How To Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood To Optimize Your Kitchen Atmosphere

How to install under cabinet ductless range hood in a proper way? Like clockwork, this question may have been embarrassing many housewives for such a long time. 

Similarly to any other household appliances, all types of range hoods need to be installed in the right way to prolong their life as much as we can. Modern technology nowadays allows ourselves to place a range hood at home without the help of any sellers or consultants. Despite the simplification, our lack of attention during installation may lead to unexpected results in the operation of an under cabinet range hood such as:

  • Whimpering during operation
  • Producing harsh noise
  • Omitting the yucky smell
  • Struggling with dust inside

However, don’t you worry to try your setup at home to avoid extra cost and save your time. This article of how to install under cabinet ductless range hood could be a great assistance for not only men but women themselves to proceed the work. The article includes:

  1. Why You Should Use An Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood
  2. Things You Should Do Before Installing An Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood
  3. How To Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood Easily
  4. Tips To Ensure Long-Lasting Use For Your Range Hood
  5. Conclusion

Why You Should Use An Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood

There are a variety of range hoods for your reference such as Wall-Chimney hood, Island hood, Downdraft hood… in the market nowadays. Depending on your kitchen space and purpose of cooking, you may easily find your dream range hood after few research. In case you wish for the one that can fit your average kitchen size, do not hesitate to look for an under cabinet ductless range hood as it offers you fantastic features.

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

Why “under cabinet”?

An under cabinet range hood will be an intelligent choice if you don’t want this household appliancce to draw attention to itself. This kind of range hood is placed under the bottom of the upper cabinet. The pipeline system is connected with the adjoining wall, partition or ceiling that release smoke and fumes to the outside. For the modern design, the hood will slide out of the kitchen cabinet when use. Typical kitchen cabinets take over halfway across the stove, which leads steam and smoke away from the below cabinet to the suction end of the range hood. Don’t you think that design takes up much space as it can be considered as the only option for those who own a basic medium kitchen.

Benefits of an under cabinet range hood

Improve ventilation quality for your kitchen

Owning an under cabinet range hood means that you have a health guard by your side to protect you from polluted air that the cooking may release, such as airborne grease, combustion products, smoke, and heat. By absorbing most of the airborne particles caused by cooking and offering the whole family members better ventilation, it helps everyone get rid of the significant impacts on our health caused by these contaminants.

Bring aestheticism for your cabinet area

As it captures all the smoke and airborne toxins whenever you do the cooking, an under cabinet range hood can ease your cleaning of the cabinets and kitchen appliances. The competitive market nowadays releases such a wide variety of the range hoods’ shape for your choice. Many of them are aesthetically pleasing and highly durable, which remarkably dedicates to your home decoration. Besides, the more dust your range hood absorbs, the cleaner your cooking area can be.

What are the differences between non-ducted and Ducted Range Hoods?

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

Grease and steam, food odors and excess heat are blown away by the range hoods, but not every hood do its assigned work in such a good way. The discrepancies between medium and efficient dramatically relies on which kind of approachable ventilation: ducted or non-ducted.

Why “ductless”?

The decision for picking a ductless or ducted range hood applies to the popular and space-efficient microwave-hood combinations. Ductless, or non-ducted stands for recirculating air. A ductless range hood does not include external air vents, so it should keep the aestheticism for your kitchen area. Whether it is an under cabinet, wall or island range hood, you should put the ductless feature into careful consideration. Non-ducted products are generally easier, because the installation of a range hood duct itself plus several extra steps to the overall procedure. This installation routes steam, heat, and smoke away from the nearby area, and then back into your kitchen through a charcoal filter. Its principal filter system can capture oil droplets and prevent them from spreading into the surrounding air. In some range hoods, the function of a carbon filter can also help to reduce the amount of odors.

Things You Should Do Before Installing An Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood

Before you start the installation process, remember to unpack and inspect your range hood for any delivering damages. Do not install it immediately in case you detect any broken issues. Let’s put on your protective gloves when testing for the machine stability as the range hood may have very sharp edges.

Isn’t it the best thing to get some basic information about someone before the official date?

Things happen the same when you are about to install the new under cabinet ductless range hood. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, take a general look for all the accessories to make sure that you are familiar with the controls of the range hood before the real installation.

Things you need for your self-installation:

  • Non Contact Voltage Detector
  • Level
  • Power tool
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil / marker
  • Wire nuts
  • Wire stripper
  • Screwdriver
  • Duct tape
  • Mounting screws
  • Optional: Cabinet / car jack

Determining the position of your range hood

With an under cabinet ductless range hood, you just need to figure out the center point between the two upper cabinets by using tape measure. Then, let’s double check the point with horizontal and vertical exis to make sure it is exactly halfway from each of these and mark it with your pencil or marker. Don’t be afraid to smear the wall because once you install the range hood, the mark will be no longer seen.

Getting the correct measurements

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

Your goal is to ensure the range hood’s bottom and top part to be placed accurately by measuring the available space. First, do not forget to measure the thickness of your range hood and add-in the height requirements accordingly.

Usually, the right placement of a hood comes with 29 to 35 inches above range mounting setup. You should decide where the location of all screws and the electrical line is for the best aesthetics, in case you wish to hide it within the cabinet area, then create a small hole for it.

Make sure once you place the hood, recommended height is above range and your hood will fit perfectly in the position.

Read the manufacturer’s recommendation carefully and strictly follow the hood’s height requirements.

With such a hard-wired household appliance, you will need a 110-V power source nearby for plugging in your hood wires. Besides, pre-estimating the total load of the existing circuit for its safe capacity is important as you may wish for a dedicated circuit that helps to reduce the overload on existing courses.

Power supply

Again, let’s go through the whole manufacturer’s brochure and find out the product label for the suitable voltage of this unit. If your range hood has a mixed model with all functions together, you must prepare an electrical socket set in the upper-cabinet so as to power the operation of the fan machine and microwave. Usually, the contractors install the customed set on a distinct approximately 20 amp circuit with enough flow to operate a microwave. If this is your first time of a hood installation and there aren’t any nearby sockets, you must have an electrician install one within the area before executing next steps. Different types of range hoods require distinguished specifications and its power needs. Not all kind of elementary range hoods bear enough electricity to get on well with a desired outlet, but for a combinated machine of microwave and hood, there should be a customed circuit.

How To Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood Easily

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

Installing a ductless range hood is much easier than installing a ducted one because it does not require a pass way outside your home for removing the polluted air. Therefore, you can comfortably fit it under the upper cabinet.

Now, the installation of an under cabinet ductless range hood is just the installation of the hood below the upper cabinet.

Step 1: Make sure the power is off

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

Before you start the installation, make sure that you have already turned your circuit breaker off that supply power line to the place you will put your under cabinet ductless range hood in. It is of importance to maintain its inactive status until you finish your work. Put your safety first by wearing your rubber gloves first, then re-test the wires’ signal with the specific circuit tester.

If you have any wire nuts with you at home, use them to cover the power lines before your execution.

One big deal is to maintain the turn-off status of your electrical currency during the installation. You can mention your family members about this before proceeding the work to make sure that unexpected incidents will not occur.

Step 2: Dealing with the trace of your existing range hood

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

In case there is an initial range hood, it is necessary to remove it before you start all the calculations for the new one. Carefully use the wire stripper to separate the wires with all safety rules as follows:

Method 1: Using a wire stripper

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood
  • Let’s first choose the wire stripping tool which is designed for your type of wires, such as electrical cords, coaxial cables, or thin communication wires. You can easily find it online or at your nearby electrical stores.
  • Squeeze the wire stripper gently with enough pressure to go through the insulator and spin it around the wire. Remember not to squeeze too hard as you might damage the wire tip beneath. 
  • Slide the stripper off the wire to remove the insulator from the tip.

Method 2: Using a utility knife

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood
  • With this method, you should remember to carefully estimate the proper amount of pressure that you will put on the wire to get rid of blading to score the insulator.
  • Hold the utility knife by your dominant hand, the other hand is to hold the wire about an inch. Slightly slice and roll the wire to let the blade score all around the insulator.
  • After it finishes the whole circle around the insulation sheathing, bend the tip of the wire up and down to completely separate the insulator. Once it is broken at the scored line, slide it off the metal conductor. 

After safely removing all the existing wires of the old range hood, you should have someone hold the hood in stabilization while you loosen the screws. Once all existing screws are removed, your partner can comfortably lift out your old range hood.

As you are going to place your new range hood in the same position with the previous one, try to choose the one whose shape is the most compatible with your old hood. (At this point, let’s check out our 15 Best Range Hoods Under Cabinet)

Let’s carefully measure the new hood so once you insert it into the place, the aesthetics will be the most promoted.

Step 3: Prepare your careful measurements for the hood and its screws 

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

In order to measure the wires and screws’ distance accurately, after leveling the middle of the wall space, you can use the provided template which is designed particularly for your kitchen hood. In case it is not available, hold the hood sharply in its place and have someone mark inside the holes for its expected position, then set it aside.

Step 4: Prepare screws line for installation

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

Once the estimation is done, use a suitable drill bit to insert all screws or brackets into the upper cabinet sides or wall. Where you place the screws should depend on the destination of your hood, depending on your kitchen cabinet or wall.

Case 1: Mounting into your existing cabinet

If you wish to mount into the existing cabinet, which is probably the easiest way to do, you can insert all the screws halfly into your cabinet. In case your cabinet’s wall is thin, let’s add some wood blocks on the side to accommodate and strengthen the mounting screws. At this stage, you ought to make sure that the screws are in alignment with each other.

Case 2: Mounting on your kitchen’s wall

If you wish to accomplish the installation with the assistance of brackets, insert your screws entirely into the wall. Your ductless range hood should manage to seamlessly slice over the set of screws and then lie still above them.

In case your wall is tiling designed, let’s nail the wall right into the tile surface with a hammer. With this method, you can get rid of your tiles being damaged while the mounting brackets are inserted into the wall. Once again, remember to recheck the alignment before fastening the screws.

Step 5: Fit your range hood in place

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

Tada, it’s time for the cabinet / car jack to show off itself. At the moment, you may find out how helpful the cabinet jack could be, as it is able to assist you to do the hood placement yourself without the help of any partner.

In order to push the range hood tightly inside the cabinet’s frame, you first need to lift it up and place right under the position for mounting purposes. With the help of the cabinet jack, you can simply keep your range hood there and free your hands to do the installation. How about not having any jack tool in your area? Don’t you worry, just look for an assistant who can hold the hood for you while you mount it into the upper cabinet.

Before you start sinking all the screws, don’t forget to pull the wiring into the small cabinet hool that you have created.

Once your range hood is in its placement, start screwing all the fasteners completely into their position in the cabinet frame. Choosing the right screws and screwdriver which are applicable to each other is very important as it will lead to a fast and reliable result.

Step 6: Ensure the connection line

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

In order to do the wiring connection of the hood, you should seriously read the manufacturer’s instructions. Safety is priority, so if you are any confused about the electrical connection, be sure to call an electrical expert.

It would be great if you can entirely ensure the cable running from the inside of the wall and to the available cable hold of your range hood. Connect the wires to the hood’s power source with wire nuts, matching them with the same colors, and enclose the wall’s grounding wiring to the hood’s grounding wiring.

Ok, the next steps may sound extra complicated to you so let’s read our instruction carefully. Most of us may perform inexperienced whenever we have to deal with stripping wires. In case we do the wire connection incorrectly, or the wires are not nicked tightly enough, it will be quickly overheated and set on fire after just one or two times of usage. Therefore, we would not recommend this step of the under cabinet range hood installation be done as a DIY.

However, if you still decide to strip the electrical wires yourself, then here we go:

  • The light and fan both should be marked by white & black wires.
  • The two black coated wires of the hood must be associated to the black cable coming from the wall.
  • if there is no black wire, look for a smooth wire perform in a cord consisting of two wires
  • Colors go with the same colors, white colored wires must be connected to the white ones, which should be the ribbed (neutral) wire.
  • Green wires for grounding from the wall should be connected to the range hood’s screw for grounding.
  • After connection, twist all the wires mentioned above separately with the wire nuts.
  • Now tighten grease guards on your kitchen hood and attach all filters again. Reattach the hood’s cover with screws. Once you do this, tighten the wire clamp by securing it around all the wires. Finally, hide the wires back inside the electrical box of the range hood and place the panel on it again.

For the completely new range hood installation, simply plug it in the socket.

Turn on your range hood and test the status of its light as well as fan. 

That’s it. Now it’s time to enjoy your achievement. Power on your under cabinet ductless range hood, test it and don’t forget to take a look at its light and fan to ensure everything operates smoothly.

Tips To Ensure Long-Lasting Use For Your Under Cabinet Range Hood

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

Now the question is, how to execute your range hood maintenance?

Let’s go through all instructions and warnings in the manufacturer’s instructions before really operating the appliance. Save these guidance for future reference. Everything doesn’t just stop at the point you sucessfully installed your range hood.

Remember that, the types of food which you cook beneath and its ingredients may affect to how long your range hood will last. Always leave safety grills and filters in place and avoid any hard subjects such as hair, cigarette ashes, loose clothing and other ignitable substances into blowers. Do not leave your cooking unattendedly as oil in the pan can easily be overheated and start a fire. Also, the more times you reuse the oil, the higher the risk of self combustion will get.

Do not operate blowers when filters are currently placed on somewhere else. Never spontaneously separate your range hood parts to clean without proper guidance. Disassembly is recommended to be performed by qualified personnel only. Make sure you have understood all the instructions and warnings in this manual before executing the works.

The story goes on as you pay attention to expanding its lifespan by applying degreasing cleaners. As range hood fans will gradually draw up rust and steam, you may want to use kitchen cleaning liquid to spray the underside of the hood. Repeat this work frequently when it comes to the other surface of the fan after cooking times.

It means that we have to take care of our range hood regularly, and our team have listed the highlighted things that you should do for your hard-wired appliance as follows:

  • Sanitize your range hood regularly
  • Ensure the stability of your electrical supply
  • Turn off your range hood after 5-10 minutes from your cook completion

Sanitize your range hood regularly

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

Keep the inside accessories clean

If you are an epicure (someone who is in love with cooking), it is a good idea to do the exhaust fan washing at least once a month to prevent the invasion of grease that will reduce the work effectiveness of your range hood. Let’s do the steps gently, slide it off the stainless steel filter, scrub it on the sink with warm water, baking soda, and a degreasing dish soap.

One tip that can keep you from replacing the hood filter briefly is to clean it after every 30 hours of use. You are able to remove the residue and grease by both hand and dishwasher with the help of specific degreasing sprayer or soak.

Should you need to replace light bulbs, make sure the range hood is unplugged or turn off before. The bulb capacity uses work with 20W 12V. Let the light cool enough for touching, slight spin it around to remove and install the new halogen light bulb in. Turn it on again and test for operation.

Cleaning the exterior surfaces

The most effective way to clean the exterior surface of your hood is to clean it with hot soapy water and clean cotton cloth. Stay away from corrosive or abrasive detergents which will cause scratches and damages to the stainless steel surface. For further detail, you should also strictly follow the directions of the stainless steel cleaner. Remember not to apply salt solutions and rinse with water afterwards and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. 

Ensure the stability of your electrical supply

What causes poor quality power supply?

There are various factors that lead to voltage fluctuations. It may come from the loose connections on the power lines or at your house. Low or high voltage can be caused by overloaded network, or conductor wires with poor capacity that carry power to your place. Under extreme circumstances poor quality power supply can cause electric shocks from household appliances which is very dangerous.

The Impact on the Equipment

Maintaining the stability of your electrical supply is important. It is one of the crucial elements that decides your device’s lifespan. Power cuts result in downtime, which may cause the disruption of power to equipment, operational delays, equipment instability and failure.

Poor quality power supply also results in higher energy costs due to the ineffective use of power.

Turn off your range hood after 5-10 minutes from your cook completion

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

As you may already know, turning off the range hood right after your cooking will be a mistake. At the time you finish your cook, smell and dust are still wandering in the surrounding airspace. Consequently, inactivating the hood too soon may cause pollution to remain a problem. Let your range hood do it function still in the next 5 to 10 minutes since your cook completion to set your kitchen atmosphere as fresh as it can be.

Safety Warning:

Don’t ever test your bravery level by entering your hands into the inner area of your range hood the fan is operating. In order to utilize the operation, clean your kitchen hood and all of its components such as baffle, spacer, filter, grease tunnel and oil container regularly. Remember to wear the rubber gloves while refreshing your range hood’s appearance periodically.


Have you found out how to install under cabinet ductless range hood?

Let’s make it simple and keep your cooking time fun with the presence of your under cabinet ductless range hood.

It doesn’t have to be too demanding to pay continual attention to your new machine. Take it easy, keep in mind that maintaining the range hook to look new and odor-free is not a hard thing.

Do you still remember all the things?

Before getting to know your new friend, carefully read all the instructions about it to acknowledge its characteristics in a proper way. Once you feel sure about everything, confidently move forwards to the installation steps.

Comfortably go steps by steps to make sure things go as flat as a pancake. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance from someone with good technical and electrical background for the best outcome. The more careful you perform your installation procedure, the longer lasting use your under cabinet range hood can be.

After successful installation, plan up a timetable for cleaning your hood. Once you manage to use the correct tools, you will greatly prolong your device’s beauty and lifespan.

Last but not least, let’s treat your range hood as a close friend, and it will stay with you in a lifetime.

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