Top 13 Best TV Mounts Over Fireplace In 2020-Which One Is Right For You?

Are you searching for an astute method to flavor up your home stylistic theme with a flat-screen television on top of the fireplace amounting to an extreme watching experience? Assuming this is the case, at that point, you should take a look at the best TV mounts over fireplace from agernrestaurant.

The TV mounts over fireplace are planned so that they can travel vertically up or down to bring it to an extraordinary survey position. At the point when the TV mount isn't being used, the mounts are changed back to situate the television on top of the chimney. TV mounts over fireplace are additionally planned with accuracy designed to give dependability, wellbeing, convenience, offset, and full reach movement. 

So, to get the best TV mount over the fireplace, you should read our detailed reviews and a buying guide below.

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Top Best TV Mounts Over Fireplace Reviews 2020

ComfortVu Television Mount Over Fireplace

ComfortVu Television mount is one of our best TV mounts over fireplace on this list. It is an exceptional TV mount for over the chimney as it upgrades your seeing experience by finding the television at an ideal review position with a press of a catch from a controller. 

Flaunting of a kind plan with straightforward guidelines manuals, it is simple and safe to introduce. Its plan helps up your stylistic theme and you will make the most of its productive usefulness. 

Even though this TV mount over the fireplace is a bit expensive contrasted with other television mounts, it still conveys a definitive review insight. With an ability to move down and forward, it provides watchers sans strain watching encounters with improved solace and allure. 

This TV mount likewise comes with a controller for simple control from the solace of your seat. For such an incredible item, it very well might be somewhat cumbersome however once introduced and practical the outcomes are inconceivably heavenly.


  • Completely movable
  • Wire the executives
  • Extraordinary plan
  • Simple developments and control
  • Features a controller


  • Expensive

MantelMount MM700 Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount

MantelMount MM700 Genius Arrangement pull-down television mount provides smooth full reach movement and incredible execution on account of its art and respectable highlights. It also comes with a high-quality and imaginative plan to coordinate inclinations and television mounting needs. 

Moreover, compared with various best TV mounts over fireplace, this is the one that you can undoubtedly pull down and back without worrying over cutting down the whole item. This TV mount is additionally lightweight and worked with excellent compounds. 

Besides, this MM700 TV mount is among the best TV mounts over fireplace because of its way to improve viewing television. With the simple drawdown highlights and changes, it is an incredible item for ideal solace. 

This MantelMount model comes equipped with the capacity to impeccably uphold additional enormous televisions with no limitations. With a soundbar connection, you can fix soundbars to lucidly work with the television and paint the divider covers.


  • Easy to set up and place
  • High-quality construction
  • Perfect for large TV


  • Manual control framework
  • Expensive

MantelMount MM540 Pull Down TV Mount Over Fireplace

MantelMount MM540 Pull Down TV mount is an extraordinary draw down television mount that is among the best TV mounts over fireplace when searching for an ideal survey stature for placing your tv above the fireplace. 

A flatscreen television looks perfect above the chimney however you don't need to strain to watch it. Thus, this TV mount from MantelMount is intentionally made to adequately bring down the television to an agreeable eye level. 

One more perfect feature of this TV mount is that it is intentionally produced to pull the television off the divider to make an ideal survey point and provide you with a definitive home venue experience. 

Moreover, this MantelMount model accompanies astounding highlights that make it a most loved chimney mount for a television with a flatscreen. This drawdown unit is prepared to do full reach movement. It can ascend to the greatest tallness while completely stacked with a television. 

Additionally, this MM540 can incline to about eight degrees. As though that isn't sufficient, this mount can also pull the television off the divider to a separation that you can advantageously watch. 

This MantelMount MM540 also features a phenomenal executives framework. With no free wires hanging foolishly, the chimney will consistently look perfect and amazing with this MM540. It additionally accompanies a mind-blowing soundbar connection that permits you to deal with the gadgets for a definitive varying media experience. 

This TV mount also works considering security and toughness. It is fitted with heat sensor handles, gas cylinder auto adjustment innovation, and auto-fixing highlights. It also has an astounding weight limit of up to 90lbs.


  • Full reach movement
  • Accompanies worked in soundbar connections
  • Auto straightening
  • Simple to use and set up


  • A bit heavy

MantelMount MM340 Pull Down TV Mount Over Fireplace

MantelMount MM340 Pull Down TV Mount Over Fireplace is another excellent TV mount from our best TV mounts over fireplace. It is planned with astonishing offset for extremely strong design and security. MM340 is a chimney television mount that you can easily pull down and is lightweight as it is worked with top-notch composites. 

Like other best TV mounts over fireplace, this MM340 comes with full reach movement. It can raise or pull down the television to a most extreme stature of about 29 inches. Additionally, it can consistently turn either to one side or right. 

Auto-adjustment is one more astounding component making this MM340 stand out from various TV mounts available. This element naturally keeps the flatscreen television level with time. Thus, you will have the option to securely make flexible vertical and flat stops to ensure the television or the mount itself from reaching the stopping point. 

BesideMantelMount accompanies a praiseworthy link to the board framework. The wires are keenly kept far out to accomplish by and large tidiness. Simultaneously, this mount features an exceptionally compelling system that permits simple development.


  • Simple to control and set statues
  • Lightweight and well-designed plan
  • No wobbling
  • High-quality built


  • It is physically controlled
  • The manual is a bit hard to follow

SlydLock Fireplace Nook TV Mount

SlydLock Fireplace Nook TV Mount is another great choice for you to consider from our best TV mounts over fireplace list. There isn’t any additional development, outlining or wire migration included. Existing gear will fit inside the alcove and the TV will resemble its gliding above. 

This special TV mount permits you to slack jolt into the side of the alcove rather than the back divider. A basic arrangement is to run help from the mount to the back mass of the alcove, This will perform twofold responsibility in holding all cabling clearing to the divider out of view. 

Additionally, the guidelines are straightforward and simple to follow as it incorporates a recipe to decide the mounting stature to remove the mystery from it. All the equipment is incorporated and of good quality. 

This mount features arrangements to level and bolts the television to the mount. The lock was a slick component and would make it inconceivable for the children to pull the television off the mount alongside making it harder to take. 


  • Easily install
  • Perfect for large TV
  • High-quality and strong design


  • The instruction may be hard to follow

Mount-It! Fireplace TV Mount

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Mount-It! Fireplace TV Mount is intended to bring down the television to an advantageous survey stature. It additionally bolsters full reach movement, for example, odd development and turns. 

This TV mount can successfully bring down the flatscreen television and when not being used, you can conform to permit the television to sit on top of the chimney. The consistent tallness change is made conceivable by a profoundly successful gas spring change innovation intended to permit smooth developments.

This excellent TV mount provides a best in class balance with the end goal that you can control your unit with a basic dash of a finger. With this TV mount, you will have the option to easily watch the television essentially from any point. The full reach movement is fundamentally intended to change your survey insight. 

This mount model features an excellent weight limit. Because this TV mount features high-quality and strong utilizing lightweight metal. This perfect fireplace mount features a widespread fit limit.


  • Simple to install and full-motion plan
  • High-quality design
  • Simple to utilize


  • The instruction is hard to follow
  • The tension is hard to adjust

Monoprice Adjustable Swivel TV Mount

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Monoprice Adjustable Swivel TV Mount is another incredible mount from our best TV mounts over fireplace that permits you to easily pull the television to helpful survey tallness. It underpins a full reach movement. You can decide to lower or raise your television, pull it forward or even turn to oblige your review needs. 

This Monoprice model features a high-quality structure. You do not need to stress over it by any stretch of the imagination. Besides, this TV mount likewise accompanies an astounding full reach movement. It can turn and be inclined to an extraordinary review point. 


  • Simple to work
  • Strong design
  • Comfortable viewing
  • Excellent hardware
  • Simple to install


  • Doesn't uphold the divider changes
  • It is hard to adjust the tension

Mounting Dream TV Mount

Mounting Dream TV Mount is well worth one of our best TV mounts over fireplace because of its incredible features. This TV mount is suitable for little and normal estimated TVs that the vast majority need over the chimney at home. 

Though this Mounting Dream TV mount model probably won't be the superior mount that individuals long for, it still provides the most extreme help required as long as you introduce it appropriately. 

The robot welding innovation ensures the security and wellbeing of the TV. Moreover, it features the greatest standard of mounting opening spaces. This tv mount is also exceptionally adaptable which provides you an updated seeing experience.

The double arms make it conceivable to pull out the TV and withdraw it back which spares space when inert or builds the variety of sitting positions when seeing. All things considered, on adaptability, you can turn the television left or right depending on your interests. 

The establishment is pretty clear and you needn't bother with any specialists to support you. The divider mount comes pre-collected, creating work significantly simpler. The main thing you need to do is drill the studs before driving the slack jolts to ensure it on the shelf. 


  • Financial plan well disposed
  • Substantial
  • Simple establishment


  • Can't be mounted exclusively on a drywall

EchoGear Full Tilt TV Wall Mount

EchoGear Full Tilt TV Over Fireplace Mount is another perfect alternative from various best TV mounts over fireplace for you to consider. The greatest remove for this television mount is the broad inclining with no negative encounters. 

The crossover configuration permits the television to reach out from the divider subsequently using the greatest tilt reach and facilitating the availability of the links. This TV mount will permit the TV to maximally tilt, comprehensive of bigger televisions. 

Mount augmentation makes this TV mount turn left and right which is novel and uncommon to discover among a wide pool of television mounts. It is likewise extendable in that it gets you the greatest survey point when mounted over the chimney shelf. It likewise features a divider plate which permits screen situation change after establishment. 

Discuss its ability, this EchoGear has a fantastic 125 lbs greatest weight. This mount also comes with the gigantic burden limit, it's normal that it is developed from substantial measure steel which makes it significantly hefty. 

The establishment is extremely clear; the producer even added an equipment unit to make the entire cycle simple. The equipment pack comes with a wide grouping of spacers and screws. A divider boring layout is likewise remembered for the bundle.


  • Simple to utilize and install
  • Excellent steel material for the development
  • Conveyed with an equipment pack for simple establishment


  • Doesn't pull down
  • Impressively cumbersome

Everstone TV Wall Mount Over Fireplace

All things considered, on the off chance that you have been looking through searching for a normal substantial divider mount to hold a decently weighty TV without limiting accommodation, this Everstone TV mount is among the best TV mounts over fireplace to consider.

This TV mount from Everstone has a limit of 88 pounds. The double arms which come in two blends are a confirmation the TV is protected. This TV Mount is viable with huge TVs size and fits the principles. 

Besides, this TV mount can turn either left or right by 180 degrees which build the review points. When being used, it tends to be reached out up to 14 inches and withdrew back to 2.65 creeps from the divider when not being used. 

Every one of these changes makes this TV mount fit consummately in most guest plans and hence less annoying during and after establishment. You don't need to revise your lounge to coordinate the TV arrangement; all things being equal, you will simply tilt and turn it to suit your family room. 

The establishment is pretty immediate and Mounting is carefully on studs and strong dividers. You should feel great when playing out the establishment given that this TV mount accompanies the equipment required.


  • Turns and inclines
  • An assortment of screws and fasteners for establishment


  • Introductory developments are firm
  • Supports less weight

VIVO Counterbalance Above Fireplace

best tv mounts over fireplace

VIVO MOUNT-VW63G is an articulating offset TV mount including the best in class gas spring innovation just as the smooth motion to permit consistent changes. It can permit you to viably raise or lower it by a stature of 30 inches. 

Besides, what makes this TV mount become one of the best TV mounts over fireplace is its full reach movement. This mount is fit for accomplishing a 15 degrees tilt, 30 degrees turn, and three degrees revolution so you can without much of a stretch nail the correct review point. 

Moreover, this VIVO mount is a heavyweight chimney TV mount. It is worked for quality as it can serenely convey the most extreme load of 77lbs. Simultaneously, it can mount TV sets from 43 to 70 inches. At the point when you join the weight and the mounting limit, this is viewed as a heavyweight TV mount suitable for enormous flatscreen TV sets. 

This TV mount is truly simple to utilize. It features separable sections and complete equipment that permits you to easily mount it. When mounting it on the divider, it is proper to leave in any event a vertical space between the roof and the shelf. 

This VIVO TV model is an incredible divider TV mounting worked for strength. It provides consistent control. With the gas spring change innovation, you will have the option to lift or lower the TV without hitting it against the divider.


  • An enormous weight limit
  • Simple to set up
  • Backing full reach movement.
  • Fitted with gas spring change innovation
  • Strong, high-quality, and well-designed TV mount
  • Can mount enormous flatscreen TV sets


  • Doesn't uphold off the divider separation changes
  • Doesn’t have savvy capacities

Impact Over Fireplace Mantel TV Mount

No products found.

Impact Mantel Over Fireplace TV Mount is another wonderful mount compared with a wide range of the best TV mounts over fireplace available on the market. A surprisingly made TV mount for a decent spending decision, this great TV mount features all the highlights you may require for a chimney mount. 

With an ideal view from every single imaginable point and quality gas springs, your review experience can never continue as before. This mount provides you with smooth movement advances and dealing with and a stronghold for televisions. 

Besides, its turning arm provides the most extreme adaptability to permit you to change the TV. With straightforwardness and extraordinary execution, it is an item worth the speculation as it tackles the greater part of the review challenges experienced by clients, for example, strain by giving mind-boggling seeing encounters.


  • Link the board keeps everything coordinated
  • Simple hold handle
  • Turning arm for most elevated review adaptability
  • Apparatus less incline for simple situating
  • Full movement and various survey points


  • It doesn’t come from a well-known brand

Aeon 50300 Pull Down TV Mount Over Fireplace

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On the off chance that you are searching for a cutting-edge chimney mount unit that can drastically change your review experience, at that point you should look at this Aeon 50300 drawdown television mount. 

This TV mount provides limitless review prospects with its full reach movement while offering dependability and security with its unique design and unequaled craftsmanship. It is an across the board honorable draw down television mount. 

Besides, this television mount over fireplace is intentionally made to consummately mount level screen television units going between 50 to 60 inches. Any Television that is more modest than 50 inches will leave some part of the mount noticeable. This may water down the exquisite and current look of your family room. It is explicitly intended for bigger flatscreen televisions. 

This mount is genuinely intended to provide full reach movement. It can ascend to a most extreme stature of 26 inches and turn either to one side or left. The mount can securely and successfully pull a television off the divider to an 18.5 inches length

One more thing making this TV mount become one of the best TV mounts over fireplace is that you can shift the tallness, turn, and of the divider, separation to accomplish an ideal survey position. This should be possible by essentially changing a handle that is situated at the base of the drawdown television mount. 

The heaviness of the television ought not to be a steady cause of stress when utilizing this mount. This TV mount can easily deal with a base load to a most extreme load. Sticking to as far as possible is significant to ensure security just as accomplishing the most extreme tallness. 

This television mount model from Aeon features a phenomenal link to the board framework. All the wires are kept far out leaving your place extraordinarily slick. This chimney mount is planned with an aesthetic allure to improve the general look of your home spaces. 

It, hence, implies that you can utilize it in your parlor or your room or whatever other spots where you have set your chimney. On the off chance that you can manage without the controller's brilliant capacities, at that point this is an incredible unit. It is an exquisite selection that can staggeringly upgrade your review insight.


  • Intended to offer full reach movement
  • Simple to change and set your favored survey position.
  • Features masterful plan
  • Work with steel for strength


  • Not appropriate for 50 inches televisions
  • Needs controller usefulness

Things You Should Know To Get The Best Best TV Mounts Over Fireplace

The limits

A TV mount for a chimney is fundamentally a specific need to have a home machine when you need to keep up your TV on top of a chimney yet additionally don't strain your neck and eyes while seeing. Luckily, Fireplace mounts are from an overall perspective expected to deal with those issues. 

best tv mounts over fireplace

The essential worry that you ought to consider when purchasing your stack mount is the full degree of limits. Just look at the vertical progression ends, silly change, reach, turn, and tilt. These particulars are basic as they will pick if you will accomplish a marvelous audit point. 

Additionally, indisputable smokestack mounts are orchestrated with various mount limits. If you have a gigantic TV, by then you should pick a smokestack mounting that can delicately oblige your TV. A huge chimney mount may not be suitable for a little TV since it will leave some part of the smokestack uncovered. As needs are, it may not look as rich as it should. 

Obvious chimney mounts have diverse weight passing on limits. You should consider the heaviness of your TV to regulate you on the fitting smokestack mount load giving the ability to purchase. If you have a colossal television, odds are that you should pick a smokestack to mount with load passing on the limit.


best tv mounts over fireplace

For the best TV mounts over the chimney, you ought to get a smokestack mount that is simple to set up and use. Smokestack mount utilizes gas spring change headway that offers better control. You can without a truly momentous stretch change the examination stature or turn the TV unit to a legitimate point with as little exertion as could be typical the circumstance being what it is.

Strength and quality

best tv mounts over fireplace

A flat-screen TV is a touchy unit and may wind up breaking on the off chance that it surprisingly drops. It, in like way, gathers that you ought to dependably pick a unit that is solid and extreme enough to securely hold your TVs. Pick a unit that is made of fortified awards. This will guarantee that the unit is lightweight

Association structures

best tv mounts over fireplace

A decent chimney mount ought to have an amazing association with the board structure. Hanging wires would through and through have the option to chop down the general appeal of the whole unit and ruin the presence of your stunning stack. Journey for a unit that will permit you to put the wires far out the TV is at the most raised motivation behind the smokestack and when it is brought down for review.

Extra things

best tv mounts over fireplace

Mounting trim expects a basic part in guaranteeing that smokestack mounts are consistently guaranteed to set off to the divider. A piece of the regular mounting embellishments that ought to be joined are the screws, hooks, nuts, plates, fragments, and gets. This will assist you with lessening down the expense as you won't need to buy these mounting ornamentation suddenly. Besides, you ought to correspondingly be cautious with the possibility of the partners to guarantee that they are of high sort and can guarantee about the chimney mount and the TV.

Our Best Choice-MantelMount MM700 Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount

Among those best TV mounts over fireplace on this list, this MantelMount MM700 Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount is our best choice because of its amazing highlights. It features smooth full reach movement and incredible execution on account of its art and respectable highlights. 

Besides, it has a high-quality plan and can easily pull down and back over cutting down the whole item. It additionally improves the viewing of the television. With the simple drawdown highlights and changes, it is an incredible item for ideal solace. These features make this MantelMount MM700 Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount well worth our most favorable choice.

There are various best TV mounts over fireplace available on the market. Therefore, to make sure you get the best one, we recommend you consider the limits, accommodation, strength and quality, structures, and other features. We hope you can choose the most incredible TV mount over the fireplace after reading our article.

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