How To Level Ground For Swing Set – Best Way To Create Your Own Leisure Area At Home

There are many reasons homeowners level ground in their yards, such as building a new house, setting up a garden, preparing for new above-ground swimming pools, or equipping some amenities like swing sets, driveways, sheds, or patios. Whatever your reason is, the process is quite the same. Today we will show you how to level ground for swing set to make your own leisure area for your family to relax after a day long.

If you have kids, installing a swing set in your yard can provide a safe, supervised area for them to play. Before setting up the swing, you need to make sure that the ground is flat. This can ensure that the rotating rods work the right way and help prevent swing devices from falling. The process of leveling the foundation for a swing set is the same as for any other device. It depends on the size of your swing set and the slope of your yard, so make sure that you have enough time to complete this mission at once. The best solution that we recommend is spending a weekend doing it. 

In this article, we will show you the basic steps divided into two main sections as well as necessary information you need to know to flatten your ground to set up a swing set:

  • Why should you level your ground?
  • Equipment and tools needed to flatten your uneven area
  • Instruction: Basic steps to level the ground in your yard
  • Level ground by hand – a simple way
  • Q&A: Problems related when leveling your ground
  • Product recommendation: Best swing set for your backyard

Why Should You Level Your Ground?

Before using a part of the ground for constructing something, leveling it is very important, especially if your land lies in hilly areas.

You will have to level the ground around your house if you want to use this to build a driveway, sheds, outdoor swimming pool, patios, or even installing a swing set. Despite different reasons, the process of leveling the ground is almost the same. In most cases, homeowners level their soil before gardening and decorating the place.

Leveling the land surface is also necessary for designing manifold sideways, risers or outlets, and setting up drip irrigation systems due to the even flow of water on a well-shaped smooth ground. It is necessary to use proper tools to level the area’s ups and downs to make sure the uniform discharge and distribution of water. 

The following section will inform you how to level ground for swing set.

Equipment And Tools Needed To Flatten Your Uneven Area

how to level ground for swing set

Leveling and moving the soil can make you feel a little bit tired, but it can be easier, and good results will come by using the right tools.

Various factors such as what type of ground you want to level or how you are going to use them can tell about the necessary tools.

However, there are still some basic tools that are needed to use, include the following:

  • 4 stakes
  • strings
  • a measuring tape
  • a hammer
  • a spade 
  • a shovel 
  • a laser level 
  • a bucket or wheelbarrow
  • a soil compactor for larger areas (optional, if needed)

Before starting this process, make sure you have all the required tools and equipment; if not, you will have to borrow or buy them.

Instruction: Basic Steps To Level The Ground In Your Yard

Section 1: Marking your area

Stake off your area 

First, you need to know where exactly you are going to put the swing set in. This place does not need to be completely square or rectangular unless you are purchasing perfectionism. After knowing which area to flatten, you should use wooden or plastic stakes to mark around the area.

how to level ground for swing set

Use a string to fix your stake

Tighten a string in one stake and stretch between these stakes. The string ought to be a few inches above the flat area. The distance between the string and ground must be constant because normally this will be the point that the rest of the area is brought to, not to mention the case you want to lower the ground for your project.

Adjust the string

You also should use a tape measure to mark after adjusting the strings to the height you want to add or take away across such an area.

how to level ground for swing set

Adjust the level

You need to make sure that the grade of your land is enough against drainage problems. 

the ground should be graded 1 inch for every 4 feet to easily lead the water away from your yard.

how to level ground for swing set

Section 2: Leveling your ground

Clear the grass (if necessary)

If you tend to level a small area that is mostly flat, you may not need to remove the grass. 

On the other hand, if you want to reform a vast area such as a whole garden or the pitch, removing the grass is highly recommended. You may just need a shovel or even a lawnmower to complete at this stage, so make sure you have suitable tools.

how to level ground for swing set

Arrange a Cover 

The area to be covered and the use of the ground after leveling it will decide the amount of cover to be arranged. A mixture of sand and soil needs to be placed to cover your ground, and if you intend to do gardening around, you will have to add fertilizer, manure, or compost to this mixture for nutrient-rich. 

Spread the Soil

Next, you will have to level the ground by spreading the mixture using a garden rake. It would help if you used a measuring tape and the level on the laser detector rod to ensure the ground’s level.

If the area to be covered is way too large, you should consider borrowing or renting soil moving equipment to make the process easier. Find a local hardware store because it can be helpful to know which equipment is suitable for you and how to use them.

how to level ground for swing set

Pack the Soil

If the leveled area is small, you can pack the soil using your feet or even the bottom of the rake. However, if it is a mass area, you can tamp your soil using a plate compactor or a tamper.

how to level ground for swing set

Let the Soil Settle

Finally, it would be best if you gave your soil enough time to take a rest and settle down on the ground. It may take several days, at least 48 hours. You should spray some water to mist the soil during these days to help it settle down quickly. If it was raining during these days, spraying is not necessary.

how to level ground for swing set

Level Ground By Hand – A Simple Way

If you just want to level a small piece of ground, you can do it by hand easily with the following steps.

Mark the Plot

At first, you had better mark the area’s boundary that needs to be leveled by using stakes and strings. You need to drive in the stakes at every single corner of the area, and a hammer could help a lot in this situation. 

Next, the string must be tied tightly on the top of each stake to cover up the whole area.

Dig the Soil

To start flattening your ground, using a shovel and inserting it halfway into the ground to dig the soil.

After the soil is dug, use the tip of your shovel to break the soil’s big lumps, and repeat the process till you turn over the whole area.

how to level ground for swing set

Compact the Soil

At this stage, a hoe should be used to break up the soil thoroughly. As you will move it to lower areas, automatically, the ground will be almost leveled.

Level the Ground 

You can use a garden rake and move it backward and forward to level your place. The rake may evenly spread the soil all over the area.

If you find any sol lumps while raking, it will help if you use the rake’s teeth to break them. You can level any uneven area effectively just by using the rake’s back.

Q&A: Problems Related When Leveling Your Ground


What is 1 inch per 4 feet rule?

To put it simply, if you start walking with your back opposite to the outside wall of your house, after 4 feet of walking, you should end on the ground that is 1 inch lower than the floor at your outdoor wall.

This rule can help you to ensure the water will flow away from your house and foundations, which stops flooding or water damage to your yard and building.

Is it necessary to clear all the grass before leveling a lawn?

The instruction here is it would best depend on the size of your ground. If your yard is small, there is no need to remove the grass, but with larger areas, a lawn could be a problem that needs to be eliminated.

How to keep the side yard from flooding when it rains heavily?

Our best advice is you should construct a drainage system. You also need to add sand, which could absorb water quicker, and it really depends on the size of your area as well as the layout of the land to decide what kind of drainage system is suitable.

What is the best way to remove the grass from a large area?

What is the best way to remove the grass from a large area?

You should hire a lawnmower from a local service company to cut and roll the sod to ease the process. If you tend to re-use or sell the land, this is absolutely the best way to go. 

Or else, if you want a more economical solution, use a spade and divide the area into minor square parts. After that, slide the shovel under the square and lift them up.

When is the best suitable time of the year to level a garden?

The best occasion to reconstruct your garden is from the middle to late spring. It is the time when the soil is slightly drier, which could help you level your area much easier. You only need to wait about a week or less for the ground to fully settle and absorb some water to the best moisture condition. Then, it’s time to lay the grass on top to green your area.

Is permission to level the ground obligated?

Regarding law issues, if you are the land’s owner, of course  you don’t need any permission to flatten your yard  unless local laws require a permit  approval.

If you still consider this process, let’s check out this video clip for full instruction on how to level ground for swing set.

Product recommendation: Best swing set for your backyard

At last, as you know how to level ground for swing set, we would love to recommend some swing sets at an affordable price that can be suitable for your yard. Let’s check it out while waiting for your soil to settle!

Best Swing Sets For Small Yard

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set, Primary Colors

how to level ground for swing set

This high standard playset includes 1 trapeze bar with gym rings and 3 belt swings. Its 3 swings have adjustable belts with guard monkeys and stairs. It is an ideal compact swing set for up to 6 children to play at the same time.

Its structure is also strong and safe even for babies. The hard edges and swing chains are covered with plastic caps and soft rubber grips to minimize pinching or snagging. With this set, your children could totally relax and play safely without your supervision. Additionally, this Swing Set is constructed from  high-density polyethylene and powder-coated galvanized steel that can ensure durability and long lasting.


  • Include various games and activities
  • High playground performance
  • Reach safety standards
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Colorful design
  • High standard component


  • A little bit hard to set-up
  • High price

Congo Safari Playsystem – Green and Sand Low Maintenance Play Set

how to level ground for swing set

The Congo Safari Playsystem – Low Maintenance PlaySet measures 12 ‘x 13’ x 9’6 “H, which is best suitable for your small backyard and still ensures flexibility. This set includes two swings, one trapeze bar, and 1 4 ‘x 4’ Fort thing that could bring loads of fun for your children.

It is made of predrilled, pre-cut, and maintenance free WoodGuard Polymer-Coated lumber which is totally ready for setting up. Besides, the manufacturer also provides a 10 year warranty for wood and one year for other non-wood sections like plastic components and chained accessories or slides. 

The producer also gains ASTM standards for Residential Playground equipment to ensure best safety for your children. Another fantastic feature is that this product is extremely easy to clean with water.


  • Diverse games and activities
  • Fits small yard
  • Passes ASTM standards
  • Colorful design
  • Good warranty service
  • Easy to clean


  • A little bit hard to set-up

XDP Recreation “Playground Galore Swing Set

how to level ground for swing set

This set is made of sturdy and safe-for-children materials. Its chain is covered with PVC to avoid hand grip. Its four frame legs are coated foam safety padding. Additionally, this set is easy to install and is stable thanks to the XDP steel frames’ welded corner brackets. The remaining parts are made of durable blow molded polyethylene (HDPE), which ensures safety to your kids.


  • Affordable price
  • Fits small yard
  • Adorable design


  • Hard to set up

Best Swing Set Under $500

Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set

how to level ground for swing set

This Fun Time Swing Set includes four parts . The set has a small frizzly slide across two swings, which could  hold up to 105 pounds per kid. An acrobat bar is set up for youngsters who want to practise trapeze artistry and an independent teeter-totter. This set is suitable for various age ranges, from 3 to 12 years old.


  • Two swings, slide, and acrobat bar
  • Durability with steel system
  • Ideal for 3 to 12 years old children


  • Required large backyards

Backyard Discovery Mini Brutus Heavy Duty Metal A-Frame Swing Set 

how to level ground for swing set

This swing set is 100% made of cedar wood and is a slick playset. It includes two swings and also incorporates a stone climbing divider, a slide, and a covered little clubhouse on top as well as a sandbox territory under the stage. However, the sand is excluded with the swing set. 

The upper fort is covered with a built-in chalk board and mesh enclosed walls for better protection and ensure clear vision for parents. The lower play is sturdy and strong. The lower fort is designed to perfectly maximize stability and protection for your children. Especially, it is now retailing for directly under $500.


  • Includes lots of play activities
  • Durable cedar wood which is resistant to rot
  • Safety


  • Require adult supervision 

FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set (Best Swing Sets Under $500 For Variety)

how to level ground for swing set

This set includes 8 entertainment activity stations that can keep 9 childs busy at the same time. With this set, your children would gain the best benefit from physical activities and exercises. You could also know that your kids are secure and under control in your own backyard.

It has a 36″ Trampoline, a 32″ Flying saucer, a glider, a slide, a swing, a monkey bar, a backboard and basketball hoop, a basketball, a soccer goal with net,an air pump, and finally, a soccer ball that will take around 13 x 9 feet of your ground.  It is also equipped with a small trampoline which can be set up and kept close separately.

With the cost of under $300, it’s really extraordinary compared to other swing sets in the same range on the market.


  • Low cost
  • Basketball rings and football net attach active parts to this set
  • Underlying line with ASTM 
  • Safety


  • Sometimes you might have to screen the kids persistently

The Bottom Line

how to level ground for swing set

As you have learned all the necessary information in this article, leveling ground is not as hard as you thought. Whether you do it on your own or with the help of technical equipment the steps still remain the same. Following these steps, you would definitely succeed.

Don’t hesitate to get started. Let’s check if you have all the necessary tools and equipment or not, get the missing one for the well-prepared, and mark your diary to have enough time for this task (a weekend is highly recommended). If you don’t want to do it alone, ask your family and friends to have some fun!

Finally, if you found this article helpful, please let us know in the comments and share this post if they liked it. Your support is our motivation!

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