How To Clean Car Cup Holders By The Fastest Way

Nobody likes a dirty car innard with a messy and terrible smell. According to a study made by experts at Queen Mary University in London on 27 April 2011, the average of almost over  900 types of bacteria can take cover in your car. Car cup holders not only get crumbs and dust but also some microbes or germs which can transfer from your fingers when touching it to a cup or jar. However, you spend hours in the car to go to work everyday or travel on short and long trips. And you want a tidy, comfortable vehicle to have a nice day when commuting with different places. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean car cup holders. 

Some people may take a quick turn, and some coffee or other liquid will overturn on the top of the lid. Or your kids leave a paper cup with juice or milk placed in the cup holder for an entire week. Sometimes we do not have enough time to check the car and some stuff makes your cup holders become more sticky. So, whatever the reason for those incredible messes, learning how to clean car cup holders is very convenient for you to save time and energy effectively. 

This article contains:

  • Why choose good car cup holders?
  • Standard tips to clean car cup holders 
  • Steps to clean a movable car cup holder
  • Ways to clear up non-lockable car cup holder
  • Q&A

Why choose good car cup holders?

A car cup holder is a part interior in your car that is built up to hold for your favorite beverage during a short or long trip. However, some are designed with an inconvenient position or too small for some bottles, jars or cups. They may make you feel uncomfortable and unsecured when you place some liquid in your car. To prevent this mess, you can replace better car cup holders with firm rubber tabs or a soft foam sleeve which avoids the damaging or scratching for your car. Or you can find a car cup holder which is lightweight and durable. It is made from high quality ABS plastic. To be specific, you can notice the standard size of a car cup holder with 68 mm diameter to put drinking bottles and vacuum cups.

If your children go with you for a long trip, another solution is that you can choose a good travel seat for your kids. If you still don’t know which is appropriate, you can select one of the best travel booster seats here based on your favorite feature, the size of your car and function. 

Moreover, you can set a double hole car cup holder so that different sizes of cup or container of beverage can be suitable. Thanks to it, you can be less worried and focus on driving for your journey. And you can find it easier to clean cup holders in car with this extra type.

Standard tips to clean car cup holders

Knowing how to clean cup holders in car by the quickest ways is so essential that can  help you to save time and energy with little mess. There are 3 ways with some steps making your car clean-smelling again and no more sticky parts. You can choose ingredients that you like and feel safe.

Way 1: Using Soap, Water or Vinegar

Step 1: Vacuum crumbs

This is the first important step to avoid other messy procedures later. You can use it with a deep vacuum for its nooks and crannies. Moreover, a small brush can be suitable to clear up any loose debris and dust. Besides, you can use some upright vacuum cleaners. They are a well-known type of vacuum cleaner that is widely used by many people because of its benefit and great functions. As the technique develops, people are more and more looking for upright vacuum cleaners but with an outstanding feature that is quietness. Therefore, you can handle crumbs or other things easier. However, you may want to choose the best quiet vacuum to make you feel convenient and comfortable. If you don’t have a small vacuum, you can use a wooden grill brochette and elect any leftover crud; take it out with a microfiber fabric. 

Step 2: Wipe the cup holders with a sponge or cloth

Wet a sponge or cloth with water and soap. You can use warm water and mild soap  to protect the materials of the car cup holders. Then you can wipe down the cup  holders and eliminate the dirt and grimy parts. Moreover, you can use vinegar if you can not buy mild soap or want to avoid the discoloring. Mix the combination of vinegar and water at the same portion. Next, you can soak the sponge or the microfibre cloth or even with the socks and multi purpose cleaner to lift and remove sticky residue.

Step 3: Soak the cup holders

If your cup holders in the car are too sticky with lots of gunk, garbage or color from pens or crayons, you can fill them midway with warm water and tender soap. After that, you can soak them for almost one to two minutes. This way can aid to release any toughness to get rid of bits on the cup holders. If the hard points are still there, you can immerse the cup holders more time. You can use vinegar to soak it with the same portion as one water and one vinegar. 

Step 4: Eliminate the solution in the cup holders

Wipe out the water or vinegar resulting in the cup holders in the car when they have immersed in the short time above. In addition, you can use a cup to excavate the liquid in the car cup holders easily.

Step 5: Use a charging brush for tough stains

Use a handy, small brush and gently cleanse out any crumbs or hard stains. Soak  the brush in soap and water or vinegar many times to get out residue on the car cup holders. Moreover, you can take a dry rag or a toothbrush to eliminate them. Try much to get the dust or dirty pieces out all the corners of the cup holders. Always be gentle and light when doing this step as hard or strong action can damage the surface of the car cup holders.

Step 6: Dry the car cup holders

When you realize that there are almost no chunks or dirty, make them dry with a clean cloth. Let the car cup holders dry overnight before you use them. This way can avoid germs raising up in the wet cup holders. However, if you want to use cup holders immediately as you need to go to work or other reasons, you can make them dry faster with a blow dryer. You can also use a hair dryer which is more convenient to you. You can select some of the powerful motors for hair dryer to wipe the car cup holders dry faster and easier. 

Way 2: Using a technicalized cleaner

Step 1: Use natural and safe cleaner

To protect the materials as well as the surface of some parts of the car, try a natural and eco-friendly way to apply how to clean car cup holders easier. Find some cleaners with safe ingredients such as vinegar, water, baking soda and oils, which helps your hands and your car in a good situation. After owning those cleaners, pour them on a sponge or microfiber cloth. Then, you can wipe car cup holders down. After that, let them dry before using it. If you are not acquainted with the smell of cleaners, you can stain and dirt on your car cup holders that can remove little that uncomfortable feelings. 

You can use G101 powerful multipurpose cleaner that is 100% biodegradable. It can help you to clear up the hard surface for most interior parts of the car such as the wheel and the car cup holders also. It has a great function which is easy to remove the oil blackened residue. After that, you can apply the interior dressing to make your cup holders more shiny and clean as newly bought. 

Step 2: Use a gunk or dirt remover

If your car cup holders are too sticky with gum, or liquid stains such as coffee or melted crayon colors, you can apply a gunk or dirty remover. You can look for a nice and trustworthy remover such as Goo Gone. You can book it through online or some hardware stores. With this step, you can gently scrub the cup holders to remove all stains. Light cleanse is essential to protect the car cup holders and other parts near them.

Step 3: Use a steam cleaner

A steam cleaner is a good option to eliminate dirt, small stains or litter on the car cup holders. In addition, it is used to clean the tile floor without strain and can make your house clean quicker and more convenient. Apply the steam cleaner over the car cup holders blowing warm steam on them to detach any dirt or hard sticky pieces. Next, you can use a brush coming with the steam cleaner to gently scrub the car cup holders until they are unstained. Moreover, you can choose another brush such as a toothbrush to sponge them. You may find some good and affordable steam cleaners on reliable websites and stores. 

Steps to clean movable car cup holders

Most vehicle manufacturers expect the essential function to clean up cup holders in the car, thus some detachable plastic or flexible liners go with it. These kinds of cup holders are the fastest types for cars to tidy up due to its function and great features. You can easily roll them into your dishwasher and wait until it finishes their process.  When the procedure completes, recover the car holders from your used dishwasher and check slowly how much clean they really are. However, there may still be some leftover mud that you can easily wipe down with a cloth or sponge. For hard and tough stains, you need to wash it again with a second time in dishwasher. It is a good choice to choose the best dishwasher to save energy as well as time. If you have a baby or elders at home, you may select some quietest dishwasher to make less noise for the family at any time. 

On the other hand, you can wash your movable cup holders in your car with a tub of warm water and mild soaps. Next, let them soak for around 10 minutes or more if you still find some hard stains or gunk, and then try to brush them gently to avoid damaging the surface for car cup holders. Finally, without any dirt, you can dry it with a blow dryer or use the cloth to make it parched before using them and then place them again on your car. 

Ways to clear up non-lockable car cup holders

There may be some cars which do not possess a removable car cup holder, you have to clear them up due to the fixed position of the manufacturers setting up. However, based on the level and the spread of the dirty, you can clean it with different steps to save more time and energy.

For lightly dirty car cup holders

You may have an accident turn when driving, but the dirty part is light. Thus, you can 

follow these easy steps:

  • Put a sock that you don’t use anymore on the base of the wine glass or another big cup
  • Sprinkle the sock with professional cleaner or other types such as glass cleaners
  • Twist the wine glass around the car holders to wash small spots or dirty pieces
  • Exterminate by vacuuming car cup holders with a high quality vacuum cleaner or an aspirator.

For extraordinarily grubby car cup holders

Sometimes a plastic cup of coffee or crayons or bars of chocolates may stick to your car cup holders so much that make you feel annoyed or hard to clear them up. If so, here are some tips that you can try.

  • Moisten a dust cloth with warm water and mild soap. Then you squash a little more puddle in the car cup holders. Next stay the water soak for at least around 7 minutes.
  •  Squeeze a dry cloth into the car cup holders to take over the warm water as well as sweep away the remainder.
  • If mugginess still hangs around on car cup holders, polish it in a several glob of lemonade with a dry and clean fabric.
  • Wash out and drain the car holders and receive the amazing outcomes.

How to avoid future problems related to cup holders in your car?

There are many steps to follow to know how to clean car cup holders. It may take much time for you to clean based on the grime or the kind and severity of stickiness such as liquid or darkened colors for melted crayons. You want your cup holders in the car as clean as possible for a long time. After cleaning your car cup holders for a long time, you really want them to remain clean as much as possible and get time-saving when washing it. Therefore, you can try some useful tips here to avoid those unpleasant times. 

Tip 1: Buy cleanable inserts for the car cup holders

Spend money to buy washable inserts for the cup holders on the car to make them clean. You can look for some extra accessories made with rubber that are placed suitably in the cup holders. When realizing the blemish of the inserts, you can easily remove it. If you are more careful as your children may usually touch the cup holders, clean them little time with the water and vinegar. 

Moreover, you can buy some muffin holders or wrappers made of silicone. Based on the size of your car cup holders, you can insert muffin ones as the liner. And when they become dirty, just move it out and replace with other muffin or cupcake holders.

Tip 2: Apply ceramic car cup coasters

To make your car more elegantly and stylish, you can buy some ceramic cup coasters. You can put them at the bottom of the car cup holders and press them as possible as you can to cover the holders to avoid some gunk or stains which may stick around them. You can design your own favorite color or shapes or images to make your car more lively with your children and other members in your family. Moreover, with this accessory, you can feel safe and comfortable as if you turn left or right immediately, your coffee may fall but those ceramic cup coasters can reduce the dirty and be easy to clean faster. 

Add your travel coffee cup with a closed lid or stainless steel water bottle. If your mugs don’t come with an elastic tab, clog an overlaid straw in the cover to forestall dripping when you drive.

Tip 3: Always bring your supplies or some useful cleaners on your car

Carry a small, convenient and affordable cleaning kit or a cloth and a small dryer on your car. Your car emergency tool can include trash can, wet wipe or air freshener to make your car interior be fast to have a comfortable smell. This method, in case of the accidental liquid dirty, you can clean it immediately and avoid the expansion of gunk in your car cup holders. It is also a good option to place the cleaning tools near you such as on the seats after so that you can stick out if needed. However, be careful for bringing along some harsh chemicals that can create uncomfortable smells for your car affecting your health and efficiency of work.

Tip 4: Avoid eating in the car

You can keep your car clean and save time to vacuum when avoiding to eat inside. There are some foods that you can stay away from eating inside. They are ice-creams, chocolates, fast foods or smelly foods with sauces. In addition, another choice is to always bring your small trash bags to reduce littering in your car. You can also create your own plastic bags which are used from tissue boxes. It will help you to save places and be easy to put next to you. If you have a whole grain container, you can add plastic bags in it and then use it as a trash can. 

Tip 5: Clean car cup holders with coffee filters

You buy a lot of coffee filters and you still don’t know how to use it for another purpose. So you can apply your most-liked cleaning solution such as glass cleaner or olive oil on them to absorb all dust or dirt in your car easier. As a coffee filter is a coffee-gathering tool which is usually made of replaceable paper. This facilitates it to catch most of the coffee grounds easier and permit the liquor of coffee to overflow.

Paper filters can get out oily components faster too. Thus, you will receive an amazing result in just a few minutes to remove all blackened spots. 


What standard size is a car cup holder?

The normal size of a car cup holder usually has a total diameter of around 3.15″ along with 2.25″ deep. The hole size essential for the standard measurement of car cup holders is like 2.7″. Therefore, If you have a 12oz soft drink such as soda, coca-cola or a plastic cup of tea and a travel mug with smaller size will fit your car cup holders. 

What popular cars possess the best cup holders?

You want to select good car cup holders to save time and energy when cleaning them, so the first important way is to choose a trustworthy manufacturer with a high-quality interior device. There are seven cars proving you lots of numbers of car cup holders as well as its qualified features. You can replace them easier if the old one doesn’t need your desire. Moreover, if your whole family goes on vacations together, they can easily find more car cup holders to put their drinks safely and comfortably.

Subaru Ascent

This brand has an outstanding number of car cup holders. There are 19 cup holders which are placed in convenient places in the car such as in the center, in each front door, in the middle seat, the back doors or even underneath the windows of the door.

Hyundai Palisade

This car possesses 18 car cup holders helping you to carry all things you need especially drinks, foods or other essential tools and things you need for traveling. Their designs for the position of those car cup holders are very convenient, comfortable and easy for you to find in the car. 

Volkswagen Atlas

This German car is a nice choice for you to buy and select good car cup holders. There are 17 car cup holders which are six of them mostly put in the front helping you to handle your beverage and foods easier. They are also made of good quality for you to clean faster with different steps.

Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder has 14 car cup holders with proper materials. There are 2 cup holders that are designed on the second row underneath the armrest to help you save space and make it easy to take your drinks and food.

2019 Infiniti QX80

This brand comprises 13 cup holders in the car making you facile to change your cup in different positions which fit your travel mug. They will help you not to spill your coffee in the morning before starting a day or your juice when going traveling. 

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota is a well-known brand for many people. Therefore, their 13 car cup holders are usually made of good quality materials and set up in diverse places. With those car cup holders, your family members won’t be worried when they have 2 or 3 cups of drinks in the car while they go for a long trip.

Lincoln Navigator

This car has 8 seats with 13 car cup holders. Therefore, it is the last choice if you want to own a car with numerous cup holders. However, this brand also brings you comfort when hanging your food or drink in the car for your whole family.

Do any cars possess heated cup holders?

Heated cup holders in cars is another great function which not only holds your glass or mug but also makes your drink remain cool or hot. This feature can help to draw much interest for young drivers as they can enjoy their drinks after a long day at working. Here are some brands of the car that possess this fabulous trademark.

2007 Chrysler Sebring

This car goes with a cup holder in the front helping you to hold and set it up easily. Moreover, it can assist in keeping your drinks cold or hot. This car cup holder can warm up until 130 degrees Fahrenheit and cool down almost 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The cup holder hole holds a heating section that is made of ceramic which is the same components included in most hair dryers. More specifically, once the function of the heat or cool of the car cup holder is converted, then an electric power will either warm or chill the material and remain the temperature for the inside liquid. 

Porsche Boxster

This brand has an ideal position for cup holders which is in the front of the ventilating to remain your drinks cold. While others like cup holders of Mercedes-Benz are designed to have the bigger size for your cup or travel mugs. The underneath of the separator can be applied to wrest the covers of bottles. 

Subaru B9 Tribeca

This model has two car cup holders in the front comprising  Big Gulps helping you to put any different sizes of the cup or mug. In addition, it goes with a classic flap which folds for larger containers and assists them for position of the smaller cups. One of the prominent features of this car cup holder is to possess the cut-out design that is put next to other holes applied for your phones or any small stuff that you need while going on your trip. 

How to select removable car cup holders if your car doesn’t have one?

There are some classic and industry cars that may not include a car cup holder or removable holders. If so, how can you add different kinds of cup holders? Firstly, you should choose which types of car cup holders you want and places where you install them in your car. Usually, there are some well-known models including bench seat cabinets, floor breakfront and block or chug car cup holders.

  • Bench seat cabinet 

This type can be suitable for many front or rear seats. Usually the cup holders are placed safely on the cover of the seat which is handily removed if they don’t work well like before.

  •    Floor breakfront

Those kinds are used to suit some floor spaces of the cars or big trucks. These consoles are made of great material which avoids motion when you drift too fast. Moreover, it is easy to install and stable during your long trip.

  • Block or chug car cup holders

They are the ultimate choice if your non-removable car cup holders are not fixed with your car. These holders are accessible in single or double cup types which you can install for your favorite desires.

Conclusion: How To Clean Car Cup Holders

You love to travel different places as well as use your car for working everyday or other purposes in a long time or short period with your family. Moreover, you want to have a comfortable smell for your interior car during your vacation and save time or your energy when cleaning it up. 

Therefore, with two basic ways including using soap, vinegar, water and professional cleaners along with some other easy tips I hope that you have found the correct steps to apply how to clean car cup holders by yourself more effectively and quickly. Moreover, you can buy some little things such as cupcake liners or travel mugs, which can help you to remain your cup holders in the car clean as long as possible and facile to remove the dirt. In addition, always bring your cleaning kits that make you clear up the coffee spill or melted crayons as soon as possible. And the most important step is to dry your car cup holders before using, so choose one of the best hair dryers here if needed to protect the surface of cup holders during the cleaning process.

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