Top 17 Best Spin Bike Under 500 of 2021 Reviews

A lot of people are more and more concerned about their health now. They spend more time practicing and exercising. Therefore, the need of home exercising machines is rising rapidly. One of the most common tools is the spin bike. Having the best spin bike under 500 would definitely help you improve your health without costing a fortune. 

There are lots of models of spin bike under 500 in the market today. You might have trouble finding the most suitable if you are new. We want to help you by introducing a list of 17 best models you can buy. Join us now.

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Top Best Spin Bike Under 500 Reviews 2021

We are delighted to show you the best one that we have in the list. The Joroto indoor spin bike. You would fall in love with it by the first time you step up the machine.

It is best-known for its promise to run with the quietest operation as possible, even a small baby is not awake. This one is super useful in small houses that have little babies. Wherever you use it, it will never affect other people. 

It is capable of dealing with 280lbs max. The AV type frame and the thickened frame tube serve as excellent structure for you to lean on. The 4 leveler and the transportation wheel keep your machine balanced and stable at every place in the house. 

Every part is adjustable with this one: the wide seat, the handlebar, the steel toe-caged pedal, and the controlling knob. Nothing in this machine that would be inconvenient for you. 

As you can see from the picture above, the design is super attractive and compelling. The mixture between red and black makes everything just harmonious. 

It is well-packaged with full installation tools as well as 1 year free replacement. The customer service is super quick and useful. There is nothing that can compare to a Joroto.


  • Excellent adjustable features
  • Super quiet
  • Full installation tool and 1 year free replacement. 

The second top one model we want to show you is this one from L Now. It is rated as the best spin bike under 500 because of many things. 

It is a solid build with very durable materials: solid type frame, 50 mm thickened frame tube, 4 horizontal adjustment knobs,... All of them contribute to a very strong durable machine that can hold up to a max of 350 lbs.

Besides, the magnetic resistance makes it a super quiet and smooth biking machine. You would be impressed by its quietness and the fact that there is virtually no need for maintenance. Forever say bye to noisy disturbing exercise bikes that require regular maintenance and wake up everyone!

Whatever your height might be, it would fit you. Thanks to the adjustable wide seat, your feet and your body would always fit well with the workout plans. 

It is super safe also. There is an emergency stop break as well as the handle bar that would automatically stop the bike once anything happens to avoid injuries. Convenient as it is, thanks to the multi-use holder and the transportation wheel. It is time you practice at home.


  • Top quality
  • Safe and convenient

This should have the third position in our secret list. It is the spinning bike that would be worth even more than its price. 

The OVICX employs the 35 lbs flywheel that has the magnetic system to make it super comfortable and noiseless while using. The unique thing about the magnetic system is that it is capable of protecting the knee and all your body back with the support of stepless resistance adjustment. The machine is suitable for people at all levels. 

There are several height and hands levels as well, supporting various exercising postures and exercises.

In addition, the combination of all the tech of the advanced LCD screen helps you with the continuous tracking of your time, speed, rate, calories… everything you need while practicing. Your thigh, ab, excess fat… would all be improved in a short time. 

It is noted beforehand that you should check the product carefully before discarding the package as it would be difficult for returning.


  • Magnetic resistance
  • Adjustable features


  • There might be difficulties in returning

After the Ovicx we have the newest updated model from Marcy Club. 

It is made from premium steel materials with the finest construction. This is the type of material that would make the best gym equipment nowadays. The outer finish is fully covered with a layer of power-coat that not only gives it a black strong color but also makes the coat last super long against wearing. 

The distinct feature about its design is the aero-style handlebars that are narrower and have bolt-on extensions that encourage your body to lean forward and form such a tucked position. This position is much better at burning calories and reducing fat. 

Of course the seat is adjustable according to your body, thanks to the two-axis adjustment tools. People with different heights would always use it. 

The machine is easy to install and transport from place to place by the flexible transport wheels. 

There might be some noise during use but it is not very much considering its great capacity.


  • Premium materials
  • Euro-style handlebars


  • Might make noise but not much

The runner up model today is this Yosuda cycling bike. Yosuda has long been well-known for the line of fashion fitness industry and their products would never disappoint you. 

Similar to other models, it has a 35 lbs flywheel and a super heavy-duty steel frame system that can carry 270 lbs capacity. It is not the highest weight but it is quite impressive for a small machine. If you are not overweight, you do not necessarily need a super high-weight capacity machine. 

It is super quiet and comfortable to use thanks to the belt driven system and the adjustable handlebars. The seat and pedals are also adjustable, fit in with small children to adults. 

There are many exercises you could use this one, for example, muscles, lost weight, legs,lungs,... very beneficial. 

It is well-packaged and easy to install with an online 30-minute detail instruction from Yosuda. 

There is an offering of 12 months of free replacement that enables you to call them and ask for new parts of the machine. Usually, there are no huge problems with this one. People are all very positive about it.


  • 270 lbs
  • 12 month replacement free
  • Many exercises

Here is another best model under 500 that you can find now. Equipped with the solid magnetic resistance and the 30lb wheel, this one is no less powerful and useful than those models of Yosuda or OVICX. 

It can hold up to 300 lbs feasibly thanks to the strong solid construction. As it is shown in the picture, the handlebars can be used horizontally or vertically, up to your preference. The ergonomic design also makes it super suitable for many types of exercises. 

It has a dimension of 49.5″ x 21.5″ x 48.5″ and a weight of only 85lbs, it will fit anywhere and is easy to move around, too. 

In addition, the LCD screen shows you clearly your speed, heart rate, calories,... many factors of your progress. You are ensured of its capacity to help you burn fat as fast as possible and gives you the best body shape you wish for. 

It is favored among our customers as it does not require very regular maintenance but it would still be very durable and strong.

This one is another model that is worth every penny you spend. Unlike those normal flywheel bikes, this employs a 49-pound flywheel spin bike that would add extra to your comfort and make it super smooth. 

The use is super simple, just adjusting the knob according to your level that you want. The knob can also be used as an emergency button that would stop the machine right away when you press it down. 

Ancheer takes pride in their electroplating process that is the best among inside cycling bikes: wear resistance and good texture. 

The paddle seat has an ergonomic design that would give you the most comfort as possible. You can move it up/down, or backward/forward. Hence, it allows different people with different sizes to practice. Similarly, the handlebars and pedals are made non-slip and adjustable also. 

Ancheer does offer 48-hour concern service and will try to satisfy 100% of the customers’ expectations.


  • Comfort
  • Electroplating process

No products found.

If you are looking for a medium-duty compact design best spin bike under 500, this should be your choice. It has a 22kg flywheel that helps it to carry 125kg. 

There is not much to say about this as it is nearly perfect: the resistance system, silent ride capacity, customizable seats and handlebars. The resistance system helps it to start and stop at appropriate time to protect you from any avoidable injuries. You should always be able to practice anytime without disturbing your family. All the frames are made from heavy duty materials. 

The 4-way adjust seats and 2 way handlebars are used to fit in with your body. It is well-equipped with the necessary hardware, manual, instruction installation… 

The only problem we have noticed is that it creates a bit of creaky after a while of using but it is not much that you would still be able to ride it safely.


  • 125 kg capacity
  • Good resistance system


  • Creaky sometimes

We cannot have a complete list without mentioning this Echantit best spin bike under 500. Echanfit has a view of upgrading the facilities of exercising to a whole new level for everyone. They provide reliable and durable tools that would satisfy even the hardest customers. 

It is made with the most advanced tech possible of any spin bikes. There is five-magnet silent magnetic resistance system and the well-made heavy weight flywheel that are the most outstanding features of this model. 

The magnetic system enables it to run smoothly and noiselessly. Similarly the flywheel would make it super comfortable to travel in the bike. Besides, there are adjustable handlebars and wide-enough seats that give you the best positions for exercising. 

The digital monitor is always ready for you to get feedback on your progress of speed, time, heart rates...

It is also worth mentioning that the Echanfit model is expected no maintenance at all, which means that you do not have to worry about its wearing off or running down. It does not cost you any extra money.


  • Trustworthy brand
  • Well construction
  • No maintenance

No products found.

This one is among the most favored models we have received so far. 

It is much famous for its lightweight but excessive capacity. The flywheel only weighs 35 lbs but it can support a max of over 350 lbs, much higher than most of the models nowadays. This one just updated its stability and quietness with the reinforced adjustable trap pedal and the silent belt drive. Exercising in the house is longer a burden to any other people. 

It is suitable for all level users and all age users thanks to the flexible handle and seats. The LCD is also useful for monitoring your progress over time. 

Of course there are other features such as phone and water holder, transportation wheels, comfortable saddle… 

One more big point about this is its 2-year warranty and 30 days money back. Hence, this is such a risk-free investment that you should notice. The customer service is open 24/7 for you to ask for help. Installation is also easy if you watch the video they prodive.


  • 350 lbs max
  • 2-year warranty and 30 days money back 

It is one of the most promising models for the best spin bike under 500. It has every feature that you should consider.

The big LCD monitor board is used to keep track of the speed, calorie burning, distance,... everything to help you achieve the best workout times. 

The adjustable handle bars can be adjusted freely in order to fit anyone in your family, even children. It is made to be super sturdy and easy to install. The best weight it should carry is around 280 lbs. The 35lbs flywheel makes it super smooth and noiseless. The non-slip alloy pedal has the adjustable trap that would ensure much more safety. 

As you can see from the picture, the design is extraordinary, the combination of yellow and black color would just make your house look nicer and more luxurious. The ipad and water holder helps you to keep entertained and hydrated while exercising. Every detail is taken care of, including the saddle, transportation wheels,... 

Pyhigh offer a 1- year warranty while buying this model. The customer service wants to ensure 100% of your customer satisfaction. Call them whenever you need help.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Safety
  • 1-year warranty

If you are looking for an extreme lightweight flywheel, this is worth considering. The 25 lbs flywheel is able to carry up to 330 pounds of body weight. What an amazing capacity.


Similar to the model above, it is well equipped with adjustable seats and adjustable handlebars that can move either horizontally or vertically. 

You are guaranteed of the maximum comfort as it has the magnetic resistance system that the wheel would spin in a perfectly smooth way. There is a convenient tablet holder as well as a water holder that enables you to keep your phone and water bottle close! Moreover, the LCD modern display illustrates every detail you need while working out: the speed, time, rate,... 

Vigbody does not promise to be the best cycling machine but they try to be brand with the best customers’ satisfaction. You are free to replace any part of your machine within the first 12 months and your concern will always be replied to within 12 hours. Your satisfaction is their highest priority. 

To continue we have one model from Snode. It is also a new upgraded version of Indoor cycling bike that is fully made with premium steel frames and a new bottom support bar. It can support up to 280 pounds thanks to the magnetic resistance and belt drive system. 

Similar to the characteristics of the models above, there are adjustable knobs, a 4-way seat, and 2-way handlebars that help the machine stay balanced on different surfaces and help you be comfortable while exercising. 

The digital monitor serves it function very well as showing you what you are doing with real-time data. 

Customers are ensured by the 1-year free placement policy. You just need to contact them if you have any troubles. 

No products found.

This one has a very similar design of the Pyhigh model. They both have flywheels and the LCD monitor board that help to reduce much noise in your home and keep track of the practicing numbers. 

It is as well equipped with magnetic resistance and the adjustable seats and handlebars. The triangle frame also adds up to the most outstanding features of this product. In case of emergency, the machine would automatically stop. In other cases, the flywheel would start and stop gradually and keep you balanced all the time. 

Moreover, the magnetic resistance is also able to use the metal disk to change quicker and easier. You should always be comfortable riding it. 

The steel toe-caged pedals have the adjustable trap to fit in perfectly your feet. All of the construction is made with rust-free and sturdy materials. The max weight is 264 lbs. 

You can make use of this machine for such a very long time. 

Pooboo would encourage you to have a very healthy and balanced exercising time. It can hold up to 330lb thanks to the support of the solid steel frame and the bidirectional flywheel. 

The triangle two color frame is able to provide you with constant durability and serve as a sturdy base. Besides, the customized seat and handlebars make it applicable for all family members. 

The model is also good for its intensify resistance, digital records, and transportable base. You can easily control the rate of your exercise by turning up or down the knob. It has a very smooth transition between low to high intensity to avoid any misuse. 

If you have any problem, you could contact the supplier and they will help you.

The most outstanding thing about this model is the bright color that is suitable for a new designed home. 

Speaking of its capacity, it can support around 300 lbs by its 49lbs flywheel. You can see from the advertisement that every part: the seat, base, handlebars, pedals are adjustable, providing you the best experience.

To end our list we have the last model of Xspec. The best thing about it is the very affordable price and the suitability for everyone, even small kids. 

It is super easy to install, dissemble, and run. The frame is sturdy and there is also a calorie-counting device attached in the machine. 

However, the handlebars are not always sturdy as you wish for.

Things You Should Consider While Choosing The Best Spin Bike Under 500

best spin bike under 500

It is so good to have the ultimate list of 15 best spin bike under 500 you can purchase under a budget of just 500$. Without costing an arm and a leg, you are now able to practice and exercise at home at any time you want. Generally, our customers are very pleased with the machines that they buy. 

However, not everyone would be able to choose a good one. So you should be aware of the most important features of a best spin bike in order to choose one for yourself.

Flywheel weight

best spin bike under 500

This is very important that we have mentioned the flywheel weights of every machine above. It is because it decides the resistance of the spin bike. Depending on your preference, you would choose light-weight or heavy-weight flywheels. The more heavy the flywheel, the more intense the spin bikes would be. Make sure you choose the appropriate one.

Seat and handlebars

best spin bike under 500

The next thing to consider is the seats and the handlebars. Most of the modern versions have 4-way adjustable seats as well as 2-way adjustable handlebars that would help you to find the most comfortable position to fit your body. Moreover, they would be used for a lot of people in your family, which is very convenient.


best spin bike under 500

We see that all of the above models are magnetic resistance, the more modern and new type of resistance that would enable you to work out in a very smooth and quiet way. The magnet does not touch the flywheel so the whole body machine does not make any noise. If you prefer a noiseless machine, look for those with magnetic resistance.


best spin bike under 500

Price is obviously the fundamental factor. In fact, there is not so much a gap among those machines, as you can see from above. So it is very possible you find the best one under 500 that would suit every of your requirements.

Other things

There are other essential factors that you should also look out for if you want to purchase the best spin bike under 500. They are the tech display and the ease of movement of the machines. Having the LCD display would make it much more easier for you to keep track of your movements and having transportation wheels would help you move the machines around easier. 

Here is a quick link that would help you set up your bike at first:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Spin Bike Under 500

We have shown you top 15 spin bikes that we have researched carefully about their quality and money worth. We believe any one of them would serve you more than you had expected. Hence, it would be very pleasing and satisfactory if you have the best spin bike under 500. 

By this time, if you are still confused about what to buy. It’s alright because here we also have a list of 5 best choices.


Best spin bike under 500 for premium materials 

As you can see from the table, each of the 5 models above come from well-known and reliable brands that ensure you of the best practicing experience. They are so well-made that they would fit you completely no matter how you are. 

We suggest you read all the 15 models and the important features before you make the final decision. We hope you find this article useful and you are able to find the one that you believe is the best spin bike under 500.

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