Top 17 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump: Reviews & Comparison 2020

In this review article, we will help you find the best variable speed pool pump, while also providing you with a list of information to keep in mind when shopping for your machine. 

But why is it a variable speed pool pump but not a conventional one? This machine may be more expensive than the normal ones on the market but they have a longer life time, and incorporate many features that ensure more safety when used as well as save power. 

So if you are tired of the old pump at home or the long line of electricity bills to pay monthly because of it. This machine is definitely a great choice for you.

Do not worry if you do not have much knowledge about this field, or are confused by a lot of questions in mind: Which brand to choose? What should be noted? We are here to help.

Let's get started!

Best Variable Speed Pool Pump Comparison 2020

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Top Best Variable Speed Pool Pump Reviews 2020

Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed High Performance Pool Pump 011018

Pentair IntelliFlo is equipped with a TEFC engine made of permanent magnets with a capacity of 3 horsepower (HP), providing extremely great efficiency. 

The machine is also equipped with a self-diagnosis system and prevents overloading to ensure that the machine can always operate in the best state thereby extending the service life of the machine.

Usually a 3 horsepower (HP) pump will have quite loud noise. However, this does not happen with this machine when the sound it emits is only about 45 dB, which is usually only seen in a 1.5HP machine.

The most outstanding feature of the machine is the set to 8 different speeds and timer mode to ensure optimal speed and running time. 

It is also certified by Energy Star certification and has the potential to help you save up to 90% when operating at optimal levels.


  • Very quiet even at high speed
  • Have 8 different speed setting
  • The package comes with a touchpad and an LCD which can help you monitor the machine easier


  • The manual guide is not easy to read
  • Warranty service is not really good

Hayward SP3202VSP 1.85 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump, TriStar VS

If you are looking for a pump that integrates many features, the Hayward SP3202VSP TriStar is the perfect answer for you. Its user controls are located on the top side of the pump motor.

According to our review, this is one of the most modern features on the market, we can list a few outstanding features such as the ability to stack its UI in four different ways or the ability to control remotely anywhere, through hardware and communication cables.


  • Easy to control
  • Not too hard to set up
  • Has 3 years warranty


  • Might be difficult to connect with the automatic system

Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump

This is a highly efficient pump that makes little noise in use. Plus, it comes pre-designed with a timer that assists the user in timing their usage and making modifications if needed. 

This pump also uses a permanent motor magnet like most variable speed pumps. Additionally, it is also very quiet when used at medium speeds. Also, it is very durable if used properly.

While this pump works very efficiently and reliably, it also has a high chance of some malfunctions when used for many years. Besides, with more than 2000 revs per minute, it can cause some noise if overloaded.


  • Not too noisy
  • Very durable
  • Good control system


  • Could have some small issues when being used for a long time

Hayward W3SP3206VSP TriStar VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump

The next pump in the list will be the one coming from Hayward. Hayward speed pool pump TriStar VSversion SP3206VSP is the ideal machine to replace the 3HP single and dual speed pumps and offers up to 80% savings when operating in large swimming pools.

The machine is equipped with a TEFC permanent magnet motor and has passed Energy Star certification for its ability to save energy. In addition, this machine also has 4 different speed setting modes.

In addition, the machine also has built-in diagnostics to detect errors in the early stages, while automatic protection will protect the engine in the event of temperature and voltage fluctuations. And for the best performance, this pump works best with 2 inch and 2.5 inch plumbing.


  • 4 different speed settings
  • Has a digital touchpad interface with 8 timer functions
  • Work well with automatic system


  • Quite noisy when running at the maximum speed

Hayward W3SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump

First, we can talk about the installation process of this pump. It is not too complicated thanks to the intuitive digital console with backlit LCD display. With these included devices, you can check important technical information and control how much energy you use at that time.

Besides, with a 1.65HP fully fan cooled engine (TEFC), this model can save you about 80% on monthly electricity bills. In addition, this pool pump is also Energy Star rate and is available for some local discounts.


  • 4 speed model
  • Help to save energy
  • Digital display which help user monitor the machine easier


  • Warrant policy is not very clear

Pentair SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump

If you are just searching for a not overly complicated and overall optimal pump, this is the machine for you. Although its system includes only three levels of speed (significantly less than most variable speed pool pumps), it is still a good pump thanks to its proven power saving function and not too complicated usage. 

Plus, this pump is designed with a filter that prevents air from entering it. Along with that, it also has good memory, so you can always continue from where you left off instead of having to start everything over.

However, if you need a moderner machine with a stronger and faster running system, this may not be the right option for you since it has only three levels of speed setting, which can always limit how fast your machine can be.


  • Good overall quality
  • Energy star certified
  • Easy to use
  • Good memory


  • Has only 3 speed settings
  • Short warranty

Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump

In the next section, let's go to a machine with a much higher age than the ones on the same list, another representative from Hayward - the SP2610X15 Super Pump. For more than 20 years and we believe that in the future too, this pump has been the choice of many people because of its high efficiency. This machine not only provides 3,450 continuous revolutions per minute but also has the ability to spin a swimming pool in a shorter time. 

In addition, it is also capable of preventing all forms of air from trying to enter it through the suction pipe. Other benefits of using this pump is that it is extremely powerful and not expensive at all


  • Very strong and fast
  • Long time use
  • The price is affordable


  • The speed settings is quite limited

Swimming Pool Variable Speed Pool Pump by Blue Torrent

This 2HP variable speed pool pump can help you save up to 40% on your energy bill in the summer. This is thanks to the efficient and pre-set 4-speed TEFC engine. Additionally, this one is in the Energy Star certified list as well. 

Although it is not as economical as the others in this article, we still appreciate its inexpensiveness as its price is only half that of other pumps from other brands.

The machine has a powerful structure, a simple installation with a digital console with touchpad control and can work for a long time outdoors without any damage. The engine is completely enclosed to ensure the components are always dry.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful structure
  • Durable


  • Its low speed settings doesn't work really well
  • The ability to prevent water is not good

Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed

If you are looking for a simple machine that doesn't require too many speed change settings, you should definitely learn about this one. Not many pumps can perform 3450 rpm or 1,725 rpm like this one, thanks to its dual-speed performance. In addition, it can also save you energy by adjusting the flow rate of the pump.

Some of its other benefits are that it is personalized, therefore making it a good choice for those who want to install it in different spaces. You can also easily change the pump discharge direction, from vertical to horizontal. And lastly, you should have no trouble switching between 3,450 rotations and 1,725 rotations per minute.


  • Easy to install
  • Customizable
  • Fast and strong


  • Speed setting is limited
  • A little bit noisy

XtremepowerUS 75019 ECO High Flo Timer Control Panel Digital 230V Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump

The machine is made of anti-corrosion polymer material to ensure long life and durability for the machine.

Thanks to integrating many features to start up at the same time, including ECO (1500 RPM default), CLEAN (2400RPM default) and BOOST (3250 RPM default), users can control the machine more effectively. The start button can be speed adjusted further between 1000 and 3450 revolutions per minute (RPM). 

A high efficiency motor integrates with the protection from ventilation and temperature overload for less noise and a quieter operating experience than other pumps at the same class.


  • High durability
  • Convenient in use
  • Quiet and smooth


  • Need extra tools to set up

Doheny’s Pool Pro Variable Speed VS In-Ground Swimming Pool Pumps

The machine is designed with a stainless steel motor shaft combined with an extremely flexible thermoplastic reinforcement body for longer life and durability, with carborundum mechanical seals and components. 

Along with that, this machine is also equipped with advanced techniques to bring high efficiency and minimize noise to the maximum extent. And lastly, the machine meets or even exceeds all quality accreditation standards.


  • High efficiency
  • Quiet
  • High quality standard


  • Transportation service is quite limited

Hayward W3SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix Dual-Speed Above-Ground Pool Pump, 1.5 HP

This pool pump version W3SP15932S from Hayward offers significant energy savings. That is because this machine is set up with 2 different levels of speed. The machine is designed with an extremely large filter basket to ensure a lot of dirt and to minimize maintenance time. In addition, the machine is equipped with a large motor set and the special feature to protect automatically the machine from temperature overload to help prolong the life of the machine. 

It has two vertical and horizontal discharge features and is extremely easy for the user to switch from one to another just by pressing a button. The quick disconnection of drain pipes and quick charge also help users to install and maintain the pump more easily.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Energy saving
  • Large filter basket


  • May not be a good choice for customers with complex requirements

VIVOHOME 2.0 HP 6800 GPH Powerful Self Priming Dual Voltage in/Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump

If you are looking for the ideal machine to use with swimming pools, spa services, and hot tubs, this is the ideal machine at an extremely affordable price. The entire machine body is made of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic, ensuring outstanding strength and durability. The manufacturer also strictly adheres to the UL safety standard.

Advanced engineering with just one fan blade minimizes noise and self-primes in an energy-efficient way. Pure stainless steel motors provide the product life longer than others. 

The filter is designed with a large removable filter basket for easy cleaning. The transparent lid allows you to clearly observe the inside; Built-in thermal overload protector automatically protects against overheating and damage.


  • High quality motor
  • Durable
  • Suitable for many types of need


  • Transportation service is quite limited

1.5 Horsepower Above Ground Pool Pump with Cord - Mighty Mammoth High Performance Motor

The next machine on the list continues to be a great suggestion for those who don't have a lot of experience. This is a high-flow, high-performance machine.

For those who prefer modern controls, this might not be the machine for you as it is still limited in this regard.

However, at its extremely affordable price, it would be a great alternative to big brand pumps if you are not a very demanding person with modern conditioning systems.


  • Affordable price
  • High flow rate
  • Good performance


  • Control system is quite limited

Blue Wave NE6181 Tidal Wave 2-Speed Replacement Pump

The unit is designed with two vertical or horizontal discharge ports making it suitable for most filtration systems. In addition, the machine also fully meets the local power requirements.

Using and adjusting the machine is very simple, it is a perfect choice for those who do not have too much experience. Just turn on the rocker switch on the rear of the engine to change the speed. The machine can adjust the speed from 1750 rpm to 3450 rpm.


  • Very easy to use
  • Help to save energy
  • Suitable with most of system


  • Transportation service is limited

XtremepowerUS 1.5HP Variable 2-Speed Swimming Pool Pump High Flow

Integrated with the unit are speed settings that give the user more control, adjusting the water transfer rate with low and high settings from 1,750 and 3,450 revs per minute. The included ventilation system keeps the machine running smoothly and always stays cool. 

The transparent lid on the filter basket helps users know when the machine needs to be cleaned from debris, leaves and dust particles to avoid filter clogging. 

Designed for terrestrial pools and all types of spa. It is UL certified to meet specific product quality and safety standards.


  • Strong motor
  • Good control system
  • Good quality
  • Affordable price


  • Could be a little bit noisy at high speed

Sta-Rite P6E6VS4H-209L IntelliPro Variable Speed High Performance Pump

No products found.

The next item on the list will come from an unpopular brand, but its quality is superb. Join us to meet the Sta-Rite IntelliPro. The 8-speed install and Energy Star certified machine can help you to save up to 90% energy every month when properly installed and running optimally.

It also has a built-in diagnostic system to alert users whenever something goes wrong instead of leaving the pump running until it is broken.


  • Very quiet
  • Save energy
  • Modern control system


  • The warranty policy is too complicated

Things you should consider to find the best variable speed pool pump for yourself.

The above is the top list of the best variable speed pool pumps based on our experiences and reviews. So do you have any idea about the pump that is right for you?

If you are still not sure what your options are, we believe a few of our suggestions below will help!


What brand are you targeting? Do you prefer a well-known manufacturer or you are okay with just a cheap speed pool pump brand? 

best variable speed pool pump

On our side, top brands are always the number one priority; we can mention some prominent names such as Hayward, Harris, Pentair, etc. Products from these brands will be guaranteed the best performance and durability. Of course this does not mean that products from more affordable brands will be of poor quality or will not last long. 

On the other hand, top brands often have very professional and high quality after-sales service, not to mention the genuine warranties and the price of the replacement parts is also very affordable and the goods are always available. 

Another thing about these big brands is that their machines are quite unaffordable. So while you look for a variable speed pool pump, don't set your standards too low or you will turn out with a shoddy.

The volume of your pool

best variable speed pool pump

In this section, we are talking about the largest amount of water that your pool can hold. You are required to purchase a pump that can easily meet your pool capacity and has a turnaround time of 24 hours.

If you have to install the swimming pool without the help of someone else, you have to be very careful about the volume. But please don’t worry, for those who are unaware of this, you can still find out the pool's volume using a variety of methods.

For regular swimming pools, such as rectangles, you can use the usual math formula for volume.

However, for special-shaped swimming pools, it is completely different. In such cases, we recommend using the online calculators for pool volume to get the most accurate results as a basis when choosing a speed pool pump.

The flow rate

If you are wondering why we should be that careful about the pool volume, that is because based on that information, we can detect the appropriate size of the pump, especially its flow rate. If you are beginners, flow rate means the amount of water that the machine can transfer over a given time.

An ideal turnover rate will be twice/day. At this rate, your pool can maintain the cleanliness and the PH balance. That’s why you will need to find a pool pump which is strong enough to operate twice compared with your pool capacity.

When talking about the flow rates, it should be noted that there are maximum and also minimum flow rate and both are in gpm.

Turnover time

In addition, you should also carefully assess the time a speed pool pump takes to process the water flow. On average, a pump will take between six and eight hours. 


One point that cannot be ignored of the variable-speed pool pump is the totally enclosed & fan cooled (TEFC) motor, also known as the permanent magnetic motor. All of these pumps come with this type of motor, but still, there are some differences that you should not miss. 

best variable speed pool pump

First, you should learn about the specific motor it uses, as well as its voltage level. There are some machines that can do well with 115 volt (V) meanwhile others will probably require a higher level which is 230V.

And the ideal one will always be a variable speed pool pump that can work with both 230V and 115V without asking for any additional equipment. 

Also, do not forget to check the speed setting options. As you know, a pool pump can be set up with one or two speed settings. For a variable speed pool pump, you are able to choose among 3,4 to 8 levels of the speed setting.

The size of the pool piping

Aside from having to thoroughly understand the flow rate, the motor or the pool size, you should also pay attention to the pipe size to get the best result. Usually you will find two piping sizes,  which are 1.5 and 2.0 inch although there are also some models on the market today that have a 3 inch option but still very rare.

The larger the diameter of the tube, the more water can flow through it and the lower the pressure will be. Conversely, if the pipe is narrow, the water will flow less and the pressure is higher. Ideally, you should try to ensure that the average rate of water flowing through the tube does not surpass 7 seconds. 

In order to make it easier for you to control water velocity, here are some of our suggestions:

The pipes with 1.5 inch size are typically legacy systems and might not work well with new and too strong pump models. To use this water hose size, we recommend you to always limit it to 44GPM.

And for a 2-inch tube, the ideal is 78GPM. The 2.5 and 3 inch tubes will work most properly at 120 and 160 gallons per minute (GPM).

Control and safety features

Now you can operate your pumps with greater accuracy than older systems. We suggest you choose the machine with the highest speed setting motor to give you better speed control while operating. 

best variable speed pool pump

Plus, it would be a big shortcoming if we don't mention the onboard diagnostic and safety features. 

The safety function protects the main parts from damages that could be caused by short-circuiting and the like.

Also, the on-board diagnostic function will notify you if something goes wrong. In our opinion, it is a great improvement over older systems that will keep running and prolong the damage.


Variable speed pool pumps are a better choice than traditional pumps thanks to their efficiency and more specifically, that it will help you to save a fair amount of money in operating costs of the machine.

Currently, there are a few brands that have been dishonest about their pump's energy saving capabilities. Therefore, we recommend that you should prioritize the Energy Star-labeled device, which is a proof that the machine has been tested and determined for its energy efficiency.

Warranty and after-sale service

Beside the specifications and features, you also should pay attention to the warranty policy and the support services for the after-sale stage of the brand. 

best variable speed pool pump

Make sure you get the pump which has the most long-lasting warranty period. The warranty means that the company will assist you in case your pool pump has any problems that do not involve incautious use and manufacturer's fault.

You should read carefully the carrier's warranty terms to be fully aware of what it makes up for and what it doesn't, especially the requirements of the company when the customer installs the pump. Some brands require that their pumps be set up by a specialist or a certified installer by the manufacturer. Failure to do so will void your warranty.

As we mentioned above when discussing which brands you should buy, top brands are always the best choice because they always comply with warranties, unlike some cheap brands which often try to withdraw when you want to complain. 

If you are a novice with all of this then don't miss the video below which will definitely give you an useful overview of this type of device:

Conclusion: Our Top 5 Picks Of The Best Variable Speed Pool Pump.

With the information we have provided above, hopefully you will be able to make the right choice to find the best variable speed pool pump for you.

In case you don't have much time to read the whole article, here is our summary of the top 5 best products according to our reviews.

We hope that our review above will be a useful guide for you when choosing the best variable speed pool pump for your home. Remember to always check the item carefully before you decide to pay for it, and don't forget to consult with others who have experience in the field.

That's it, if you have any questions or share, please write in the comment section below this article. We are always happy to listen.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best variable speed pool pump at the comment box below!

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