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When working in an office, there are tons of little problems we need to deal with, lots of things we need to do. This working environment cannot avoid fatigue and pressure. Every time like that, office gadgets support us a lot in saving time, labor effort and reducing stress, increasing focus, creativity for work. Let's explore the top 37 coolest office gadgets review 2021 now!

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coolest office gadgets Comparison 2021

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Top coolest office gadgets Reviews 2021

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This projector features the latest DLP projection technology, thus delivering vivid images and up to 70% higher brightness. This product has a Full HD 1080P resolution, 2000: 1 contrast ratio. With a distance of 1 to 4 meters, you can enjoy sharp images and a wide projection, perfect for office meeting rooms.

This mini projector has a very compact size of 3.86x3.86x0.85 inches. Besides, it is quite light in weight, easy to take to the office or anywhere you want.

This mini projector features very modern noise cancellation technology. So do not impose a bad experience or interfere with your work.

This product has a battery with a maximum usable life of up to 1.5-2 hours after a full charge. This mini portable projector can also connect to other devices such as laptops, tablets, cameras, TV boxes, DVDs, smartphones. 

This connection is passed through the HDMI port to enjoy many programs and entertainment software from the devices mentioned above. With the above features, this deserves the coolest office gadget. Own it today!

The Comodo Trio tea/coffee kettle is equipped with Qi fast charging technology, which can quickly charge your electronic devices right in the office.

The main effect of this appliance is to heat or cool tea or coffee. Depending on the weather, you can enjoy hot tea cups or cool iced coffee right at your office to dispel tired working moments.

The design of the machine is very elegant, lightweight so it is easy to take to the office or anywhere. This is exactly one of the coolest office gadgets to own in your workplace!

This office furniture rack includes six different compartments so you can keep a wide variety of items neatly on your desk at the office.

With a variety of colors and ergonomic designs, we can organize all the essentials more neatly on your desk, such as phones, pens, pins, and so on. many other types of office supplies.

Owning an office shelf will help you organize your furniture more scientifically to focus more on work, save time and avoid the risk of losing your belongings.

The legs of the shelf are made of non-slip rubber so breakage never happens. The body of the shelf is made of bamboo and hard plastic with high durability, which is very suitable for the office.

The size and weight are quite compact but bring great functions, this has put this product at the top of the coolest office gadgets products today.

The EZStack heavy stapler is an indispensable device in the office. It is equipped with outstanding features such as an ergonomic handle and a holder with multi-needle capacity. During operation, it does not make much noise. Furthermore, we can adjust the depth very precisely.

This high-grade stapler can press large stacks of paper. In addition to the direct power plug, the battery can also be used for the machine to operate.

A staple tray contains 220 staples and 14 adjustment points, capable of stapling up to 25 sheets of paper together.

This device is compact but with extremely powerful performance that will go with you to the office or anywhere. It deserves a name in the top coolest office gadgets.

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During the working process, light is also very important. 4 lights With a unique 4 lamp design and 5 customizable brightness levels, we can comfortably adjust the brightness to suit our needs when working in the office.

This check light is also equipped with a very convenient USB charger, which can be used to charge phones and computers at the office.

The design of the lamp can be rotated to get light according to the needs of the user. Also, it has a timer that automatically turns off by default 1 hour to save power.

The lamp can remember the brightness of the last use and repeat it the next time, thus saving the light image correction of the lamp. What one of the coolest office gadgets!

This device works to relieve pain and fatigue in the feet, legs, and hips. While working in the office, we easily get tired of the legs so it can make a guard reduce the fatigue and swelling caused by any hard surface.

It is designed in the shape of a water drop to place under the desk to increase comfort while sitting at work, and further improves posture by raising your legs.

With elastic foam material, it brings comfort to your feet. The anti-slip function will bring you a satisfying experience during the process of using the product.

This product has compact in size and lightweight, so it is easy to take anywhere as well as cleaning, washing, and drying.

What are you waiting for without allowing it to participate in your coolest office gadgets exercise set!

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This is a set of relaxation and anti-fatigue products for you while you work. Its material is non-slip silicone at the ground junction and the upper part is made from a mesh fabric coated with elastic foam.

The product legs can be adjusted from 4 to 6 inches, bringing comfort to all subjects depending on height.

With portable design and lightweight, we can easily bring them to the office, on the plane, ... to relax or improve productivity.

Your office will have indispensable cabinets to store employee belongings such as bags, other shirts, shoes, and some personal items. In addition to me, this product can also be used to store papers and records.

With plastic dimensions, this product is a combination of panels with square dimensions of 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches.

This multifunctional arrangement cabinet uses connectors made of high-quality ABS plastic that protects the entire structure. The maximum load capacity of each cell can be up to 15 lbs. It can be assembled quite easily with the help of the instruction manual. So this 6-cell cabinet is one of the coolest office gadgets that you should own.

The electric umbrella is also an indispensable item in the supply of electricity for office equipment such as computers, phones.

This power strip is structured to include 2 AC sockets and 3 USB ports. It is clamped to the table wall with 2 mounting braces, does not affect the tabletop area so it does not affect your work.

This power outlet has the usual specifications with a rated voltage of 110-200V, Rated current of 12A. With a USB port, the rated voltage is 5V and the rated current is 2.4A.

This device is also fireproof for electronic devices, so you are completely assured of safety when using it.

This is a sound vibrator that boosts your mood at work and keeps you inspired. Each time you press the button, you will hear a different motivational quote, which is the quote that inspires and stimulates creative thinking, or the words that are witty and sarcastic.

With eye-catching color and lovely compact size, this will be a reminder bell for those who have many negative thoughts at work as well as in life.

Besides, it also helps to improve the concentration of the senses with characteristic sounds at a suitable volume for hearing. Do not hesitate to own it today!

This product supplies power to your work devices. With a multifunctional design, it can both act as a headphone stand, watch holder, and 3 USB charging sockets with 4A / 20W parameters.

As a result, your headphones are hung right below the table, so you don't need to go far to get them. You can keep up to 2 headphones because the device has 2 earphones for you.

The 3-Port Smart USB Charger is capable of delivering electrical power with very fast charging speeds, up to 2.4 amps, and a total of 4 amps for 3 ports.

The outer plastic material is flame-retardant and anti-conductive. The internal conductors are made of durable conductive materials. This deserves to be one of the coolest office gadgets that should be in your office!

This product is made up of bamboo material. This material is environmentally friendly, durable, and has good aesthetics. Its weight is about 80lbs, with better weight resistance than plastic and glass materials.

This stand is suitable for all types of office equipment. Also, there are many different storage slots for us to organize small-sized office items such as staplers, smartphones ... At the same time, this stand also has a keyboard and mouse compartment for convenient use.

This product has dimensions of 15.7 x 9.8 x 5.5 on the outside, it can be raised to avoid neck and eye fatigue while using the device to work.

This is a coffee warming product that is widely used in the office. With good thermal conductivity but does not waste electricity, this product brings great convenience in a working environment that does not have a lot of time. The machine uses electric film-type heating technology, heats very quickly, and has high stable efficiency, large heating areas will bring great drinks without losing nutrients.

This machine favors cups with flat bottom because the large contact area on the bottom will make the cup hotter faster.

Every two hours, this machine will automatically turn off to ensure safety and energy savings. So we don't need to worry about forgetting to turn off the tea/coffee heater.

2 heating modes are 40 degrees C and 50 degrees C, depending on the needs that we use the appropriate mode.

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This versatile USB charging station can charge most types of electronic devices. The rack is specially designed for large to small-sized appliances with 4 transparent compartments, suitable for all sizes of equipment,

This charging station is structured with 5 fast charging ports, it can provide up to 2.4 amps per port, greater efficiency than 2 amp port types.

The layout of the location of the devices is very neat and delicate, saving space for office space. Besides, the space between the equipment supports has also been calculated to avoid overheating and overloading. ABS material brings ruggedness and durability to this charging station, making it one of the coolest office gadgets on your desk.

With this wonderful tool, documents in the office are always very neat, tidy, easy to find, and add or remove documents between documents.

It is a perfect solution for organizing files on desks as well as in cabinets and is designed to be 8.5 x 11 inches in A4 size, including multi-dockable trays overlap and are distinguished by labels outside each plastic tray.

EZSTAX can hold up to 200 sheets of paper per tray. In particular, it is made from recycled plastic, a very humane product for the office world to use.

The lightweight allows you to take it anywhere, the standard size for easy stacking, giving you the best work experience. Buy now!

This is a product that improves sitting posture by keeping the feet elevated, helping to ease blood circulation to the legs during sedentary work. This product has 3 height adjustment steps, 4.3- 5.5- 6.7 inches respectively, corresponding to 11/14 / 17cm. You can freely choose its height to suit your needs.

The product can be adjusted by tilting angles from 0 - 30 ° to support your foot at your preferred angle. This will also help relieve pain in your legs. The geometric circular groove structure helps to reduce stress while working.

With the durability of up to 5 years, this is the perfect place to be in your office.

Of course, working without wifi is indispensable. And this is a product that increases the effective wifi signal.

Wireless coverage will be raised to 1000 square feet. Besides, it can connect to up to 15 devices such as computers, IP cameras, tablets, smartphones, speakers ...

With dual-band technology, its performance can be up to 750Mbps.

For wired connections, simply plugging in the game console or other wired devices with a 10 / 100M port will be able to achieve the desired speed.

This wireless booster has very good security and peace of mind to use, so it deserves to be one of the coolest office gadgets to own today!

This smart handbook contains 36 pages, however, those 36 pages can be used for a very long time by being reusable when wiping with a damp cloth.

It's entirely possible to Take your handwritten notes to cloud services like Google drive with the free Rocketbook app for both iOS and Android.

Wait 15 seconds for the ink to dry and stick to the notebook's dedicated pages, then AI technology lets you use intelligent title search to name your notes and search for text. your notes are easier.

How handy, this is a worthy notebook "god" of the office world in recording necessary information.


This is a great tool for decorating documents as well as your office items such as A4 paper, documents, covers, stationery, and notebooks.

The product above has up to 4 inclined trays at the top, making it easy to access documents. less. This stationery shelf is made of black steel mesh with high durability, good aesthetics, and adorns your workspace more beautifully.

Also, it saves space, brings tidiness to the office, and deserves to be one of the countless coolest office gadgets to buy immediately!

The office is an environment with many business cards so owning a business card cabinet in the office is quite ideal. Plenty of storage space for 3.5 "x 2" business cards is neatly organized and easy to access

The product is designed with A-Z magnetic tag, so users can easily find the business card they are looking for. With a relatively compact size, only 4.5 x 5 x 8.5 inches, so it will not take up too much space on the desk but also help you manage your business card more scientifically.

Despite its small appearance, this cardholder can hold up to 1000 business cards. Therefore, it could not be more worthy than being in the top 37 coolest office gadgets in 2021!

This is a perfect multifunctional mini vacuum cleaner with the use of cleaning the dust of desktop keyboards, laptops, scrap paper, eraser on the table. Therefore, your circus desk should be equipped with this multifunctional mini vacuum cleaner.

With a diameter of 60mm, this versatile mini vacuum cleaner can suck up quite a lot of dust and garbage with a moderate size. The nylon brush is equipped to increase the cleaning ability of the vacuum cleaner.

The size of this product is very compact, so we can easily bring it to the office. The green color of the product is quite eye-catching, youthful, and dynamic.

It is equipped with a high-speed centrifugal fan so its suction power is very strong. This multifunctional mini vacuum cleaner runs on 3V power, plugged in directly or through 2 AA batteries. With a suction force of 12,000 rpm, it can work on hard surfaces like desks or resilient surfaces like sofas, office chairs. This deserves the coolest office gadget, very worthy of owning your workplace creation!

The Aenfor L400 laptop holder is a powerful aid in helping us lift our laptops to a height of 6 inches, i.e. at our eye level to limit having to bend over the screen that causes pain. neck and shoulder nape.

This laptop holder is suitable for laptops between 10 and 17.3 inches in size and other regular size notebooks.

The base is made of aluminum alloy with very high durability and can support a computer weight of up to 4kg. Large rubber gaskets in the upper part of the surface help keep the computer stable and not displaced, avoid scratches and protect your device as much as possible.

The computer stand is made up of only two arms instead of the entire flat surface, so the base will have more space to drain heat out when working too hard. Additionally, a mouse and keyboard can also be positioned underneath the stand for the best working posture for you! Buy this product today!

This pen holder looks both simple yet cool for your desk. It is shaped like a revolver gun and can hold 6 pens of all kinds depending on the pen size.

This is both considered a box with the function of holding a pen and as an item to decorate the desk, helping to dispel stress and fatigue to focus more on work.

This pen holder measures 3.6 x 2.7 inches. The colors are designed by the manufacturer quite pleasant and simple, creating a relaxing feeling for the viewer. Why don't you buy it today? This pen holder looks both simple yet cool for your desk. It is shaped like a revolver gun and can hold 6 pens of all kinds depending on the pen size.

This is both considered a box with the function of holding a pen and as an item to decorate the desk, helping to dispel stress and fatigue to focus more on work.

This pen holder measures 3.6 x 2.7 inches. The colors are designed by the manufacturer quite pleasant and simple, creating a relaxing feeling for the viewer. Why don't you buy it today?

The Iron Man net-pen holder has a very new, unique, and funny design. It is suitable for young and creative office workers who love superhero images.

The superhero pen holder is made of high-quality material, which is a fine plastic material molded into a fashion curve, while the inside has a special texture and higher quality.

The Avengers pen holder is the ideal office accessory for Spider-Man photo enthusiasts. It can hold a wide variety of pens because it has a fairly large capacity.

With its compact size and lovely visuals, it deserves a place on your desk to deliver a fresh image, enhancing your potential creativity!

This mount is compatible with devices ranging in size from 10 inches to 17 inches such as MacBook Air, Pro, all notebooks with full size. The excellent design also helps the computer to avoid overheating, contributing to increasing the performance of the machine.

The X-trend laptop stand is designed to be easily swiveled around to serve your work needs without having to lift the stand or remove the computer from the stand.

X-trend Computer Stand is designed with many different heights, with a width of 11 inches, a length of 11 inches, and a height of up to 7.5 inches,

The laptop holder, if not in use, can also be folded to save working space for you. These are worthy of being at the top of the coolest office gadgets that desktops should be available!

This is a great tool for rearranging your cluttered workspace. With this product, papers will be arranged more scientifically and neatly.

The above product is suitable for A4 or small paper sizes, necessary items, and accessories.

The product also features a conventional 5-tray tilting top tray for easier document retrieval and a flat bottom tray for small items.

5 mesh letter trays are manufactured from black wire mesh for very high durability so that we can use this product for quite a long time.

Its dimensions are 4.25 'x 12. 75' x 16. 5, compact to fit in with each person's workspace. Own it today!

This mini vacuum cleaner is often used in offices to remove dust from the surface of laptop devices, computer keyboards, office furniture such as sofas.

With nylon material, its brush has a certain flexibility to make the product live. The handheld mini vacuum cleaner uses power supply parameters of 2 AA batteries. It measures: about 10.5 x 8 x 7 cm which corresponds to 4.1 x 3.1 x 2.8 inches.

With small size and lightweight, the portable mini vacuum cleaner is easy for us to carry around, very convenient for you to use in the office or anywhere. Moreover, its operation is also quite simple and easy to use.

The bottom is designed to be detachable for quick and convenient cleaning.

The versatile office box is manufactured with the mission of saving space while still arranging everything on the desk in the smartest way. It is designed with internal magnets with the purpose to form 7 small compartments to organize all your small-sized pans and utensils.

It is made of PU leather, the inner lining is MDF and the float is very firm, has a high aesthetic, so this product is very popular in the office world.

The design of compartments is very sophisticated, suitable to the general needs of office workers with different heights, the size of the compartments also has a certain difference. This is worthy of being one of the coolest office gadgets worthy of the desktop.

The surface of the multi-purpose box is made of high-quality PU leather with an MDF structure. The inside and bottom are made of soft felt fabric, which is easy to clean and aesthetically.

The multipurpose box features purple color and white stitching details. It is divided into 3 compartments consisting of small drawers. Besides, there are many other colors for you to choose from according to your preferences,

The multi-purpose box measures 21.5 x 10.5 x 12.3 cm which means 8.46 x 4.13 x 4.84 inches. The square compartment can accommodate up to about 20 pens of all kinds. So this could be the solution to solving the mess on your desk! Buy it today!

Office tasks that require computers and touchpads are indispensable. The top touchpad product is not the same as the conventional touchpads but is large enough for both Mouse and Keyboard. We can use it on any flat surface like wooden tables, glass ...

The bottom of the touchpad is made of natural rubber so it gives an extremely good adhesion, avoiding slipping during use. This material is also completely safe for users.

The surface of the touchpad is flat, smooth, and feels comfortable to hover. Its bezel is securely stitched to ensure no tearing.

The mouse pad is also enhanced more aesthetically by the image of the world map. Buy now to experience it!

This mini neck fan uses a lithium battery, a modern and very powerful battery because it can be recharged very quickly via a USB port.

It comes with 3 levels of adjustable speed and 360-degree rotation for comfortable use in any direction with the wind intensity.

This fan is different from other models, that is, this fan is very portable and comfortable to use even for many different purposes, especially in the oppressive, hot office! Experience one of these coolest office gadgets now!

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Unlike older models, this fan generates stronger airflow and is capable of faster cooling. It has 3 adjustable speeds in just one button. Wearing great wind intensity, however, it doesn't make too much noise. This is the ideal fan for those who have to work in a stuffy, hot office.

The fan has a 4.9ft USB charging cable and can be charged from a variety of sources such as computers, room charging, direct power. It consumes very little battery and is environmentally friendly.

The fan head can be tilted from 0 to 40 degrees and the fan lid is fully removable to clean the fan interior.

This device is known to function as a wireless mouse with features such as projection, volume control, page turn, page down, slide playback, ...

The wireless presentation clicker supports a lot of software such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Slides ...

The wireless presentation clicker can support users up to 98 feet away. Therefore, it is worthwhile to become one of the coolest office gadgets to support your work.

With acrylic resin, this product offers high strength and low weight, making it convenient for marking and taking notes at the office. Let's buy now to not miss one of the coolest office gadgets offline!

This product needs 17 watts to heat office beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. Its compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere. With its flat surface and little detail, it is easy to clean and clean. It also features a long power cord to increase the portability of the product when used. Buy it now!

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The ball is made of high-quality aluminum material that brings very high durability to the product, this will be an indispensable friend to reduce stress and fatigue.

With its unique, smart design, it can rotate on a table floor or any flat surface without making a strong noise.

As it rotates, a 360° optical illusion of a spiral is continuously flowing, and the optical illusion gradually changes in the direction and speed of rotation. This is interesting to the people who use it.

Its revolutions create a full-body optical illusion, intrigue creators and spark, unleash their inner creativity and imagination.

This is a powerful assistant to help the office workers focus, be more creative and contribute more.

This phone holder is composed of an aluminum alloy, resulting in very high durability. Its foot is a non-slip silicon kickstand that protects your device from scratches and bumps with the stand, plus the lower anti-slip pads act to prevent most slippery surfaces.

It is constructed with a large hole in the back for a dedicated charging cable, which is very convenient to charge your smart devices and makes the charging process more aesthetic.

Buying Guide - Tips For Choosing The Coolest Office Gadgets

Choosing the coolest office gadgets is not an easy task. So how to choose for yourself an office gadget? We must see what is the demand and purpose of choosing to buy office gadgets. Then based on each of the following criteria:


coolest office gadgets

If you only need to decorate the desk or the office, you should choose the eye-catching office gadgets that do not need to pay much attention to the use they bring, the decorative pen box is an example.


coolest office gadgets

If you want to choose office gadgets leaning towards health protection, foot massage tools, foot tools, and phone racks, mini fans are good support for your health.


coolest office gadgets

At work, you want to be motivated to work, relieve fatigue stress, massage balls, and motivation sound buttons and similar office gadgets will help you do that.

The Tidy

If you want to have clean computer rooms with neat and tidy desks, filing shelves, multi-purpose shelves, and a pen box, a multi-function cabinet will take over this function.

coolest office gadgets

Work Efficiency

coolest office gadgets

Designed carpet and grey pouf on glossy white floor. Home office design concept

If you want your work done efficiently, don't miss out on the mini projectors, wireless presenter, and note-taking tools to help solve your work more scientifically.

Suggest how to arrange a scientific desk in the office

Organize your desk neatly

coolest office gadgets

Neatness is the first factor in evaluating whether or not your desk arrangement is tidy or not. Put everything on the desk in its right place. The best desk should leave at least 50% of the free space for you to sit comfortably, not be entangled by anything on the table, hindering your work.

The best possible restriction should be made to display furniture on the desk. You should only lay on the table the things that are most necessary for the job such as computers, notebooks, pens, phone, memo paper, a favorite decoration ... Leave the desk wide, open, the process your mind is always at ease.

Use utensils that help keep things neat

Instead of keeping your pens around on your desk or small but important notebook in any corner of the table, you should use a versatile carrying case to keep all of your things neat. With this box, you can erect pens, notebooks, some paper clips, small memory files ... and put them in a convenient corner, when using just reaching for it is very convenient and neat.

The electrical wires and network wires also need to be neatly arranged under the table, not exposed on the table surface, both unattractive and unsafe for people sitting.

The portable document shelf is also a way for you to scientifically organize your desk. Keep a large notebook and other essentials on the file shelf neatly on the tabletop. When you need it, you just get to use it without having to search anywhere.

Use portable drawers: if the interior design of the office where you work does not have this, you can also buy it yourself. A drawer will help you store important documents that are right at your fingertips instead of having to be in the common document cabinet of the whole room and every time you need to spend time searching.

coolest office gadgets

How to arrange utensils on the desk

To arrange a scientific desk, you need to pay attention to arrange the utensils on the table reasonably and by feng-shui. It can be arranged according to the following principles:

On the left side of the desk: this should be on the desktop. If you want your desk to look wider and take advantage of more space, you should use a laptop or desktop computer with an LCD monitor. Placing the computer in the left corner of the direction of the person sitting will facilitate the working process. However, they should not be placed close to the edge of the table because the sitting posture will be uncomfortable.

Top right corner: In this position, you should keep a pen holder and a small light used to light when working at night. The pen holder should be placed near the computer for convenience of use, this position is within easy reach, just reach out to get it.

Furthermore, the pen bottle will be safe and will not fall. The lamp takes up more space, so it is ideal to keep it in the right corner. You should choose lamps that have smart, neat, and slender designs so as not to waste space on the desk.

Upper left corner: You should put the filing box in this position. You should choose a box with a compartment and mark each type to make it easy to find when needed. You can use multiple colors or clear notes on the back of each profile ...

In the bottom right corner: This is where you should put a small notebook that notes what to do. You can also take advantage of the notebook's surface area to keep your phone neat. In the small space left, you put a cup of coffee or a cup of tea to drink during working hours.

Left corner: Right in sight, so keep the folders to deal with during the day to make sure you won't forget them while everything is in sight.

Space under the table: Under the left corner of the table, you should put a small trash can. This hidden location, placing the trash will not lose the aesthetics of the desk. In the right corner, you should lay a small shelf to hold daily magazines or newspapers.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For coolest office gadgets

We hope this guide will be of some help to you to select the coolest office gadgets. Enjoy your office space which is full of utilities brought by the coolest office gadgets.


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