How to make wood floors less slippery: Use Ways For You!

Wooden floors are a famous choice for some homes and entrepreneurs because of their excellent appearance and flexibility to function admirably with practically all inside stylistic layout. Nonetheless, wooden floors can be dangerous and can make tenants in the home or working environment slip and harm themselves. Wooden floors may not be tricky once introduced yet can get smooth because of standard utilization of cleaning items, wax development for, or reflexive completions. But how to make wood floors less slippery is the big question!

In case you’re a home or entrepreneur, smooth wooden floors can turn into a significant issue over the long run; Not just would it be able to prompt friends and family or workers to harm themselves yet if it’s left untreated, moving furnishings and slipping pet paws can likewise make harming scratches on the floors. 

In this way, the sooner you discover an answer for your elusive wooden floors, the lower the danger of a genuine mishap and the more you can keep your floors in brilliant condition. 

Luckily, you can decrease the slip factor in one of a couple of ways. How about we investigate how to make wood floors less slippery:

This article contains:

  • Ways to make wood floors less slippery
  • The most effective method to keep up strong wood flooring 
  • Some product you should and not should make wood floors less slippery
  • Note when selecting and assembling wooden floors

Advantages And Considerations Of Natural Laminate Flooring And Laminate Flooring

how to make wood floors less slippery

Currently, on the market, there are many types of floors and materials that can meet the preferences and styles of customers. Standing in front of many choices to choose the right floor with high durability, affordable price but beautiful and stylish is not easy. 

This article will provide some important information on the 5 most typical indoor wood flooring, ensuring the value of your home will be raised and you will enjoy the benefits of it. brought.

Before considering and deciding what kind of flooring material to buy, you should know that flooring materials come in many types, there are many designs, colors as well as differences in durability and price.

Budget is the first factor you should consider, your budget will open up different options for you. If you are confident then it will be easier to choose and decide which materials. If you have a limited or fixed budget, there is no need to worry, as there are many manufacturers that create beautiful, durable products that fit your budget.

Natural laminate flooring – With you for a lifetime

This is the first option that you should consider. Natural laminate flooring is the most premium and best quality laminate flooring available today and is worth your money.

Advantages of natural wood flooring

Tough and impressive is the first feeling natural wood flooring gives. Natural laminate flooring is diverse in types of wood, from Asian wood such as Cam Xe, Teak, Go Do … to European wood such as Oak, Ash, or Walnut wood to some African product lines such as South African red. , rosewood, rosewood.

The natural wooden floor has a variety of specifications, you can customize the specifications easily. For example, the general standard of thickness is 15mm, you prefer that your wooden floor is thicker than you can put up to 18mm, even 30mm or 50mm. Durability is something you don’t have to think about. 

Natural laminate flooring has high durability, up to hundreds of years, that has been verified in practice. Many palaces, castles in European countries or China, natural wooden floors have been over for hundreds of years and still exist today. In the process of using, natural wood flooring is abraded, old, scratched to restore the original page, you simply need to process and repaint at a very reasonable cost.

The natural wooden floor is made from 100% solid, monolithic wood, so it has natural beauty. Depending on the surface treatment, the natural beauty value of the wood will vary. Normally, natural wood flooring is now UV painted – this helps to avoid scratches, increases hardness, and maintains a lasting beauty, but in return, you will not feel as genuine walking on the wood as how to remove oil. for natural wood flooring.

Natural wood floor cons

Because it is monolithic, it is 100% solid, warping and shrinking is the biggest limitation of natural wood flooring. Under the development of drying and curing technology, the warping and shrinking have been significantly reduced but 100% complete elimination is not possible. Depending on the type of wood, depending on the specifications as well as the installation space, natural wood flooring can still shrink and warp.

The price of natural wood flooring is usually 20% – 30% higher than Engineer wood floor and bamboo floor, 200 – 300% higher than the industrial wood floor and plastic floor However, your initial investment cost will be high, but the annual depreciation cost of natural wood flooring is extremely low due to its high durability. Some notes for you before deciding to buy natural wood flooring

  • Choose the right wood, the right specifications, the right color tone, the right wood origin
  • Choose the right supplier

Laminate flooring – the right choice

how to make wood floors less slippery

Not compared with natural wood flooring in terms of durability as well as environmental friendliness or naturalness, but in turn, laminate flooring has great advantages that few materials have.

Advantages of laminate flooring

The price of laminate flooring is 1/2, even 1/3 of that of natural wood flooring, Engineer wood floors. With a low budget for laminate flooring, you can change your laminate flooring, change color periodically by dismantling and reinstalling. 

Moreover, laminate flooring prices are almost stable, with little change over time. Various designs and colors. There are hundreds of brands, thousands of models that are the hallmarks of industrial wood. Customers love natural wood tones, industrial wood floors meet that. The preferences of the color tone of brick, stone, and laminate flooring also meet that. Nowadays, laminate flooring comes in many different forms, from slats like natural wood, it also has the form of bricks and the shape of pebbles to meet all tastes and styles of consumers. 

Abundant supply: No volume restrictions or scarcity such as natural wood flooring, industrial wood flooring is produced on modern machinery, abundant raw materials, leading to the ability to supply wood. The industry is endless. The advancement of technology, the abundance of raw materials leads to more and more diversified designs and colors of industrial wood, and decreasing prices.

Industrial wood flooring disadvantages

Resistant to water, moisture. This is the biggest disadvantage of the industrial floor. Although there are many brands, many models with high water resistance, frequent flooding, or high humidity, laminate flooring will expand, swell, or serious damage. Durability is not high. The average life expectancy of laminate flooring is 7 – 10 years. When the laminate flooring is completely damaged, the replacement will be difficult. 

Price is not the hardest thing for you in the next 7-10 years but the hardest part is dismantling and replacing. You finished installing the wooden floor, you installed furniture and objects on the wooden floor. When replacing, you have to move or dismantle those items, which is difficult to the construction, as well as to the aesthetics after the new installation. 

Advice for you: 

  • Avoid scratching or holes in laminate flooring because it cannot be repaired but must be replaced.
  • Should cover the chair legs, interior table legs to avoid moving and scratching

Ways to make wood floors less slippery

The floor is the area that comes in contact with your feet when moving. Poor friction floor will lead to many consequences such as dangerous sliding falls. There are many anti-slip solutions for floors. Customers find a solution to create both comfortable and safe housing spaces!

Anti-slip for floors with support solutions

how to make wood floors less slippery

Tiles are used to complete most of the building floor items. Using floor tiles is a way to create a durable and beautiful floor with very low construction costs. However, many times homeowners have problems using slippery floor tiles. That causes many troubles and affects the body and health.

To overcome this situation, homeowners apply support solutions:

Use carpeting

how to make wood floors less slippery

Homeowners use carpeting to reduce the risk of slipping. There are many different types of floor mats on the market. Customers choose the floor coverings for the dry area or the bathroom.

With carpet, you will overcome the slippery condition. However, it creates a rather cramped and hot space in the summer. So this is only a temporary solution.

Use anti-slip tape

how to make wood floors less slippery

There is a material on the market that is an anti-slip solution called anti-slip tape. This is a product manufactured with the same design as adhesive tape (tape). This material comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The tape surface is rough to minimize slipping.

This product is used in locations such as stairs, swimming pools, bathrooms. However, drawbacks are costly and not permanent.

Use anti-slip solutions

how to make wood floors less slippery

Anti-slip solutions are very popular. Product type used by pouring directly on the stone tile floor surface. The solution creates friction and remains for about 5 years. However, this is a chemical so it is still not safe for health. Products are also easy to fake, quality products with high prices.

The above anti-slip solutions are only corrective and temporary. Therefore, before building a house, the customer needs to determine which floor areas need anti-slip requirements. Bathroom, exterior yard, balcony, staircase. In such positions should be used anti-slip floor tiles. This is a sustainable, safe, and aesthetic anti-slip construction.

From sanding to non-slip paint for wood, there are a lot of arrangements accessible to help you protect your dangerous wooden floors. However, it is imperative to think about your particular necessities, just as how viable every arrangement is, before picking one. 

Standard cleaning 

Standard cleaning is important to keep up wooden floors and can forestall the development of earth on the completion which can prompt trickiness. In a perfect world, a fiber brush ought to be utilized to brush away any flotsam and jetsam. While cleaning may help with fending off the earth, it may not be completely powerful all alone to stay away from hazardous slips and falls. 


how to make wood floors less slippery

Join one section of vinegar and two sections of water. Mop the floor with this answer to eliminate old waxy deposits and clean items that make floors smooth. On the off chance that the floor is wet to the touch in the wake of wiping, run a dry mop over it to ingest overabundance fluid. 

Spot floor coverings with nonslip cushions in zones that habitually become elusive or that get a ton of high-speed traffic. Spot spongy mats in entryways or under sinks to keep the floor from getting wet in those regions. 

Wipe up spills and tidy up wrecks when they occur. Keeping the floor spotless and dry should prevent it from getting dangerous. 

Put mats at each passageway to the house. Energize relatives and visitors to wipe their feet completely at whatever point they enter. This eliminates any tricky buildup on the bottoms of shoes and can help dry the shoes, which makes them more averse to slip on wood floors. 

Apply a nonskid treatment to the floor if none of these arrangements tackle the issue. Pick an item intended for wood floors. Test it on a little territory to be certain it doesn’t deface their look, is agreeable underneath, and can be eliminated if essential. 


Continuously spotless wood floors with cleaning arrangements intended for the kind of floor you have. Utilizing some unacceptable cleaners leaves a dangerous buildup on wood. On the off chance that you can’t track down a suitable business cleaner, clean the floors with a vinegar arrangement.


how to make wood floors less slippery

Wooden floors are regularly sanded to eliminate layers of finish or wax. This may leave your floors looking clean and shiny new, yet rarely do fruitful in adding foothold. Accordingly, you will require an answer that can add additional grasp after you’ve sanded your floors. 

Floor coverings or mats 

how to make wood floors less slippery

Numerous individuals accept that carpets or tangles are the most ideal approach to shield elusive floors. Be that as it may, it isn’t viable, as it is typically not fixed to the floor and can undoubtedly move. A free carpet is pretty much as risky as tricky floors! 

Put resources into a strong non-slip paint for wood 

how to make wood floors less slippery

On the off chance that you are not kidding about fixing your tricky wooden floors, it merits investigating against slip paint for wood. These items are intended to add the required foothold to wooden floors and guard it for individuals and pets to utilize. It will likewise secure your floors and see your lovely wooden floor speculation going on for quite a long time to come. Hold paint for wood arrives in an assortment of alternatives to suit any home or entrepreneur’s necessities.

There are a few strategies that are known to help make wood floors less dangerous. These include: 

Hostile to slip covering 

Against Slip, wood floor coatings are generally accessible for both indoor and open-air use. This enemy of slip items ordinarily require a twofold coat, spread meagerly. Each coat should be permitted to evaporate for 10 hours. The covering ought not to influence the shade of the wood floor. 

Keep the floor clean 

Clearing a wood floor consistently can assist with lessening the development of regular trash – earth including residue and pet hair can add an elusive free surface layer to a hardwood floor. 

Pick reasonable footwear 

This may appear to be a conspicuous assertion to make with regards to keeping away from a slip excursion or fall on a hardwood surface, however, the right footwear is a simple arrangement worth referencing. Evade socks or hard obeyed shoes, and rather select house shoes or elastic soled games coaches.

The most effective method to keep up strong wood flooring 

how to make wood floors less slippery

Strong Wood Flooring offers a novel mix of class, sturdiness, and character to its environmental factors – making it outstanding amongst other ground surface decisions for a property holder searching for another floor. 

Nonetheless, these swank great looks and stunning attributes of hardwood floors need shielding from day-by-day mileage and other natural conditions and require a little consideration. The overall dependable guideline for any strong wood flooring is: pay your ground surface consideration and consideration and your floor will compensate you with long periods of staggering style and administration. 

While keeping up strong wood flooring, keep your strong wood flooring clean utilizing a vacuum and a brush to eliminate earth and garbage. Guarantee your hardwood floor is dry as water presence can encourage clasping and distorting of the sheets. 

A somewhat sodden mop when cleaning is suggested, however, downplay wiping. Shielding your deck from furniture is simpler when utilizing felt cement cushions to make a pad between your furnishings and your floor. 

Thinking about pets, guarantee nails are managed to forestall hook scratches. At last, exorbitant daylight can cause blurring and discoloration, utilizing shades, blinds, or UV covering on windows can shield your ground surface from direct daylight. 

Keep your wood flooring clean 

The most regular danger to your deck is general soil and residue that can scratch and harm the surface. Fortunately, the answer to this issue is customary consideration with a vacuum and a brush. This delicately eliminates the earth to eliminate any flotsam and jetsam. 

Keep your hardwood floor dry 

Another customary danger to hardwood floors is water. Whenever left to absorb, water can twist the sheets and lead to clasping; accordingly, any spills require brisk cleaning. 

Significantly, you should possibly utilize a somewhat clammy mop when cleaning the floor – yet additionally to downplay wiping. As a substitute strategy for cleaning, a delicate shuddered brush will likewise help keep your hardwood floor liberated from the earth. 

Shielding your wood flooring from furniture 

Blemishes and scratches from the furniture are a typical danger to keeping your strong wood in extraordinary condition. Fortunately, a genuinely speedy and easy arrangement is close by felt furniture tips. These tips join furniture with an inherent, safe cement and pad the pieces of the furniture that interact with the wood floor straightforwardly. 

Another helpful hint is to guarantee that while moving furniture it is lifted, as opposed to hauling across the floor. This is because the hauling movement is probably going to unstick the tips from the furnishings. This will permit the furniture to leave unattractive scratches. 

Shielding from footwear, cats and the sky is the limit from there 

how to make wood floors less slippery

As a country of pet darlings – there is a high probability that you may have a pet in your family. It is imperative to manage the nails/hooks of pets to stay away from scratches. Notwithstanding, we should deal with our footwear additionally – perhaps the most probable foundations for scratches or deck harm from footwear is a couple of high impact points, especially stilettos (the weight is amassed in one little territory which implies that harm is almost certain) – so to be protected, not wearing impact points in the house is the best arrangement when hoping to ensure your floor. 

Maintain a strategic distance from abundance daylight 

Unreasonable daylight can make significant harm to strong wood floors if not drew nearer effectively. Besides, leaving your floor in direct daylight for a supported timeframe can cause discoloration and blurring. You should take care to guarantee that no region of the wood floor gets a lot of daylight, accordingly keeping it looking unblemished. 

The most economical method of settling this issue is through shades or blinds, or then again you could consider UV covering the windows to help shield your floor from direct daylight. If neither of these arrangements is extraordinary, place a tangle nearby ground surface that is generally presented to daylight – which will at that point assimilate the majority of the daylight and help try not to floor discoloration. 

These tips will help keep up the strong wood deck and keep it looking as new on its first day.

Note when selecting and assembling wooden floors

As we all know, laminate flooring is currently the main product line used for flooring. Bring high efficiency to use, durability, and cost savings. The advantages of the product are many, but there are still many things that we need to note. To have a durable, beautiful, and firm floor as desired requires homeowners to pay attention to the following: Quality of laminate flooring, product thickness, surface, construction techniques, construction time, …

how to make wood floors less slippery

What should be paid attention to when selecting products?

Currently, there are two main types of laminate flooring, 8mm and 12mm. According to our advice for those with long-term experience, you should choose 12mm for the most peace of mind. The thicker 12mm wood will feel more solid.

The lumpy surface is becoming popular in the laminate flooring industry. The AC abrasion index is something you need to pay attention to. AC4, AC5 is recommended. Also, you need to pay attention to safety issues. Small formaldehyde content industrial wood will be better, E1 is the recognized standard recognized by the European laminate flooring association to meet the environmental requirements.

Good ground preparation is paramount

The construction of laminate flooring is to cover the floor on the floor without using any method to fix it to the floor. Therefore, a solid floor, whether or not is completely dependent on the ground preparation stage before the construction of the wooden floor.

Pay attention to matters after preparing the site

If it is a cement floor, supervise the masonry to be smooth and flat. Check with a 2 or 3-meter aluminum ruler around a turn to check for positions for sagging. After completing other items, please clean all back to a clean, flat floor before applying the wooden floor.

If it’s a brick background make sure it’s flat. If more careful, cut the brick circuit to prevent brick swelling later.

If it’s a wooden platform or a loft make sure. Spread a layer of MDF board for tightness, flatness, and firmness. Because flooring wood is only a decorative effect, not a force-bearing effect.

How to choose the best direction and style of wood flooring

how to make wood floors less slippery

Choose the dimension of wood for paving

A beautiful floor is very important in this stage, the order of priority in the direction of the light. The wood panel should be paved along the direction of the window light. Prioritize two according to the length of the room. For example, another room is 7 meters long and 4 wide. Notice then all other rooms are also paved with the same uniform dimension.

Choose how to staggered slices

Usually, the wood will be staggered with stairs at a distance of 20 to 25 cm. A short slice beyond 15.16cm is bad. Tiling this style saves the most wood loss. There are some types of staggered straight slices, divided into halves, tripled, … Tiling in those styles requires longer time, more woodcut off. The loss will be larger, leading to higher costs.

How is the construction technique and time for the standard?

Technical notes

Industrial wood has the characteristic of expanding after being exposed to the environment because it absorbs moisture in the air. Therefore, it is necessary to leave a gap between the wood and the wall of about 8 to 10mm.

Apartments with large areas need to be disconnected between rooms to ensure there is room for the wood to expand. Avoid the phenomenon of wooden floor swelling after a period of use.

Do not use the power cord in the gap between the wood and the wall. A lot of people find it convenient to put wires in that opening.

Choose a reasonable construction time

Usually, laminate flooring should be constructed at the last stage of the interior finishing process. To avoid damage caused by the contractors later, the paint that adheres to the wood is extremely difficult to clean. Let’s do the final stage of laminate flooring. The construction of the wooden floor is also very fast, so there is no need to rush. The area of ​​70m2 also takes only 1 day.

Windows should be installed before installing the wooden floor to avoid damaging rainwater into the house. After installing the wooden floor, it is necessary to install curtains to prevent sunlight.

How to choose the type of accessories to have the best floor overall

Porous flooring has types of 2mm 1-sided nylon, 3mm silver-coated, 2mm rubber, 3mm rubber. Depending on the conditions that choose the right type. Young rubber has the highest price, the foundation will suck and be stronger. However, with normal floor surfaces, 2mm nylon foam is sufficient.

Accessories for laminate flooring include baseboards (wool) and braces. For the hopper, there are MDF wood chips covered with Laminate, wood chips, green core, imported. According to the advice of experienced people, if you want to be cheap but durable, you should use a high-grade plastic float.

If you want to have a long-lasting, beautiful brace, you should use a wood-grain alloy brace, copper-yellow brace, and stainless steel brace for long-term durability without peeling wood grain.


Hope that you can have the best floor care with our above article about how to make wood floors less slippery! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Thanks for reading!

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