How To Make Matcha Tea Without Whisk Easily But Still Retain Its Original Taste

You are a matcha tea fanatic and you decide to buy a box of matcha so you can make a cup of tea with your own hands.  But you do not know which step to start from.  Having reviewed many videos and viewed many photos, you find that whisk is definitely an indispensable tool in the making of matcha tea.  You realize that there are no such tools in your kitchen and you are very afraid to find the right one.  Surely you have a headache when you do not know how to make matcha tea without whisk.

I know that according to the traditional custom to have a matcha cup of tea you must have a whisk but this is not the only way to do it.  That is why you can rest assured that even in the kitchen there are only a few other appliances you can still make your own matcha tea well.

With the article below, I will suggest you how to make matcha without whisk. The methods that I will mention below will be very simple, easy to do and bring convenience to you.

You will get the following helpful tips in the article:

  • Benefits of drinking matcha tea
  • Making matcha tea without whisk
  • Different ways to make matcha tea while retaining its original flavor
  • How to make matcha tea with available tools in the kitchen
  • The best times to drink matcha tea
  • Guide to select matcha powder considered to be of good quality
  • Favourite foods pairing with matcha tea
  • The way you can store matcha powder for a long time
  • In conclusion

Benefits Of Drinking Matcha Tea

As you know, matcha is a tea originating in Japan and is now very popular in all ages.  It can be flavored for pastries, ice creams and drinks.  Certainly, in every bakery or tea shop, you will easily encounter these flavored dishes.You should learn how to make matcha tea without whisk to improve your health.

Matcha Is An Alternative Nutritious Drink

In matcha, there are antioxidants to support immune cells against repairing cells as well as free radicals.  Not only that, but it also contains catechins to increase the anti-inflammatory ability to help the body from pain, reduce the likelihood of diabetes, high blood pressure, even cancer.  The most effective way to cook matcha is tea.

Protect The Health Of The Liver

The liver is an important organ in the human body that has the function of detoxifying and processing nutrients.  Some recent studies have shown that drinking matcha tea is a good way to protect the liver.  Statistics have clearly shown that people with fatty liver disease just drinking matcha tea containing about 500 mg per day and lasting for 3 consecutive months will significantly reduce the amount of enzymes in the liver.  Not only that, but drinking matcha tea also helps to reduce the risk of liver diseases.

Enhances Brain Function

Researchers have proven that matcha tea helps people enhance memory, quick response and increased attention ability, which is very good for humans, especially for the elderly.  The combination of caffeine and l-theanine is a wonder of concentration.  They will generate more alpha waves to help you feel clear and alert.  You should know that if you want to be in this state of mind, it is a good practice to go to yoga or meditation, but now you will not need to spend much time to go to the gym, just drink a cup of tea matcha.

Burn Calories

 If you have taken a lot of weight loss pills and still have no success then I recommend you to try drinking matcha tea, a miracle will happen to you.  The combination of EGCg and caffeine will boost the metabolism in the most efficient and natural way and the calories will be reduced gradually.  The catechins contained in matcha tea will do the main job of generating body heat to burn excess calories.  If you can persevere in drinking matcha tea for 90 days you will see a surprising decrease in BMI, waist size and subcutaneous fat.  This is a simple remedy, does not waste your personal time and is the healthiest for human health. If you know how to make matcha without whisk, I’m certain that you will own a well-proportioned figure.

Improve Cardiovascular System

The heart is an important part of the human body.  If the severely affected heart can lead to a stroke that could leave you in hospital for a year or even pass away, then you should also pay attention to your heart’s health.  Matcha tea has a great effect in reducing the risk of stroke and helps you avoid unexpected heart attacks. You can include matcha in your daily diet, drinking matcha tea every day is the best way.

Making Matcha Tea Without Whisk

If you want to know how to make matcha tea without whisk that is delicious and nutritious , you need to follow some basic steps and be sure to do it properly.

  • Before you want to make a good cup of tea, you must make sure to choose a good quality matcha.  Its color is green and looks clean.  If the color is khaki, it should not be used because it is old and poor quality matcha.
  •  Use a sifter, sifted matcha to avoid clumping, this is a step many people do or forget so you need to pay attention.  You can use your hands to lightly touch continuously to let the matcha powder fall.  You can also use a small spoon to move the matcha powder back and forth.
  •  Prepare hot water at about 80 to 90 degrees Celsius. If you use a small bowl or cup, rinse it with boiling water, use a small cotton towel to gently wipe it.  It is recommended to separate the hot water in another bowl, not directly poured into the matcha powder.
  •  Measure matcha to match the amount of filtered water.  1 gram of matcha is equivalent to 120 ml of filtered water.
  •  Make a thick paste first, then slowly add the rest of the water and beat it evenly without clumping.  Be patient while performing this step.  There are many tools that you can use to stir this liquid mixture like a fork, frother, etc.
  •  If you want a hot cup of matcha tea, you can warm it to a temperature of about 70 to 75 for the best, if you want to enjoy it cold, mix it with cold water and add ice.  In case you are a sweetheart, you can add sugar or make syrup and pour it in.

Different Ways To Make Matcha Tea While Retaining Its Original Flavor

With the exception of the whisk, you can take advantage of other useful tools in your kitchen in order to make matcha tea.  I will suggest some tools and how to do them, you should consult for more choices.

I will recommend you how to make matcha without whisk that you can refer to in the absence of a whisk.  Everybody up until now has prescribed that if you want to do something, you have to have all the tools as set out, but in some cases it is not always available.  Isn’t it sad when excitement rises and gets extinguished?  In such times, people will immediately feel discouraged and stop thinking about what they are trying to do.  So we can completely replace missing tools by taking advantage of the tools available in our kitchen.  As you can see, in making matcha tea without a whisk, I took advantage of very simple tools that any kitchen has such as a fork, bottle, etc.  The way to use them is not much more complicated than using a whisk.  That is why I want to emphasize that we can become more flexible in making matcha tea.

Water Bottle

I will suggest you how to make matcha tea without whisk by making use of an unnecessary Water bottle to make matcha tea is a classic, yet effective and effective way to make tea.  You just need to perform the operation simply and easily.  The first is to pour the right amount of matcha with the amount of water, pay attention that the temperature of the water should not be too hot.  It would be better if you use individual matcha packs that have been measured to a certain amount.  Then twist the bottle cap tightly and shake well to prevent clumping and let the water and matcha blend together.  Once you feel good, you can take a small sip to make sure there are no lumps in the measurement.  Just like that you can enjoy a delicious cup of matcha tea.

Electric frother machine

With this tool, you will not need to use a whisk.  It will give the same milky foam layer that resembles the most traditional version, the matcha powder dispersion is well done and effective.  Be careful not to turn on the machine first, but add water first, otherwise matcha will be splashed all over the place.  

Obviously you should turn off the device before taking it out of the water.  With making matcha tea, mixing is probably the most important job so using a milk frother machine is the right decision.  This tool is quite lightweight so you can easily handle and use it. The first thing you need to do is to put a sufficient amount of matcha powder into a deep enough container, then pour hot water at a temperature of about 70 degrees C. 

Then use an electric frother, turn on the start switch and then remove.  transfer it in that liquid mixture.  Try to move it gently to avoid splashing the matcha water.  You do it in the right amount of time, not too short because they will not be able to blend together.  You make it until the green foam is covered on the surface of the mixture, then continue using the electric frother for a few minutes and then stop, so you have instant traf matcha. 


Using a blender has been a popular practice.  Obviously using a blender will be a lot easier because manually shaking matcha will be completely replaced using blender, which is both effortless and more effective. A small blender works with great intensity and does the job better than that but no matter the size it will do the job well.  The result after using the blender is a smooth, lump-free liquid mixture and an extra layer of foam above the surface.

If you wanna know how to make matcha tea without whisk thicker than a blender is definitely the best choice.  In case you want to make sure the ingredients are perfect, you can whip the matcha tea separately first then mix with other ingredients.  At that time, you just need to make tea matcha into two separate steps. Here are some of the best and most effective blenders suitable for making matcha tea you should consider buying, I am sure you will be satisfied with these products. You can select one of these best blenders.   

Cocktail shaker

This tool is often used by bartenders to make delicious cocktails.  I have seen cocktail bartenders use them expertly and skillfully in matcha preparation.  They really do an excellent job at generating just the right amount of impact and have a built-in filter to boot.  This tool is also used to make matcha tea, preventing them from clumping, but matcha ingredients and pure water are mixed together to create a smooth but nutritious drink. That is the reason why You need a cocktail set that is highly effective to make matcha tea easily. How to make matcha tea without whisk is really simple, if the tools are used well, you can refer to some of these best cocktail sets

The first thing you need to do is to wash the Cocktail shaker , then add enough matcha. Pour enough hot water with the right amount of matcha powder to make sure it’s not too thick or too hot.  The next step is to shake the mixture vigorously with your hand, so use the force here because that will dissolve the unwanted lumps.  Shake your hands well, shake again and again, after you have felt it long enough, pour them slowly into a cup.  Then enjoy it. 

Bowl and fork

I will guide you how to make matcha tea without whisk by the way using a fork. Traditional bowls usually have a simple design, they are about 5 inches deep and thick and hard, do not choose too thin bowls.  First, pour in a little hot water, and gently shake the bowl to make sure it evenly passes through its surface.  Then you pour the water away and use a small burn towel to gently wipe the bowl.  

The next step adds about 1 or 2 grams of matcha.  At first you pour a little hot water with a temperature of 90 degrees C, be patient for a few seconds to let the water temperature drop to about 60 to 70 degrees, you can use your hand to gently touch the outside of the bowl to feel the temperature for yourself.  

Once the temperature has dropped, use the fork to evenly beat the liquid inside the bowl.  I recommend that you tilt the bowl a bit so it is easier to hit it and avoid missing any lumps.  Hit evenly using force on the fork until the dark green liquid mixes to a lighter tone it can be stopped.  By doing that, you will have a cup of matcha tea to enjoy.

How To Make Matcha Tea With Available Tools In The Kitchen

I will show you how to make matcha tea without whisk, which is the most simple and correct way with only the tools available in your kitchen.

 Stage 1: Prepare ingredients to make matcha tea

  •  1½ teaspoons of matcha powder (equivalent to about 2 grams), you should be careful when choosing this ingredient to avoid buying poor quality
  •  60 ml of hot water

Stage 2: Filter the matcha powder

  •  Sifting 1½ teaspoon of matcha powder into a small bowl, set it aside.  The detail of this step is to place a sieve on top of a small bowl, and pour the amount of matcha you have measured.  Tap the sieve gently against the side of the bowl to break any lumps.  If you want to be sure you can repeat this step 2 times to make sure the matcha powder is smooth.

Stage 3: Fill in hot water

  •  Prepare hot water between 160 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit which is equivalent to about 75 to 80 degrees C or 90 degrees.
  •  Pour hot water into another small cup, do not pour it directly if you want it to be excellent
  •  Then, you take the cup of hot water to measure and pour slowly into the bowl of tea powder just filtered.  This way will not appear lumpy in your matcha tea bowl.
  •  Use a clean measuring towel to measure the water.

 Stage 4: Make the matcha tea mixture cotton

  •  In this step, I will suggest how to make matcha tea without whisk in the detailed ways for you using the basics rather than a whisk.

Way 1: Shaking Water Bottle

  • Prepare an empty water bottle with a firm, tight screw cap to prevent water leakage during use.  If possible you can prepare a funnel so that the green tea powder does not splash out, it is quite useful.
  •  You will pour about of water into the bottle and put it on your funnel, pop in your matcha powder and close the lid
  • Then, shake vigorously and steadily for 20 to 30 seconds
  • You pour another part of water until it reaches the top

 Way 2: Using an electric frother

  •  Pour a little hot water into the bowl to warm it up, tilting the bowl evenly in a circle so that the sides of the bowl are also warm.  Pour the water away, use a small cotton towel to gently wipe it clean.
  • Take the prepared cup of hot water and pour slowly into the bowl of matcha powder.
  • Hold the electric frother firmly then use your finger to turn on the starter button to create a mess.
  • Just hold it and move it evenly up in the mixture until the foam starts to appear thick enough before you can stop.

Way 3: Using blender

  • Pour the prepared amount of hot water into the blender.
  • Then pour the amount of powder into the blender.
  • Press the start button for about a minute to make sure the mix is ​​evenly mixed.  Then turn off the blender and pour it slowly into a small cup.

Way 4: Using cocktail shaker

  •  Pour the amount of hot water just finished pouring in.
  •  Next, add just enough sifted flour.
  •  Close the shaker tightly and shake it vigorously like a real blender with your hand.
  •  After shaking, pour out a small cup to enjoy

Way 5: Making use of fork 

  • Put matcha in a small bowl and then pour a little water to make a thick paste first.
  • Use a fork to move the mixture evenly.
  • Then add hot water and stir well with a fork.
  • You should tilt the bowl slightly to make it easier to stir and make sure there are no lumps.
  • After stirring for a while, pour it into a small cup and enjoy.

The best times to drink matcha tea

Not only how to make matcha tea without whisk is the important thing that I wanna recommend in this article but also I will suggest the best time to enjoy matcha tea.

Before the time to exercise

I recommend drinking one to two cups of matcha tea before starting your workout that will aid you in strengthening your fitness for the best and most effective results, well worth the effort. A recent study in the US has demonstrated that ẹnoying matcha tea will easily burn the excess calories in the body and the physical endurance also improves significantly.

Before starting to work

Previously in Japan the habit of drinking matcha tea was formed early, starting with the monks. Since they often have to meditate for many hours, drinking matcha tea will calm their spirits while increasing concentration. 

Today’s generation has absorbed and learned that habit to help themselves be calmer in the chaos of modern life. When drinking matcha tea before embarking on work, they feel like they are energized, even if they sleep for a few hours, they feel like they have had enough sleep. L-theanine in matcha tea plays an important role in reducing stress, thus creating a necessary state of alertness for them. Moreover, this is also a way for you to improve your ability to receive and remember information effectively.

Before having a meal 

If you are having health problems or want to be healthier, you may consider drinking matcha tea before starting your meal. I recommend that you drink when the cold body is not too hungry or too full because it will not work effectively, especially for people who are hypersensitive to caffeine. 

Matcha tea is acidic, the amount of acid will be a bit more than coffee, so you should drink it at the right time. The best way is to eat a small piece of cake

Or eat something in small amounts then drink matcha tea. I want to remind you not to drink at night because as I said it contains caffeine so it can make you lose sleep, at night you will easily fall into a state of consciousness

The Guide To Select Matcha Powder Considered To Be Of Good Quality

You wanna learn how to make matcha tea without whisk well, you need to notice the process of chóoing the ingredient. It decides the taste and smell of matcha tea.


The first thing you need to pay attention to is the color of it.  Good quality matcha powder has a bright green color as this indicates that it is supplied with chlorophyll during growing.  The same color means that matcha powder is not old, but still fresh and has been properly preserved by the manufacturer.  You should not buy the powder that is dull, pale, or khaki in color.  They are probably more likely to be additive or not properly stored.  It is not beneficial to your health at all.

The color of good quality matcha tea :

The color of poor quality matcha tea :

Taste and aroma 

In terms of taste and aroma, pure matcha usually originating from Japan has a great effect in anti-oxidation, preserving beneficial substances.  When steamed, it will create a sweet taste like the scent of grass, the gentle scent when smelling feels very comfortable, not too dark.  A delicious matcha tea has to balance its natural sweetness with the botanical flavor.  Poor quality varieties will taste bitter.  But I want to remind you that mixing matcha tea the wrong way can lead to a bitter taste.


A good matcha tea is one with a nice looking texture. When you touch your hand you must feel the fine powder, you can use a small amount and then warm it if it dissolves evenly, this is a good quality matcha tea. In contrast, poor quality matcha teas are usually gritty and will feel rough to the touch.

Favourite Foods Pairing With Matcha Tea

Since learning how to make matcha tea without whisk, you want to enhance the flavor of matcha tea and enjoy it better, you can eat some food with supplements.


It is said that eat a lot in the morning, eat medium at noon and eat less in the evening. When you eat breakfast with a healthy amount of energy after nearly 12 hours of not eating food, you can eat with a little fresh fruit to make the stomach more comfortable.


If you feel a bit hungry and want to have a snack before the main meal time of the day you can drink a cup of matcha tea with some salad, I would suggest you to eat an orange or tangerine salad like that. The body is refreshing and the meal is also softer. On that salad you can also add some lemon juice if you need a boost of antioxidants.

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Eating cakes when enjoying matcha tea is also a good idea. Matcha tea will help you eat pastries without choking and balance the sweetness of the cake, avoiding the risk of diabetes. In addition, when you eat cakes, you easily get bored and quickly lose your appetite, drinking a little green tea will make you unable to drop any pieces

The Way You Can Store Matcha Powder For A Long Time

The best way is to repack them and put them in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.  You can take advantage of an unused box to pack them up.  Green tea powder must be protected from exposure to heat, light and air as this will reduce the color of matcha powder and reduce its inherent quality.  If this is not possible, you can place them in any place with dark space and low temperature.  

By doing this you can preserve matcha powder for a few more months, you will not have to worry if it gets moldy or out of date. But if you keep it in a place where the light is constantly, the quality will not be as good as the original matcha tea. You learnt how to make matcha tea without whisk but wishing to keep matcha powder for a long time, you can refer to this guide. 

In Conclusion 

With how to make matcha tea without whisk  by 5 methods, I think this article will help you with more choices and more variety of ways to be flexible in making matcha tea. I hope you enjoyed this article and found it interesting and useful to you. You know we don’t have to use the required tools in the instructions, we can replace them with the tools available in our own kitchen. It is convenient, you do not have to waste time shopping for tools if there is a shortage.

Non-whisk matcha cups of tea still have a delicious taste and taste for you to enjoy. Do not just for a few small reasons make you give up making matcha tea, the benefits it brings are huge, helping to improve human health significantly. I know after you finish making matcha tea you have to clean your kitchen and wash a lot of kitchen utensils like bowls, mugs, and so on, that’s why I want to recommend dishwashers as well. which helps you to do a good job of this cleaning. You can refer to some products that have been carefully selected for quality and effectiveness in this article .

If you have any comments or suggestions, please give me feedback, I am also curious if this article will help you or not and if it is lacking at any point. Therefore, I look forward to receiving comments from readers.

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