Best digital thermometers for adults – 2023 Reviews & Comparison

Top digital thermometers for adults reviewed & buying guide

Are you looking for the best digital thermometer for adults, but you can’t seem to find one that’s truly the most useful for you? We are here to lend you a helping hand. Our team of researchers carefully examined the models that are now the most popular and concluded that the GoodBaby Kid and Adult Thermometer is the most recommended for your needs. It can display the readings both in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and switching between them is easy as a breeze.

You will also discover that the infrared technology used makes its use highly hygienic since there is no need for the unit to get in contact with the person’s skin. With the ability to retain information on up to 35 readings, it is undoubtedly handy for taking care of someone’s health at home. On the off-chance that this model is out of stock, we recommend the iProven Best Digital Medical Thermometer, as it is almost just as good.

Making sure you purchase the best thermometer for home use is a particularly challenging task. The reason behind this lies in the fact that you have to choose an item that works great with kids and adults, a feature that is hard to come by. Because we want to lend you a helping hand, this following buying guide contains all the information you need to be familiarized with before placing an order.

Contact vs. non-contact models

After one rapid look at the market at the current time, one can easily see that one of the most troubling question thermometer buyers are asking is whether or not they should choose a non-contact model.

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While old-fashioned thermometers have all the well-known advantages, such as the fact that everybody knows how to use them, the newer non-contact models are also quite feasible. The main advantage that this kind of device has is pretty obvious, as contactless means disease-less. However, given the fact that you are going to use the product at home, the chances that a virus or a bacteria is transmitted from one person to another are pretty high on their own.

Another plus for the non-contact thermometer is the fact that it is significantly more comfortable for the `patient.` Thanks to the ingenious design this kind of model comes with, such devices can be easily handled without any type of discomfort for the person feeling under the weather.

Just point the device towards them, press a button, and, in a few seconds, you’ll get an accurate reading of the person’s temperature. Therefore, these models are by far faster and, some may say, more precise than the older versions.

Moreover, the non-contact models are usually very practical due to the fact that they can also be used to measure room temperature or even an object’s temperature, a function many find useful. This option is quite helpful if you have an infant, as you’ll be able to precisely measure things like the bottle’s temperature or the warmth of the bathing water in order to avoid any unhappy accidents.

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Memory storage function

Another great feature you should check out before ordering is the memory storage function that some models come equipped with. Thanks to this function, one can easily go back and see previous readings. As a result, you’ll be able to tell if the family member that you are taking care of is getting better or worse.

There are models that provide up to 32 groups of data entering, and one could argue that that is enough information to get a clear picture of somebody’s condition.

Moreover, some models also come equipped with a built-in alarm that informs you whether the sick person has a fever or not. Therefore, in case a member of your family has a high temperature, you’ll be able to act accordingly and give him/her the needed medication or, why not, take him/her to the doctor for a specialized consultation.

FDA approval

As any best digital thermometer for adults reviews prone to point out, safety and accuracy should always be on the must-have list of features when buying an item of this type. By settling for a device that has received FDA approval, one can rest assured that the information provided by it is trustworthy.

The reason behind this statement rests in the fact that the models that have received this accreditation have been extensively tested so as not to cause any harm to the users. And, given the fact that buying a thermometer means buying a medical appliance, this kind of certificate is more or less a must.

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Decide on the best type of thermometer.

Choosing the best thermometer on the market might seem like a difficult task, given that there are many models to pick from. To make the right choice, you need to take into account the patient’s age and his or her preferences. 

For instance, if you plan on taking the temperature of an infant or a baby, a temporal artery or ear thermometer would be a more suitable choice than rectal or oral devices, as babies are hard to deal with and unpredictable.

On the contrary, axillary thermometers (the ones that measure the temperature under the arm) might not be the best option for people who tend to sweat a lot or have problems with their sweating glands. Oral thermometers remain the most reliable for adults, but an ear thermometer or a forehead one could do the trick as well. 

The multipurpose thermometers are the best choice as they can accurately measure the body temperature no matter where they are placed. 

Most common types of digital thermometers explained

When it comes to digital units, there are a few product variations used for temperature readings. For instance, digital pacifier thermometers are mainly used for babies and represent the easiest way of determining body temperature. The baby will simply suck on the pacifier until the temperature is recorded, which means less hustle for both babies and parents. 

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However, a digital pacifier thermometer is not recommended to be used on a newborn, while the average time for an accurate reading varies between 3 and 5 minutes, during which your baby should hold still. Given that this is almost impossible, we recommend using another type of thermometer. 

Temporal artery thermometers are also called forehead thermometers and can record a person’s body temperature quickly and easily. These devices are easily tolerated and represent a more proper option for infants over the age of three months and older children. According to recent studies, temporal artery thermometers are the best alternative to rectal devices, but they are usually more expensive. 

Are there alternatives to digital thermometers?

In your hunt for the best thermometer, you have certainly stumbled across many versions of the item, depending on the type of reading it uses. 

As we previously mentioned, digital thermometers provide an accurate reading almost instantly, and they are easier to use, even for those with little experience in the field. They feature digital displays with instant readings and come with a strong body, which makes them more reliable in the long term. 

Mercury glass thermometers were the most popular (and probably, the only one available) option a few decades ago. They were used for temperature readings under the arm, orally or rectally, but they were quite difficult to read. 

There was also the potential risk of mercury contamination in case the product broke, which was quite common, especially since its body was made of glass. Given their health risk, many mercury thermometers were taken off the market and replaced with a more user-friendly option, the digital one.

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Infrared thermometers use infrared technology to gauge the heat on the surface. Apart from their accurate reading, they also generally result in a matter of seconds, as opposed to regular digital and mercury thermometers, which would provide temperature readings in 60 seconds or up to 3-4 minutes. 

They are the preferred option for airports and building entries where thousands of people need to be scanned in a matter of minutes. Moreover, they can be operated from a distance, limiting contact with a potentially sick and contagious person. 

Lastly, basal thermometers also provide accurate readings and are mainly designed to register the slightest differences in temperature in a woman’s body that usually indicate ovulation timing. They can be placed under the tongue or in the rectum but are rarely used at home.

Nowadays, ovulation tests bought directly from supermarkets or even phone apps are as accurate as these thermometers and help a woman know the perfect time for conceiving. 

Unit of measurement 

When searching for the best digital thermometer for you, pick a product that displays the body temperature in the measurement unit you are most comfortable with. While some cheaper versions will only display the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees, most thermometers will come with a setting that allows you to change the measurement unit according to your preferences.

Safety measures

best digital thermometer for adults

Another thing you should take into account when shopping for your future digital device is its overall construction and how safe it is to use, especially by children. Although thermometers are not toys, they should be made of sturdy and reliable materials so that even a small child can learn how to measure his or her body temperature in case of need. 

As opposed to mercury thermometers that pose a threat to a person’s health for various reasons, digital devices are much safer. Look for a product that is lightweight and comes with a hard plastic case that will resist tear and wear and won’t break even when dropped. 


Finding the best thermometer on the market could prove a challenging quest, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Most people will choose a digital device for temperature readings as it is the most reliable, convenient to use, and affordable option. 

But there are also different variations of the digital thermometer, depending on its purpose and the age of the person on which it will be used. As we previously mentioned, a temporal artery device is the best option for infants and children, while axillary thermometers are not very reliable. 

After deciding on these options, search for a product that comes with a sturdy plastic case and a short reading time of approximately 60 seconds. For more accurate results, we recommend that you read the body temperature every two-three hours or repeat the first reading a couple of times and compare results.

If differences are bigger than 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit, you should consider leaving the thermometer on for a longer time or try a different device. 

17 Best Digital Thermometers for Adults (Reviews) in 2023

To make it easier for you, we have put together a list of what we consider to be the most sought-after digital thermometers for adults out there (want one for your pet as well?). In the making of this list, we took into account aspects such as overall ratings, feedback, and price-to-value ratio. So, keep on reading and select the model you like best!

good baby Kid and Adult Thermometer

For babies and adults, there is hardly a thermometer out there that gets the job done as fast and accurately as this model. You will absolutely love its convenience of use since you can use it directed at the forehead or in the ear. The thing is that it can read someone’s temperature quickly and without disturbing them in any way.

In case you want a thermometer that can be used both for your young ones and for the adult members of the family, you will discover that this model is everything you want. Because it comes equipped with infrared technology, it does a great job of taking the temperature without physical contact.

You can store previous readings up to 35. That means that monitoring someone’s health is an easier job than ever before. Also, because it flashes in a different color to signal how severe your fever is, you will get the information you need right away.


  • You can rest assured that this model provides you with excellent accuracy, for the simple fact that its error margin is very small, just 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you intend to observe the evolution of someone’s fever, you can do so quickly because the unit can remember up to 35 values.
  • Just in case you want to use it as an object thermometer, it is possible, too, because it has an object mode you can switch to.
  • The thermometer comes with a large HD screen that will deliver the information you need in crisp symbols that are easy to read.


  • When the patient is asleep, the subdued sound of the beeping may be a good thing, but if you don’t listen carefully, you might just miss it.
  • You may find that the unit is more accurate when you take the temperature in the patient’s ear than when pointing at his or her forehead.

iProven Best Digital Medical Thermometer

What you probably seek most in a thermometer is superior accuracy. For this model, its high precision is the result of an advanced algorithm that ensures you will get results in only 10 seconds. It can be used both as an oral and a rectal thermometer, whichever is more convenient. Because the tip is flexible, no patient will experience any discomfort when having the temperature taken.

When you finish taking a patient’s temperature, you can easily wash the tip as it’s waterproof to ensure hygienic use. The hard case that comes with it offers proper protection when you don’t need it.

Both for adults and children, it is a thermometer for the entire family that you will prefer using each time someone in your home is sick. The emojis used for displaying how severe fever is are a nice touch, and they will make kids less stubborn when you need to take their temperature.


  • A unit that was extensively tested for precision, the iProven Best Digital Medical Thermometer is guaranteed to offer you accurate results every time.
  • It can be used as an oral or rectal thermometer, so it is a good option for kids and adults alike.
  • The flexible tip offers a great advantage, as it will never be uncomfortable for the patient.
  • Because the tip is waterproof, you can clean it with sanitizing wipes and even wash it so that it’s kept in hygienic conditions between uses.
  • You will receive a hard case for keeping the thermometer in perfect safety.


  • The beeping sound it makes when it finishes a reading is not loud enough for a person with impaired hearing to notice.
  • You will notice that the power button needs a bit of pressure to work, which is a bit annoying.

Zoner Digital Forehead Thermometer

While parents usually find a forehead thermometer to be the most convenient way to take their kids’ temperature, adults can discover such a model to be handy for their own needs, as well. It should be mentioned that this model comes with a sensor made in Germany and offers superior accuracy.

You can rest assured that you are using a certified thermometer, as this model has all the stamps of approval from organizations such as the FDA, FCC, and ISO. It comes with three modes, as it can be used by pointing at the forehead, taking the temperature in the ear, or for objects.

As you can see, this model offers excellent performance and functionality. Also, its stylish design might be right up your alley, and the fact that it fits so well in your hand contributes to its outstanding convenience. When you run a high fever, the thermometer will let you know by flashing red and beeping.


  • One of the most important things in a thermometer is the sensor, and, in this case, it is made in Germany to the highest standards of quality.
  • A model certified by FDA, FCC, and ISO, this thermometer offers excellent accuracy, convenience, and overall ease of use.
  • The unit comes with a fever alert that starts when the thermometer identifies a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can use it to take the temperature of a person’s body, but just as well, you can use it to measure room temperature or for objects.


  • The unit is capable of displaying the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, but if you want to switch between them, you will discover that it’s not easy as it’s supposed to be.
  • Also, it is not very clear how you can switch from body mode to household mode so that you can measure the temperature of objects.

iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

This thermometer is ideal for adults and children alike, and one of its crucial advantages is its safe and hygienic operation. You only need to point it to the patient’s forehead, and it will supply you with readings right away. A lot of thought was put into making this thermometer accurate, as it comes with 3 infrared sensors that collect data at an impressive speed to offer you the result within one second.

Users only have to press a button to have it start reading the temperature. Its LED screen is bright, and you can see the numbers even if you are in complete darkness.

To eliminate the stress of having the thermometer beep or buzz when done, the manufacturer designed this unit with a vibration feature that is much less intrusive. Now you can take your kids’ temperature while they’re asleep without disturbing their rest.


  • The unit is fast and accurate and will give you an answer in just one second for your maximum convenience.
  • Due to the 3 infrared sensors available that collect over 100 data points each second, you can rest assured that this unit is precise.
  • Because of its intuitive design, operating the unit is straightforward, and seniors can use it, too.
  • The LED display is large and backlit to help you see the results in complete darkness, while it is effortless to read.
  • A gentle vibration will let you know that the reading is complete, which is less intrusive than beeps and other sounds.


  • The instructions are printed in a small font that makes it difficult for sight-impaired people to read them.
  • Another downside is the smooth surface of the unit, which requires you to grip it firmly so that it doesn’t slip from your hand.

Vibey Thermometer for Adults

People who keep their loved ones’ health in mind will find this non-contact thermometer a good option for their needs. At no given time is it necessary to place the unit in contact with the patient’s skin, so you will be able to take his or her temperature without any annoyance.

You can opt between having the readings shown in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and switching between the two is easy. Another good thing about it is that it can be used for measuring the temperature of objects or even the air in the room.

Once you point the unit at a patient’s forehead or an object, it will take only one second to give you the result. The thermometer display changes its color from green – which stands for normal temperature – to orange and red when abnormal values are registered. The unit is portable and convenient.


  • You will be able to record up to 10 readings, which comes in handy when you want to monitor someone’s fever levels.
  • When there’s a fever alarm, the unit will let you know through a beeping sound.
  • The thermometer display offers another way of informing you about the changes in temperature by changing its color; orange and red are for temperatures above normal values.
  • With a simple press of the button, you can select the mode for either measuring a person’s temperature or measuring the air temperature or that of various objects.
  • Because of the bright backlit display, you will be able to read it even in complete darkness.


  • You should be aware that the battery enclosure doesn’t appear particularly sturdy, and it might suffer damage in time with multiple uses.
  • It is a bit on the expensive side, so you might want to check out other products before making a decision.

VEDIK Digital Basal Body Thermometer

This model delivers fast and accurate body temperature readings within just a few minutes, and you can trust it to deliver clinical accuracy. It is very easy to use, and it allows for three methods of use, oral, armpit, or rectal. Thanks to its waterproof construction, the thermometer is easy to disinfect after each use.

It is FDA-approved, and you can also use it on babies or kids since it doesn’t use mercury, and the materials are gentle and non-toxic. To use the unit, all you need to do is put the thermometer tip under the part of the body you want to measure and wait for the beeping sound to read the result.

It can’t get simpler than that, but if you are unhappy with the product, you are also protected by the excellent return policy of the seller, which will offer a full refund if you are not fully satisfied with the performance that this device offers.


  • The unit has undergone numerous clinical tests to ensure that the results it delivers can be trusted, and its stylish yet practical design guarantees that using it is not only safe but also comfortable.
  • The memory function can recall the last reading so that even after the thermometer has shut off, you can still check the temperature you had in the last measurement.
  • To preserve battery power, the unit comes with an automatic turn-off feature that will keep the battery working for months.
  • It is very accurate, which means that it can be used by women to track ovulation.


  • To achieve this high level of accuracy, the thermometer takes a little longer to get a reading, which won’t be a problem for adults, but it makes it more difficult to use on kids.
  • It is a bit more expensive than the usual digital thermometers, but you do get a lot of value for the money.

Metene Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Fever

One of the highest appreciated models, the Metene Medical Thermometer is said to be one of the fastest and most reliable items out there. One of the features that users usually like about this product is the fact that it is capable of providing dual measuring methods, both forehead and ear.

The switch between the two modes of the device is simple, just install the forehead cap and press the button for non-contact measuring of somebody’s temperature. If you want to opt for the ear-measuring option, remove the cap and insert the thermometer into the person’s ear. Regardless of the methods you use, the reading provided by this device is said to be fast and sure. Therefore, if you end up buying the model, it is guaranteed that you and your family are in good hands.

Another appraised function that this device comes equipped with is the backlight indication function. As a result, the model can be used even in the dark due to the fact that it has a flashlight that provides enough light for you to read the screen even when the lights are off.


  • The model enables the person using it to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit with ease.
  • Because it has been deemed approved by the FDA, you can rest assured that the product is non-toxic and safe enough to use with small children.
  • The two measuring functions provide a great deal of flexibility, and it makes it more comfortable for the person that is sick. 
  • The beeping sound made by the device can be shut off so that the `patient` is not disturbed while sleeping.


  • Some current users said that the ear measuring method is more precise than the forehead one. However, this is an individual opinion, and it has not been supported by other feedback commentaries.
  • The item is, according to some, a bit pricey.

Equinox Digital Thermometer Non-Contact Infrared Forehead

With a great price-to-value ratio, the Non-Contact Infrared is a device that seems to have it all. As users point out, the model is jam-packed with all the features one could search for in such an item. Thanks to the three modes it operates, the product can be used to measure body, surface, and room temperature, a feature that makes it quite versatile. Thanks to this option, you’ll be able to use the device for additional measurements other than those related to medical conditions.

To make it simpler to use, the developers managed to work out a color-coded system that makes it easier for you to tell if the temperature of an object or that of a person is normal, medium, or hot. Whenever a person has a fever, the device lets you know by triggering an alarm. This way, you’ll be able to act accordingly and provide extra attention to the sick person.

Moreover, the non-contact reading is, first of all, hygienic, and it prevents cross-contamination and infection. As a plus, whenever the device is not used, it automatically shuts itself down so that it saves battery life.


  • The model provides temperature readings for the body, room, and surface.
  • You can opt to have the temperature displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • The device has been described as able to use out of the box due to the fact that it comes shipped with additional batteries, a manual, and a storage bag.
  • The large memory capacity records up to 32 previous readings.


  • Some users pointed to the fact that the device works best just when placed really close to a person’s forehead.
  • One distinct current user complained that when used to measure the temperature in two different rooms, the model shows the same measuring, although there are obvious temperature differences.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

If you enjoy making the best of what technology has to offer, the Kinsa Digital Smart model might be just what you’ve been searching for. Constructed so that it works great with both children and adults, this small device can be easily connected to your personal phone. As a result, you’ll receive personalized age-based advice on how you can soothe symptoms, take your medicine, or find a doctor.

In an attempt to make it comfortable to use with children, the manufacturer created an option where you can opt to switch to “Sesame Street Mode” and to have Elmo giving your baby the much-needed encouragement and talking to him/her whenever this is needed. Recovering from a cold will has never sounded this good for your small one!

Additionally, the model comes with two years (1000 readings) battery life, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to use the device. Moreover, the product is quite hygienic and easy to take care of. Whenever you feel like you need to clean it, just swab a piece of cloth in a substance that contains up to 75% alcohol and gently wipe the device.


  • It provides accurate readings in just one second with the push of a single button.
  • It is child-friendly, and it can be connected to your phone for additional information about your condition. The advice you receive is based on your temperature and age, a feature that makes it even more helpful.
  • The device has a 2-year battery life.
  • The model is compatible with most phones that have an Android or iPhone operating system.


  • Some users have complained about the accuracy of the device. However, their number is quite small.
  • If you want to use the product to its best capacity, your phone has to have one of the two supported operating systems.

Fast Digital Infrared Baby Ear Thermometer with Backlight

With a simple and easy-to-use design, the Enji Best Ultimate model is considered by users one of the easiest to work with when used for measuring children’s temperature. Because it has a clear digital LCD screen, the product is effortless to read, even by seniors.

Developed in collaboration with pediatricians, this device was constructed so that it provides the best care for babies while still being a great product for youngsters and adults to use. Therefore, the model can easily be considered a family device.     

Moreover, if you end up choosing this product, you’ll receive a second rectal thermometer, usually recommended to use with infants. Therefore, your home will soon be equipped with not just one oral thermometer but with three cutting-edge devices that will allow you to measure ear, rectal and oral temperature.

By doing so, you’ll most likely have all the needed types of thermometers. So, no matter the age, you will be able to correctly assess how each and every member of your family is feeling.

Last but definitely not least, this device is a bargain when it comes to price, an advantage you should consider.


  • Great price for three different devices that ensure you’ll be able to assess how all the members of your family are feeling.
  • The digital thermometer is child-friendly, so it would be a great addition to your home if you have a baby in the family.
  • The model is able to provide an accurate reading in 2 short seconds.
  • Users have been impressed with how rapidly the product is shipped.


  • There have been users who noticed that the device does not work that well when they use the device on his/her own. However, not many have had this problem so far.
  • By comparison to other similar products, the device does not have a lot of special features.

Best Digital Medical Thermometer – Fast Readings in 10 Seconds

We couldn’t have ended this selection without mentioning the Best Digital Medical. As users put it, the model is simple and easy to use. So, if you want a device that does not require you to spend a lot of time learning new tricks in order to use it, this device is the one for you!

For safekeeping, the product comes shipped with a hard protective case that makes sure that the sensible and flexible tip is protected when not used. Moreover, the model produces a distinct beeping sound whenever a person’s temperature is high enough to be considered a fever. Therefore, whenever a member of your family has a high temperature, you won’t miss it. As a plus, although distinct, the alarm sound is not disturbing, so it won’t wake a person who has fallen asleep.

Another greatly appreciated aspect of this model is the fact that it provides highly accurate readings. According to users, the product can easily be used with both babies and adults thanks to its adjustable tip that makes it comfortable to keep under one’s arm. Furthermore, the large display makes the data easy to read and understand, and the switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit enables effortless use.


  • The device is one of the few waterproof models on the market, a feature that makes it particularly easy to clean and sanitize.
  • The product is effortless to use thanks to the small number of features and the simple design.
  • The flexible tip allows you to use it as either an oral or a rectal thermometer.
  • Thanks to the model’s included memory, the device can recall prior measurements so that you’ll be able to keep track of how a person’s temperature is evolving.


  • Some users complained that having to wait seconds when taking a baby’s temperature is a pretty long period of time.
  • There have been previous buyers that believe that, due to its simplicity, the price of the device could be a little lower.

Caroline Ear and Forehead Thermometer

This option features an updated high-precision sensor probe and smart chips, which allow it to provide accurate results in just a second, making it one of the fastest options you’ll find on the market. It can be used by the entire family, including babies, since the product is FDA-approved and mercury-free.

You can measure body temperature using the two available modes, ear or forehead, but you can also use the infrared probe to measure the temperature of objects. The smart user interface will alert you with a fever warning when the body temperature is too high, and it can store 32 sets of data so that you can track body temperature changes over a longer period.

Using the device is very simple since all you need to do is press the Power button followed by the Measure button, and in a few seconds, you’ll hear a beep letting you know that you can read the value.


  • It comes with a silent mode, which is perfect when taking the temperature of babies since there won’t be a beep disturbing their sleep.
  • To preserve the battery power, the unit shuts down automatically if it is not used for 30 seconds, and you can also shut it down manually by holding down the Power button.
  • The LED light display is very easy to read, and it contains all the information you need at a simple glance, including the battery level, so that you can tell when it’s time to replace the batteries.
  • The unit comes with two AAA batteries included in the package, as well as a storage pouch.


  • It is very fast, but the readings are not always consistent, so it is best to take at least three and use the results to get an average reading.
  • The one-button design is not always intuitive to use since you need to remember how long you need to press the button to activate each feature.

Adoric Digital Medical Thermometer with Fever Indicator

The simple 3-in-1 design of this model makes it very easy to work with since you get access to three methods of testing the temperature for more convenience and comfort. The unit is perfect for both adults and babies since the flexible silicone probe guarantees that no matter what method you use, be it oral, armpit, or rectal; you’ll always feel comfortable.

The LCD screen makes it easy to read the data after each use, and since you can switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius and back, you can personalize the experience freely based on your habits.

The silicone probe is also waterproof so that you can clean or disinfect the unit thoroughly after each use without having to worry that you’ll damage the thermometer in the process. What’s more, the button battery that comes included in the package will keep the unit running for up to 200 hours, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice anytime soon.


  • It is a great addition to any home since it can be used by all the members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest.
  • The thermometer is safe to use not only on humans but also on pets as long as you remember to disinfect it after each use to prevent cross-infection.
  • To help you keep the product in mint condition, the package includes a hard protective case that will protect the flexible silicone probe.
  • The three measuring methods provide more flexibility since each user can decide what method he or she feels most comfortable using.


  • It can take anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes to get a reading, and this makes it more difficult to use it on kids who don’t like to sit still.
  • There are some issues with the beeper tone since it can stop working after some time, and this makes it difficult to tell when you can remove the thermometer and read the measurement.

Magicelec 4-in-1 Professional Precision Digital Thermometer

This model is equipped with infrared scanning technology, which allows it to give accurate and fast readings in just one second. The range of accuracy is around 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite impressive, and it means that you can trust it to deliver reliable readings.

It may look like a complicated device at first glance, but using it to measure body temperature is not difficult at all since you only need to press one key, and the distance sensor will assist you in getting the best reading. It is great for kids since you get instant results, and it comes with a silent mode setting so that you won’t disturb your baby’s sleep.

It can be used in dark rooms since the display is backlit, which makes it easy to operate and read the temperature at night. The unit also comes with a fever alarm that will alert you when the temperature measurement is too high.


  • It uses non-contact infrared technology that requires you to place the sensor 1-2” away from the body, and this makes it easy to use for all members of the family, especially children.
  • The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry the thermometer with you anywhere without feeling like you’re holding a whole load on you, especially since the handle is very comfortable.
  • You can quickly switch the readings on display to either Fahrenheit or Celsius, according to your preference.
  • The advantage of infrared technology is that you can get instant results in just a few seconds instead of having to wait for minutes, as is the case with other digital thermometers.


  • The LED readout can sometimes display information in Chinese writing, and this can make using the device confusing at times.
  • This option is designed only for forehead use, and you can’t use it to take readings from the ear or other body parts.

KORIER Basal Body Thermometer

The first thing you may notice about this particular model is the compact size. That makes it ideal for the times when you travel or for home use just the same. It should be mentioned that this product underwent intensive medical testing for accuracy, so you can rest assured that it will deliver precise results.

Another thing that qualifies it as an excellent thermometer to have when you travel is its ease of use. You must place it in just a manner that it is in contact with your body and leave it there; in this respect, it can be said that it’s like any traditional thermometer.

However, the difference is that you will read the temperature on a digital screen. Because it is waterproof, it can be used under any circumstances, and you won’t have to worry that it might get damaged by accident.


  • A model approved by FDA and CE, and it is a convenient-to-use thermometer that you can take with you anywhere you want to go due to its compact size.
  • Its accuracy was thoroughly tested before being launched on the market, an aspect that might just put it head and shoulders above the competition.
  • Another thing you should know about it is that it has a waterproof design, and therefore it is sturdier than other models you can find on the market.
  • The readings are precise and quickly delivered, so you will appreciate the minimalist design accompanied by its excellent performance.


  • You cannot count on the instructions provided too much, as they appear to have been put together poorly and translated by a non-professional.
  • Also, you may find the alarm to be very quiet, something that might be appreciated when someone is sleeping but not when you want to make sure you hear it.

Vicks SpeedRead V912US Digital Thermometer

The simple design of this model makes it easy to use by users of all ages, and it provides very accurate readings in only eight seconds. What’s unique about this model is that it uses a color-coded display to give you a better understanding of what each reading means.

If your temperature is normal, then the display will light up in green, and if you have a mild fever, the screen will light up in yellow. High fevers will cause the red display alert to show up. It is an approach that is as simple as it is effective.

The probe has a versatile construction that allows it to be used under the armpit, orally, or rectally without causing the user any discomfort. Disinfecting the thermometer after each use won’t be an issue since the entire product is waterproof, so you can submerge it in water and clean it thoroughly.


  • It has a memory feature that can recall and display the temperature of the last reading so that you can always go back and double-check the measurement.
  • The color-coded display makes it easy to get your temperature reading at a glance since green means no fever, yellow indicates a mild fever, and red signifies a high fever.
  • It ships with batteries and a storage case so that you don’t misplace this compact thermometer once you’re done using it.
  • With a turnaround time of just eight seconds, this model is ideal not only for adults but especially for inpatient infants, toddlers, and kids.


  • The batteries that come in the package are very cheap, and while they can make do for a while, make sure to have some spare replacement batteries ready to use.
  • The product ships in an envelope that offers little protection, and if you are unlucky, the thermometer may arrive with its display damaged.

Simple life Digital Basic Thermometer for Fever

Although it is not as quick as thermometers equipped with infrared technology, this model is still fast enough compared to traditional units. You will have to wait around one minute to get a reading, but the good news is that it’s incredibly accurate. It will require physical contact, but its precise readings cannot be beaten.

Since you have to wait for a little while for the reading to be delivered, the manufacturer thought about equipping the unit with the possibility to beep when it finishes its task. Comfortable to use, this thermometer is made from sturdy materials, which means that it is a sound investment that will last for a long time.

While it’s true that it must be kept in contact with the patient’s skin, that doesn’t automatically make it a less hygienic alternative to infrared thermometers. The tip is water-resistant, which means that you can wipe it with disinfectant after each use.


  • You can count on this digital thermometer to be highly accurate when measuring your temperature, as it works without flaws.
  • Because of its compact size, it is a good option for anyone who wants a thermometer that doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • It is still a hygienic choice despite requiring physical contact for temperature measurements because the water-resistant tip can be quickly cleaned with disinfectants.
  • This thermometer is made from durable materials, and it is a sound investment for anyone who is looking for an accurate unit with simple-to-use functions.


  • Although the thermometer appears to work just fine, it is a shame that the manufacturer didn’t think about including a protective case with your purchase.
  • Removing the battery cover when you need to place the battery is quite tricky since it’s nothing but a small piece of plastic and challenging to open.

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