How To Clean A Food Processor In 30 Seconds

Nowadays, food processing equipment has done the cutting, slicing… making our life much easier. However, how to clean a food processor is a question of many people. Many people also think about the way to remove food debris from blades or oil deposits on them.

Most lids and blades are water washable. So you don’t have to be stressed out using them. However, you should avoid handling the blades carefully so you don’t get hurt

There are many ways you can clean a food blender to keep your family healthy and avoid sanitation-related illnesses. Let’s find out how you can clean your food blender.

Cleaning up every part of a food processor seems to be a problem for housewives. You are finding more tips on how to do food blender cleaning. We help you give some tips for cleaning and improvement for a clean blender that is always in a new state. This article will give you a better understanding of the importance of owning a food blender and all the steps to make it easy to clean, as well as give some tips on how to clean a food processor in 30 seconds at home.

In this article, you can find the following:

  • Why You Demand a Food Processor
  • Reasons For Getting A Food Processor
  • What You Need To Clean A Food Processor
  • How To Correctly Clean A Food Processor
  • Why do You Have to Clean A Food Processor?
  • Tips For Extending Your Food Processor’s Life

Why You Demand a Food Processor

Occasionally, you need someone to help in the kitchen, because you spend a lot of time making food then we weigh our options. However, the best option is to always have a food blender to help you with your cooking

If you have trouble cutting meat, vegetables, preparing ketchup and your workmanship is not good then this efficient machine is your savior.

But how can you tell if you need one? First, you must understand what it is and how to use it. Also, I’ll save you a bit of visualization on it as I’ve listed out the main reasons for getting one.

A food blender is a device that makes preparing meals easy. It is used for crushing vegetables, meat, thawing, etc. Plus it can replace the blender you easily use to make soups, sauces.

Food processing machine is a two in one machine and it has many special features. I’m not surprised they are the better options as they are better in terms of flexibility and ruggedness.

How to use a food processor?

First, your food processor works – plug it into a power source. Completely unplug the cable, whatever model you have, and plug it in, first make sure both the plug and the outlet are clean and dry. Next, attach your jar to the base. With most models, this usually matches the center mechanism and locks it into place by turning counterclockwise, starting with the handle on the left of the center.

 If you’re looking to mix, mince, mash. etc… you’ll probably choose the main blade – also known as a blade. You had to fix the tubular support joint to the main motor shaft, then place the metal plate of your choice on top, twist counterclockwise to fix it in place. 

Once you’ve fixed your attachment in place, it’s time to put the cover in place. If you are going to use the main blade, you need to add the ingredients before closing the lid on top of the mixer bowl. With the funnel on the left side of the handle, slide the round lid counterclockwise to click into place.

Start the engine and with that is the movement of the blade or disc by pressing the power button on your model. If you need to use the pulse function, instead of letting the motor run continuously, use the pulse button if your model has one. If not, you had to press the on and off button repeatedly until you get the desired texture. If you are using slicing plates now is the time to cook your ingredients. Keep in mind that some larger items may need to be downsized to fit in the hopper.

Reasons For Getting A Food Processor

Lack Of Cooking Skills

If you aren’t good at using a knife or chopper, then you can throw away all your sharp tools as the food processor will take care of all the chopping and shredding you must do.

You won’t have to worry about your finger getting hurt or injured. Like I said, I personally resorted to a food processor for this.

Save Time

Food handlers are much more helpful than preparing ingredients manually. You can accomplish cutting or peeling all the ingredients you need in seconds.

If you have a problem, use your knife to cook food and finally make your injured finger, you can buy yourself a food blender to cut and slice ingredients quickly.

When you own a food processor, the blender and mixer will stop doing commerce. The supplement you fix to a food blender can act the same thing as a food processor mixer, or even a hand blender.

Finally, This creative innovation saved you many spaces because from now on you want to immerse the house with kitchen material.

Easy Cleaning

Tired of cleaning up the chaos every time you cook?. When you had a food processor you will not need to remove the trash as everything is done inside the machine’s container.

What You Need To Clean A Food Processor

  • Cake of soap
  • Sponge
  • Baking soda/ Vinegar
  • Soft brush
  • Cotton towels

How To Correctly Clean A Food Processor

Step 1: Remove The Food Blender Into Parts

A food blender has many parts and you will need to remove the top and remove the bowl from the engine for easier cleaning. Note that the processor should be washed after using immediately because the leftovers will force to which parts, which will be difficult to clean. In addition, it will affect the sharpness of the knife. Therefore, you will need to separate everything to clean each part. You should pay special attention to blade cleaning which requires special care.

Step 2: Scrub The Blade

It is recommended that the blade be cleaned first. Because it will help uphold the sharpness of the blade for a longer time. This is because any wetness from the food ingredients over a long period of time can affect the food blenders. In addition, the food is easier to wash off immediately after use. You should be careful not to get hurt, gently rub it with mild soap and a sponge. Then rinse with water and keep in a dry place.

Step 3: Wash Container

An easy way to clean your blender’s container is to squeeze a few drops of dish soap into the bottom and fill half of the container with warm water. Cover and run the food blender for a few seconds. Then pour out the soapy water and rinse it off. You can flush water and put some full of warm soapy water and wash it with a kitchen sponge. If in case, you use the food processor that clinging odor can often, you attend the following suggestions. You mount the parts of the machine, the liquid phase consists of warm water and lemon juice, then boot to the blender for 1 to 2 minutes. Do it a few more times to remove leftover food and odors from the machine.

Step 4: Cleaning The Motor Base

 Use a wet cloth to clean the motor base. Absolutely you do not immerse the camera body in water, just wipe it off. Especially, this part you should guarantee regularly because it is easy to damage the button and the reel. For foods with a strong odor, use vinegar or baking soda to clean the processor. For buttons or locations that are difficult to clean, you can use an alcohol swab to clean.

Step 5: Assemble Parts

Finally, use a soft cotton cloth to thoroughly dry the food blender parts. You can use lemon and baking soda to clean the exterior to keep your processor shiny. If you use a food blender regularly, keep it on a table top or in dry locations so you can rest assured next time you use it.

Why do You Have to Clean A Food Processor?

Basically, your food processor does all the fuss in the kitchen for you. It is therefore an unavoidable fact that it will eventually get dirty with all the dry food and oily residue sticking to the grooves of the lid or under the blades.

If you do not clean it regularly, stains will build up, and cleaning the device will become more difficult. Besides, odors will begin to form, which facilitates the growth of bacteria on your device. You don’t want to cook unhygienic food for your family just by washing the processor after each use. Regular cleaning will prevent these, prolonging the life of your device.

Just take a few minutes after each time you chop carrots or mix mulch to wash your processor dishes with soap and water. Also, don’t forget to use a damp cloth, soak in vinegar or soap, and wipe the exterior of the processor.

If you do any of the above, you may not need to do the above steps more than once in a few months.

The golden key to getting rid of stains is quick, what if you forgot to clean the food blender and now need to reuse it?

Stubborn stains on the blades can be removed with baking soda. Mix a mixture of two parts baking soda with one part water, then scrub the mixture with your toothbrush over the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse with water and mild detergent.

Furthermore, baking soda has the effect of absorbing unpleasant odors, as it has antibacterial activity, so you can use it if you detect any bad odors from your device. For dirt that lingers on the processor cover, immerse a cloth in white vinegar and wipe the grooves thoroughly.

Finally, always notice to dry the processor components before storing them to prevent bacteria growth.

Tips For Extending Your Food Processor’s Life

Regular cleaning only does not extend the life of your processor. Let’s say you incorporate some of the basics that I will cover in a while. In that case, you will be less likely to change your food processor early. There is no harm in understanding what to do and what not to do on a processor. Check out these maintenance instructions that you should use on your device. In addition to cleaning, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to keep your food grinder in a new state for many years.

Always check the user guide for what foods can and cannot be used in your food blender.

To tidy up after repeated use, wrap it with a plastic sheet before you use the processor and empty the sheet when it becomes dirty.

Cut food into small pieces before placing it in the processor and avoid immoderate the maximum weight.

Do not use hot water while inside the processor or when cleaning the processor.

Please do not try to put your hand on the processor while it is running.

Lubricate the processor blades to maintain or, more accurately increase their sharpness.

Make sure you dry the processor completely before storing it to avoid damaging the processor.

A food blender is a very strong tool and can handle a wide variety of foods, but there are some foods you should evade putting in a processor. Avoid hot foods, bone meats, seafood shells, and other hard items because you don’t want the blades to deteriorate quickly.

– Intimate cleaning is required when you observe odors emanating from the food processor. Dip the container and blade in a mixture of baking soda and warm water with a ratio of 1:1 from 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash clean thoroughly and dried completely before storing. 

– You should use vinegar of baking soda for cleaning without affecting your food processor

– Do not use your hands (soft brush should be used) without protective tools to clean cutting knives

– Do not immerse the body of the motor bottle in water.

-The location is difficult to clean, you can use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to clean.

You can watch this video to make sure you clean the food machine properly:


Choosing the right one for the family and how to clean a food processor properly and preserve it is equally important.We would have spent a lot of time in the kitchen without a food processor. You can refer to the best food processor that will support your kitchen work. Do you know how to properly clean the food processor, please use baking soda in the machine cleaning and you should be careful in the process of cleaning the blade. 

I recommend washing the blade first, if you are confident that you will not injure your fingers then you should use a small brush to clean. Additionally, to get rid of odors, you can use recommended deodorant products such as baking soda that make the cleaning job much better and much cheaper.

One last thing, it is advisable to clean the machine immediately after use and keep your blades dry. Because, they are also prone to corrosion and if not to store them properly, you will have to pay money to buy a new one.

I hope the article will help in cleaning the processor. You will easily keep the food processor as clean as further, you just need to follow the steps above that the article instructs do not take too long and your machine will work effectively and always durable and clean. If you find the article useful, please share it with your relatives and friends.

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