Best Garden Chair in 2022– Comfortable and Water Resistant Options

Your garden can efficiently serve as one of the most relaxing places you can be. When you need some peace and quiet, watching the beautiful green vegetables and succulent tomatoes can be sufficient.

Besides, the garden has the purest air that invigorates your senses adequately. It is also the best place to have a one to one talk with a loved one and so a having a garden chair is essential.

Tips for Choosing Garden Chairs

Best Garden Chair


Before you can go out and purchase a garden chair, consider the purpose that the chair is going to fulfill. Typically, your garden chair may be used to take rests as you garden. You can also get a garden chair for taking time out from the office or day-to-day activities. Whatever the purpose, the chair needs to have a good design, practical and comfortable. Determine how you will end up using the gardening area. Is it a place for relaxing, entertainment or just growing greenery? Basically, the purpose for which you want the chair will dictate what goes on your wish list.


Whether it’s for indoor use or outdoor, you must get the right size of furniture for the available space. You can measure the place you want the furniture to be sitting before making the all-important purchase decision. It would be a shame to go all out and purchase a piece of furniture that turns out to be too big for the space you have.

You can choose folding chairs as they are easy to stash away after you are done with them – this is if you want a resting chair. If looking for a chair to entertain the guests, then benches are more social – they will hold more people. Depending on the space you have, make sure you get the right furniture.


You will need to put some considerable thought into this factor if you intend to get a chair that will last long. Ensure that your garden chair is made to last and can easily resist the weather. A well-treated cedar will serve you well and for an extended period. And depending on your preference, you can also choose metal chairs but make sure they are low-maintenance. Go for weather-resilient material for your chair, and it will still look wonderful for years.

Best Garden Chair


Even when your garden chair is made from the most durable material around, keeping it in a protected location is necessary. It does not matter whether your furniture is teak or wrought iron. Storing it adds some significant years to it – this is definitely what you want. If you have limited storage space on your hands, choose a chair that folds quickly as it takes minimum space.


As the adage goes, cheap is expensive. Invest in quality furniture, and you will be glad you did. There is always a temptation to choose an affordable material like plastic resin because they are aesthetically appealing. Such chairs may look great for a few years out in the sun. However, they eventually lose their vibrant colors and become brittle. The same fate can also befall some wooden chairs and so shop with care.

A good place to start before purchase is the customer reviews and reports – they will inform you how good a chair is. For wooden chairs, check the joints and go with screwed rather than stapled or glued. If you have a choice between teak and pine, go with teak any day. For metal, the welding should be smooth without any visible cracks.

The powder coating should be generous in all the metal areas of the chair. Cast aluminum is durable and easier to maintain than steel or iron – make the right choice. And in terms of upholstery or sitting area, wicker or synthetic rattan works well and is even more quality than the real thing. Also, UV-treated polyester is not too shabby. You can choose it over cotton.

Versatility: it is always the best thing to do to get a piece of furniture that can be used for various purposes. A folding chair can double up as a camping or beach chair. A versatile chair will save you some cash in the long run, as you will not need to buy an extra chair when you want to go camping or fishing.

Best Garden Chair Review

Highwood Lehigh Garden Chair

As a gardener, you are on the side of making the world a better place to live in. This garden chair is made from recycled plastic and other proprietary materials – quite the green products. This is one sturdy seat that can carry up to 500 pounds – you need not worry about it collapsing on you.

You have probably heard about fading plastic equipment after prolonged exposure to the sun. The good thing about this chair is that it does not fade. It also contains stainless steel hardware making it quite a durable piece. And to demonstrate faith in the product, the chair comes with a 12-year warranty. The chair is also big enough for you, regardless of your body structure.


  • Recycled plastic
  • High load capacity
  • Does not fade easily
  • Durable and strong


  • Will need to buy cushions separately
  • Not portable
  • Not the best when it comes to storage – but it will be ok outside

Giantex Patio Garden Bench Chair Style Porch

Some of us are indeed in love with anything antique or cast iron. There is something that speaks of durability and sophistication about them. This chair is cast aluminum and cast iron – no problem with durability here. It is quite an attractive piece to have in your garden as it has unique floral designs – your guests must love it!

The garden chair comes with assembly instructions so that you can quickly put it together. Minimal tools here are needed for assembly. This is a sturdy bench that you and your partner can sit on as you enjoy the fresh garden air.


  • Durable – cast aluminum and cast iron
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Comes with assembly instructions
  • A great addition to your patio or garden
  • Can sit two people comfortably
  • It would an excellent gift for a loved one


  • Instructions are not very easy to follow
  • Visible bench arms and back

Giantex Folding Lounge Chairs Recliner Zero Gravity

This chair is for those that want somewhere to relax after a day of tending the garden or at the office. It is a zero-gravity recliner that may provide optimum relaxation. The recliner is portable and so moving it from one end of the garden to the other is not a problem.

An easy to store chair is always a good choice because you can put it away during the winter – for maximum durability. The chair has many recliner positions affording you the opportunity to get maximum rest when you need it.


  • A zero gravity recliner – pretty comfortable
  • A portable chair
  • Many reclining positions
  • Collapsible steel frame
  • Easy to fold and lightweight
  • Has attractive design and color
  • A relatively low price


  • Does not get fully horizontal
  • Some recliner parts can tear apart

Little Tikes Garden Chair Green

Over time, you will need a durable and comfortable chair that kids can sit alongside you on the patio or garden as you narrate stories to each other. This product may be the right one for your kid below four years as it has a compact design with expansive armrests. It is lightweight and portable, meaning that you can move it from one place to the other as is necessary.

Kids’ items must be easy to clean, and this is no exception. The smooth plastic surface is smooth to wipe with a wet sponge or cloth. It has an adequate weight capacity of 50lbs and so can accommodate the weight of many kids.


  • Perfect for kids below the age of four years
  • Portable and compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • The chair can frequently tip over especially for playful children
  • May be too small for some kids

Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair

This product is one rugged chair perfect for the outdoors. It is UV-Protected Polystyrene, durable and weather resistant – should torrential rainfall suddenly decide to pound the area, this chair will not need to be transported inside. The chair will not chip, crack, peel or rust.

It is pretty easy to assemble – will take a few minutes, and you will be sitting enjoying the view. It is easy to clean and requires less maintenance.


  • Rugged and weather resistant chair
  • UV-Protected Polystyrene material is resistant to cracking, peeling and rusting
  • The slightly reclined position is comfortable
  • The screws are stainless screws
  • Easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance


  • Not completely stain-proof


The best garden chair is the one that serves your needs adequately. It is durable, functional, and robust. And because it will be out in the weather most of the time, it should be weather-resistant. All the above-listed products easily fit this description. However, our choice is Highwood Lehigh Garden Chair.

This highly-rated product can be used as a chair when you feel that you need a breather or when hosting a friend that has paid you a courtesy call. It is durable, sturdy and attractive, making one of the best you can acquire for your garden.

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