Top 15 Impressive Best Waist Trimmer Belt In 2020: That’s What You Are Finding!

Getting fit is not a really pleasant and easy goal to follow, so it’s definitely true that you desire to own the best waist trimmer belt to support. The best waist trimmer belt, it is not merely an effectiveness matter, it is the matter of how you experience the journey of losing weight and getting a slimmer waist.

The market provides numerous brands of waist trimmer belts that make you feel confused without knowing or differentiate pros and cons of each. You know what you need but you still find it pretty challenging in selecting a suitable one.

In this post, we will give reviews on the top 15 best waist trimmer we have tried on. This would be useful for you to make a decision, let’s begin!

best waist trimmer belt
best waist trimmer belt
best waist trimmer belt
best waist trimmer belt
best waist trimmer belt

Best choice for everyday trainer

Best choice for everyday trainer (for Women)

Best choice for steel-boned waist trainer (for Women)

Best choice for workout trainer

Best choice for any workout activities

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Top 15 Best Waist Trimmer Belt Reviews 2020

Isavera Fat-Freezing Waist Trimmer

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To me, this is awesome supportive equipment in my weight loss journey. It does not require me to work out to be effective! 

Among many products in the market, Isavara provides a very unique way to cut down on weight that everyone desires to try once. This belt combines 2 ways in helping the user burn fat not only at the waist but also at other areas of your body: fat freezing and cold thermogenesis. Firstly, fat freezing takes effect in stubborn areas like tummy, butt, thighs, arms wherein the wrap causes fat cell apoptosis. Secondly, cold thermogenesis can cause fat cell death and burn calories by low temperature.

A note to remember for this product is that you must not wear it while doing exercise. Product’s design can maximize its effectiveness when you do daily activities like cleaning houses or watching films.


  • Unique in the operation way - very high tech
  • Maximize weight loss even when not doing exercise
  • Comfortable to wear all day


  • Higher cost than any waist trimmer belt

Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer: The most favorable choice

This Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer is an effective equipment of Sport Research. This product is made from premium material called the latex-free neoprene combing with a non-slip and moisture-repelled grid lining. This structure allows you to keep the trimmer belt stable and fit to your tummy even when you heavily sweat during workout. Thanks to its water and sweat resistance, my waist trimmer can always stay clean and smell good. 

If you are afraid of not finding a waist trimmer that can perfectly fit your body, Sport Research is here to help. Different from most waist trimmer providing one-fit size or small/large size, Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer comes with various choices from S/M/L/XL to XXL.


  • Include sweat enhancing gel and carrying bag
  • All sizes to choose
  • Always fresh and clean
  • Discreet for women


  • Skin may expose chemicals

TNT pro series waist trimmer

Your skin is quite sensitive and easily irritated but you want to try on a waist trimmer belt even though you know it may cause friction. You are seeking for a waist trimmer belt that is made from friendly and gentle materials, TNT pro series waist trimmer can meet your needs. The brand claims to produce the equipment’s inside by 100% latex-free neoprene that is both gentle for skin and prevents bacteria growth. Another feature of products that can attract the user is eye-catching external design. This special design helps cover from bust to waist but not tightly hold the body. Regarding interior design, the belt has a non-slip interior grid reducing slipping or movement during work out. 

You may want to try this product as soon as possible because it is the most cost-saving belt with the best quality.


  • Affordable
  • No skin irritation
  • Extra-wide design
  • Water and sweat resistance


  • Easily wear out within several weeks
  • May cause skin irritation

Active gear waist trimmer belt

Active gear waist trimmer belt reduces fat and weight by temperature increase. Despite creating heat, this product may still stay on the body in many hours without the feeling of greasy or distressing due to its lightweight design. That would be very wonderful to have weight-loss equipment accompanying my tummy anytime that can prevent others’ attention. 

Another outstanding feature of this product is double velcro straps which helps hold and maintain the belt more stably even when doing a hard workout. One strap is sewn into the belt and another sticks out from the end.


  • Two velcro straps for better holding
  • Lightweight belt


  • None

Fitru Waist Trimmer

Using latex-free neoprene, this waist trimmer features premium construction that provides you a safe and breathable product adding to your comfort. Thanks to thick material, the product may produce excellent heat burning your calories around your belly. Besides this, the belt combines anti-slip grid technology to avoid slipping during training time. 

Moreover, this waist trimmer belt is moisture resistant that ensures you always feel fresh and clean without an unpleasant smell. Additionally, this belt allows you to do intense exercise due to the industrial strong strap


  • Allowing intense workout
  • Water and sweat resistance
  • Relieving muscle pains


  • Not durable due to thin material

The Reformer Athletics Waist Trimmer Belt

Among many offered choices from other brands, The Reformer Athletics Waist Trimmer may be a good choice for anyone who wants to have a combo of healthcare tips. Going with the product package is an adjustable smartphone neoprene pocket, a healthy eBook of detox smoothies & protein shakes and  Not Another Diet book that help you optimize the process of weight loss.

Additionally, another product’s benefit is its sanitary. Due to 3D latex-free material, the belt can eliminate moisture and toxins while you work out. No odors and bacteria can leave on the product. 

Lastly, I suggest this product if you are a daily trainer. Reformer Athletics Waist Trimmer Belt has a capability of protection and reduction injury risks. Your back pains or muscle pains are no longer a matter with this belt


  • Cleanness
  • Shape your low back in a natural way
  • Unique combo


  • Not durable

McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt: Ideal for everyday user

If you are concerned more on the product effectiveness and want to push the body reshaping process as fast as possible, McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt should be your training partner. This product ‘s material is breathable & lightweight: neoprene that makes the user more comfortable when wearing. 

The most special feature of the belt is therapeutic technology wrapping the mid-section and using heat to enhance weight loss, build muscle by eliminating excess water weight . Not only allowing the user to shorten the process, the trimmer belt is supposed to limit injuries and relieve sore muscles so that the user can daily do physical exercises. 

McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt has an adjustable and long velcro strap up to 40 inch. In my experience, this velcro strap is super convenient as it fits your tummy at any stage of your training process. However, the product’s wide size is pretty small compared to other waist trimmer belts.


  • Promote effectiveness faster and easier
  • Relieve muscle pains
  • Suitable for any workout activities


  • The lining is not durable
  • Unfavorable smell of material
  • May cause skin irritation

Perfotek Waist Trimmer Belt

This belt is similar to the Mcdavid but more affordable. The main material to make belts is neoprene while the brand uses latex free components to make inner lining that fix and maintain the belt on the body during training. In my own experience, the used materials are breathable and lightweight. It seems to be nothing or no feeling heavy and tight when I put it on.

Besides, the product comes with only one size and is able to adjust to fit all body shapes. As most belts, this belt provides a single velcro strap to secure anywhere. However, different from the one of Mcdavid, this belt has up to 42 inch strap that is a little bit larger.

If you are a beginner or abdominal trainer that you do not want to spend too much on testing a product you have never tried, you should try on thi Perfotek Waist Trimmer Belt.


  • Standard material with affordable price
  • Can be adjusted up to 42 inch
  • Lightweight


  • Easily tearing inner lining
  • Limited size for who is too overweight

Venuzor Waist Trainer Belt: best choice for women after pregnant

Venuzor provides a waist trimmer made from neoprene fabric and claims that it would not irritate your skin if you wear it directly. This is the stretchable material, so you can adjust the belt to fit your body shape as you prefer. 

Besides, the brand seems to understand consumers’ insight that women want themselves look perfectly fit and stylish in any case, they bring a wide range of sizes from S to XXL and colors including black, purple, blue, green, pink. To be more sure that the product can smooth tummy flab and love handle, the belt also includes a hook-loop system to cover body shape accurately. 

Not only caring about performance beauty, Venuzor belt also concerns the user’s comfort. The product incorporates a mesh backing allowing your skin breath more easily.


  • Perfectly cover body shape
  • Various choices in size and color


  • It tightens the stomach very well but not really can cover the waist

Yianna Waist Trimmer Belt – Best for Women All Body Shapes

Another recommendation of waist trimmer belt from me is Yianna Waist Trimmer Belt. This product is pretty amazing because it nearly fulfills my needs: reshape, lose weight and support my back. It effectively supports any activities from walking, cycling to housework or offices but still makes me comfortable all day long. 

If you are finding a belt to try for the first time, you should take this product. It provides a very impressively wide range of size from S to 6XL that meets all needs for any body shape.


  • Various size
  • Used in many cases of daily life


  • Not durable quality
  • Not accurate size chart

Shaperx Waist Trainer Belt: solution for a instant hourglass figure

This belt is for you if you want to see an instant hourglass figure after putting on. The product incorporates 4 acrylic “bones” to help stabilize spin, improve your figure and support your back. Even so, these bones are flexible and you can bend them in any way when you work out. 

Another figure is that the belt’s material is easily breathable and would enable your skin to air exchange. However, this material comes with another downside. It will absorb your sweat during training time so it takes more time and effort to make clean.

In my experience, the product works very well except for its size chart. It may have a quite big difference between the given size standard from the brand and my actual size. According to their size chart, i would be fit with M but when i put it on i think S would be a better choice for me. So you should carefully consider this when selecting size from Shaperx.


  • Instantly stabilize figure
  • Double strong velcro adjustments
  • Breathable fabric


  • Odor because of sweat - absorbable fabric
  • Not accurate size chart
  • Bulky under clothes

Jueachy Waist Trimmer Belt for Women

The Jueachy Waist Trainer Belt for Women is made from latex-free materials combining with double velcro strap design. It reduces skin irritation and prevents slipping while doing exercises. My experience with this product is wonderful in terms of its effectiveness. This product promotes sauna effect and enhances thermal activity around my midsection. My belly gets smaller within a few weeks that I take effort with the support from Jueachy waist trimmer belt.

Besides, you can be flexible in any movement you want when you work out because the contoured design helps fit your body to the best. Jueachy also provides a wide range of sizes from S to XXL for your easier selection.


  • Promote sauna effect and thermal activity
  • Flexible with any body movement
  • Provide a free measure tape


  • The actual size is smaller than the given one in size chart

Maxboost Premium Weight Loss Waist Trimmer Belt

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When doing exercises, especially with the support from a weight loss waist trimmer belt, sweating is not avoidable. You may notice the belt is going to be loose and can’t securely fit on your tummy any longer. Not only that, sweating can make you feel sticky and uncomfortable so you don’t want to keep wearing it. With Maxboost, its inner lining design is non-slip and sweat resistant that allows your tummy to be always dry and clean. It also guarantees hygiene due to bacteria infection prevention.

In addition to this, this belt supports your back so that you won’t feel fatigue when wearing it. Overall, this Maxboost waist trimmer belt is a basic and friendly-pocket product that is able to provide you comfort during your weight loss journey.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Support lifting techniques in exercises
  • Basic but effective product


  • Not durable inner lining
  • Unpleasant smell

Azsport Waist Trimmer Belt

Another recommended product in our list is Azsport waist trimmer belt that is able to support you back in all kinds of exercises from light to hard. The product’s design perfectly fits the abdominal area and helps accelerate the process of burning your fat. So your tummy will get fat and you may get your desired body shape within a very short time. 

Apart from its amazing effectiveness, the belt seems to be invisible when you wear it under your clothes in hours due to its modest weight and thickness. Not only maintain your comfort by the product’s lightweightness, the product’s inner lining also prevents sweat that avoids slipping and maintains personal hygiene while doing exercises.


  • Support all kinds of exercises
  • No more risky with trying thanks to money back guarantee
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not durable and easily fall for weeks

Biange Waist Trimmer Belt

Another recommended product in our list is Azsport waist trimmer belt that is able to support you back in all kinds of exercises from light to hard. The product’s design perfectly fits the ab

Doing exercises when wearing a waist trimmer belt may make you feel uncomfortable and unbreathable because the belt will extremely tighten your tummy. However, with the product from Biange, it can stabilize your figure, protect and strengthen your abs muscle without bringing displeasure for your body during the workout. You can have air exchange easily that supports better blood circulation throughout your body. 

Additionally, as any usual waist trimmer belt, Biange belt has a latex-free inner lining that is non-slipping. You will freely do training and drop sweats with no worry that the belt is going to fall from your body.

The product’s available size is from M to XXL (4 sizes)

dominal area and helps accelerate the process of burning your fat. So your tummy will get fat and you may get your desired body shape within a very short time. 

Apart from its amazing effectiveness, the belt seems to be invisible when you wear it under your clothes in hours due to its modest weight and thickness. Not only maintain your comfort by the product’s lightweightness, the product’s inner lining also prevents sweat that avoids slipping and maintains personal hygiene while doing exercises.


  • Successfully retain heat to push weight loss process
  • Support back pains


  • Velcro closure is not durable
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Easily get skin irritation

Quick Notes To Make A Purchase On Best Waist Trimmer Belt

A small note for you is on types of waist trimmer belt. Every day trainer belts let you wear them directly under your clothes for all day long. Meanwhile, the workout trainer focuses more on making you sweat more while doing exercises. Another type is steel-boned trainer that incorporates flexible steel boing inside and typically includes tightening laces in the back.

This video below can be useful for anyone who is confused what type to choose:

After having a look at the above product list but still can’t come up with the best choice, don’t worry, we understand your concerns. Here is a brief note we drive from our own experience to help you choose the best waist trimmer belt!

Be attention and keep in mind these key factors:


Size would be an initial aspect you concern when choosing a waist trimmer belt. First of all, you should fully understand your actual body size more than anyone else. Do not estimate your body shape and make a comparison with the given size of waist trimmer belt on the internet. If you do this, the product possibly makes you disappointed as it’s not fit your tummy and reduces effectiveness.

best waist trimmer belt

A waist trimmer belt width that can completely cover your midsection in a comfortable way is very important! It may enhance the weight loss efficiency when you workout. Besides, a fit belt can make you feel relaxed and you may want to wear it all day long. And, of course, this can promote the process.

If you mind about buying other belt sizes at different stages in your weight loss journey, you can select an adjustable belt. It allows you to change the width as you want


In my own experience, I used to get irritated by a waist trimmer belt because of its material. When I purchased, I neglected the material information which then made me have an allergy and itch leaving red streaks on my skin. Therefore, you had better concern more on product materials. A waist trimmer belt should claim to use safe and latex-free materials which cannot damage your skin. Additionally, the used fabric needs to be breathable to ensure your comfort.

About the interior design, you would prefer a non-slip inner lining that holds and maintains the belt on your tummy while training. On the other hand, a product which repels moisture is an ideal choice for you if you want to prevent odors and stay fresh.

Compatibility with Exercises

best waist trimmer belt

A waist trimmer belt operates based on the sauna rule that it will warm your muscles as you work out and make your belly sweat. This helps burn more calories and fat. To be sure this process will happen most effectively, a waist trimmer belt which acts as an equipment must be suitable with the user’s object. You may encounter having to adjust the belt fitting continually if the product is not available for hard workout. In other words, if you want to wear a belt and do training, you should choose the one that is compatible with exercise.

Spiral Steel Bones

Some waist trimmer belts include flexible steel bones in their structures. It gives extra support on your sides and back by limiting muscle strains helping you adjust your postures while relieving pains. This feature is necessary for anyone because they may be hurt when working hard on exercises. So remember to check if your belt has spiral steel bones.

Instruction for use

best waist trimmer belt

Most of us ignore instruction for use information because we assume we know how to use it. However, we actually miss details because not all waist trimmer belts are the same in operation. The misuse of a product may lead to a failure to meet the initial performance requirements or health danger. For this reason, every package includes IFU (instruction for use) paper to tell you how to use and what to avoid or you can even find this information online. For example, some belts come with enhancing gel - it’s not common, you must read instructions and follow to ensure the product will work properly.

Some common questions

What size should I get?

As mentioned above, getting the correct size for a waist trimmer belt is necessary. You can measure your waist by a measuring tape. Then, you may compare with the provided size list from the brand to take the corresponding one. If the brand does not clarify in number with each size, you can compare with the common standard size or directly ask the seller.

Can you wear the waist trimmer directly under my clothes?

best waist trimmer belt

To prevent irritation, some people will put on their waist trimmer belt over their clothes. However, you can wear it directly under your clothes if you have already checked its materials that you are not allergic to. As wearing inside, you should choose a loose-fitting top to avoid being seen through. Besides, remember to clean the inside face before letting the product touch your skin.

Do you have to exercise for it to work?

This is also my consideration when I first use a waist belt. But it actually relies on each product you choose. In some cases, you may wear the belt for hanging out or going to the office when not doing exercises to keep your shape fit. Even so, most belts require you to work out so that they can make you sweat and burn calories. You should also strictly follow a diet eating plan to see the best result in a weight loss journey.

How long should I wear to see a clear result?

With a waist belt for training, you may wear it during work out time daily but should not put it on for the whole day, especially when you are heavily sweating. Such sweat will make you feel greasy and your skin is difficult to take a breath. We suggest that you should try to wear a belt for a specific period of time, then you can increase or decrease the time as you prefer.

Our conclusion for best waist trimmer belt

Here comes to our conclusion about top choices for you! We suggest the top 5 best waist trimmer belts that are various in size, price and type, so that you can carefully consider what can fulfil your needs and your body features most.


Best choice for everyday trainer

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