Top 10 Best Dog Grooming Brush Reviews

Our pets require attention and it is not all about playing, having fun, eating and sleeping. Every dog owner has his own routine which means regular baths, visits to the veterinary and grooming. Grooming is probably the most neglected activity and it shouldn’t be so. It needs to be done constantly even when the dog is not shedding fur. Dogs with long hair can be considered high maintenance but if grooming is done often, it should not become much of a problem.

As every dog owner knows, there are many different types of grooming brushes. There are some models that are shaped like a glove while others look like a regular comb. No all of them work the same. Depending on the hair length of the dog, a specific type of brush should be used. In most cases the veterinary doctor should be able to recommend a particular type. It is also worth checking various online resources that can provided some advices when it comes to picking up a decent grooming brush depending on the dog’s hair.

Today we will take a quick glimpse at 10 different models of dog grooming brushes. We were able to select different types from the thousands available. To keep things short let’s get right to the list of the top 10 best dog grooming brush reviews.

dog grooming brush

MyTopDog Dual Groomer Tool

According to the manufacturers the comb should be used as often as possible, even daily is needed. It is made entirely out of plastic including the comb teeth. This makes it easy to clean and quite durable.

The Dual Groomer from MyTopDog is a great accessory that comes as a 2-in-1 combo. It has one comb with wider teeth that can be used to remove debris and knots and a narrower comb that can be used for deshedding. Basically the brush should cover most situations.

Pet Republique Professional Dematting Comb Rake

Pet Republique offers a great comb for dogs. It is advertises as being a professional product that was designed to remove tangles and mats. To make sure that it gets the job done without pulling out the hair of the dog the comb comes with two sets of teeth. One side has 12 teeth while the other has 23.

In terms of construction the model has a plastic handle with rubber fins that improve grip and metal teeth on the comb. It comes with a reasonable price making it affordable even for the ones with a limited budget.

For Your Dog 078279-102 2-in-1 Combo Brush

For Your Dog 2-in-1 comb brush is a great option for the ones that do not want to spend to much money. It is a simple brush with two sides that can be used for all breeds and almost all coat types. Due to its design it is not as strong and might not remove loose fur as efficiently but overall it works.

The comb has a side with round tip pins for dead fur and tangles. The other side has a more dense brush that can be used for dogs with shorter hair. It is advised to use the brush frequently to avoid tangles and remove dead fur.

Rubold Dematting Tool For Dogs

Rubold dematting comb is a great option for the ones that want nothing but the best for their dog. It is a simple comb that comes with two sides. One side has 17 teeth while the other has 9 teeth. Both of them can be used to obtain dematting as gentle as possible.

The comb has metal teeth and a plastic handle with a coating that improves the grip. It is a bit more expensive than other models but it is one of the best picks of the comfort of the dog is important.

Li’l Pals Slicker Brush

The Li’l Pals Slicker Brush is both inexpensive and quite efficient. It is a simple brush with flexible pins that have plastic tips. The plastic tips will prevent the dog from feeling discomfort.

In terms of usage the comb should be used as frequent as possible. It was made to remove hair as gently as possible. It works with tangles, loose hair or it can be used to remove debris. Last but not least the model is quite inexpensive making it a great option for dog owners that have a limited budget.

Miracle Coat Slicker Brush

The Miracle Coat Slicker brush is a great product that comes with an ergonomic design and large flexible pins. Its pins allow for effective grooming and removal of tangles and dead hair without irritating the dog’s skin.

For the price the brush is extremely well built. It has a solid handle with a rubber coating that improve grip. The entire brush is made out of plastic but it is reasonably flexible so that it does not break easily. It is lightweight and easy to use.

MoJo Pets Life Brush For Shedding

The MoJo Pets brush is a premium model with a solid construction. It only has one set of teeth that can be used for dogs with long or short fur. The teeth themselves are made out of metal and are placed close to each other.

According to the manufacturers the brush ca remove up to 90% of all dead hear. It can remove tangles and debris. The model is made out of plastic with an ergonomic handle that ensures a decent grip.

HappyDogz Slicker Brush For Dogs

HappyDogz offers an excellent brush that can be used for all types of coats. It was made to remove tangles, debris and dead hair. The brush uses soft pins placed quite apart from each other.

The brush is partially made out of metal with a rubberized handle. It is reasonably priced and was made to ensure as much comfort for the pet as possible. It is ideal for all dogs with either thick or thin coats.

MIU COLOR Pet Grooming Brush

MIU COLOR pet grooming brush is a great pick for the ones that need something decent and reasonably priced. The model uses a long comb with thin and dense teeth that makes it recommended mostly for dogs with a short coat.

In terms of usage the comb can be used to remove dead and tangled hair. It can also remove debris and prevent tangles from forming. The manufacturers recommend the brush to be used on a daily basis to maintain the coat properly.

FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

FURminator brush for dogs is a great option for pet owner that are willing to spend extra money for their pet. It is a premium product with a solid construction. It can reduce shedding by up to 90% and can be used to remove tangles and dead hair. It can also remove debris.

The model has an excellent construction with solid teeth that are properly spaced. The handle is covered with a rubber material that improves grip while the rest of the brush is made out of plastic.

dog grooming brush

There are several different types of brushes for dogs. Our list includes pretty much every type there is. Some brushes do not work for every type of coat. For example, brushes that have combs with small teeth placed close one to another will work best for dogs with short hair.

Overall all the grooming brushes in our list are decent products with positive reviews. Some are more expensive than others but what matters the most is to get a model that will not cause discomfort to the dog.

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