How To Defrost Frigidaire Freezer Fastest Without Affecting How It Works

After a long time or a certain time, the frigidaire freezer compartment of your frigidaire freezer will appear thick layers of ice and seal on the inner surface of its, making the working performance of the frigidaire freezer impaired, at the same time, It increases the amount of electricity used by your air-conditioner. So you need to find a way to know how to defrost frigidaire freezer.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

However, defrosting a frigidaire freezer is very time consuming and affects the need to use a frigidaire freezer to refrigerate food or as filler ice for cool drinks. Leaving the ice on for a long time can cause an odor to emerge that affects the foods and drinks found in the frigidaire freezer. This is why it can affect the health of you and those around you using frigidaire freezer.

This article of mine will provide information and ways to get you the fastest and safe defrost frigidaire freezer for your freezer. Here are the main points I will address on this:

  • The reason why we need the defrost frigidaire freezer.
  • There are many ways to limit the freezing of freezer frigidaire.
  • Benefits of defrosting freezer frigidaire.
  • Step by step to Defrost Frigidaire Freezer Fastest.
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

Table of Contents

The Reason Why We Need The Defrost Frigidaire Freezer

During the use of the frigidaire freezer, some older types or models show the phenomenon of freezing or freezing on the ice as it is made of ice. The following reasons will cause the freezer to become frozen. From there, you will find out how to defrost frigidaire freezer. This phenomenon occurs for a few reasons such as:

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

The air in the frigidaire freezer is highly humid.

The reason is that the air in the frigidaire freezer is high in humidity, when cold vapor will accumulate and cause snow on the surface.

When there is snow on the interior surfaces of the frigidaire freezer, which increases power consumption, foods stored inside are spoiled more quickly because the cold is blown out unevenly, or the food cannot be consumed. The frigidaire freezer because cold air is prevented by thick snow.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

In addition, the thick layer of snow inside the refrigerator will reduce the capacity of the frigidaire freezer, taking up a lot of space inside. You have to use up stored food to avoid waste, and cleaning becomes more difficult. Therefore, it is important to thaw your frigidaire freezer regularly if this happens.

The freezer is opened or the freezer has been repeatedly opened.

When the freezer door is opened too often or the channel is open, it is also the cause of the frigidaire freezer operation to freeze. Normally, in order to minimize the loss of cold air, the manufacturer has integrated a safety lock, combined with rubber gaskets to help the cabinet door always be tightly closed.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

So to limit this problem, you should not open the frigidaire freezer many times and each time should open in a short time and quickly close the freezer.

The door rubber gasket is damaged.

The freezer gasket (also known as the gasket) is essentially a seamless rubber band that is firmly attached to the groove around the edge of the door. It works to prevent outside air from getting inside, avoiding cold air loss to keep food frozen. Failure or openness of this unit will cause moisture to enter the freezer and cause the freezer to freeze.

The failure of the freezer to maintain a safe temperature can both spoil the food in a short time, and increase the electricity bill as the freezer has to work harder to keep the freezing temperature needed.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

You should check the rubber gaskets every 12 months to avoid freezing phenomena and affecting the operation of the cabinet.

The freezer is clogged with drain holes.

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When the drain hole in the water tray is blocked due to long-term dirt, clogged freezer will prevent moisture and water from food in the freezer from escaping, leading to freezing in the freezer.

You should regularly check that the freezer drain hole is clogged or if there is a problem. Because this affects the freezer and causes freezing.

There are many ways to limit the freezing of freezer frigidaire

Before learning how to defrost frigidaire freezer, you should read this section alone for a few more tips on limiting freezer freezing. After investigating the causes of freezing, you should take note of the following to minimize the snowfall when using your freezer:

ve sinh toan dien 3

You should note a few things below:

  • Adjust the temperature properly: Do not set the temperature too cold, or too weak will affect the storage of food as well as appear snow. Set cooler compartment temperature from 3 – 5 degrees C, freezer about – 18 degrees Celsius.
  • Clean and defrost the freezer regularly: help the cold air circulate evenly throughout the refrigerator and preserve food better.
  • Periodic maintenance of the freezer: The periodic maintenance of the freezer every 3 – 4 months / 1 time will help its system operate normally.

Check the freezer door

Check the freezer door is the first thing you should do when it begins to show signs of freezing. This is one of the choices for how to defrost frigidaire freezer. Check it out now!

Limit freezer doors

Regular opening of the door will increase the humidity inside the freezer, and cause the compressor to operate continuously leading to the accumulation of ice and freezing into snow.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

Therefore, you need to limit the regular freezer door opening, decide in advance what foods and utensils you need to get, or store inside the refrigerator. Close – open freezer doors should take less than 1 minute is best.

Lift the front foot base, helping the freezer door close automatically

The freezer door is easily opened, or it tends to open itself up while you are picking and storing food, which is also the cause of freezing because the increase in humidity inside the freezer makes the compressor work. constant, out of control.

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Therefore, ask someone to help you pull the freezer about 1 ft (0.30 meters) away from the wall, tilting the top of the refrigerator back (toward the wall) to expose the 2 freezer base on the front. At this point, quickly turn the 2 stand counter-clockwise, which means raise the front 2 stand slightly up. This will make the door of the cabinet able to close by itself according to the principle of gravity.

Tighten the freezer door hinge if it gets loose

The freezer door hinges are loose, creating a gap in the refrigerator, causing the internal humidity to increase and also lead to freezing. This also interferes with how the freezer works, so be careful and maintain it regularly.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

So check and use a screwdriver to tighten the screw clockwise. This is the simplest but most effective remedy so that your freezer can last longer and limit the freezing of snow.

Wipe the dirt on the washer – the border around the door

The door cushions are stained with food residues, or are covered with snow, which will cause the doors to not close tightly, leading to continuous operation of the compressor, which can easily cause freezing. This will keep you looking for ways to defrost frigidaire freezer to help your freezer last longer.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

Use a damp cloth, mild soapy water to quickly scrub the edges of the door and even the outside of the freezer. Don’t forget to wipe it off with a dry cloth, then close the door. This keeps the cleaning clean and safe for the next use.

Replace the door cushion

Check the door trim backing, if it is damaged then you should replace it with a new one. You can contact your refrigerator manufacturer to order a replacement gasket. This will help the working mechanism of the refrigerator to be better and also more hygienic.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

However, since this is an alternative, it takes skill and experience so when doing it you need to focus and read the instructions to avoid negative effects and affect yourself and your freezer.

Before changing door gaskets, you need to unplug and move all perishable food (due to lack of cold) to another compartment. Next, remove the damaged gasket and quickly insert a new one.

Organize food and clean the freezer

You have always wondered how to defrost frigidaire freezer but seldom wonder if the storage in the freezer is correct or not? Improper food handling and frequent freezer cleaning are also the causes of freezing. So, you need to do the following tip:

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

Way 1: Avoid leaving food in front of the wind

You can put your hand inside the fridge to determine where the cold air is coming from (wind vents). If the area near vents, obstructed by food, move them out of the way to ensure even airflow of cold air throughout the refrigerator.

Way 2: Avoid storing food filled inside the freezer

Containing too much food will affect the circulation of cold air inside the freezer, and can also become the cause of freezing.

Therefore, consider buying and storing food. In addition, you should preserve foods that are suitable for the function of each compartment, such as vegetable compartment (preserving vegetables, seeds), soft freezer compartment (preserving meat, fish), …

At the same time, take a few minutes every week to briefly check the contents of the refrigerator, especially the removal of foods that have expired, or have been left for too long, to avoid affecting the quality. of other foods.

Way 3: Clean the vent membrane every 6 months

Ventilating membranes are often dirty and easily clogged, causing problems with cold airflow and ice accumulation. Therefore, every 6 months, you should clean the vent membrane by using a bristle brush, warm water and soap (mild concentration) to remove dirt. Be sure to dry the ventilation diaphragm before replacing it back in place.

Way 4: Clean the inside of the cabinet about 2 times a year

Before cleaning the freezer, remove everything from the refrigerator and temporarily place perishable foods in the icebox or bucket containing ice.

Next, use a dry towel to remove any crumbs and leftovers left in the freezer. Then, use another clean cloth, soaked in warm water with a little bit of mild detergent, to clean the shelves and the inside of the freezer.

Finally, wipe it off one more time with a dry towel before refilling the contents of the freezer. This makes the cleaning process more optimal.

Way 5: Vacuum the condensation coil in the back of the refrigerator 2 times a year

First, you need to disconnect the power supply temporarily and let perishable foods enter a cooler (like an icebox, foam bin, …).

Then move the refrigerator away from the wall, so that the back of the freezer is easily accessible. At this time, you need to use a soft bristle brush and vacuum cleaner to remove debris, dirt around the condenser coil area. After vacuuming is complete, put the refrigerator back to its original position.

Benefits of defrosting freezer frigidaire

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

Currently on the modern market there are many types of freezers with self-defrosting cycles. This helps users to see the convenience thanks to this cycle. It works as follows:

A defrost system does the job in one of two ways. Nearly every modern freezer is built with a heater attached to its evaporator coil. When the defrost cycle is initiated, the coil is energized to thaw the ice.

Hot air condensation systems have been in use for a little longer and are used by several manufacturers. This method temporarily reverses the cooling cycle of the device, so instead of absorbing heat, the device’s evaporating coil releases heat to thaw the ice that has accumulated on it. That temporary warmth also promotes the evaporation of the molten condensate, helping to prevent its corrosion on surrounding metal components.

Defrosting systems are almost always the “start time”, meaning that the internal timer will start the cycle at a set amount of time regardless of the actual conditions inside the appliance. In traditional equipment, this timer runs continuously. Timers on modern equipment only advance while the freezer compressor is running, an energy-efficient design.

The freezer defrost cycle ends in 1 of 2 ways. In some devices, the cycle ends the same way it was initiated – according to a timer. This method gets the job done, but isn’t always effective as the length of the cycle has nothing to do with whether the evaporator is actually thawed or not. That means the cycle is too long or not long enough.

The second way to terminate the defrost cycle is more accurate. It involves measuring the evaporator’s temperature to decide when to continue normal operation. This method saves energy as it can accurately predict when all ice has been removed from the evaporator and avoids running defrost cycles longer than necessary.

Now you may be wondering what happens to the water produced when the defrosting system thaws. It is usually led into a tray below the device where it can be heated to make evaporation easier. Manufacturers include wick systems that cause water to evaporate without any electrical components.

Thanks to this cycle defrosting occurs faster and more often. This will keep your freezer safe and durable.

Step by step to defrost frigidaire freezer fastest

So how to defrost frigidaire freezer safe, efficient and fastest. Please read this section for details and make it easier to understand!

Step 1: Turn off the freezer

Turn off the freezer to reduce power consumption during defrosting. Cold food when stored together in an insulated environment remains cold.

Turning off this switch also makes the process of freezing the snow safer.

Step 2: Take out the contents of the freezer

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

Remove any food stored in the freezer compartment. To prevent food from thawing, wrap it in a towel and place it in a cooler or insulated container, then place in the coldest place in the house and out of direct sunlight.

This is essential because it prevents your food from being affected by the process of thawing. And you also need to note and remember this step.

Step 3: Unload the drawers, ice tray

This step is for freezers with compartments or trays to allow more space to store the food. And removing it is necessary to make cleaning faster and cleaner.

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Unload and put the drawers, ice tray, … aside for cleaning. If they get trapped in the snow, you don’t need to try to pull them out to avoid damaging them.

Step 4: Find the drain hose and prevent water from standing

Some freezers have drainage holes at the bottom and are connected to a tube, which usually sticks out under the freezer. Try to find out if you can locate this tube or not. If you find one, pull it forward and attach it to a longer tube or a drain that drains out of the freezer.

You can insert a pad under the front leg of the freezer to allow the water to drain through the drain. Put newspaper under the freezer to absorb the water when the ice melts. Old newspaper is great for this as you can slip under the freezer and make it extremely absorbent. Spread a few towels over the newspaper to absorb most of the water.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

Step 5: Thaw the freezer

There are different ways to defrost the freezer, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, including:

  • Waiting for the snow to melt: Waiting for the snow to melt naturally is the traditional way to defrost in the freezer. This will take time, especially if you live in a cold area, but it is the safest way.
  • Use a hair dryer: This is absolutely safe if you follow the basic safety rules. Keep away from puddles and keep the dryer power cord away from water or ice. Do not aim the dryer head too close to the coil coil or cabinet wall to avoid damaging these components, the heat can also damage the plastic parts in the cabinet.
  • Using a powder plow: Use a powder scraper and heat it by overheating. You may need to wear kitchen gloves when doing this. Then simply squeeze the dough platter against the ice to thaw the ice.
  • Using a fan: Conventional fans can let warm air blow into the freezer, but this only works when the indoor air is warm enough.
  • Use a hot cloth: You can use a rag soaked in very hot water to loosen some of the ice. Focus on the small chunks of ice on the edge, holding while rubbing the ice sheet to remove it.
  • Place bowls of hot water or hot water on the shelves in the freezer: Put a few bowls or a pot of boiling water on the shelf in the freezer and close the door. The steam will loosen the ice, and you can remove the ice cubes by hand in about 20 minutes if the refrigerator is defrosting regularly. However, this method can be harmful to the shelves in the freezer, you should put a folded towel in thick layers under the bottom of the saucepan on the shelf.
how to defrost frigidaire freezer

Step 6: Remove the ice

You can speed up the defrost time by removing the ice with your hands, a towel or a scraper when it begins to melt. Do not use sharp objects such as the stick or the tip of a knife to pick up the ice, they could damage the cabinet or even leak gas. This note is very important because it affects the safety when using the freezer in the future.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer

Step 7: Clean and dry the freezer.

After a period of use, you can clean the basic parts of the freezer so that the product can operate normally and be more safe and hygienic. In addition, you should dry the parts and the inside of the freezer before you turn the switch back on.

ve sinh toan dien 3

Step 8: Check the freezer door gasket

Take this opportunity to check the freezer door gasket. Ineffective gaskets often lead to severe snow freezing. You can apply oil to the rubber gaskets of refrigerator doors and freezers, making sure all grooves are coated with oil.

The oil layer will prevent the rubber gasket from drying out for many years to come and retain strong suction when closing the door. Use a thick oil, like olive oil, to avoid heavy bleeding.

how to defrost frigidaire freezer


Through the sections containing a lot of detailed information that I have written above. You probably already understand how to defrost frigidaire freezer. However, everything I write is at a relative level so in this section I have collected a few questions and the answers to them revolve around this issue. Check it out!

1, When is freezer maintenance?

You should maintain the freezer about 4 months / 1 time. However, for new types of freezers or strong operating mechanisms, the maintenance every 12 months is no problem. As long as maintenance is in progress there can be many remedies for the problems that occur in your freezer.

2, What are the steps to clean the freezer regularly?

Depending on your needs with each position of the refrigerator you need to clean, there are many steps. However, I will list the basic and safe steps for cleaning the freezer in general:

Step 1: Unplug the freezer power cord from the outlet.

Step 2: Remove all food from the freezer.

Step 3: Remove and clean the shelves in the cabinet.

Step 4: Thaw the freezer.

Step 5: Clean the inside of the freezer.

Step 6: Clean the outside of the freezer.

Step 7: Clean the drainage hole.

Step 8: Reattach the removed shelves, arrange food in, and plug in the freezer.

3, How to adjust the temperature when defrosting?

When defrosting, many people choose to adjust the temperature to the medium or highest. Although many of these things adversely affect the cabinet and the person doing the defrosting task, I recommend that you turn off the temperature switch so that the refrigerator will return to a state of no electricity.

4, Should I wait for the ice to melt in the freezer?

My answer is no. Waiting for the ice to melt in the refrigerator is a practice that many people use. However, it is ineffective and has many downsides.

For example, you choose to defrost the ice in your freezer by waiting for the ice to thaw. Waiting for the ice to thaw means your freezer will stop working for a long time, the food left in storage will not be good and may affect the nutrition or quality of the food. Products. Besides, in the waiting process, you may not notice that the ice has melted and absorb the towel at the right time to avoid water flowing.

5, Should hot items be put in the freezer to perform thawing?

Certainly the answer is no because hot items will have hot steam evaporating and it will cause the freezer to have a large amount of humidity, so the process of using the freezer the next time will quickly freeze the snow. This is not good for the cabinet and affects its durability.

6, Are there any freezers that have a self-defrosting system nowadays?

Currently is a new era with a lot of high technology and modernity, so there are many freezers on the market with self-defrosting systems to help you save more time to defrost but the defrosting process is also fast and safe. This also does not affect the freezer, but also makes the freezer more versatile.


I have researched and selected important and detailed information so that you can easily grasp the fastest, safest and most effective way to defrost frigidaire freezer with basic information on the reasons for the cause. frozen kernels and tips for limiting freezing. In addition, I have mentioned some more benefits of thawing for the freezer to make the freezer cleaner and more hygienic. And it’s important to remember to wash and dry your hands to avoid cold and bacteria after cleaning the freezer!

Below you can watch the video for an overview and get more skills in the process of defrosting the freezer! Let’s watch the video!

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