How To Clean Philips Air Fryer: Simple, Safe, And Quick!

How to clean Philips air fryer properly? This must be a question that many housewives are interested in because the oil-free fryer is increasingly popular in home kitchens.

Like any other household appliance, the oil-free fryer needs to be properly cleaned to ensure long-lasting use with the best efficiency. 

This apparatus requires almost no upkeep and cleaning it is extremely simple and straightforward, particularly if you contrast it and a customary profound oil fryer. Anyway, the way that cleaning it is simple doesn’t mean we can forget about it. Neglecting to appropriately clean our AirFryer can result in: 

  • More smoke than expected emerging from it while we cooking 
  • The room smells like food more than expected in the wake of cooking 
  • Our food comes out with blended flavors

Let’s read this article about how to clean this kind of cooking utensils! This article contains:

  1. Why You Should Use A Philips Air Fryer
  2. Safety Rules For Use And Storage Of The Philips Air Fryer
  3. How To Clean Philips Air Fryer Easily!
  4. Suggest Some Delicious Dishes With Philips Air Fryer
  5. How To Use Philips Air Fryer To Save Electricity

Table of Contents

Why You Should Use A Philips Air Fryer?

Philips air fryer has numerous advantages to bring to the table its clients. 

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The cooking space is cleaner

Regular frying with a pan will make your kitchen stuffy, clothes are stained with a characteristic grease smell, oil stains splashed on the kitchen wall, the kitchen surface makes it difficult to protect. clean birth. When using an oil-free fryer, you won’t need to worry about this anymore.

The oil-free fryer is equipped with its smoke and odor filter, so it does not make the room smelly food. Moreover, since the cooking process takes place in a closed pot, oil and grease won’t spill out, making cleaning up after cooking becomes much easier.

Save costs, effort, cooking time

The oil-free fryer can process many dishes such as fried chicken, meat, fish, potatoes, cheese sticks, fried spring rolls, pizza, donuts, … Not only that, the pot can also be used. For drying some foods, drying fruits, baking bread, corn, … extremely convenient.

An oil-free fryer you can use to cook multiple dishes at the same time has the same cooking time. This vacuum fryer will be the perfect suggestion to save you time and effort when you cook every day or want to have small parties at home.

With the simple operating principle, users just need to marinate the seasoning suitable for family taste and then put the food in the pot, cover it tightly, select the temperature mode, the corresponding timer is done. 

While waiting for cooking, you can do other things in combination with monitoring the pot’s activity, no need to stand guard, evenly turn the food surface so that it does not burn like normal frying. 

Frying food in an oil-free fryer also saves on total costs such as electricity, gas, and grease costs compared to processed food with a frying pan.

You can consider if:

  • Do you get yourself in a rush to cook? 
  • It is safe to say that you are struggling to relinquish those greasy food sources, yet need to get thinner? 
  • Is it accurate to say that you are continually looking to get value for your money?
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Safety Rules For Use And Storage Of The Philips Air Fryer

Take note of the following tips for the safe and effective use of your Philips air fryer.

Before use

  • Remove all packaging from the device.
  • Rinse the basket and the pot with hot water and dishwashing liquid with a soft cloth.

Note: You can also clean these parts in a dishwasher.

  • Wipe the inside and outside of the pot with a damp cloth.
  • Do not place anything on top of the device. Doing so will disrupt the gas flow and affect hot air frying results.

The location for the oil-free fryer

The oil-free fryer, when used, usually has no smell and no smoke, so many people often subjectively put the oil-free fryer on the table or places where many people are walking. If accidentally touched by your children, there is a risk of burns or electric shock which will be very dangerous, or someone who does not pay attention will drop the fryer on the ground and damage the pot. This is a very common mistake so you should pay attention.

Do not leave the pot on “On” mode.

This is also one of the mistakes that many people make very often. If your fryer stays on Power On for a long time, it will easily lead to the inner cable being damaged by overload. This is only a small problem, but if you live in an unstable source of electricity, it will lead to many unpredictable dangers. Unplug power immediately after finished use.

Heat the pot before serving

In the conventional way of frying, people heat the pan before frying so that the food doesn’t stick. Because of that habit, many people often make the mistake of preheating the oil-free fryer before using it.

This is the mistake that a lot of people make. However, the oil-free fryer does not need to be preheated. If there is a recipe that requires preheating, be careful of the temperature of the fryer lest it burns.

Use the correct fryer settings

Each type of food when frying with an oil-free fryer has a different temperature and time of use. So you cannot apply the heat and frying time of one dish to the other. Because the wrong temperature will result in your food being burnt or spoiled.

Air Fryer Recipes Guide Best Tips And Tricks Video Demo

Organize your food properly

Before proceeding to select the time and temperature for frying, you need to make sure the food you put in the frying tray has been arranged properly or not. If you do not arrange the dish properly, the dish will not cook evenly, the heat is not evenly spread throughout the fryer, making your dish not delicious. Organize your food scientifically.

Note the fryer buttons

Usually, these cooking problems are taken lightly. For example, the fryer’s stop button isn’t working, most people don’t bother fixing it. They made it simpler than pulling down the fryer door when the food inside was cooked or simply unplugging the power.

But this is not the wisest way as it will damage the fryer from the inside. If there is a warranty period, please bring the pot to the warranty immediately. If your warranty is out of warranty, make sure you get rid of the problem as soon as possible.

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Choose the wrong size when buying the pot

Nowadays, oil-free fryers are sold in a variety of features and sizes. This makes the user quite confused in choosing and buying the fryer. If you choose a small fryer to fry food for a large family, it not only reduces the quality of the food but also takes a lot of time for each preparation.

That is why the selection of the size of the fryer is quite important. If your family has less than 3 members, choose a pot of 3.5 liters or less, while the family has more people than you buy a 4-5 liter pot.

Do not inspect food during processing

Most oil-free fryers today are designed to be sealed so you cannot see the food during frying. As a result, many housewives often forget to check the food during frying, resulting in burned food.

Use a fryer with inappropriate food

Not all foods are put in an oil-free fryer for frying. Especially foods are coated with a wet powder mixture. Putting these foods in the pot will make the wet dough not as crisp as normal frying, but it will also make the outer dough fluffy and melted.

To overcome this, after dipping the food in the wet batter mixture, roll it over a layer of deep-fried flour and place it in an oil-free fryer. This deep-fried dough will have the effect of “keeping” the wet dough from dripping down.

Do not wash the pot or clean it properly and often

Housewives should clean the oil-free fryer after using it to avoid creating unwanted flavors as well as increasing the life of the machine. In addition to washing all removable parts, it’s also a good idea to clean the cookware from time to time to remove grease and food debris. These can create smoke while the machine is running.

How To Clean Philips Air Fryer Easily!

I separate into 2 options: 

  • For first use
  • For many using before

How to clean Philips air fryer when you first use it

When you first buy it, your fryer will often have a plastic smell, causing discomfort and affecting the quality of food. The following 5 ways will help you get rid of plastic smells quickly and effectively:

Way 1: Lemon slices

Cut fresh lemons into thin slices, then put in the fryer and adjust the temperature of the pot to 180 degrees C, and set a time of 4 minutes. The nitric acid content in fresh lemons can remove the unpleasant plastic smell in new fryers.

You can repeat this a few more times (if necessary) to completely remove the odors, then rinse the fryer with warm water with a little dish soap and let dry.

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Way 2: Use lemon juice

You can use lemon juice as an alternative to the lemon slices mentioned above. When using this remedy, you need to pour lemon juice into a bowl (preferably a metal or heat-resistant glass bowl), then place it in the pot, set the temperature to 200 degrees C, and set for 10 minutes.

This process should be repeated twice for the plastic smell to be completely removed. After your fryer cools down, rinse it away with dishwashing liquid and warm water, then let dry or dry with a soft cloth before using to proceed with cooking!

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Way 3: Use lemongrass, cinnamon, or anise essential oil

The small bottles of lemongrass, cinnamon, or anise oil, though small and pretty, can help you a lot in deodorizing your newly purchased oil-free fryer!

Similar to lemon juice, place a small heat-resistant glass (or metal bowl) bowl with the essential oil in a fryer, then set the temperature to 200 degrees Celsius and let the pot work in the fryer. within 10 minutes.

This remedy is considered quite simple for busy people because when using essential oils, you will not need to waste time cutting the lemon into small slices or squeezing the juice anymore.

Way 4: Use milk coffee

This method may feel strange to many people, but using milk coffee is also an effective way to help you deodorize plastic in an oil-free fryer. Place a metal bowl (or heat-resistant glass) of coffee and milk in an oil-free fryer and run the pot at 200 degrees C for 3 minutes.

If the odor has not gone away, you can repeat the above procedure. Don’t forget to rinse the pot with warm water and let it dry before using it!

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Way 5: Use tea or coffee grounds

You can take advantage of tea grounds and coffee grounds to deodorize your oil-free fryer. These seemingly discarded things have a great deodorizing effect! What you need to do is simply put tea grounds or coffee grounds in a metal bowl (which can be replaced by a heat-resistant glass bowl), then put in a fryer, set the temperature to 200 degrees C and the time is 3 minutes.

After the fryer cools down, you should notice the plastic smell is gone, replaced by a very pleasant faint smell. Finally, wash the pot and let it dry. Your pot is ready to cook the first batch of food.

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Clean the Philips air fryer after many uses

Step 1: Cleaning skillet and plate 

The skillet and plate are the parts that will normally be cleaned the most. Indeed, it is exhorted that both the skillet and plate be cleaned after each utilization, even though you could pull off cleaning simply the plate several rounds if you are utilizing a strong base plate, for example, the heating container or the flame broiling dish. 

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With regards to cleaning the container and plate, you ought to continue similarly as you would for cleaning a standard kitchen dish. Utilize a non-rough wipe or brush with your normal dishwashing cleanser to eliminate the oil and flush with clear water before evaporating them. 

On the off chance that the container has food particles adhered to it, which will regularly be the situation when utilizing the broiling plate, you may fill the plate with water and a tad of cleanser and absorb the plate for 10-20 minutes before scouring it with the wipe. 

Dishwasher safe 

That or just put them into the dishwasher! Truth be told, both the container and the plate are protected to go into the dishwasher with the remainder of your dishes. Simply ensure no huge bits of food are adhered to the plate before placing it into the dishwasher and you are finished! 

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Step 2: Cleaning the inside 

The inside of the AirFryer’s body (that is the part that doesn’t come out with the container and plate) additionally should be cleaned routinely, albeit not however much the dish and plate do. Contingent upon the amount you utilize your AirFryer and what sort of food you cook in it you may have to clean the inside anyplace from once every week to once per month or less. 

Whichever the case, when the opportunity arrives to clean the inside of the apparatus just eliminate the dish and plate, ensure the machine is cold to abstain from getting singed, and continue to clean the warming component at the top with a delicate soggy wipe or brush, at that point attempt it utilizing a paper towel. Do likewise for the metal base piece of the inside. If you think that it’s hard to dispose of the oil layer on the inside divider, take a stab at utilizing heated water and a surprisingly standard cleanser. 

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Try not to utilize solid synthetic substances to clean within the machine as regardless of how well you evaporate it hints of the compound will remain and will transform into the exhaust, which may be hurtful for your wellbeing, next time you heat the AirFryer. 

It is significant that you clean the warming twisting with care and that you never client steel brushes to do as such or you would harm the material that the warming winding is made off. Recall that food has never been in contact with this component so there will be food particles adhered you need to dispose of, simply a delicate layer of oil. 

Step 3: Cleaning the outside 

Presently that the container, plate, and inside of your machine are perfect it’s an ideal opportunity to clean it from an external perspective. This is just accomplished for feel and will have no impact on how your food is prepared or how it tastes, however, it’s as yet significant since the AirFryer is not especially little machines and chances are it will take an unmistakable space in your kitchen, so you should make it sparkle! 

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The outside of the Philips air fryer doesn’t get grimy from the actual cooking as it occurs with conventional fryers, it will simply get soil from sitting on your ledge like some other apparatus would, so it will be generally easy to clean. 

Utilize a damp cotton fabric to clean the plastic case. Be mindful so as not to utilize any rough materials, as even a delicate wipe may scratch the plastic surface and make your machine look more established than it is.

Suggest Some Delicious Dishes With Philips Air Fryer

Grilled fish foil

In addition to the dishes of the warehouse, frying, and cooking soup, the grilled fish with aluminum foil is loved by many people because of its deliciousness and taste. Housewives also often choose this dish to cook in family meals or treat guests on important occasions, gatherings of relatives, and friends because this grilled fish with foil has a single processing method. Simple, applicable to many types of fish, does not take much time.

Just prepare all the ingredients, marinate the fish according to your family’s taste, and put it in the Philips air fryer, you will quickly get delicious grilled fish like the outside.


Grilled salmon

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids and many vitamins and minerals that are good for human health such as reducing digestive and cardiovascular pathogens, reducing the risk of stroke, developing muscle. corn, enhance brain development, improve eye health.

There are many ways to cook salmon, including the delicious oil-free frying method while still ensuring full of nutrients. Try changing the menu for your family with this wonderful grilled salmon!

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Fish fry

In addition to baking, you can make a simple crispy fish dish to save time and many marinades, or to prepare many ingredients.

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Fried chicken wing sauce

Chicken is an easy-to-eat food that both children and adults love. Instead of processing in familiar ways such as boiling, frying, roasting, today you can “change dishes” with the recipe of fried chicken wings with fish sauce.

Fried chicken wings with fish sauce is a simple “bring rice” dish, easy to cook. The soft sweet chicken wings are covered with a thin layer of crispy skin, adding a layer of aromatic sauce made from fish sauce, sugar, garlic, ground pepper – all for flavor unforgettable taste for your whole family.

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Fried chicken drumstick

Fried chicken drumsticks are also a favorite of both adults and children that you can make in an oil-free fryer. Chicken thighs marinated with fish sauce, fried flour, honey, or kept fried are very delicious, low-fat, completely suitable for both your daily meals and your family’s guests.

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Grilled chicken honey

Experiment with the delicious and attractive whole honey grilled chicken recipe and an oil-free fryer. You should eat it hot, as soon as you remove it from the pot to experience the fullest taste!

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Grilled duck

Grilled duck is also one of the favorite dishes of many families and is extremely rich in nutritional value. If you are concerned about the problem of a lot of greases, do not forget that there is a powerful assistant named oil-free fryer in the kitchen. 

The fragrant grilled duck dish will quickly appear with an attractive, eye-catching appearance and an irresistible, delicious scent like the outside.

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Grilled pork ribs with honey

At the weekend, treat the whole family with delicious and delicious grilled ribs with honey! Ribs are marinated with honey and fragrant spices, grilled in an oil-free fryer still ensures the meat is sweet and rich, and just looking at it, it makes saliva.


Pizza is a favorite dish for many people, especially young children. Concerned about food safety and hygiene, mothers want to make pizza for their babies at home and choose clean and guaranteed ingredients by themselves. However, many people fear that pizza must have an oven to be delicious.

Do not worried! With just an oil-free fryer with the full recipe and ingredients, you can still create delicious pizza to treat your loved ones, friends, or family members to enjoy.

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French fries

Like pizza, from young children to old people, they love French fries and are attracted to their crispness and deliciousness as soon as they try the first bite. 

However, housewives are always worried that eating too much fried food will hurt the health of family members, especially children and the elderly, causing obesity, heart diseases. pulse, high blood pressure.

Making fries in an oil-free fryer will give you more peace of mind in this regard. The cooker operates on the principle of using an electromagnetic heat source, combined with a convection radiator fan, circulating heat to cover the food surface, making potatoes evenly ripe, yellow without the use of grease or oil. Only use at 10% of the amount of oil to be consumed during normal frying.

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Salt-roasted peanuts

Salt-roasted peanuts (also known as salt-roasted peanuts) is a simple, bold Vietnamese dish that everyone loves from past to present. The large, round peanuts contain a lot of protein and healthy fats, mingle with the sweet and salty taste of salt and sugar, creating a vegetarian meal for the family.

In addition to appearing on the table, this roasted peanut dish is also regularly present on the men’s drinking table, the cup of him and a few peanuts is refreshing to talk about and confide in life. To make home-roasted peanuts is not difficult at all, now this is even simpler and faster for housewives when using the oil-free fryer.

Grilled shrimp with salt and chili

Salt and pepper grilled shrimp is the perfect combination between the spicy taste of chili, the sweetness coming from the nutritious shrimp meat, and the salty taste of salt. 

The way to make this dish is quite simple, you just marinate according to the recipe and then put it in the oil-free fryer, choose the appropriate temperature and baking time, and finally start the pot. The result after baking will be a delicious, eye-catching plate of red-colored shrimp, everyone loves the fast processing time.

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Egg tart

The hot and delicious egg tart, which can not be eaten, is considered an attractive dish, conquering the “culinary soul” of many subjects, from adults to children. This small cake has a crunchy crust, the filling smells of eggs, eating once will make you remember the taste! 

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How To Use Philips Air Fryer To Save Electricity

Heat the pot before use

As with other types of cookware, most oil-free fryer manufacturers recommend heating the pot for about 3 minutes before adjusting to the desired temperature and placing the food in the pot to help the cooking temperature get right. and better food.

Take advantage of oil available on food

Some foods need to be seasoned with more oil to not dry out and taste better such as potatoes, seafood, … However, for foods containing fat such as dark chicken, ground beef, fatty meats, … then you can take advantage of the oil content available on them without further marinating.

Apply grease/oil to the pan to prevent stickiness

For some dishes with high adhesion, you can overcome this problem by greasing or cooking oil by swabbing, spraying a little on the surface of the mesh underneath. This will ensure that your food won’t stick and look better.

Do not put too much food in the pot

Oil-free fryers operate by hot air circulating inside the pot to cook food. Not only will adding too many foods at once make your food undercooked, but it also takes more time to fry.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, divide your processed foods into batches or invest in an oil-free fryer with a larger size that will meet your family’s regular usage needs.

Stir well when frying small foods

When preparing small foods like chicken wings, french fries, and the like, shake the basket or stir the foods well to make sure they are evenly crispy. When you open the pot to do this, the fryer will pause temporarily and will fry the food as usual as it resumes.

Spray food with oil during processing

One of the biggest mistakes that women often think about when using an oil-free fryer is not having to use cooking oil when frying. Spraying food with oil during processing will give the best crunch on most foods. Halfway time will be suitable for spraying oil, except for a few fatty dishes such as bacon, …

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Fill the pot with water when white smoke appears

If you are cooking greasy food in your air fryer, don’t be surprised if you see white smoke coming out of the pot. To solve it, simply pour some (about 2 tbsp) water into the bottom of the basket to stop the smoke and continue cooking.

You can place a slice of bread on the bottom of the pot to soak up any grease when preparing foods that can spill a lot of grease like bacon, etc.

Do not put small size foods in the pot

Each oil-free fryer usually comes with a powerful fan device on its head, which causes some small, light foods to easily get caught in the fan and can be dangerous. So don’t put small foods in a pot, scrambled omelets are an example.

Adjust the temperature according to the type of food

Each food has its own time and temperature to cook for the best flavor and quality. So, before preparing any food, check the appropriate time and temperature from the user manuals or on the cooking forums.

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If you think this is a great deal of work remember this is a broad article on the most proficient method to clean the AirFryer from start to finish. It’s simpler to keep the AirFryer perfect and sparkly than it is to keep different apparatuses a similar way. Consistently cleaning this machine will take you no longer than cleaning a normal kitchen container or pot. Generally, this is additionally a much cleaner alternative than a customary air fryer which immediately becomes oily and tacky regardless of how much consideration you put into utilizing it.

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