How To Clean A Manitowoc Ice Machine – As Simple As Possible

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Currently, the earth is getting warmer and more and more services are developed. Hot weather makes the body uncomfortable and dehydrated. During such times there is nothing better than enjoying a cool drink. Therefore, ice machines play an important role in today’s life, being an indispensable ingredient in restaurants, hotels or in food processing companies. How To Clean A Manitowoc Ice Machine is a difficult question for owners after a long period of time.

The influence of ice is undeniable. However, chasing the profits that some low-quality and hygienic ice-making enterprises launch into the market makes consumers very confused about whether to buy an ice machine or not.

Currently, manitowoc ice machine is a popular brand in the market. As a high-quality device, it is capable of making impressive ice. Manitowoc ice maker is manufactured and installed on high technology lines. Each device is made of stainless steel, resistant to dust and good heat retention.

When choosing to buy an ice maker machine, we are not only concerned about the operating mode of the ice machine, the benefits of the ice machine, but also about how to clean a manitowoc ice machine. Our helps to save significant time and effort for you:

  • Principle of using standard industrial ice machine
  • Perfect Manitowoc Ice Machines for F&B
  • Outstanding benefits of ice machine
  • Experience in choosing ice machine
  • Step by Step, how to clean a manitowoc ice machine
  • Tips 
  • Q&As
  • Closing Thought

Principle of using standard industrial ice machine

No matter how high-tech and modern a product is, it’s inevitable that time will go, and so is the ice machine. Therefore, in order to limit the negative effects on the life of the machine as well as not affect the water quality, you need to pay attention to the principles of using a qualified ice machine listed in the article below. .

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Ice making machine

Ice making machines are industrial products used by humans to produce ice for food preservation needs. The ice machine is suitable for collective kitchens in industrial zones, hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels … However, the principle of using absolute pure ice machines with high durability is not used. Every application understands and applies.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Principle of using a manitowoc ice machine

Today’s ice machines come with instructions for their use. Do not miss out on useful information in this brochure and, of course, do so, especially disconnecting the power supply before doing any cleaning or maintenance.

In order for the ice maker to operate efficiently and at its capacity as the manufacturer states, you need to provide sufficient water pressure. Ice cube makers should have a minimum water pressure of 20Psi. At the same time, pay attention to check the water source, the water inlet valve of the machine to ensure there is water for full ice production.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

The next ice maker rule deals with the heat level. This could be the heat of the environment or the temperature of the ice producing water. The ideal ambient temperature for ice production is about 21 degrees Celsius. And the optimal water inlet temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. To achieve these ideal conditions, it is necessary to arrange the ice maker in place. cool, near water.

When using an ice maker, check for the build up of mist on its evaporator. In the event that some coils appear frost, that is, the system is likely to leak or be limited in part. At this point, let’s learn and test out the defrost function. If your equipment is too modern, using new technology that you do not know well, please contact technical staff for fastest support.

In order for the ice maker to have a long service life, it is advisable to clean the condenser coil regularly. This is also one of the principles of using an efficient ice machine. The condenser coil is a very important part of the ice machine. During the operation of the machine, the condenser coil is prone to dust, causing problems with heat loss. This is also the reason for the more energy consumed. Therefore, you should understand the procedure of how to clean a manitowoc ice machine.

Improve the quality of ice

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

The principle of using an ice machine, in addition to the notes about hygiene and how to use the machine, you also need to treat the water system effectively. If there is an unsafe ice water quality phenomenon, it is advisable to find the cause and remedy.

Ice is not clear: The reason may be that the purest water freezes first then floats on top, the mineral deposits freeze later, causing the ice to color. To stop this phenomenon, you can soften demineralization or reverse osmosis filter water before entering to make ice to increase the quality of ice making water.

The stone has a strange color: usually because the water contains iron, it is easy to create a brown brick color in the water. Not only that, pipes and trays may discolor as well. To deal with this, you should use a de-iron filter for the water source.

Ice has an odor: this is because the water contains a lot of disinfectants, affecting the quality of the drink used. You should use an activated carbon filter to deodorize and disinfect the outside of the ice maker to enhance the water quality.

Contaminated ice: because bacteria in water hibernate when cooled, ice melts them out and remains toxic to cause disease. The way to limit this phenomenon is to use clean water for the machine, a modern bacterial filter, especially to know carefully how to clean a manitowoc ice machine instruction on a regular basis.

Perfect Manitowoc Ice Machines for F&B

Ice Machine Concept

As we know, when summer comes, the demand for refreshments and ice cream of all people of all ages increases dramatically. Ice cream is always considered a perfect beverage for hot and hot weather. And this is also one of the solutions that can help us release stress, fatigue as well as stress in life and work. If you have a need to buy used for business units in the summer. The best commercial soft serve ice cream mix has many features to help produce delicious, cool ice creams serving the needs of customers.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

But besides ice cream makers, ice machines are an indispensable item at all times for F&B.

So what is an ice machine? – Imported specialized industrial equipment for making ice cubes with different sizes, large and small. Ice machine is divided into 2 main categories: mini ice machine and industrial ice machine. These ice cubes are pure ice exclusively used for drinking water, preparing and preserving frozen food.

Types of ice machine

As mentioned, the ice machine is divided into 2 types: mini ice machine and industrial ice machine:

– Mini ice maker with weight: 30kg 50kg 70kg 100kg 150kg 200kg 300kg … 900kg

No products found.

– Industrial multi-pellet making ice machine with mass from 1 ton to 100 tons.

– Besides ice machines, restaurant chains, cafes, cafes, you also have a choice of some best commercial ice shaver machine. Depending on the types of drinks, using ice or ice will also contribute to make the beverage more attractive.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Size of the ice cubes of the ice machine

– Size S – small pure stone: 19x20mm

– Size M – medium small pure ice: 34 × 40 mm

– Size EM – large average pure ice: 38x40mm

– Size L – large pure ice: 44 × 80 mm, 47 x 80 mm

Usually, these pure ice cubes are often used for drinking tea, coffee, juice or all kinds

concoctions, smoothies, fruits, beer, soft drinks or other soft drinks, …

Manitowoc ice machine

The variety of volumes of ice making makes it easy for customers to choose the machine that suits their needs.

Using steel material for quick maintenance and maintenance. The machine is easy to clean with a towel, the assembly of machine parts, to clean and check is quite gentle, no effort and effort.

The first will be about the device’s durability and operability. Manitowoc ice maker is manufactured and installed on high technology lines. Each device is made of stainless steel, resistant to dust and good heat retention.

The components that make up the ice maker machine are mainly imported from famous Japanese, American, and German manufacturers … and are reassembled – by a rigorous process, ensuring absolute accuracy. .

As a high-quality equipment, the manitowoc ice maker is capable of making impressive ice.

In terms of product quality, the ice maker has met the standards of cleanliness and safety. Stone uniformity – high transparency. The machine is equipped with an external filter. This filter is installed right in front of the water line, directly filtering bacteria before the water is transferred to the cooling compartment.

The manitowoc ice machine has a luxurious design

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

The ice maker machine operates smoothly and saves energy

Manitowoc ice machine meets the standards of product quality. Not only that, during the operation, the machine does not make too much noise. This minimizes noise pollution at ice production facilities.

In addition, electricity is also a concern. However, when you use our ice maker machine, you will ease this worry. The machine is assembled from foreign imported components. There, they have strict energy saving standards for their products. That is a commitment to extremely low power consumption, when the manitowoc ice machine operates. In fact, businesses will be able to save up to 20% on their electricity bills each month using Viet An ice machines.

Ability to operate and maintain the manitowoc ice machine:

The device can be operated completely automatically, all you need to do is simply start up, execute commands and let the machine complete the rest. Only the operator is required to work with the control panel.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Moreover, the ice maker machine also has the ability to adjust the “age” of the stone. You can produce a quantity of stone with a little or more old age, suitable for each needs.

In particular, the ice machine is qualified for quality and does not need too much maintenance, but you must know how to clean a manitowoc ice machine by yourself. The machine can be operated continuously for many days, to meet the needs of customers.

Outstanding benefits of ice machine

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

If you are wondering, “Is it really necessary to buy an ice machine for my drink bar?”

During hot weather, finding cool drinks is always one of the needs of every customer. And for beverage shops, the amount of ice that is always ready to serve customers is extremely important. But if your store regularly imports ice cubes from the customer units, and on a good day your goods are missed or cannot be produced in time, what would be your backup plan?

In addition, the current food safety and hygiene issue is also an issue of concern to customers. Many ice makers are running for their own interests, making poor quality stones, causing confusion to users. And here are some of the benefits as well as the reasons why you should buy your store right away from a professional ice machine.

Benefits of ice machines to beverage stores

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

+ The system of auxiliary equipment attached is very complete and convenient

The ice machine supplier said: This machine is especially useful and convenient for professional ice production factories. Ice maker has a full range of auxiliary equipment attached to form a package, helping the ice maker to operate easily and absolutely correctly.

The owner of the workshop can find an ice maker machine on the market including: ice maker, mortar, heat exchanger, cutter system, drain pan, pipe fittings and floor system. Just plug in the power, press the button, and the ice maker will operate smoothly.

+ Large capacity, abundant shape and size of finished stone

Most professional ice machine lines have a large capacity, including 60kg ice maker, even 100 ton ice machine. Ice machines are diverse in size and shape to best meet the needs of customers.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

+ The store can be proactive in the amount of ice needed to avoid the case of missing / excess ice.

+ Absolutely ensure the quality of pure, clean ice by a closed production process with a quality standard filter system, ensuring good hygiene and quality for users themselves. Accordingly, this ice machine can remove each small residue that exists in the water to ensure the purest ice for the ice.

+ Saving a large amount of cost compared to buying ice cubes from other manufacturers on the market.

+ The pure ice machine also has a large freezer compartment, which can be stored for the next day without melting or due to the tight freezer compartment.

+ Quickly and easily remove stones without force (in case the stones are stuck together)

+ Reduce the amount of electricity increased significantly in the refrigerator in case of having to cool the ice. Along with that is a beautiful, luxurious design, suitable for placing in the kitchen or in the processing area.

+ Save human resources, users just need to quickly start the machine and wait for the machine to produce ice cubes. All operations are simply adjusted, easy to use.

+ Save time in preparation, just about 20 minutes to 60 minutes, you can use dozens of kg of ice.

Experience in choosing ice machine

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Classic Ice Machine Troubles You Need to Know

Continuous defrosting machine

In the case of the ice machine defrosting continuously, the main cause is due to the following factors:

– The machine has not completely discharged ice in the tray. All you need to do is set the timer delay.

– Adjust the pumped water level. We just need to adjust the water inlet valve.

– The water diviner makes the ice too dirty, causing the water to rise a lot and touch the water level probe, so the machine switches to defrost mode. Just cleaning the water diviner will fix it.

– The machine runs out of gas, does not supply gas, water does not enter the ice maker, the water level for making ice is too low. Low pressure gauge indicates a pressure level below 2kg / cm2, the machine will defrost. Now we need to refill the gas, adjust the float, and the water level goes in.

The machine runs for a while, then turns off

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

For the problem with the machine running for a while, then turn off, only the power light can be due to the following reasons:

– The push pressure is too high, the pressure switch jumps. In this case, we need to check the amount of water in, pump the radiator water, rotate in the right direction to absorb the air? Are blocking valves correct or not? Is the condenser dirty? The remedy in this case is to clean the cooling tower and the condenser.

– Compressor overloaded, compressor thermal relay jumps, fault light is on. We need to check the electrical system, the compressor is short or not, if normal, we press the thermal switch again.

Pump motor overloaded, thermal relay jumps, fault light is on. We need to check if the motor has been caught fire or not? If normal, we press the relay again.

No electricity, all lights are off

In the case the ice maker does not come into power, check that the power supply may be short or the fuse is malfunctioning. In addition, it is also possible that the machine is out of phase. The thing to do is to use the electric tester to check the phases.

Snow clings much near the compressor

The reason why snow is sticking much near the compressor is:

– The ambient temperature is too low. The way to handle that is to adjust the gas supply timer to increase latency, or unplug the intermediate gas relay for a while and then plug it in again.

– The gas float does not stop, the gas supply light is always on. The way to handle that is to loosen the screw on the float lever, put it up and down a few times or knock on the float rod a few times, if the gas supply light is on, a professional technician is required to remove the float.

The water was spilled over the barrel

The reasons causing water to overflow into the tank are:

– Perforation of the ice maker water drain. The way to fix that is to patch or replace the new water drain hose

– Due to the water supply float. Do we check the water supply to see if water is pumped into the machine? Check that the water supply float is clogged with dirt or blocked by limestone, preventing the float from running up and down and preventing the pump from working.

Experience in choosing pure ice machine for restaurants and eateries

Determine usage needs

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

The capacity of the ice machine is also quite diverse. Therefore, you should base on the actual daily use of ice of the store, as well as the size of the store to be able to decide how much ice-making machine is appropriate, to avoid causing waste or choose to have a machine with a small capacity that does not meet demand.

Machine material

In order to ensure the safety, hygiene and health of users, you should choose ice machines made of high quality 304 stainless steel material. This material will not cause rust, corrosion in addition to it is easy to clean. Inox 304 also helps the shiny machine to always achieve high aesthetics.

Product price

The ice machine market is quite diverse, so there are many different prices you can choose from. Please consider carefully, consider the issue of machine capacity, machine origin, long-term use demand or not to decide the most reasonable price.

Remember, a good ice machine doesn’t have to be expensive.

Ability to save power

The ice machine will have to operate continuously, so if not carefully selected, it can “consume” a lot of electricity every month. Choosing a machine that applies modern technologies and effectively saves energy will be the user’s top priority.

Stable operation and easy to use

It is advisable to choose machines with simple operation so that anyone can easily use them. In addition, you should also pay attention to their noise level, the lower the noise level, the better, while helping the machine last for a long time without affecting the surrounding space.

Step by Step, how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

On a regular schedule, the Manitowoc ice machine should be cleaned every six months. However, there may be times when it is necessary to clean the ice machine. In addition, you should clean the machine immediately if it is not on the regular six-month maintenance cleaning schedule. In addition, clean the machine’s exterior and surrounding floor area as often as needed.

Step 1

Remove the screws in the corners of the ice machine top cover, using a screwdriver. Remove the cover.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Step 2

Lift and remove the front door of the machine or, depending on the model, simply open the front door. Wait for the end of the harvest cycle, when the ice falls from the evaporator and flip the machine’s switch switch from ICE to the OFF position.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Step 3

Take all ice from the bin / box, use the machine’s plastic spoon and pour the ice into a large plastic bag in the trash can. Turn the on / off switch to the CLEAN position. Hear the cleaning mode start when water fills the trough and flows through the evaporator.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Step 4

Pour the appropriate amount of ice machine cleaner into the water pan, depending on the ice machine model. Allow the machine to run through and complete the cleaning cycle.

image 19 1
How To Clean A Manitowoc Ice Machine - As Simple As Possible 38

Step 5

Turn the on / off switch to the OFF position. Disconnect the machine’s power cord from the electrical outlet.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Step 6

Bend the water curtain in the center, slide it out from the right side and slide out the battery on the left.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Step 7

Loosen the thumb on the left side of the evaporator tray and pull the tray to the left, allowing it to drop down as it also completely disconnects from the right side.

image 22 1

Step 8

Remove the water tray, press the tabs on each side, and pull the tray out.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Step 9

Eliminate any components inside a specific Manitowoc model, including the water level probe, the water dispenser, the ice thickness probe, and the water pump.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Step 10

Wear rubber gloves and eye protection, such as goggles. Mix 16 oz. of Manitowoc ice machine with 1 gallon of warm water in a bucket. Clean each part of the machine with a soft cloth. Soak the parts in a clean solution / water for 5 minutes. Do not immerse the water pump in a cleaning solution.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Step 11

Wipe the ice machine side walls, the area around the base, plastic evaporators and the barrel with a cloth soaked in a water / water solution.

Step 12

Remove all machine components from detergent / water solution and rinse thoroughly with water. Also rinse all cleaned machine parts.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Step 13

Install all the removed ingredients into the ice machine. Wait 30 minutes before plugging the power cord into the outlet.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Step 14

Switch the on / off switch to the ICE position. Install the screw on the top cover and reinsert the front door.

After all the equipment has been installed, you should thoroughly check the equipment, connections, then plug in the power supply and try to operate. In the event of a strange noise, you need to stop the machine immediately and unplug it, you can check the screws. If the test does not improve, the user should bring reputable facilities to fix it.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Tips for you

Tips for cleaning a manitowoc ice machine

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Here are some general tips to consider before cleaning your ice machine.

  • Some manufacturers require specific or approved cleaning and sanitizing solutions for use with their machine.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions in your ice machine manual when cleaning. The steps above are general guidelines that apply to most machines.
  • Do not mix cleaning and sanitizing solutions together.
  • Wear rubber gloves and protective safety glasses when handling cleaning and cleaning solutions.
  • Check your facility’s water quality if your machine requires more and more frequent maintenance. Water treatment or a new water box may need to be replaced.
  • Do not leave the control switch in the maintenance position for a long time when the water tank is depleted during cleaning. This may damage the water pump.
  • Know your device. Flaking and flaking machines often have more moving parts that require extra attention.

Tips for using the most durable a manitowoc ice machine

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

In order for the machine to prolong its life, during use you should note the following tips:

  • Choose a dry, cool place to place the device.
  • Consider your surroundings: This aspect is often overlooked for those who are using the ice machine for the first time. Maybe they asked for an ice machine with a production rate listed at around 500 pounds of ice per day, and then found that the machine was only doing about 75% of what they expected, probably because it works in a narrow corner of a kitchen with a high temperature. 
  • Selecting a clean water source to speed up the ice making process as well as improve the quality of the finished stone.
  • Be sure to keep the device at -18 degrees Celsius or below
  • Know exactly how to clean a manitowoc ice machine to regularly wash the ice maker to improve its performance and longevity.
  • Always observe the displayed signals so that when having problems, there will be timely actions to avoid serious damage.
  • It is recommended to clean the capacitor coil every 12-18 months
  • Do not allow the cord to become dirty or stick to other objects that prevent the coil from escaping heat, resulting in power consumption and the production of ice is not as expected.
  • Keep water pressure at least 20 PSI for smooth operation

Please watch this video to understand more about the process of cleaning a manitowoc ice machine


  1. What are the reasons for cleaning your ice machine regularly?
how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Avoid deposits on evaporator plates.

Prevents heat transfer.

Keep harvesting times short.

Help your machine maintain full capacity.

Protection from costly repairs.

  1. What are the pros of a shaved ice machine?

The shaved ice machine is a machine used to smooth all kinds of ice cubes and large stones into snowy ice to serve the needs of the user. This type of machine is also known as ice grinder, snow grinder, …. In addition to ice grinding, they can also grind hard foods such as tubers, fruits, grains …

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Compact, beautiful design should be suitable for the family kitchen or can be displayed right on the bar of the beverage bar or restaurant.

The electric ice shredder can continuously crush the ice because it has a large capacity, can grind ice cubes, ice cubes, and has different blades for the crushed ice in the form of snow, powder or ultrafine form. The machine is also capable of durable operation because it is made from metal materials, stainless steel … which are painted by electrostatic to prevent rusting during use.

Crushed ice cubes, ice cubes into smooth pureed ice: Drinks with shaved ice always have a great appeal. And to have shaved ice is thanks to this machine. With a sharp blade, this best commercial shaved ice machine will also help crush all types of stones depending on the wishes of the user.

Food puree: You can all apply this machine to puree foods such as vegetables, fish and meat and freely prepare dishes as you like.

In addition to puree, the machine also has the function of mixing food evenly. Therefore, you can freely cook as you like.

  1. What signs do you need to clean your ice machine?

If you have some of the following problems, it may be time to clean your ice machine:

The ice machine does not release ice or harvest slowly.

The ice machine does not go into harvest mode.

The quality of the ice is poor (soft or not clear).

Ice produces an odor.

The ice machine produces shallow or incomplete stones.

Low stone capacity.

  1. Why is it important to clean the ice machine?

The FDA defines ice as a food, which means it must be handled and cared for in the same way as other food products. Any part of the ice machine that comes in contact with water can develop scale, slime or mold at any time, which will contaminate your ice and potentially harm your customers. .

  1. How often should you clean your ice machine?
how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Your ice machine should be cleaned and sanitized at least every six months for it to function properly. You must first perform a cleaning procedure to remove lime, sludge and mineral deposits, followed by a cleaning process to disinfect the equipment and remove algae and slime.

Closing Thought

The Manitowoc ice machine must be washed once in every six months on a daily basis. Commercial ice machines must not only be cleaned up by scraping dirt and grease, but also by disinfecting the field. Steps on how to clean a manitowoc ice machine is a procedure by which chemical products are used to remove bacteria, viruses and fungi and then rinse out the solution. Sanitizing requires a reduced chemical dosage to reduce the amount of bacteria towards generally accepted levels of hygiene.

how to clean a manitowoc ice machine

Nobody likes dirty beverage, that’s why it should be #1 priority to keep the ice machine cold. Not only does Manitowoc ice cleaning keep the ice hygienic, but it also preserves system quality. The clean ice maker creates more energy than the polluted ice machine.

We have decomposed the method of how to clean a manitowoc ice machine instructions to keep you from having problems. We hope you can find it convenient to clean your ice machine as simply as possible.

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