How To Seal A Garage Door From The Inside Without Paying Much Money

You can see in real life nowadays, garage doors play an important role in protecting your family from thieves and burglary. They also help us avoid some noises, elements and disruptions from the outside. If your garage door is sealed in the correct way, it can work highly effectively and bring you some fabulous experiences in our own houses. However, not many people know about how to seal a garage door from the inside.

Moreover, sealing the garage door from the inside properly will limit rain, snow, wind leaking into your garage and influence your own spaces. This keeps clean for your garage and ensures the long-lasting of your devices.

If you still wonder whether your garage door is sealed, check our post now to get more information. In this article, we will show you some key factors about this problem.

Now we will look through these principles to seal a garage door from the inside:

  • Some ways to seal a garage door
  • Foam insulation tape for sealing garage door sides
  • Using a threshold seal
  • Weatherstripping for the side
  • Using the garage floor seal
  • Check out your garage door stop and repair the track
  • Change the adjustable seal
  • Filling in the gaps on the bottom and check the limited switches
  • Some Of The Best Garage Door Seal On The Market
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Some Ways To Seal A Garage Door

Using Top Floor Garage Seals

Choosing a relevant seal for the top of your garage door is an essential way to block some noise and insects that come from the outside to your house. If your garage door is not sealed appropriately, it will create a small gap on the top of the garage door and allow sunlight to shine through it. 

how to seal a garage door from the inside

To install your top garage floor seal, you need to stick this product to the top of the frame of the garage door. You can not place it on the door because it can be damaged on the rollers, springs and cause serious problems for you garage door. My advice for you is following according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the best result.

One more thing is that when using this item, you need to clean all the glue on the door before it is totally dried. After installing this product, you will see clearly the change in the temperature of your garage door. However, it can take you 72 hours to recover as it goes against gravity’s forces.

Using Bottom Floor Seals

When it comes to how to seal a garage door inside, people often talk about the bottom of garage doors. This is simply because it is the place they mostly forget when they seal the door. It is on the bottom and made of rubber or vinyl.

The main purpose of the bottom seal is preventing us from dirts, water, breezes so when you see any of them appear on the garage door, it’s time for you to replace it. For each material of the garage door, we have different ways to install this item.

how to seal a garage door from the inside


With this kind of garage door, you only need to use a simple strip on the bottom of the door and seal all the angles in the front of the garage door and the garage floor. As usual, it is usually installed by aluminum or galvanized. Therefore, it can save much time and money for the users and is easy to replace when it is broken down. About the question of how to seal a garage door from the inside, I think this is the best solution you can use.

how to seal a garage door from the inside


About the garage door made of metal, it usually has an aluminium route along to the bottom of the garage door. On this route, there is a U-shaped rubber pad or sometimes it is called a T-style. They only need to slip into the two small paths on the channel to install. This installation can also be used for a wood garage door if you want to change another way for this kind of garage door.

Apart from easy installation, this U-shaped rubber pad is provided with a variety of sizes and colors which help to bring the outside beauty and high quality for your own garage door. 

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Using A Brush Trip For Garage Door

Another bad situation that almost all garage doors are facing is moisture on the bottom of the garage door. For this problem, I think the best solution of how to seal a garage door from the inside is using a brush trip for the garage door instead of putting a seal on the old internal parts of the door as used before. To install a brush trip into your garage door, you should do step by step according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

The operation system of this product is not too complex to understand. The seal on the brush trip will appear on the ground while the garage door is closing to protect your garage door from the harmful components outside the environment.

The main key in the operation of this brush trip during installation is lining up the brushes straight, equally and at the exact heights. Therefore, when it turns out on the surfaces, it can clear away all elements completely and effectively. To ensure the security and certainty of this item, you need to break some holes after measuring the size of the brush trip. This installation will be much easier if your garage door is made of metal as you can exploit the hardware for measurement.

When using the brush trip, you need to use some other products with bottom seal because this item only protects the interior of the garage door not for outside of the door. You can see more products which helps you to clean the wood floor.

In particular, you need to follow these instructions step by step to install the brush trip for your garage door:

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Firstly, arrange the brush trip in the straight line on the bottom seal and choose the place you need to drill holes. You also need to ensure that the brush trip can fill in the seal of your garage door.

After determining the right place, you need to drill the holes on the door, use screws to secure the place and then close the door tightly. 

If you want to observe the installation process more carefully, this video will help you:

Insulation For Sealing Garage Door Sides

If you are finding how to seal a garage door from the inside, insulation is the best way that I suggest you should use for your garage door. This solution brings a cooler and quieter life for your family. Insulation also helps to reduce the consumption of energy and keeps your garage far from the noise and insects outside.

Insulating your garage door is cheaper than other ways and more advanced in this modern society. You only need to pay about $200 for the insulation and then your garage door will be sealed correctly. There are three main ways to insulate your garage door including:

Foam Board Insulation

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Foam board insulation is the board made from polyethylene which helps to insulate effectively and bring the beauty outside thanks to the design of no thickness. This kind of insulation has low water absorption and high resistance so it can avoid the moisture and damp that can damage the wall. 

With a good insulating system, this item is not affected by temperature. In particular, foam boards will not melt at high temperatures and not break at the hot weather. This item is also durable because of the recyclable material – polyethylene and consumes less energy.

Batt Insulation

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Unlike foam board insulation, the main ingredient of batt insulation is fiberglass and it is supported by paper and foil. This product works depending on the climate. The function of this type of insulation is acting against air and moisture from the outside that can go into the garage. 

It is designed with various settings called the R-value. If you want your garage door to work at the highest value, you need to place it in a cool and large space.

Reflective Insulation

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Relative insulation uses aluminium foil which helps to reflect heat, so this product can work well and is an ideal selection for hot weather in the summer. It exists popularly in two forms including double bubbles and pallet cover. Thanks to the special design, this product can avoid moisture, solar heat, condensation and ultraviolet rays and protect your garage door.

To install this product for your garage door, you need to measure the door panel first and then the gap between the door and its corners. This will help you to choose the appropriate size of the insulation to bring the best result for your garage door. Whenever you find how to seal a garage door from the inside, reflective insulation will be the best choice.

Using A Threshold Seal

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Another fabulous material to help you to seal a garage door from the inside. About the function, it is similar to the bottom seal but it is installed on the floor whereas the bottom seal is attached to the garage door.

This product is more effective and durable than others. It comes with other sticky substances that means you do not need to buy a new one during the installation process. The primary component of threshold seal is oak, which is a kind of wood and very popular to many furniture. 

With this material, you do not need to worry whether something like water can get in or out of the garage door because it is designed specially for this purpose and ensures the durability for your garage door.

To install the threshold seal, you need to measure the garage door and mark it with the chalk to cut the threshold according to the appropriate size. Then, clean your ground floor to cut out all dirt and dust, fix the threshold seal on the floor. 

Weatherstripping For The Side

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Weatherstripping is a wonderful item for all kinds of doors in general and for garage doors in particular. If you are still wondering about how to seal a garage door from the inside, you can use weatherstripping for your device. 

This product is mainly used for the garage doors which let noise, dirt, insects come from the gaps in the side of the door. The main reason for leaking is that it is installed incorrectly or it is too old. However, weatherstripping can help you solve this problem effectively and quickly. It is easily installed and you do not need to use any special tool for the installation.

All you need to do is have the right measurement of your garage door and adjusting the weatherstripping fitting the door. After choosing the size of weatherstripping, you should use rubber adhesive to stick it into the garage door. 

When you finish the installation process, close the door for at least one day to ensure that there is no glue spilling outside the garage door. Or else the next time when you open the garage door, the weatherstripping can be ripped off from the door.

Using The Garage Floor Seal

Among many ways to seal a garage door from the inside, using floor seal is an ideal solution for your garage door. It can avoid all light and noise from the outside and work highly effectively. It also cleans dirt and rainwater during the rainy weather. Basically, it has the same function as the threshold which is used for the front door. It is mainly made from rubber and creates a seal when the door closes.

The installation process is quite easy for users:

Firstly, you need to clean your garage door carefully, ensure that there are no oil spills or substances on the door. Then, you can measure the garage door and cut the floor seal according to the right size.

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Secondly, placing the rubber inside the garage door and closing your garage door. This is the end of the installation process.

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Finally, you should mark the place where the seal is installed and cover the floor with a lot of rubber adhesive. Press the seal down, give it for one or two days and then you can use it regularly to seal your garage door.

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Check Out Your Garage Door Stop And Repair The Track

Everyday, when you use your garage door, there will be some problems coming to your door. In these circumstances, you need to stop the operation of the garage door, try to find which cause the fault and repair it immediately. This is because it can cause some significant damage for your own family. Here are some typical problem with your garage door:

Loose Tracks

You should check the tracks frequently as it is the most important part of your garage door. They are also the main reason for malfunctioning and getting out of the garage door. This problem totally can be repaired by your own but you need the support of some other devices like a wrench or ratchet handle with the appropriate size. Then, find the hole of the track with the wall and use these tools to tighten the tracks, fix it on the wall.

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Tracks are dented or damaged

Another popular problem that your garage doors are facing is dented or damaged tracks. This will make your door can get off the track at any time. These dents can happen with your door everyday and you can not recognise the change of them. When the car bumps into them, the heavy equipment slips on it or your garbage bins, all of them can cause dents on your tracks. For each damage level of your garage door, we can repair it in different ways. 

You can use the hammer and a block of wood to try your best to fix the dents on the tracks. If the tracks are seriously damaged, you should replace it with the new one or else it can be damaged more and become a danger when your family uses it. 

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Wrong size of tracks

In some situations, when you do not find any issues with the track door, it must be the alignment of the garage door. Particularly, you should check whether the horizontal tracks lightly slope toward the back of the garage door. If the result is correct, ease the brackets, pull the rollers in the right position and adjust it according to the beginning instructions.

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Rollers are not cleaned regularly

Maybe you do not know. Rollers are the places that contain most dirt or debris when your garage doors are operating. You should check the rollers more frequently and clean it every day to ensure that there is no dust existing on the garage door. To do this, you can use the cleaning fluid for household appliances to remove all the buildup on the rollers. 

Apart from the dirt, your rollers can lack lubrication. When you try to open or close the garage door, it can cause the off track of the garage door. All you need to do is buy the lubricant and spray it on the rollers, your garage door can work well again.

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Change The Adjustable Seal

When you use the seal for a long time, it can cause some gaps. To tackle this problem, you need to buy a kit which helps to fix the seal of your garage door. You should do according to the instructions of the manufacturer to see the best experience. For the installation process, you are probably buying some lubricant to make sure that your garage door can operate effectively and smoothly.

how to seal a garage door from the inside

Built By Concrete

One more solution for the question of how to seal a garage door from the inside is raising the level of concrete for your door. For example, with the metal garage door, it can create a hole or crack if you use it for a long time. In this situation, I suggest that you should fix the gap below your garage door by adding concrete on the floor and raise the height of the floor. Therefore, the gap is sealed and brings the best result for your garage door.

Besides, you can find more information about concrete, which provides you with the best concrete mixer to seal the garage door

Watch this video to know more about how to add concrete into your garage door:

Filling in the gaps on the bottom and check the limited switches

During the usage process of the garage door, there are various reasons for the gap between the garage door and the ground floor. It can cause the gaps on some flexible seals when the rats chew the door or some devices bump into the garage door. 

Sometimes, the problems begin from the limited switches, they make your garage door not to be closed in the right way. For this issue, you need to contact the manufacturer to adjust the switches which fit into your garage door and make sure that there is no gap between the bottom of the door and the floor.

As a usual, the fault of limited switches are often found in the opener devices. It controls the operation process and the position of the garage door. Therefore, it is really fundamental to choose the best opener device for your garage door.

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If you want to repair it on your own, you can reset the garage door opener switches. Firstly, you press the button on the remote to open the garage door. Then, calculate the gap between the top opening of the garage door to the bottom on the floor.

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Next, you need a ladder which helps you to adjust the switch outside the garage door, use the screw and turn it according to the right-handed side. Then try to open and close the garage door again. If it still has problems, continue to adjust until when the garage door works normally.

Some Of The Best Garage Door Seal On The Market

  1. Hooima Garage Door Seal Bottom

This product is an ideal selection for those who want to find a flexible, highly effective for your bottom seal. Hooima Garage Door seal bottom can fit into any kind of garage, it creates conformity and convenience for the users.

It is also easy to install. You only need to measure the height and the width of the garage door exactly and give it to the manufacturer. Then, they will contact you to get some specific information and install it for your garage door. It can remove all dirt moisture, debris, rodents and prevent heat loss from the garage.

This material is primarily made of black rubber and in T-shape. You do not need to use any screw while installing it because with this product, you can totally use silicon spray to fix it into your garage door. Moreover, when it has problems, it can easily be replaced with only a little money.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Flexible weather
  • Easy installation
  • Not use screws or nail to fix


  • Thinner than other garage door seal
  • Measure before installing
  1. M-D Building Products Vinyl Garage Door Top And Sides Seal

If you do not know how to seal a garage door from the inside, Vinyl garage door top and side seals can block water, dirt and moisture that stagnate on the top and sides of your garage door. With the special design of a shock-absorbing cushion, this product makes your garage door more durable and lengthens the lifespan of the door.

This product also comes with a silicone spray which helps to remain flexible during the cold weather. It contains a large capacity of spray so you do not need to change it for a long time. 

One more thing you need to notice when you install this material is that it exists in the roll form that means you must flatten it before using. Or else, your garage door will look so untidy and not bring the best result during the operation.


  • Barrier of air, dust, leaves and moisture
  • Extend the life of garage door
  • Remain flexible during the cold temperature
  • Value for money
  • Durable


  • Have to flatten before installing
  1. Clopay Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

Clopay garage door bottom weather seal is the best solution for the bottom of your garage door. With the length of 18 feet and four inches wide, you do not need to cut it when installing the double garage door.

This product is easy to use. You only need to twist the strip to let the two pieces get together and then slide the rubber along to the track. To install easier, you can use silicone spray to slide smoother. 

All users said that the total installation process is very quick, it only takes about 15 minutes if you do it according to the instructions of the manufacturer. The important step of the installation is fitting the seal into the door track. After finishing, you will have an efficient seal at the bottom of your garage door.


  • Can be suitable for both single and double garage door
  • Thick rubber seal
  • Effective and durable
  • Quick installation


  • Do exactly step by step of instructions of manufacturers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should We Use An Insulated Garage Door?

Well, I think an insulated garage door is very suitable for those who want to update your own house. It has more fabulous features than other kinds of garage doors and work highly efficiently with an affordable price. The cost is ranging from $700 to $1400. It is worth installing this insulated garage door as it can save the energy for your family. Particularly, it controls the temperature in your garage and cuts down the energy to heat your family.

Another outstanding feature of an insulated garage door is durability and quieter than other garage doors. This is because each internal part is sticked very tightly, there is no noise when it operates.

If The Remote Is Not Working, How Can I Do It?

In these circumstances, you should change the batteries of your garage door with the new one. If the remote is still not working, you should call the manufacturer to repair it immediately.

Can We Use The Old Tracks?

In fact, you should not use the old track as it can break down for a long time. You need to replace it with the new track to ensure that your garage doors are safe and operate smoothly. If your garage door are still in the guarantee time, call them to receive their  support. 

Conclusion: How To Seal A Garage Door From The Inside

Sometimes, it can be challenging for us to find how to seal a garage door from the inside. However, you can see all the useful guidelines above and apply these tips with your garage door. I believe that in the short time using these ways, you can maintain the garage door more effectively and enjoy the best experience that the door brings to your family.

When the garage door is sealed correctly, it can keep dirt, rainwater, moisture away from your house. As we show some tips for you, you can install some product by yourselves or simply call the manufacturer, they will help you solve all the problems. Besides, you can read more about some best garage doors for your family. To get more information about garage doors, watch this video now:

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