How To Make Coffee In The Microwave For Coffee Lovers

You are familiar with the traditional ways of making coffee, but today you will be introduced to a completely new way of making coffee, which is how to make coffee in the microwave. You may be wondering how we are going to present, but don’t be too rushed, read each part of our article below to get the most accurate understanding of this method.

Coffee is not only interesting in the way we enjoy it, but also in the way of making it, nowadays there are so many ways to make a delicious cup of coffee, you can use a filter, a coffee maker, or simply make a cup of instant coffee, and each recipe gives you a special taste of the coffee.

No matter how it is processed, the taste of a delicious cup of coffee comes from the grinding method, the grinding method is very important to the taste of the coffee, completely ground coffee will. brings a rich, sweet taste.

In this article you will understand:

  • Things to keep in mind for a good cup of coffee
  • The ingredients can be used with the coffee
  • How to make coffee in the microwave
  • Types of coffee
  • When should not use coffee ?
  • 3 simple tips for more delicious coffee in the microwave
  • Q&A

Things To Keep In Mind For A Good Cup Of Coffee

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Buy Freshly Roasted Good Quality Coffee Beans

There are different types of coffee beans with roots from many regions. Some places produce higher quality coffee than others. For example, Arabica coffee beans are much higher quality than Robusta coffee, you can buy ground coffee but if you want better taste then grind the coffee yourself. Ground coffee then loses its smell faster than whole-grain coffee. Below are several kinds of best coffee in the world :

 Kopi Luwak

Is the name of a special coffee, classified as the most luxurious and rare in the world. This type of coffee is only available in Indonesia, on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi.

The name Kopi Luwak is used to refer to a type of seed produced by the coffee-eating spotted mongoose.

Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the Arabica coffee beans with high price and the most popular in the world. It is native to the east of the Blue Mountains on Jamaica. This coffee bean is called Jamaican Blue Mountain to distinguish it from other coffee beans.

With the height from 2000m – 5000m, the Blue Mountains is one of the highest coffee growing regions in the world. The climate here is pleasant, with heavy rainfall, the soil is rich in nutrients and water permeable. The combination of soil and climate creates ideal conditions for coffee plants. However, this coffee is not suitable for other climatic conditions. Climate change will lead to a change in the taste of the coffee. That is why it is currently only grown in Jamaica and Hawaii.

According to coffee connoisseurs, this coffee is famous for its light taste, aroma, less sourness, a little sweetness, and richness. The price of this kind of coffee is about 100 USD today. Japan is the largest importer of Blue Mountain coffee (90% of total output). These beans are also the basis for all kinds of coffees with Tia Maria flavor.

 Bourbon Coffee:

Bourbon is the named coffee variety that originated in its first growing land on Bourbon Island, now Reunion located east of Madagascar. Coffee Bourbon was first produced in Réunion, known as Bourbon Ile before 1789. Then Bourbon was preferred by the French, African, Latin American, and now one of two varieties of Arabica coffees. Most commonly grown in the world, is a form of Typica coffee.

Café Bourbon is usually produced at an altitude of between 1,000 and 2,000 meters and produces 20-30% more yield than Typica, but can produce comparable coffee quality.


Ethiopia can be considered the cradle of coffee. In the tenth century, nomads grazing goats on an Ethiopian ridge were the first to realize the stimulating effects of coffee. It was later spread throughout the Middle East by mystical Muslim Sufi pilgrims. From the Middle East, this coffee variety gradually became widely known in European and American countries.

Coffee still grows naturally in the mountains of Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffee farmers grow in four different systems, which include forest coffee, semi-forest coffee, coffee garden and coffee plantations.

How to choose ingredients for coffee ?

This is the first and most important step in the right direction to make delicious coffee. Because ingredients are the key to deciding how to grind the seeds as well as how to make good coffee or not. If the quality of the seeds is poor, it will directly affect the taste of the coffee, and even affect health. Therefore, special attention should be paid to choosing ingredients.

The best choice to buy clean coffee is clearly sourced from official distribution stores, reputable and quality coffee companies. Or buy coffee at the garden, a famous coffee company. Why so? That is because the current market is rampant with poor quality products, affecting the quality of coffee when brewed.

Note when grinding coffee beans

The secret to having a great coffee taste is not in the extraction stage lies in the coffee mixing stage in hot water. Because there are many different types of coffee, the flavor is different, some for bitterness, some for sweetness. Without grasping how to grind the seeds, it will be difficult to have a cup of coffee taste as you like.

When roasting coffee beans, you should not let the seeds be too big because this will not bring the fragrance and the coffee is not as strong as expected. But the seeds are not too finely ground, the taste will be too bitter when mixed, and there is a lot of foam in the glass of water, affecting the coffee taste. So, depending on the type of seed, choose a suitable grinding method.

The best preserved coffee, when in its whole grain form, is still in the roasting state, it will become the hygroscopic form and the impact from the environment causes the aroma of coffee to lose. So it is necessary to carefully pack the beans after roasting to prevent the outside air from entering, affecting quality. Here is a coffee grinder product suitable for you: Best Fully Automatic Espresso Machines

Store The Beans Properly And Use Them Up In 1 Week

Keep the beans in an airtight container at room temperature, preferably a glass or ceramic jar. Do not store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer, as it will absorb moisture and odors.If you have to store ground coffee in the freezer, use it within 3-5 months. get high! If the coffee powder has lost its smell, use it as a scrub on your skin.

Use A Good Quality Filter Funnel

A dioxin bleached paper funnel can work well. You can also buy gold-plated long-term funnel. Avoid using inexpensive hoppers as it will affect the coffee flavor. Paper hoppers sometimes give the coffee a paper scent. To avoid this, pour hot water through the funnel before preparing it.

Use Filtered Or Bottled Water

Don’t use tap water unless you know a city has high quality water. If you are going to use tap water, rinse it for a few seconds before getting it in the kettle; Remember to use cold water. Never use distilled or soft water as the coffee will taste bad.

Make Sure The Water Is Hot Enough

The water temperature should be around 91- 97 ° C. The water is too hot or too cold to make the coffee taste bad.If you are not using a coffee maker, let the water boil completely and then turn off the heat to cool for 30-60 seconds before pouring water into the coffee powder.

Use coffee right after making it

The longer you wait, the less flavorful of the coffee you wait. If you store coffee in a thermos, make sure to drink it for an hour.

Keep the coffee machine clean.

Rinse the flask and filter basket with hot water. Wipe dry with a clean cloth and then reattach them. This will prevent the build-up of grounds and essential oils, which can make future brews more bitter. Clean your coffee machine with vinegar once a month. Rinse thoroughly after use. The following equipment can be useful if you are a non-coffee maker: Best Beginner Espresso Machine 


If you like to drink sweet, add a little chocolate or sugar to the coffee powder, the brewed coffee will taste sweeter.Coffee flavor depends on many factors, including: where the coffee is grown, the height of the plant. Coffee, coffee tree varieties, processing, drying and roasting coffee beans. Thanks to the bartender, I recommend the delicious coffee and take notes. 

The answer could be “Hawaiian Kona”, “Ethiopian Heirloom” or “Maxwell House Instant Coffee”. If possible, you should buy coffee beans and grind at home. This ensures the coffee has the freshest and most intense flavor.

Pour water through the filter funnel (with no coffee in it) to remove any residue left over from the previous brew that could cause the brewed coffee to taste more bitter.

Coffee powder can lose its odor quickly if not stored in sealed containers. There are a number of good quality vacuum sealed containers for coffee that are available online, and you can also make your own coffee-based ice cream if you want a special flavor.

The Ingredients Can Be Used With The Coffee

Ice cream with many flavors

The easiest way is to just mix skim cream with your favorite flavor into your cup of coffee. You have immediately a cup of delicious and delicious fresh cream coffee ready to say hello to the new day.


Or a little more complicated, you can process a little caramel with sugar, combined with whipped cream and stir well. So you already have a cup of fresh cream caramel coffee!


Cinnamon is a rather strange ingredient among us just mentioned, sprinkle a little cinnamon into your cup of coffee, not only helps maintain your cup of coffee more eye-catching, but also creates the desired cinnamon flavor.

Hot Chocolate

Half coffee, half hot chocolate … just hearing it, you can feel the characteristic bitterness of coffee mixed with the rich sweetness of chocolate, right? You can turn it into a delicious mocha coffee with D&D Kaffee’s Mocha Blending.

Wine Flavored Orange

The taste of the combination of coffee and orange wine is quite strange, so not everyone is interested in this recipe.

Mint and chocolate

If you like mixing coffee and cocoa, try adding a little mint syrup or mint candy to experience the strange taste in this new art of coffee making.

Or simply a cool mint coffee in a hot summer.

Irish Cream Wine

Think coffee and alcohol can’t be combined? Then the recipe of Irish coffee and cream wine will bring you a new drink with great taste and surprise you. And Baileys is one of the most characteristic wines in Ireland, and will be the right choice for you.


Syrups can be used to flavor carbonated beverages, so you can use them to add to your coffee to enjoy in a whole new way. Like whipped cream, syrup is also an ingredient combined with coffee that produces a variety of unique drinks, such as Pumpkin coffee.

How To Make Coffee In The Microwave

The way to make filter coffee is not difficult, but to make a cup of coffee with a strong flavor you need to follow the correct method. The instructions below will help you make the best coffee.

Make Sure To Use The Correct Cup

We always want to ensure your safety, so the safety factor we put on top in this article. It is very important to use the right tool for the right purpose, it ensures your work smoothly. For example, if you want to make a cup of coffee using a microwave, first find yourself a cup that can be used in the microwave, use a cup with non-heat-absorbing materials like plastic.

Do not use cups made of glass or ceramic, as it will crumble under the heat of the microwave, this will cause a lot of harm to your microwave equipment, you will take your time. Clean up the mess in the oven or worse you will have to find yourself a new microwave. So we remind you once again to take note of the material of the cup you are going to use.

Fill The Cup With Water

The next step is to heat the water to use it for your coffee cup. You should use a sufficient amount of water, do not use too much water, this will lose the flavor of the coffee and you will not enjoy the deliciousness of the coffee, depending on how it is brewed, there will be different countries. Put the cup of water you just prepared in the microwave, set it to the setting you want, usually the heat you want for your coffee. Wait 2-3 minutes until the water reaches the desired temperature.

Use Your Coffee Filter

Pour enough boiling water into the funnel to completely wet the coffee. Cook a little water until it boils completely, remove it from the heat and let it cool for about 10 seconds. Pour enough water on top of the coffee powder to get it completely wet. This time, fill in all the water. You need to let the coffee “bloom” first, this time about 30 seconds. This is when the coffee absorbs water and will make it slightly effervescent.

Put The Ground Coffee Powder In A Towel

Overlap and turn the channel until your ground espresso inside. Stick the channel into a spoon so you can put the fork at the highest point of the teacup and the espresso plunged into the boiling water. Permit the espresso to soak in the hot water for a couple of moments. You can push the holder against the edge of the teacup to benefit from the beginning. You can move the drink to another holder, you can heft around.

Wait For The Water To Drain, Then Use The Coffee

After the water has drained, about 2 minutes, remove the clamp and lift the towel from the cup. Immediately use coffee after making it, add cream and sugar if desired. Throw away grounds and rinse filter towels. Remember, coffee grounds can make towels discolor.

Types Of Coffee You Can Make At Home

Milk coffee

If you want to drink iced milk coffee, keep in a glass some milk, wait for each drop of coffee to drip. When the coffee dries up, stir well the coffee and milk and add some ice. Make sure you have a good cup of coffee.

Milk has the effect of reducing the bitterness of coffee, increasing the sweetness, creating a greasy taste without losing the original taste of the coffee.

Capuchino coffee

If anyone asks “which coffee is easiest to drink today”, it is definitely Cappuccino coffee. Cappuccino Coffee is suitable for both women and men, especially those who love sweets. Not as bitter as black coffee, not as simple as coffee with milk, Capuchino is much sweeter and more delicate.

The three main ingredients to create Cappuccino coffee are: pure coffee powder, milk and milk foam. In which, milk and foam are equal. Cappuccino coffee has a sweet taste of milk, a bit of creamy foam, and a little sweet bitterness of coffee. It all blends together, and pushes the drinker’s emotions to a climax.

Cafe Latte

Coffee Latte, also known as milk foam coffee. If at first glance, you will see that it is identical to Cappuccino coffee. However, when enjoying, you will realize the fundamental difference between Latte and Cappuccino. If in Cappuccino coffee, the amount of hot milk and foam are equal, then in Latte coffee the foam percentage is reduced by half of the amount of hot milk. Besides Cappuccino coffee, another delicious latte that is quite similar to Latte is Caffè Macchiato.

Mocha coffee

Mocha coffee is a great combination between pure coffee and dark chocolate. The special feature of Mocha coffee is that the pure coffee powder must be brewed in Espresso style (i.e. using a 100% automatic Espresso machine or hand-operated espresso machine), and then add chocolate powder in certain proportions . To make the Mocha coffee delicious and attractive, people often add a little white milk foam.

Egg coffee

Just thought: pure coffee and eggs never combined, who would have produced such a wonderful product. Chicken eggs increase the fatness of the coffee, add a little sugar (or milk) to reduce the bitter taste in coffee. You need a whisk to mix the ingredients well. How attractive is the new egg coffee cup, with the yellow color of the egg, the white color of milk or cream (if any), the black brown color of the pure coffee.

Cream coffee

Student age (or Teen) very little coffee drink. You think: coffee is too bitter and difficult to drink, it is not “delicious” as other drinks. Since ice cream coffee appeared, the thinking of teenagers has changed completely. You love coffee more, and think that this is a very interesting drink. This is all thanks to the cream on top, usually whipped cream, made from milk and sugar.

When should not use coffee ?

Most of us usually start our day with a cup of coffee, but is this a healthy habit? It can be said, today coffee is a familiar drink of many people in the world. gender. Coffee is a beverage that can keep us awake and focused during a long working day. However, using coffee at the wrong time can be counterproductive and harmful to health. Here are the absolute times when you should not drink coffee.

When you are feeling anxious

If you’re in a bad mood, drinking coffee can make your mood worse. According to Ali Miller, a pharmacist and research expert at the Dwidyl Institute of Medicine (Philippines), the caffeine in coffee has a negative stimulant effect on the nervous system, producing cortisol. 

Cortisol produced too much at a time can cause the immune system to weaken, negatively affecting health. It makes us feel sluggish, with no energy left to work hard for a long day. So, to reduce the health effects of caffeine, you should reduce the amount of coffee you drink each day or you can divide that coffee into small cups to drink several times a day and about 6 hours from bedtime.

When you are tired of lack of sleep

A recent study has shown that the caffeine in coffee will not work and will not make you more alert if you sleep less than 5 hours a day for 3 consecutive days, meaning sleep deprivation. Your problem will become serious. The cause of this problem is that the lack of sleep will cause the body to reduce energy to regulate cognitive activities, which the amount of caffeine cannot compensate for.

When you feel too tired and sleepy, the best thing to do is take a 20-minute nap, which will help you become more alert instead of constantly drinking coffee to wake you up. Please!

When the coffee is too hot

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), drinking hot drinks above 65oC can increase the risk of esophageal cancer. Therefore, if you like to enjoy coffee cups as soon as they are made, while they are still smoking, you should immediately give up this habit. If brewed at home, your coffee when melted can be as hot as 85oC. Therefore, the best way is to be patient, just wait about 5 minutes for your cup of coffee to reduce to a safe temperature.

Drink coffee in the early morning

If you drink coffee early in the morning, you will most likely feel tired and need another cup of coffee at noon to stay awake and keep working. But drinking too much coffee will not be good for health, especially people with high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach diseases. Drinking coffee at 6 a.m. doesn’t give you any extra energy for the day, because for about two hours after you wake up when the hormone cortisol is at its peak, it’s a Natural energy will help your body become more alert and healthy.

So you do not need to add another stimulant like coffee at this time. The best time for you to have your first cup of coffee of the day, the researchers say, is between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m, when the hormone cortisol starts to drop. That way, you will always keep the best balance, energy and spirit to be ready for a long day of work.

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3 Simple Tips For More Delicious Coffee In The Microwave

Grind your coffee

To get the most out of your coffee beans, it’s best to grind them right before you make the coffee. Since it’s whole-grain, your coffee has much less surface area – making the coffee fresher. We grind the coffee so that the juice from the seeds is much easier, but in doing so the ground coffee releases aroma and the coffee begins to degenerate.

Think fruit salad – fresh fruit in a bowl should be fine for a week. However, when the fruit is cut into a fruit salad, you’ll notice the freshness and crunchiness of the fruit pieces disappear. Same thing with coffee!

If you’re buying ground coffee right now, just buying a grinder will quickly improve the quality of your morning coffee. If this isn’t an option right now – consider buying just enough coffee to get you through a few weeks.


After you grind coffee, the next thing to keep in mind is your dosage. Your dosage refers to the amount of coffee you are putting into the water purifier, which will then run through to create your espresso cup. The key to consistently good coffee is to keep your method as consistent as possible. In our kafe this means we weigh the dose to make sure we have the same dose for each injection, with an accuracy of ± 0.1g.

If you can’t weigh your dosage before extracting coffee – the next best thing is that you should split the dose with the same routine each time. This means running your grinder for the same amount each time you brew a coffee or fill the filter with the same number of teaspoons each time. Whatever you do to make sure you use the same amount of coffee will help improve the consistency of the extraction and hence your cup of coffee.

Clean your machine

The last and most often overlooked tip for home coffee improvement lies in your own appliance. You can have delicious coffee beans, perfectly filtered coffee, and smooth milk, but if your equipment is not kept clean, your coffee can spoil. From the filter basket, to the steam wand, to the team leader himself – keeping your gear clean is the basics of consistently great coffee. For home use, you should have your team leader meet at the coffee shop at least once a week if you use the coffee maker daily.

Along with that, the water entering your machine also plays a big role. The filtered water will help improve the flavor of your coffee, but in Perth we also need to be wary of the hardness of the water we use. Perth water is famous for being hard, containing calcium carbonate. 

When the water is heated in the boiler of your coffee machine, calcium precipitates out causing sedimentation. If this is not checked, your machine will slowly deteriorate due to calcium adhering to the inside of the machine. When buying a water filter, look for a water softener as well as filter out impurities.


How to enjoy coffee?

The taste of coffee is something difficult to say, based on the perception of many people. Each type of coffee has a unique taste and it depends on the preferences of each person to make their own choices.

What are the benefits of drinking coffee?

In coffee, a lot of caffeine is a substance that has many effects on the body, and minerals and beneficial compounds also give regular coffee drinkers many benefits.

Talking about the beneficial effects of coffee, one can name a series of items such as: Anti-drowsiness, refreshment, more comfort, cancer prevention, aging, longevity, beauty. , weight loss, … And many other benefits.

However, the above benefits are only available when consumed in moderate amounts, on average 2 cups of coffee a day. If you abuse coffee too much, it can also cause users to lose sleep, drink coffee, become addicted to coffee, increase blood pressure. You can use coffee while at work thanks to the following products: Best Coffee Roaster Machine

How To Preserve Coffee ?

Powdered coffee can be stored for up to 2 years from roasting and grinding if done correctly. Especially, within 14 days after grinding, it should be put in a sealed container, stored in a dry place, to avoid moisture so as not to lose caffeine and flavor.

If you roast coffee yourself, you should not put in plastic bags because it is easy to get moldy. Instead, you can put coffee powder in glass bottles with tight lids for better protection from moisture. If careful, store in high, dry, cool places and avoid sunlight.

It is also possible to store coffee in a 1-way valve or vacuum. This is a very good way to preserve the outside air that can not enter, promoting natural oxidation in coffee.


After reading the article, you probably have a complete understanding of how to make a cup of coffee using a microwave, as well as have more knowledge about coffee. When drinking a cup of coffee, you should feel the most quintessential things from the sun, the wind and the sweat drops of those who have worked hard to make. If you don’t want to waste your coffee using we recommend the following products that you might like: Best Espresso Machine Under 2000.

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