yard is all occupied, you can hang it up or put it on the windowpane, anywhere as long as the Sun is directed. 


  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Efficient heating
  • Versatile to work with both inground and above ground pools
  • Can be put anywhere as long as there is sunlight 


  • Does not work very well if the pool is a big size 
  • When hung, it is hard to connect the pump

Despite some disadvantages, it is still a good device to use for solar pool heating. Check out the link below and hear from our other customers

SunQuest 2- 2 x 20

Where should you place your solar panels to have the best solar absorption? There is no other place than your rooftop. But how can you set a panel on your roof if you do not even know what to use? Worry no more because, in the package of SunQuest 2-2’x20’ Solar Pool Heater, you have everything needed for roof installation. 

Designed for both inground and above ground pools, SunQuest shows no difficulties heating both types just the same. It can raise the temperature by up to 10 degrees in just a couple of days, maybe even more than 15 degrees if the weather is suitable!  

Apart from saving the cost of material and electricity for heating, this package helps save money for extra parts. Compatible with almost every pool pump, there is no need to buy another to fit the device. Moreover, on purchasing this product, you get everything needed for installation. 


  • Roof Mounting Kit included for installing and setting up on the rooftop
  • Versatility to work with both inground and above ground pools.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Save the cost of extra parts
  • Save electricity bills
  • Compatible for every pool pump
  • Apply the MAX-FLOW design, which lessens the pressure on the pipes, so that it can last longer


  • There is reported to be leakage after about one week of using, so pay extra care to the surrounding condition 

GAME 4721 SolarPRO Curve

Another product in the GAME line of SolarPro to be considered one of the best solar pool heaters for inground pools and above ground pools is the GAME 4721 SolarPro Curve Solar Pool Heater. It is even less expensive than the inexpensive Contour Solar Pool Heater of the same brand. 

The curve design can collect sunlight at almost any hour of the day, very good for those who go to work in the morning and enjoy night swimming sessions. Besides, there is no need for adjustment in the angle, unlike the Contour, whose angle needs to be changed to get solar heat. 

Thanks to the curve design, this best solar pool heater for 8-hour workers can heat the pool very fast, as it collects a lot of sun rays. Even if the nocturnal heat loss is included, it heats the pool up to 10 degrees Celsius within four days. Your pool will not be immediately hot, which is harmful to the skin and also internal organs. Instead, it keeps getting warmer and warmer day by day. 

In addition to heat collection, it is designed with a panel trap attached so that absorbed heat will not get lost, increasing the device’s efficiency. The panel trap is also one of the factors attributed to fast heating.


  • Very affordable
  • One of the most inexpensive and best performance
  • Curve design allows heat absorption at any time of the day
  • Fast heating
  • Warm up the pools gradually, great for relaxation
  • A top panel trap included keeping the collected heat inside
  • Versatility to work with both inground and above ground pools


  • Does not work well with large size pools
  • Leaking with pump more than 1.5HP

A picture is worth a thousand words, then let’s see what others show us

Smartpool S601

With 80 square feet of the solar panel at such an affordable price, Smartpool S601 Solar Pool Heater is, by all means, the best solar pool heater in cost efficiency. With 80 squares, many sun rays can be received, and a lot of heat can be produced, a lot faster when your swimming pool water temperature goes up. There has been a case where the temperature goes up by 10 degrees in a single day. 

The panels are made from polypropylene, which helps them stand against dust, wind, and radiation. Therefore, it lengthens the time of use and helps save the cost of repairing and replacing.

However, it does not include an installation kit, so you will have to buy that extra. The installation instruction is not very clear, so installing by yourself seems like a bumpy and challenging road.


  • Large panel space absorbs a lot of sunlight, increasing heating speed.
  • Made from polypropylene, can stand against radiation and wear and tear
  • Can last very long 


  • Installation kit not included, need to buy extra 
  • Not explicit installation instruction may require professional help or basic knowledge in this domain 

For more information on this product, check out the link below and let us know what you think

Fafco Solar Bear

No products found.

Do you want to find a brand that has long been on the market? Do you find trustability and quality in fame and popularity? With the starting date dating back to the 1970s, their quality and credibility have already been tested. 

With eighty square feet of solar collector, there is so much sunlight it can collect on a sunny day. And the more sunlight it contains, the faster the swimming pool will heat up. As reported by other customers, the temperature can even go up by up to twelve degrees. 

You will get all the extra parts needed on purchasing this product, including two hoses, a bypass valve, and four clamps to connect to your pool. Therefore, you can save quite a lot compared to others that only give the panels. Also, the panels are made from polyethylene, which can last a long time. Last but not least, it comes with a 10-year warranty. 


  • Popularity dates back for a long time.
  • Large panel space, fast heating.
  • Extra parts included.
  • Made from polyethylene, which can last a long time.
  • A 10-year warranty. 


  • Reported leaking by a handful of customers.

SunHeater S240U

With a record of efficiency, the SunHeater S240U is guaranteed in performance. Designed to fit both inground and above ground pools, it can work well with any pump type. If you have enough money to spare and enough space on your background or roof, you should buy this device. You will not be disappointed. 

Despite being relatively large at 2’x20’, it is, in reality, lightweight. It would have been able to be lifted by only one person had it not been too long. Made from polyolefin, it is durable and can last a long time, minus the damage done by external factors.


  • Large panel space and unique tube design allow the highest heat absorption and heat transference possible.
  • Can work well with all types of pool pump
  • Versatility to work with both inground and above ground pools
  • Many tools included for installation on the ground or roof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Help save a lot of money 


  • Require a lot of roof space or backyard space 
  • Cost quite a lot compared to others


On purchasing this product, you get all the kits needed for setting up and getting the SunCOIL Dome Solar Pool Heater working. Unlike many other models that give only the solar heater and connection hose, you get a full package, including a complete connection kit and diverter valve kit. 

Mounted on adjustable legs, you can change the position so that it can collect sunlight at any time of the day, maximizing its heat collection efficiency. There is also a dome to keep the heat inside. SunCOIL can transfer as much heat as possible to your pool with this dome, increasing heating efficiency dramatically. 

There are downsides, though. This solar pool heater is put together from many pieces, which can be frustrating for someone impatient like me. Also, placing this heater on the ground and adjusting it continually is very tiring. However, it does not have a roof mounting kit to work with.


  • Come with a complete kit on purchasing.
  • The plastic dome helps keep heat inside.
  • Can pair up with another to give a better result.
  • Adjustable legs allow adjustment to collect the sun rays.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • Made of many pieces
  • Take a long time to put together.
  • Adjusting it repeatedly is very tiring.

SunHeater S120U Universal

Using solar power, SunHeater S120U is not only environmentally friendly; it is cost-effective and money-saving as well. Apart from the installation cost and product price, you will not have to pay for anything else. By using sunlight to heat water, there are no energy bills. And as it is compatible with existing pool pumps, there is no need for extra parts. 

To effectively raise swimming pool water temperature, you need at least six hours a day in full sunlight, or your pool will not be as hot as expected, even at the least. The longer this solar pool heater is directed to the Sun, the more heat it collects, the more it raises the temperature. 

As a coin has two sides, SunHeater S120U has its benefits and disadvantages. This solar pool heater requires daily and continual sunlight to function effectively. If it is not placed directly to the Sun, your swimming pool water temperature will go down dramatically.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Compatible with any existing pool pumps
  • Save energy bills
  • Save extra parts cost
  • Interesting for someone who loves DIY process


  • Require daily and continual exposure to sunlight at least six hours a day

Let’s see what others have to say about our product:

Kokido Keops

At under 150$, Kokido Keops can pride itself on being the best in this price range, despite falling behind compared to others at higher prices. It does not require a lot of space and does not cost anything except for product price. 

Although it does not cost as much and does not have huge solar panels, its heating efficiency is not inferior to others twice its price. At such a low price, your swimming pool temperature goes up by at most eight degrees. While at twice this price, some cannot even heat pool water by up to 10. Therefore, there is no need to doubt the cost-efficiency of Kokido Keops. 

Moreover, Kokido Keops is easy to connect to the pool pumps with no need for adapters. Although it is made for pools at 4000 gallons, you can connect two or three pieces or use a bypass kit to heat a larger pool. This way, your swimming pool water temperature will get hotter.


  • Relatively low price
  • Cost-efficient
  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Connectible with a variety of pool pumps 


  • Temperature does not go up very much. 
  • Additional parts not included.


Not taking a lot of space, Goplus Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater may not be the best. Still, its performance is not inferior to any other models, especially to fellow dome heaters.

Being a small size, this solar heater is designed for small to medium pools. So if your pool is more than 6000 gallons, consider purchasing two or three pieces or choose another model. 

It is also pretty easy to set up. Like most compact solar pool heaters, it does not require any professional knowledge to install. Also, it is inexpensive. If you want to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing swimming session but do not have much money, this is your best model.


  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Suitable for small to medium pools
  • Easy to install
  • Very much affordable 


  • Temperature only goes up only by about three to five. 


Another option for the lazy installer is the solar pool cover/heater. There is no adapter, no pool pumps, no wire. All you need to do is pull out this bubbly mattress to cover all of the pool and wait for the swimming pool water temperature to go up gradually. 

This product comes in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, any pool size can fit into this cover. Moreover, manufacturers are very general. There are usually a couple of inches of oversize in every product, so you can trim it or fold the corners so that it fits perfectly well with the pool. 

Because it applies passive heating, the temperature goes up not very much and also very slowly. Therefore, do not use this as your main heating method if you are not ready to wait.


  • Generous sizing
  • Wide variety of size and shape to fit your pool
  • Retain heat, minimize evaporation 


  • Prolonged heating
  • Does not heat much

Steinbach Speed

Usually, users have to wait for the swimming pool water temperature to gradually go up until they reach their wanted heat. But with Steinbach Speed 49120 Solar Pool Heater, this is not the case. It does not get the title of the best solar pool heater in fast heating for nothing. 

The most exciting and beneficial feature of this solar pool heater is the heating speed. On average, it heats the pool water by about two degrees per day. But on sunny days, this number may reach three or four and would take much less time. 

However, it does not restrain heat very well. After about 5 or 10 minutes, users notice that the water cools down. It is advisable to apply a timer along with the pool heater and set the time for every fifteen-minute to keep the pool at the wanted temperature.


  • Fast heating speed.
  • Panels are made from polyethylene, which can last very long.
  • Detailed and straightforward instruction 


  • Does not maintain heat very well

Solar Sun Rings

Designed to keep your pool warm enough for a swimming session in the afternoon, the Solar Sun Rings has a double layer. This double layer can stand against UV rays from the Sun. However, it does not mean the sunlight cannot touch the water. If it cannot, how can the pool be heated?

In terms of design, it does not have one representing design, according to manufacturers. However, it does have standard patterns, such as the yellow to the orange sun with a palm tree. But however it is designed depends on the time you buy it. 

There are warnings from the manufacturers. Do not over-inflate it. Blow them enough, which means just a few times. It cannot help you float on the water, as it is not strong enough. And finally, it is very light, so beware of strong winds. 

Many people have used one tip to buy about 5 or 6 pieces of Solar Sun Rings, depending on your pool size. In that way, many parts of your pools will be heated simultaneously, saving the heating time and increasing the heating speed. They also cover a much larger part of your pool than one piece can, stopping evaporation and preventing external factors at a larger scale.


  • Attractive design, especially to children.
  • Stand against UV rays.
  • Retain heat at night.
  • With enough rings, it can cover all of your pool, stopping evaporation as well as dirt. 


  • Lightweight, easy to be carried away by strong winds. 
  • Deflate quite quickly (about a week after inflation).

For other opinions, check out the link below

Complete Buying Guide: How to choose the best solar pool heater

best solar pool heater

The solar heating system is the most economical, eco-friendly, safe, and efficient for anyone who wants a warm pool. However, not all solar pool heaters are the same. No matter if you have basic knowledge or not, this topic will stress you out nonetheless with brands and choices as much as the number of species of flowers. 

That is the reason why I have this section right here. In this section, I will present many factors that make the best solar pool heater. However, my expectations and standards may be different from your opinion. Below are just suggestions, so don’t trust us blindly, but depend on the needs of your family and yourself.

Pool Type

best solar pool heater

Most solar pool heaters can work with any pool type, but they give out the best performance with some will. Some even go exclusive to a pool brand as a set. For example, if your pool is above ground, it needs less heating ability and requires a cover to prevent heat from going out of the water at night.

If it is an in-ground, it needs a larger panel to maximize sunlight absorption and a more powerful solar pool heater because the heat cycle gets faster. In such cases, panels are usually put on the roof or grass to get as much solar radiation as possible. 

Pool Size

best solar pool heater

The principle of a solar pool heater is pouring hot water into cold water and let them blend in. The heat from hot water and the cold from cold water will even out, leaving little change in temperature. Just like that, if there is too much water in your pool, it will take too much time to heat up, and no one likes to wait too long. Therefore, choosing a solar pool heater suitable for your pool size is necessary. 

If you have a small to medium pool, then a single small to medium solar pool heater is enough. If you choose the bigger size, there will be a significant amount of unnecessary heat. It is the same for large pools. You should use large panel solar pool heaters or use multiple stand-alone solar pool heaters connected. Usually, the pool should be for a solar pool heater written on the product package or the instruction.

Available Space

best solar pool heater

Before purchasing, consider the space you have for installation and for storing as well. Solar pool heaters come in different shapes and sizes: dome, panels, tubes, rings, etc. Also, even the best solar pool heater cannot give its best performance without a bit of space. Your solar pool heater could not work effectively if it got clamped up between many things else. It needs quite some space.

Easy Installation

best solar pool heater

This section will divide the solar pool heaters into two groups: those that need professional help and those that do not. In group 1, there is nothing you can do but stand by and wait for the system to be ready. This group may cost quite a lot more for professional help. But in group 2, with straightforward and easy to understand instruction, consumers can assemble, install, and set up the heating system all by themselves. The extra cost will be the cost of installation kits or spare parts. 

Some additional accessories

These features are not must-have on every solar pool heater, but it helps to operate them more quickly, and you can get the wanted outcome.

best solar pool heater

Programmable Timer

A timer lets you decide when you want your heater to start pumping warm water into the pool. This is especially beneficial in hot regions or on blazing days. If the pool water temperature gets too hot, it damages your skin, ruining your relaxation time. This device helps switch off the heater after an amount of time, not allowing it to disturb your happy time. Instead of a programmable timer, users can choose to buy a control kit with sensors and actuators. However, as it is much more technically modern and upgraded, the price goes up as well.

Temperature Control System

Once equipped, this temperature control system can show you the swimming pool’s current status and control the solar pool heater to adjust the water to your standard temperature. With two sensors and an automatic 3-way valve, it effectively controls the water flow and the pool temperature without a touch of your hand. All you need to do is set the desired temperature and have fun while the temperature control system does its mission. 

Roof Mount Kit

If you plan to put the panels or mats on the roof or rack, this product should be on your list. Some models may include the roof mount kit in your package, but this is not the case more than usual. However, most manufacturers produce roof mounting kits that go with their products, so you will not have a hard time looking for one that suits you. On purchasing the roof mount kit, you get brackets and straps to hold your solar panels in place for when it gets windy. 

best solar pool heater

Dedicated Pump

Most solar pool heaters can work seamlessly with existing standard pumps. Still, it does not mean everyone should use existing pumps only. Even if it is the best solar pool heater, it can create backpressure while using, affecting pumps’ function and preventing filtration. One more problem that may arise is that the solar heater cannot connect to the pump. That being said, a pump used only for this model of solar pool heater is the best solution. On top of that, dedicated pumps are usually sold at a relatively low price if that is what you are worrying about.

Bypass Kit

A bypass kit lowers the current speed through the heater and makes some or all water go away from the heater. Many people find this function useless and consider it a waste of money. This bypass kit is very much needed when you combine many solar pool heaters. Slowing down the current speed minimizes leaking and pressure between the joints, helping the product stay longer. Also, it helps lower the pressure of water on heaters and maximizes heat absorption. Who can say the bypass kit is useless now?

As I mentioned earlier, this is just our suggestion, based on our experience and in-depth research. You may find your best solar pool heater in none of my top picks due to differences in purpose and preference. Nevertheless, I hope you find this article informative. 

Can you find your best solar pool heater yet, or do you have any recommendations?

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