Top 15 Best Weightlifting Chalk In 2021 – Lifting Your Weights Have Never Been So Easy

When you do the gym, have you ever felt irritated because your palms are covered in sweat and your gym equipment just gets skippy? You might be afraid that your levers could fall anytime and burst your knees. You are finding a solution by seeking weightlifting chalk to improve grip. So the question here is how to find out the best weightlifting chalk for your use?

Using chalk is an old tip for sweaty hands when exercising. It will absorb sweat, keep your hand dry and grip well. This also improves your safety while workout, as you handle your grip firmly. 

It can’t be denied that chalk can help you master weightlifting. Not keep you waiting for long, we have tried out many chalks available and here are TOP 15 best weightlifting chalks and definitely boost your grip confidence.


Best Weightlifting Chalk For Gymnastics

Best Weightlifting Chalk For Rock Climbing 

Best Weightlifting Chalk For Team Sports 

Best Weightlifting Chalk For Long Lasting Chalk 

Best Weightlifting Chalk For Those Who Are Allergic To Aroma 

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Top 15 Best Weightlifting Chalk Reviews 2021

One distinctive character that makes me think this is the best weightlifting chalk is that it’s antibacterial. It works as hand sanitizing to keep your hand germ-free during your workout. Outstandingly, liquid chalk is not as messy as chalk ball or block. This helps you easily squeeze out an adequate amount without any wasting.

Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk have totally changed my weightlifting experiences. My hands used to get skippy and sweaty after lifting for a specific amount of time. But after using this, I feel more in control during my compound lifts now. And it’s truly a long-lasting product, there is no need to reapply many times throughout your gym experience but still grip well.

Even though the price of the product is slightly more expensive than others, I think it is worth the price. Remember to wash it off your hand with soap when finishing. It might be a bit inconvenient for some people but I don’t mind because I think it’s a must after gym anyway.


  • Moisture your hand
  • Antibacterial
  • Mess free


  • Quite expensive

Friction Labs Premium Sports Chalk rank #1 Best Seller in Climbing chalk so you can trust the quality of the product. It is available in 3 different textures: Gorilla Grip with chunky texture; Unicorn Dust with fine texture; Bam Bam with Super Chunky Texture for you to choose the best weightlifting chalk and suitable for you.

I used this in my latest rock climbing adventure and I have to say it works amazing. It is a bit costly, but it lasts longer than any other chalks. This Friction Labs chalk also provides moisture for your palms if you are worried that using chalk might damage your hand. However, It is quite clumpy but I don’t mind that much.


  • Variety of texture
  • Long lasting
  • Moisturizing


  • Quite clumpy
  • Costly

NOVU Liquid Chalk offers many sizes which most suit your usage. From the smallest one (50 ml) is compact and pocket-sized. You can put it with your keychain and bring it to anywhere. To the biggest size (250 ml) which you can use at the gym with other people or share with your mate.

It is my favourite because of its multipurpose in Weightlifting, Climbing, Bodybuilding, Gymnastics, CrossFit, Pole Dancing and more.


  • Many sizes available with different shapes
  • Portable
  • Multipurpose


  • Powdery: white dust in the air when rubbing your hand

As other gym chalks, it includes non-toxic, pigment free and fine powdered white gym chalk. However, this drawstring-tied design is compact and easy to use. You keep your chalk in a ziplock and bring it along to gym or rock climbing activities,.. Before workout, you just need to briefly rub your hand against the chalk ball and it will distribute well all over your hand.

If you are not into the scent of gym chalk, this product is for you as it is odourless. Furthermore, the ball lasts quite long with 2.3 oz capacity and seems to have an endless supply so it’s definitely an economical choice for you.


  • Scent free
  • Compact and Portable
  • Can be used for long time


  • The chalk does not distribute very well

Primo advertise that their products are used by professional and collegiate teams with coaches. And I think it has the reason why it can be said as the best weightlifting chalk even for the professionals.

Different from other brands, Primo chalk includes Essential Oil, creating a natural fence against dryness and. Once you wash it off your hands, it does have a moisturizer layer on your skin.

This product is also naturally antibacterial, during COVID-19, at least this can make you feel much safer using shared gym equipment. Moreover, It provides excellent grip and absorbs sweat well, especially while doing outdoor activities.


  • Including essential oil, moisture your hands
  • Antibacterial
  • Absorb sweat well


  • Quite costly, double the price of other loose chalks

This SPORTMEDIQ product is the best weightlifting chalk for gymnastics, tennis, baseball and basketball. One remarkable character of liquid chalk is that it is mess free, however, with those white stains on your palms, it will still mess up your clothes if you accidentally touch it.

This has done a great job in staying long on the hands without the need of reapplying between sets. One thing I do not like about this chalk is that it will leave some residue where you are lifting


  • Can be used for tennis, basball and basketball as well
  • Less messy
  • Long lasting


  • Leaving white stains clearly on your palms

Z-Athletic Chalk Ball is 100% pure Magnesium Carbonate that exceedingly absorbs moisture and improves your grip. It is a good choice for those who are allergic to scent because it is fragrance free and pigment free, no fillers, dyes or gimmicky aroma.

Z-Athletic comes with a cheaper price than 321 STRONG Refillable Chalk Ball but still includes its advantages even though it’s a little bit messier without ziplock.


  • 100% pure Magnesium carbonate
  • Scent free, no fillers, dyes or gimmicky aroma
  • Reasonable price


  • Quite messy without ziplock

It contains pure; non-toxic and skin-safe magnesium carbonate which will
enhance your grip and work as a hand-protector. It is hypoallergenic so if your hands are sensitive, you could be relieved using this chalk. It is also unscented for those who do not like aroma.

If you intend to buy chalk for rock climbing or other outdoor activities, a ball would be the best choice, as you can tie it in your waist and easily apply it when needed. Matawi chalk has not been so popular but I think you guys should give it a try as chalk is decent and dry your hand immediately.


  • Includes pure; non-toxic and skin-safe magnesium carbonate
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Scent free
  • The chalk is decent and dry fastly


  • There is no ziplock bag so it’s pretty inconvenient

BRYO Chalk Ball Sock is made from Magnesium Carbonate and includes a No-Mess Bag for clean and no mess. Besides using for weightlifting or gymnastics, it is also used in other sports: tennis, golf, baseball, etc.

The No-Mess Bag is really helpful in containing any chalk dust spread out when you use it. It does a great job in leaching a right amount of chalk without making a mess or leaving residue on the equipment. However, the bag is quite small so it could be messy if you are not careful enough when using it.


  • Including a No-Mess Bag for clean and no mess
  • Can be used for tennis, baseball, golf,.. as well
  • Refillable


  • The bag is quite small so you have to be careful when using it

SPRI offers different options due to your demand, precisely packs of 2,4 or 8; in ball shape or liquid texture. Especially, they produce a block chalk which can be easily fallen apart to refill in your bag in an adequate amount. Each chalk contains carbonate, pigment free which will keep your hand dry and avoid corn.

You don’t have to worry about being blistered as it is non-toxic. Moreover, it is super grip so there’s no need to reapply as much as other chalks. If you intend to buy in bulk, this is surely a good bargain.


  • Variety of size available
  • Contains carbonate, pigment free which will keep your hand dry and avoid corn
  • Non-toxic


  • Comes at a reasonable price

321 STRONG Loose Gym Chalk is packed in a large bag containing 10.58oz chalk. It’s suitable for those who want to refill chalk balls , climbers bags , or gymnastic buckets. As many other chalks, it is non toxic, pigment free and scentless. This is best used for rock climbing and weightlifting.

However, when you first receive it, it is quite chunky but not in fine texture so it takes some effort to break it down. Furthermore, if your hands get really sweaty, it will not last so long and need to reapply many times.


  • Packed in a large bag suitable for refill
  • Unscented
  • Non-toxic and pigment free


  • Quite chunky

The box comes with 8 individual block chalks, which is really convenient and less messy. Chalk is durable and does not crumble when you use it. This chalk is also suitable for Team Sports, Baseball Chalk/Rosin Bag, Football. It helps you get a strong grip without leaving any calluses.

This is a reasonable purchase as it includes an abundant amount of chalk and lasts long.


  • Packed in separate block chalks which is convenient to bring along
  • Durable
  • Suitable for Team Sports, Baseball, Football,...
  • Not leaving any calluses


  • Create a cloud of dust in the air when using it

CoolStuff Gymnastics Chalk Powder is made of 100% magnesium carbonate without any additional chemicals. It absorbs moistures, leaves you a dry hand and better your grip.

It can be your best company in weightlifting, rock climbing and for the athletes. It is packed in a refillable cotton powder ball with drawstring-tied design, aiming to be less messy.

However, the chalk bag is not big enough for my hands to reach inside and rub the ball. I have to take out the ball from the bag to use, which making the chalk dust go everywhere


  • Made of 100% magnesium carbonate without any additional chemicals
  • Dry fastly


  • The chalk bag is quite small to reach inside

Just the same as Gibson Athletic Premium Block Gym Chalk, it is wrapped in eight individual blocks, 2oz each of them. It contains magnesium carbonate premium chalk for improving grip. This is perfect if you're doing a work out where using gloves or straps doesn't work or if you are doing your weightlifting.

It can be used for Powerlifting, Gymnastics Chalk, Rock Climbing Chalk, Kettlebell, Or Crossfit Chalk. Yet, as I experienced, it was quite crumble and brittle. When I used this, it broke apart instantly and some chunks are still left on my hand.


  • Improve your grip well
  • Contains magnesium carbonate


  • It is quite crumble and brittle

GSC Gym Chalk contains magnesium carbonate, which absorbs sweat well. However, you can't carry a block of this to the gym and use it directly. It will break and crumble easily.

This gym chalk is packed in a 1lb package, with eight 2 oz blocks. It is offered at a very competitive price which will fit for those who do not want to spend too much money on gym chalk. If you are using this alone, it could last for years.


  • Reasonable price
  • Abundant of chalks
  • Absorbs sweat well


  • It crumbles and can be broken easily

How To Buy The Best Weightlifting Chalk For Your Use

When it comes to weightlifting chalk, I am sure it is hard for you to choose out which one to buy. There are a variety of brands with different textures and ranges of cost. It may confuse you somehow because I used to be the same. After trying numerous chalks available on the market, I believe here are some characters you should take notice of when considering buying the best weightlifting chalk.



Buying non-toxic and pigment free products which are safe for your kids and adults. You definitely do not want your kids accidentally playing with your chalk and getting sick or something like that. It also keeps you a healthy skin without getting irritated or calluses. 

Products include Magnesium Carbonate, so called hygroscopic. It attracts water, in this case, sweat from our palms to improve our grip. If you buy chalk containing Magnesium Carbonate, surely you do not need to reapply many times and fully enjoy your workout.

The texture of the product is also really important. Even though you might only care about their durability, the chalk’s texture might affect your gym experience. If you do not like messy or dust around the air, liquid chalk is the one. Ball chalk is well-liked for its compact and easy to use. Block chalk, however, dominates due to its price. Based on your demand, choose out the best texture for you.



The price of the product should be taken into consideration as there are a wide range of prices available on the market. Mostly, if the product’s price is high enough, the quality is improved as it lasts longer and grips better.

Functions and Usabilities


Although most chalks can be used for many types of sports, some chalks are better for specific sports, some are better for home gym, some are better for weightlifting, some are better for rock climbing,.. Depending on the sport you are playing, choose the product that is suitable for you.

Identify The Differences Between Block, Liquid And Powder Chalk

1. Block Chalk:

  • More popular than Liquid Chalk. It is less messier than powder chalk, but still portable. Bring a small block along and break it into smaller pieces when using it. You can put it in a ziplock bag to keep it clean.
  • Block chalk usually dries fast and lasts for a long time. However, when you break it, it is not always broken into your wanted amount and easy to crumble. Block chalk is not ideal for rock climbing as it is harder to reapply than other types of chalks. 

2. Liquid Chalk

  • Well-liked for stealth mode. If you do not like using chalks because it will leave residue on the bar, liquid chalk is for you. Once it dries, it will not leave as much residue on the equipment as block chalk. It’s much cleaner than block chalk and you can squeeze out an adequate amount without being too much or too little.
  • However, most liquid chalk contains alcohol to quicken the drying process, so it could dry out natural oils and damage your hand. Moreover, liquid chalk is quite expensive compared to block chalk or chalk ball so you should consider carefully.

3. Powder Chalk

  • Is usually packed in a drawstring-tied cotton sock, which is easy to carry and apply. Its ingredient is merely Magnesium Carbonate so the price is quite cheap. Because it’s powder, the chalk is decent and allows you to cover your hand better.
  • Of course, this is the messiest style of chalk. When you rub your hand, the powder goes everywhere and creates dust in the air. You should use a ziplock to store the chalk, if not, it could be really messy and fall over the floor or your clothes. 

Each person has different requirements for their ideal block chalks, so it’s hard to tell which is the best. Find the one that is best for you, each has different benefits and I am sure there will be one for you. 

What Is The Ingredient In Most Gym Chalk?

Mostly, the main ingredient of Gym chalk is Magnesium Carbonate. As we all know, it absorbs sweat to better your grip. But not all gym chalk is the same. Magnesium Carbonate comes in different textures and grades. That’s why some block chalks and ball chalks are grainy and chunky. 

Liquid Chalk is usually the mixture of Magnesium Carbonate, some sort of alcohol and scent. Now you know the reason why sometimes it’s irritated when using Liquid Chalk.

Why Should We Use Gym Chalk?


When we are exercising, our bodies are covered in sweat and so do your hands. We can not hold our equipment firmly as it is getting skippy. This is also hazardous if the bar is falling from over your head. So gym chalk is an effective solution to beat your sweaty hands. Chalk will absorb moisture and dry your hand to lift safety. 

Besides that, using chalk better your lift experience. Chalk will allow you to grip longer and stronger. Moreover, when you are lifting, your hands usually lose grip first. Chalk will work as a protection layer, prevent you from getting blisters or accidentally lose control.

Furthermore, using chalk means that you are safing your body form. When your hands are sweaty, you are bound to workout in the wrong posture. So how to use weightlifting chalk right to build your muscles?

How To Use Weightlifting Chalk?

It seems easy but here are some tips you can follow:

  • Rub your hand gently to distribute well
  • If you are using block or powder chalk, recommend putting a container under the floor before using to create less mess. 
  • Keep your hand closed until you start your workout. 

Here is a video clip to help you better understand:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Weightlifting Chalk

Below are TOP 5 best weightlifting products according to my personal preferences. My priority requirements are that it has to be long lasting, no mess and do not dry out my hand too harshly.

Some Last Words

Chalk can provide grip security on your gym equipment faster than any other solution. It can be purchased at a reasonable price and used for a long time. However, ask your gym coach first as many places do not allow using chalk while workout. If possible, choose your best weightlifting chalk and master your muscles. 

Well, thank you for spending time reading this. Hopefully, this article helps you find out the suitable gym chalk.

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