7 Best Bi-Wire Speaker Cables: 2023 Expert Buyer’s Guide

Think of your speakers like a road. Ordinarily, we have vehicles that move fast, and others that move slowly.

If there is only one lane, all the vehicles have to follow each other. The fast cars will be limited unnecessarily. That is why highways typically have different lanes for vehicles moving at varying speeds.

In speakers, there are high and low frequencies. The idea of using the best bi-wire speaker cable is to separate the frequencies. High (fast) frequencies travel on one cable and the low (slow) frequencies travel on the other cable.

Through this arrangement, you create an impressive sound balance and improve the listening experience.

In this post, I’ll be helping you pick the right bi-wire speaker cable.

Let’s get started.

best bi wire speaker cables

Benefits of Using Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

Critics argue that bi-wiring is a sales gimmick to encourage people to buy more wires. However, using two speaker cables instead of one comes with various practical benefits.

Solving the intermodulation distortion

Frequency travel in single-wire setups is controlled by an internal filter. Unfortunately, this usually creates an intermodulation distortion, especially in the higher frequencies.

You might not notice this distortion as you’re already used to it. However, once you employ a bi-wiring setup, you will notice much cleaner audio.

Improving the midrange

The midrange exists between about 250Hz and 2000Hz. This range is preferred as the sounds in it are raw and smooth. But, when the tweeters and bass/subwoofer share a common wire, it will be difficult to separate the signals. That, in turn, dwarfs the chances of achieving an ideal midrange.

With a good bi-wire, you get to solve this issue by separating the signals. The result is a smoother, more natural sound from your speaker.

Our Top 7 Best Bi-Wire Speaker Cables For 2023

Media bridge 12AWG Ultra Series Speaker Cable

Are you seeking the perfect combination of sound quality and durability? You can get it in the Mediabridge 12AWG Ultra Series Speaker Cable.

The first impression of this cable is that it feels robust and durable. Holding it in your hands, you can feel this is not one of those flimsy wires that flood the market.

Although flexible enough, the cable is strong with a tough sheath. Also, it doesn’t have a plastic smell.

Ever had a problem where your speaker wire connectors were so loose that they kept falling off? You won’t face that with the Mediabridge cable. This unit has soldered banana plug terminals that create a secure connection with your speaker and amp or receiver.

When looking for the right wire for the speaker, one thing you shouldn’t ignore is the AWG. This particular wire’s AWG refers to the size of the wire conductor in mm, and it definitely impacts the audio quality. Now, this cable is 12 AWG, which means about 2.05mm.

What makes it special is that it is almost 400% thicker and studier than other wires of the same price range.

If you want the best bi-wire speaker cable to crank up the sound quality, you will certainly love one. You will enjoy richer, louder audio at the same volume level.

Highlighted features:

  • The sturdy yet flexible sheath
  • Richer and fuller sound at the same volume
  • Snug-fitting banana plugs – no more hanging
  • The copper wire is corrosion resistant
  • 5 length options from 3 to 25 feet

Gear IT 14AWG Premium Braided Speaker Wire

Do you want a magnificent speaker wire? The Gear IT 14AWG is a braided cable with a high-end look. And yet, it is affordable enough for most people.

This unit is not all about looks. The braid provides extra protection for the wire, making sure the sound quality stays superb. Also, the design offers greater durability.

If you’ve ever struggled to install speaker cables, this unit is here to make things a whole lot better. In that regard, it comes with banana plugs, so you only have to plug and play. You don’t need to cut or solder anything.

Something amazing about the connector is that there’s no worry about it coming loose or falling off the cable. That’s because it is securely bolted on the inside.

Do you get confused as to which wire to put in what port on your speaker? Thankfully, this wire comes color-coded. The wire with red writing on the connector is positive while the one with white writing is negative. It’s that easy.

When it comes to sound quality, the quality of the materials used in the wire makes a huge difference. The good news is that this product has a 14-gauge oxygen-free pure copper wire that transmits signals flawlessly.

Hence, the audio sounds fantastic with great levels of clarity and richness.

If you want a professional installation without incurring the cost, the GearIT cable has you covered.  

Highlighted features:

  • Pure copper wire brings great sound quality
  • Great looks with two color options – white and black
  • Tough and durable yet flexible braided jacket 
  • The Non-slip PVC Y boot holds the connectors

Micca Pure Copper High-Quality Speaker Wire

Did you know conductivity is what determines a speaker wire’s ability to transmit sound accurately? In turn, conductivity is defined by the wire’s quality. And this is where the Micca Pure Copper Speaker Wire wins.

Guess how many wire strands are interwoven to make up the internal cable. A whopping 245 strands! With so many strands, the sound quality is awesome.

To add to that, the wires are made of pure copper, so the conductivity and sound clarity are exceptional.

A connection that keeps coming loose is not something anyone wants. The good news is that the Micca wire is fitted with a high-grade banana connector to keep that from happening. The gold-plated banana plug is well-soldered to ensure it doesn’t get loose with time.

If you want a speaker cable wire that is both easy to use and long-lasting, you’ll be glad to have this unit. It comes with a double concentric jacket that provides ample sturdiness.

The jacket is flexible and easy to handle, and at the same time, it keeps the cable intact for years.

Another great perk of this unit is the color coding. No more double guessing – the red is the positive and the black is negative.

Highlighted features:

  • Solid connectors that fit tight
  • The connectors are soldered, so they stay attached
  • The slim connector allows it to run in tight spaces
  • 245 fine strands of copper wire for great audio
  • Sturdy yet flexible protective jacket

K4B-2B Bi-Wire Copper Cable

Are you searching for a 2.5, 3, or 4-meter speaker wire? Consider getting the K4B-2B Bi-Wire Speaker Cable.

First off, this product offers you excellent value. For an affordable price, you get 2 professional speaker cables. Things get more interesting in that each cable can be connected to 2 speakers. Therefore, you can hook these to a total of 4 speakers.

If you’re looking for the perfect option for your Hifi system, look no further.

These wires make the audio sound great right out of the box. Maybe, presently, you cannot hear the distinct plucking of the guitar strings, the clear snapping of the drum, and crisp vocals. Tell you what? The K4B cable can make you hear them.

Of course, these benefits are provided by the great craftsmanship of the wires. Each cable is 14 gauge and made of double-stranded copper wires.

The banana plugs are gold-plated and designed to fit properly. With these plugs, you needn’t worry about your connection getting disrupted.

Do you want a bi-wiring speakers cable that will last? This one features a sturdy nylon braid. With that, the wires inside are well protected, so you can expect them to last.

Highlighted features:

  • High-grade banana plugs for a tight connection
  • Great sounds with clear instruments
  • Excellent value – can be connected to 4 speakers
  • Color-coded in red and black to avoid confusion
  • Durable – has nylon braiding for protection

Blue Jeans 4S11 Speaker Connectors

Blue Jeans is a rather familiar USA brand that has made a name for itself. If you want USA-made speaker wires with a great degree of quality, their Canare 4S11 will do.

What is special about this product is how it is made. The construction and the quality of the components are certainly superior as compared to other brands out there.

For instance, rather than using heat to fuse the wire and the plug, this brand uses ultrasonic welding. The result is a well-fused junction that doesn’t break or come loose.

There is high pull strength in the connector and significantly low contact. This makes the connection remain intact throughout the wire’s life. In other words, you get to enjoy uninterrupted sound transmission for ages.

As with any high-quality wire for a speaker, this unit comes with a banana plug. On top of being a snug fit in most ports, the plug has a locking feature. Simply turn the lock clockwise to have an even firmer engagement that keeps the connection fixed.

The connectors are made of gold-plated brass while the wire is made of copper. With such quality materials, the sound conduction is top-notch. If you want a great audio experience, these wires will grant it.

Finally, a lot of versatility comes with these cables. First, there are fifty length options between 4 feet and 50 feet. Secondly, there are two color choices – gray and black.

Highlighted features:

  • 14 gauge copper wires for excellent sound
  • Locking plug for firmer connections
  • Color coding for easier identification
  • High-grade connector with ultrasonic welding for durability
  • Two color options – grey and black

GearIT 10 AWG Speaker Wire with Banana Plugs

Do you know what makes Gear IT stand out among speaker wires? It’s a beautiful design. This cable features an exceptional look that you’ll be proud to have in your living room, office, or any other place.

It has a braided black jacket with white cross patterns to spice up the design.

It’s not just the beauty that you’re being offered. The design is also for ease of use and longevity. In that regard, the branded jacket provides an extra layer of protection from damage. Even though it is super tough, the jacket is flexible, allowing you to work the cable as you like.

On both ends, the wire is fitted with Y sleeves. These are attached to the connectors and the banana plugs. The sleeves are a tough material too and they are a bit flexible so there is no concern of breakage.

Just as they look, the connectors are sturdy. They are soldered on securely, and thus, you needn’t worry about them getting loose. They also have a braided design to boost their durability.

When looking for the right wire for the speaker, think about the gauge carefully. For this cable, the gauge is 10 AWG. That basically means it is a thick wire, and as it is copper, the conduction is top-notch.

Therefore, if what you’re after is better sound, you will be glad you bought this cable. It does a great job separating the instruments in the sound so that they’re heard clearly.

Highlighted features:

  • A fabulous look for any space
  • 10 gauge thick wire with excellent conductivity
  • Braided nylon cover for protection
  • Tough but flexible coat and y sleeves
  • Tight fitting gold plated banana plugs
  • 5 length options from 3 to 35 feet

CNCESS 106-3f Bi-Wire Speaker Audio Cable

Running your cables through a raceway is always a good idea. It protects them and keeps them out of the way.

But as you might already know, not all speaker wires can be put in a raceway. Some are just too tough or thick. Others have a thick connector that won’t fit in there. But not the CNCESS 106-3f Bi-Wire Speaker Cable.

This unit is slender enough, meaning you can put it in a raceway with other cables. What’s more, it is extremely flexible and soft. You can bend it or work it in whichever manner you like.

The connectors are also thin enough, so running them through tight spots is never an issue.

Although it is lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle, the CNCESS cable will last. It is definitely not as durable as the tough nylon-jacket cables, but if you handle it with care, it will serve you for many years. The connectors are tougher than they look and they are soldered in with copper wires inside.

If you’re on a budget, this is a great unit to choose from. You get a pair of cables, and each pair has 4 banana plugs. Therefore, you can hook the wires to four speakers. And that’s all for the price of one cable if you were buying from other brands.

Highlighted features:

  • Soft and flexible and easy to use
  • The banana plugs create a tight connection
  • Color-coded to avoid confusion
  • 12 AWG copper wire provides great sound quality
best bi wire speaker cables

Things to Consider Before Buying Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

A bi-wire speaker connection can tremendously improve the sound of your speakers. If you want to eliminate the hum and crank up the clarity in the audio, these wires might be just what you need. However, not all speaker wires are made equal.

While some are made to upgrade the sound conductivity and improve the audio, others won’t give you any noticeable benefits. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best bi-wire speaker cable, be sure to consider the following factors.

Wire material

Wire material matters because it affects the resistance and conductivity of the electrical signals that carry the sound. The greater the resistance, the worse the sound, and the better the conductivity, the better the sound.

There are various speaker materials, but copper is the ideal one. That’s due to the fact that copper has low resistance and great conductivity, and its cost is acceptable.

Plug material

Gold is probably the best material in regards to conductivity, but as you can guess, its cost is over the roof. That’s why copper is preferable.

But there is a way to enjoy the effectiveness of gold without breaking the bank – get a unit with copper wire and gold-plated banana plugs. The gold plates will reduce the resistance and improve sound conductivity.

Wire gauge

The thickness of the conductor has a huge impact on the sound quality. The lesser the thickness/gauge, the poorer the sound quality. That is why it is better to stick to thicker wires.

In the US, conductor thickness is expressed in AWG (it means American Wire Gauges). The higher the value, the lesser the thickness. For instance, 12 gauge is thicker (and better quality) than 14 gauge.

If you want to enjoy super audio, try getting wires that are 10-gauge to 14-gauge.

best bi wire speaker cables


One question you definitely want to ask yourself is: will I be able to work the cable with ease? The cable’s flexibility greatly affects the answer here.

A flexible wire is easier to bend and run as you like, but a stiff one is not. That is why a lot of people prefer a flexible cable. But again, realize that the greater the flexibility, the lower the quality.


Check what the cable’s outer cover is made of. Materials like plastic and rubber might be cheap, but they are not durable. If you want a cable that will last, get one covered with nylon or other tough materials. Some are even braided to increase longevity.

When considering the durability, think, also, about the connector. If the connector is not well fused, it will come loose or fall off of the wire.

Look for a speaker cable that is soldered or welded onto the connector. That way, you can be sure the connection will stay intact.

Color coding

Although not everyone cares, audiophiles will agree that wire polarity does affect sound quality. The audio is better when the positive and negative terminals are connected accurately.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers make it clear which wire is negative and which one is positive. But some manufacturers color code their cables to make it easy to you to make the correct distinction.

For instance, with some cables, the black speaker wire is negative while the red speaker wire is positive.

best bi wire speaker cables

How to Use Capacitor for Midrange

You’ve heard of capacitors, but maybe you’ve never understood what they do or how to use them. Well, in this section, that is what we will focus on.

A capacitor is an electrical component that stores energy. It has two electrodes that are separated by a dielectric, which is non-conducting matter.

In a hard-wired speakers system, capacitors have the job of filtering out low frequencies and evening out the power supply. In that regard, they protect midrange speakers and tweeters and correct the sound by ensuring only higher-frequency sounds pass.

Here are the steps to use a capacitor for midrange:

Step 1: Get the materials

You will need to purchase a capacity. It’s usually like a little black tubing and has a lead coming of each end. You’ll also need some rosin core solder, a soldering iron, needle nose pliers, heat shrink tubing, and a connector.

Step 2: cut the wires 

The capacitor has to go in line with the connector’s positive wire. Therefore, use the pliers to cut the positive wire about halfway down the lead, and strip about half an inch of insulation on it.

Next, put the heat shrink tubing on the wire and hook the wire to the capacitor’s tensile lead.

best bi wire speaker cables

Step 3: solder the first wire

Use your pliers as a heat sink to protect the capacitor. You can do that by clamping down on the capacitor’s wire opposite the connector.

Then, use the soldering iron to add a little rosin core solder to the connection between the capacitor wire and the connector wire.

Step 4: solder the second wire

Take the wire you cut off from the connector. Attach it to the other side of the capacitor.

Use the soldering iron and the solder to secure the connection. Again, remember to use your pliers as heat sinks to protect the capacitor.

Step 5: attach the speaker

It’s now time to hook the wires to your midrange speaker. Simply take the positive wire (red) and attach it to the speaker’s positive terminal, and then attach the negative wire (black or white) to the negative terminal.

Finally, attach the wires from your amp or receiver to the connector. In case there are no compatible plugs, you can just cut the wires and remove the connector. After that, solder the wires appropriately – positive to positive and negative to negative.

You’re good to go.

best bi wire speaker cables

Frequently Asked Question

What is speaker cable bi-wiring?

Speakers are typically connected to amplifiers or receivers using cables. Often, only one cable is used. Bi-wiring means connecting the speaker to the amp using two cables instead of one. The premise is to use one cable for the high frequencies and the other cable for the low frequencies.

Will bi-wiring the speaker’s cable make a difference?

The purpose of bi-wiring is to keep the impedance difference between the low and high frequencies to a minimum. Here, the end goal is to improve the overall sound quality by boosting the midrange performance.

Enthusiasts and audiophiles agree that bi-wiring speaker cables do make a difference.

What wire gauge should I choose?

Wire gauge, which basically refers to the thickness, affects a factor known as conduction/resistance. The thicker the wire, the lesser the resistance and the better the conduction. Thus, if you want a finer sound experience, you’re better off with a thicker wire.

For most home speakers and subwoofers, 12 to 14-gauge speaker wires will work well. If you want to crank up the performance, you can get a 10-gauge, although it will cost you extra.

What length of speaker wire do I need?

Primarily the length you get will depend on the distance between the amp and the speaker. However, speaking in terms of sound quality, a shorter wire is better than a longer one. That is because as the length increases, so does the resistance.

If the length has to be big, ensure the gauge/thickness is large too. For instance, a 3-feet cable can do with a 16-gauge thickness, but if it is 9 feet, 12 gauge will be better to boost the conductivity.

Final Word

Whether you are an audiophile or just someone looking to improve your speaker’s sound, using the best bi-wire speaker cable is a great idea. By separating the high and low frequencies, you get to reduce the resistance and boost the overall sound quality.

Thankfully, bi-wire speaker wires are a cheap and affordable investment. And that’s incredible considering the tremendous benefits these items have to offer in terms of the improved listening experience.

When looking for the right cable, be sure to choose silver for the wire. Silver is affordable and its performance is great.

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