How To Remove Refrigerator Door Handles When It Broke In The Best Way

Using refrigerator door handles is very convenient. However, when something goes wrong, you need to find how to remove refrigerator door handles, opening and closing the refrigerator suddenly becomes difficult. That’s why you need to remove refrigerator door handles. Not all refrigerator door handles are comfortable for users, some of the handles will be very heavy and you will have to use your best to be able to use them. This makes it inconvenient to use the refrigerator. And we firmly believe, no user will want to use a door handle that tends to be so heavy.

And when the refrigerator door handle has broken, or it is no longer suitable for use, it’s time to get rid of the refrigerator door handle. So have you ever wondered if it is easy to remove a refrigerator door handle and how to optimize the method of using it? If you have asked yourself the above questions then come to our tutorial today, all your problems about getting rid of the refrigerator door handle will be easily solved step by step. 

Removing door handles from the Whirlpool refrigerator doesn’t have to be a complicated undertaking. With a hexagonal wrench and a little determination, you’ll find you can loosen hexagonal screws and lift the handle without much effort.

Before removing the refrigerator door handles, let’s starts with some accessories you will need when do that:

  • Utility knife
  • Wrench
  • Head screwdriver
  • Handles with snail set
  • Find the plugs that cover the screw sets on the bottom end of the handle. Lift up the plug with the utility blade.

In the topic today, I will guide you to the following contents about refrigerator door handles:

  • Things you will need when removing the refrigerator door handles
  • Some tips before remove the refrigerator door handles 
  • Some warning you should know when removing the refrigerator door handles
  • Steps to remove the refrigerator door handles in a right way.
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

Things you will need when removing the refrigerator door handles

Every refrigerator made by Whirlpool today offers a detachable door handle as part of the design. This is a practical option for customers as they can remove the handle for thorough cleaning, squeeze the refrigerator through a small doorway or remove or replace a damaged door handle. This simple task requires only a screwdriver or hex key, also known as an Allen wrench, which is typically around 3/32 inches or 1/8 inch. The Whirlpool refrigerator owner’s manual can be helpful as it includes diagrams, but is not required to complete the task.

It can be said that in our kitchen, the refrigerator is one of 5 very important things that are indispensable next to it, the rice cooker, the stove, the microwave, the sink, if we think more deeply, we will see them for real. closely related to each other. Unused vegetables and foods will be put in the refrigerator for storage next day, just take them out and rinse with clean water the next day, or thaw protein foods then just put to the kitchen to cook delicious dishes and when the dishes are on the plate, the rice in the rice cooker is also done. 

When we finish eating, of course we have to wash the dishes to ensure hygiene, the sink is a great assistant for women these times, sometimes when too much food is used, the refrigerator is a perfect place for preservation. It helps to avoid rancidity caused by the outside environment, when you want to use it again, just take it out in the microwave and reheat for about 3-5 minutes depending on what kind of food you cook. will be different.

Filming the bandwidth around the refrigerator

Surely none of us would want your family refrigerator to become more ugly after changing the handle. Therefore, we cannot help but know that one of the basic things to do is to use tape to protect your refrigerator paint. This is the fastest and most effective way to make sure your refrigerator stays the same even after replacing the handle.

You can use any kind of tape to protect the paint. However, we recommend using plastic tapes as they are thin and easy to remove after you are done with your work. You can also refer to the best quality refrigerators to avoid paint damage when changing door handles.

Should use the route or the specialist to handle the route

For some refrigerator doors, you will need to use a screwdriver or some other specialized object to handle the screws. This is easy too, hold them firmly and rotate clockwise until they are removed. This is not too difficult, but it takes strong hand force to handle it. Therefore, make sure that you can use your utmost in handling screws.

You can make your own or call a refrigerator repairman. However, we still recommend that you can do it yourself with our detailed tutorial today. Read it carefully and get started with your refrigerator right away.

Handle many screws skillfully one after another, handle them in order.

You probably know that a refrigerator doesn’t have only one screw, they have a lot of screws. Therefore, please handle them skillfully. Ideally, treat them in order until the refrigerator door handle is removed.

Let us give you an example, you can handle screws from top to bottom, bottom up, left to right, or vice versa. Any way is fine if it makes sense for you. And remember to check the number of screws after removing them to make sure their quantity is still sufficient.

In addition, you should clean the water tray regularly when removing the refrigerator door handle, because dust on the water tank can evaporate and affect the water evaporation. Before cleaning the refrigerator should disconnect from the power source, open the refrigerator door to dry, do not spray directly to clean or use inflammable and explosive detergents to clean the refrigerator. 

Use a soft cloth to wipe the outer surface of the refrigerator with warm water. For refrigerator doors, be careful when cleaning to avoid damaging the joint of the door seals, use a soft cloth to wipe with warm water. Use a brush or any other trick you know to remove any food crumbs from the door sockets that block the door.

Gently remove the door handle after removing the screws

Now you can completely remove the refrigerator door handle. Please remove them slowly and make sure not to affect the refrigerator’s paint. Enjoy the task of removing the refrigerator door handle with us in the most effective way.

Some tips before remove the refrigerator door handles  

For properly removing the refrigerator door, you can simply follow the steps. However, to quickly remove the refrigerator door and not affect the aesthetics of the refrigerator, please refer to some of our tips.

Because the number of families using refrigerators is very much, the need to repair refrigerators is also great. Many repair centers, customers need to keep in mind a few issues if you want to find the best service.

Look for a new refrigerator door in case your refrigerator door is broken

If you remove the refrigerator door because the old door is broken. So find out and buy a new suitable refrigerator door to replace them. Make sure you’ve found a new one to replace before removing the old one, so you won’t waste time searching after removing the old one, and you can also install a new one for your refrigerator right.

You can contact where you purchased the refrigerator to find a suitable refrigerator door handle. However, you can also find this product online or elsewhere. It’s not too difficult to find the right accessory for your needs.

Consider using refrigerator door handles in case you don’t need them

There are some fridge doors that don’t need handles that can still be opened. In case you remove the refrigerator door handle, may you consider whether you need a replacement handle? If required, don’t hesitate to buy them. However, if it is not required you can also not use the handle for your refrigerator door.

There are many types of refrigerators on the market with reasonable prices and many features. You can completely choose them for your family. It is not too difficult to choose but it will definitely give you the best experience.

Be careful with the material of refrigerator door when disposing of them

Refrigerators use dry steam to absorb heat. Sounds simple, but the working mechanism of the refrigerator is relatively complex, with different components and plays an important role in the cooling cycle.

There’s many types of refrigerator door handle’s materials in the market. So, we have to be careful with the materials of the refrigerator before removing it. For example, some door handles were made by the plastic materials, but some door handles were made by the steel materials. Even though the plastic is easy to buy, cheaper and easy to remove. But, the steel is more durable. Because the plastic is easy to break, that is why the users need to be careful with the materials of the refrigerator door handle when choosing that.

Consider buying a refrigerator door handle protection or no door handle

Having the door handle protection is the best way to keep your door handle clean. So, if you think that you have to replace the old door handle because it is too dirty, do not hesitate to choose the best refrigerator door handles for your home.  However, you can still choose the high quality refrigerator with no door handle in the market for your kitchen. It should be the best way for you before considering buying the door handle protection. 

We also recommended some best products for your kitchen based on the user’s comments. Maybe it will be good for you before making a decision

Some warning you should know when removing the refrigerator door handles

The traditional way of repairing the refrigerator that we still know is that when the refrigerator is broken, customers have to take the refrigerator to the electrical appliance store to repair it, wait for the repair to be completed and then come back. 

This method has a very big downside, that is, if the customer accidentally chooses to have a poor reputation, there is a risk that genuine parts of the refrigerator will be replaced with counterfeit parts. clear origin. This is bad because after repair, the quality of the refrigerator must be significantly reduced. It is possible that the refrigerator will still work after being repaired, but the time is not long, and the risk of damage is worse than the first one.

Choosing a warranty refrigerator repair service is a way to help customers ensure their rights if something goes wrong after the repair. Warranty policy is an important factor in ensuring a reputable refrigerator repair service. Because a warranty service will not allow them to do superficial, poor quality because if so, when there is a bad problem, they will still be responsible, from which customers can be completely assured.

Removing a refrigerator door can be very simple. However, you should also note the following to make your work lighter. Join us to find out what those things to look out for. Let’s start now!

Be careful with the screws and the door seals

Count the number of screws when removing the refrigerator door, because if you lose even one screw, installing a new refrigerator door with certainty is not possible. So make sure they are still enough after you remove the refrigerator door.

The door seals must be tight to keep the inside cold air, otherwise the cold air escapes, wasting energy. If the pad is not tight, it will greatly affect the refrigeration of the contents and lead to spoilage. Therefore, you should regularly check the suction of the gasket by using a piece of paper between the door and the refrigerator. If you pull out the paper and find it loose, the gasket has a problem. Now you need a new gasket.

Refrigerator gaskets are rubber pieces located inside the wings of the refrigerator, which are effective in keeping cold air in the refrigerator from escaping. Therefore, if the refrigerator’s gaskets are peeling or exposed during long-term use, it will lead to the situation that the door is not closed, making the refrigerator less cold, not enough temperature to preserve the product, affecting food. in the refrigerator quickly broken. 

Not to mention that, if not detected to change the refrigerator gasket in time, letting the cold air lose a lot, causing the refrigerator to run continuously to compensate for the lost cold air, which will lead to a long-term refrigerator. damaged and consumes too much power. So, you should regularly check the refrigerator gaskets to be able to promptly repair or replace them, to avoid long periods of time reducing the life of the refrigerator!

Refrigerator gaskets are actually rubber pieces with good elasticity, easily deformed during use. Therefore, when you need to buy rubber gaskets to replace them, it is very rare that you want to buy genuine gaskets from the manufacturer, but if you can buy, the price is also very high. If you call a repairman to come in for a replacement, it usually takes a few hundred thousand per meter depending on the size of your refrigerator, not counting the repairman’s wages. So, you should fix the gasket at home instead of calling a mechanic to avoid losing money in an unfair way.

Do not remove the paint from the refrigerator when changing the door handles

Changing the refrigerator door must be very careful not to affect the paint on the refrigerator door. Because you definitely won’t want your refrigerator to be ugly after changing.Therefore, please be very careful!

However, you should also clean the refrigerator thoroughly before removing the door. Please unplug the refrigerator and then move all the products in the refrigerator out before removing the door. That helps keep your refrigerator from power failures and ensures that removing the refrigerator door doesn’t interfere with your food. Cleaning both the inside and outside of the refrigerator is essential when you decide to remove the refrigerator door. Because it makes your refrigerator more clean and food quality is not affected.

Please replace the refrigerator door technically correctly step by step

To be able to properly replace refrigerator doors, learn about them step by step before replacing. That both saves you time and helps you get the right steps out of a certain technique.

You should clean all kinds of food and drinks before putting them in the cupboard when removing the door handles. Foods with specific smells, or salty foods, should be put in bags or sealed boxes before putting them in the refrigerator, to avoid the spread of odors, salty evaporation that causes corrosion of the refrigerator.

When the refrigerator is not cold, it can be because the refrigerator contains a lot of food or the switch (relay) is not suitable. Should take out the food, turn the switch to colder temperature. Check the cold again after adjusting.

Follow each step by step because the quality of your refrigerator will be ensured. The use and care of the refrigerator is very important that any family should know. If you know how to keep your refrigerator, your refrigerator will last longer and you can use them longer. Make sure you follow the steps in the correct order as instructed and that you have not missed any. Follow our direction to make it easier to remove your refrigerator. Following step-by-step instructions make your job easier than ever.

Steps to remove the refrigerator door handles in a right way

Refrigerators are one of the indispensable equipment in today’s human life. From rural to urban, the refrigerator plays an important role in the home kitchen. Refrigerators also have many types, they are quite varied from brand, size, design to price. Depending on the needs and capabilities, consumers can choose to buy for themselves a suitable type. In this article, we are only discussing the benefits of using a premium refrigerator, especially loved by families with conditions today.

If your fridge door handles are currently in need of replacement, you’re probably wondering how to install a new handle. If so, you will be pleased to know that replacing a refrigerator door handle is a simple task that can be completed in a timely and stress-free manner. Just read on to find out everything you need to know.

Step 1: Handle the screws with a screwdriver

It is estimated that families can lose several thousand dollars each year for discarded spoiled food. The reason was that the storage period was so short that during that time, families could not consume all the food they bought. The solution is to discourage overbought and switch to a better refrigerator to extend the shelf life of fresh foods. Surely this is the first and most important step. Make sure you have all the tools you need for this step. In some cases you can use the key but we still recommend that you use a supporting product because it is more reliable, it will make your job more favorable.Make sure the tools required for refrigerator door removal are prepared before you do the above work. That way, you can save time while removing the refrigerator door.

Step 2: Removing the old refrigerator door handles

Before you can start replacing the handle, locate the defective handle attachment points. Incorporate the help of a screwdriver to carefully hold the screws in place, as well as the handle guard. You may want to save the new screw operators, as they can be used to keep your replacement hands in place.

This is an easy job, but you have to pay attention to the steps for disassembling and tracking plastic parts. If you put them back in the wrong position or remove them, the doors will not close properly. The whole job took less than an hour and required only screws and pliers.

The refrigerator has a number of conveniences such as: Jeans, washed with soap and water, are easy to fade, fray, and tear, but if they take it to the dry cleaner, it is quite expensive. Therefore, you should refrain from washing them like that, unless they are heavily muddy, or too dirty. And you should try to take advantage of your refrigerator to handle it. Put your jeans in a zippered pocket with a piece of scented paper, put in the freezer overnight, and then dry in the sun the next day. The low temperature of the cabinet will help you kill the majority of bacteria on your pants while maintaining their perfect appearance.

Step 3: Inserting the replacement handle you have selected

Your broken handle has been successfully removed, you are ready to attach your replacement handle. Start this step by holding your new handle firmly in place. Alternatively, you may want an assistant to hold the handles in place for you. Use your screwdriver to attach your new handle in the same way as your front handle.

Once your new refrigerator door handle has been correctly positioned, attach the handle’s protective plate, then gently pull the newly installed handle to confirm that it is securely attached.

Not only preserving food is always fresh, you will be surprised when the refrigerator also has the ability to prolong the shelf life of perfumes. Every time you finish using perfume, you use its box, wrap paper or plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator, with this method it can preserve them for several years. Moreover, when preserved like this, the scent is also retained on the body longer when used.

On the market there are many types of refrigerator doors for you to choose from. Make sure to choose the right product for your refrigerator! As we mentioned earlier, look for an alternative product where you used to buy the refrigerator or from the manufacturer of the refrigerator. That helps you to find a better quality product.

Step 4: Cleaning the refrigerator door handles after removing

Refrigerators have become one of the almost indispensable home appliances for every home. Currently, refrigerator manufacturers are increasingly making more eye-catching and convenient samples in food preservation as well as easy cleaning.

As for the doors and handles of the cabinet you can use a clean rag with a little spray of white vinegar to wipe it off. With fridges with glass surfaces for simple cleaning, you just need to use a paper towel and glass cleaner. As for refrigerators made of stainless steel or powder coating, you should use a cloth cloth moistened with a little vinegar to clean.

Take this as an opportunity to clean your refrigerator. Regular cleaning of the refrigerator will keep the quality of your food fresh. Be careful of cleaning before and after removing the refrigerator door handle to ensure the above process does not affect your food. You should clean the refrigerator regularly to make sure it’s the best place to keep food. Clean it properly to make your refrigerator more durable.


Are door handles easy to remove?

The refrigerator door handles will be easy to replace if you replace them with the correct specifications and instructions. However, in some cases, refrigerator door handles can take a long time to remove and you must be very careful when working with them.

Finding the refrigerator door handles is easy? 

There are many types of refrigerator door handles on the market. However, you should consider right from the moment you buy a refrigerator about whether you like a refrigerator with a door handle or not? Or is your refrigerator door handle easy to choose with an alternative product?

You can find good and cheap refrigerators in the market. Choose the best one and consider the accessories you would expect from them.

Can refrigerator door handles be replaced?

It is entirely possible to replace the refrigerator door handle if you find a suitable replacement product. Contact where you purchased your refrigerator or find them in the market based on your model and type of refrigerator. You will definitely find a lot of results as it is now common to replace refrigerator door handles.


Refrigerators are an indispensable item of every family. Proper use of your refrigerator not only helps you protect the longevity of the machine, but also saves a significant amount of electricity. Refrigerators should be cleaned regularly, about once a month or at least once a month, to prevent bacteria from growing and multiplying. Start by turning the control knob from the (ON) or (OFF) position to power off the refrigerator or unplug it. Take out all the food and shelves in the cupboard. Open the refrigerator door to let the snow on the melted freezer (do not use a knife or hard object to plow the snow from the freezer), then dry with a soft cloth.

Removing the refrigerator door handles will not be too difficult if you remove it properly and prepare all the steps to remove the door handle as we instructed. You can completely replace a refrigerator door handle when you feel your old refrigerator door handle is no longer suitable.

There are many types of refrigerators on the market and it is not difficult for you to choose a refrigerator that is suitable for your kitchen space. We wish you luck in changing refrigerator door handles and wish you the best experience of using them.

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