How To Steam In Rice Cooker To Avoid You From Burning

Multi-functional rice cookers are an excellent way to cook rice, steam food such as vegetables and eggs, and even slow cook with solely an appliance at your home. If you possess a rice cooker with a steam basket, you could get numerous uses out of this device with no need of an extra item occupying more space. However, not everyone knows how to steam in rice cooker for food or vegetables and may get scared of burning. Therefore, we here to help you figure out the way to use it.

A rice cooker is a really easy thing to operate. You will know the way of steaming in a rice cooker with and without a basket. So if you get a rice cooker that does not include a basket, do not panic as you can still be able to steam your food without any difficulty.

The function of a rice cooker will rely upon the model and dimension you pay for. If you want a functional rice cooker, need to consider carefully as some products are just used for cooking rice only. The procedure of how to steam in a rice cooker is not complicated, but you still should know some basic things before using it to prevent any unexpected injuries. Our post will give you useful tips to use a rice cooker for steaming food safety and effectiveness. 

Let’s roll down and prepare to cook healthy and nutritious food today. Our article will provide you with the beneficial subsequent information:

  • Why should you purchase a rice cooker with steam functions?
  • Benefits of rice cooker with steamer
  • Drawbacks of rice cooker with steamer
  • Food products that can steam in rice cooker
  • Which steam basket is a great choice: metal or plastic
  • How to steam in a rice cooker without a basket
  • Step by step instruction on how to steam in a rice cooker
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Final thoughts

Useful Information You Need To Know 

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Why Should You Purchase A Rice Cooker With Steam Functions?

Steaming method is known as the healthiest and the easiest cooking way for food, particularly types of vegetables and meat. We believe that a rice cooker will appear in almost every kitchen as it is really functional, which is beyond just cooking rice. Therefore, knowing how to steam food in a rice cooker will be an advantageous skill that not only helps you get the absolute nutrients of vegetables and food items but also saves time and is beneficial for health.

Rice cookers today feature a steam basket which allows you to place food and vegetables for the steaming purposes. Even the one button rice cookers have designed a tiny steamer tray that matches the inside pot. The steam basket size will rely on the rice cooker dimension, if you buy a bigger cooker, you can steam more food items that you want to in a time. 

In such a fast-paced world that we are living, flexibility is the solution to make things implement rapidly. Having a rice cooker with a steam function will be an amazing gift that you can get beneficial for preparing meals, more than ever when you are on a multi-tasking cooking process.

Benefits Of Rice Cooker With Steamer

how to steam in rice cooker

There is a wide range of wonderful advantages of buying a rice cooker that is equipped with a steam function. Time is important and you want to save as much as possible on cooking meals for you or your beloved ones. As a result, you should get the idea how to steam food in a rice cooker as it will offer you much convenience for your cooking preference. Here are some:

  • Steamed food is the best way to maintain your healthy life. As it helps to get rid of fat that makes meat lower in calories and cholesterol as well. Besides, this way of cooking also keeps the absolute vitamins and nutrients from vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, you definitely love a rice cooker with a steamer.
  • Alleviate kitchen mess. This is because when you get a rice cooker with a steamer, you will have 2 in 1 function in an appliance. That is ideal for space saving when you have a small kitchen surface.
  • Effortless for cleaning up. Because the inner pot of a rice cooker and steam basket are safe for dishwashers. We would say no one wants a dishwasher that causes too much noise while working. Therefore, you can choose one of the best quietest Bosch dishwashers, which are definitely safe for your inner pot of rice cooker.
  • Ideal for cooking fast meals. You can cook rice and also steam vegetables or meat in a time with a steam basket. If your rice cooker does not have a steam tray, do not worry as we will mention the way to steam without a basket later.
  • You can save much cooking time, energy and money with a rice cooker that can steam. 

Drawbacks Of Rice Cooker With Steamer

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages when steaming in a rice cooker, but they are not a big deal. 

  • Extended time for steaming meat.
  • Need to pay attention constantly.
  • Lingering cooking process.
  • Food appearance, particular meat, will not be that appealing contrasted with those boil cooked or in oil.

However, these downsides will not have a significant effect with steaming food in a rice cooker. We would say you do not have to mind about them.

Food Products That Can Steam In Rice Cooker

how to steam in rice cooker

There is a variety of food that you can be able to steam in your rice cooker. This appliance will give you a way to steam whatever your recipe is at all times. Therefore, understanding how to steam in a rice cooker would be beneficial for you. However, the one trouble for steaming food is the cooking ideas of every ingredient that you are intending to cook. Compared to meat, vegetables are softer so it will cook quicker and more effectively, you need to think about which food steam first and how long it requires to steam. 

  • Vegetables 

This is the most regular food product that we often steam, however, the time for cooking will vary relying on the vegetable kind. Keep in mind that vegetables with profuse skin such as squash, you should turn the pulp down or unpeel them. 

You can change your choices for vegetables you want to steam to a rice cooker. For instance, broccoli is quickly cooked compared to cauliflower, therefore, if you wish to steam them at the same time, just cut the cauliflower minor than the broccoli pieces.

If you are having a moderately small and narrow steam tray, you should count the space as a deliberation. You can cut carrots to small slices and place into the basket so it can still steam faster.

  • Meat 

A steam function in rice cookers is a great method to tenderize meat like pork, chicken, fish or even pulled beef. If you plan to steam meat at the same time with rice, you ought to use a foil to cover and maintain the meat flavors from outflowing and mixing into the rice through the cooking process.

  • Noodles and much more

Some delicious food such as noodles, dumplings, corn, eggs and even shrimp can also steam in a rice cooker. The process is simple and you can get a finished meal just using your rice cooker. You can also make cakes, puddings and flans for desserts after dinners. What a convenient and functional device!

Which Steam Basket Is A Great Choice: Metal Or Plastic

how to steam in rice cooker

If you are confused that a steam basket is made of metal or plastic materials better, we are here to give your solution for purchasing. You may know how to steam in a rice cooker, but if you make the wrong decision about the steam tray materials, it may affect your health as well as your food quality.

On the one hand, plastic steam trays can lead to a dangerous health threat. The plastic used to make steam trays is polycarbonate plastic, which can leak BPA into your food products. Even though there are BPA-free plastic steam models, they still do not make sure your food is safe from approaching this toxic component.

On the other hand, we highly recommend you to purchase metal steam baskets, as they are better than plastic ones. This material offers you least risks. Out of the health problems, metal steamers will get a little more warmer that creates the underneath of food crispier, which for you, is a supplementary quality.

How To Steam In Rice Cooker Without A Basket

how to steam in rice cooker

If your rice cooker does not come with a steam basket, you still can get your favorite steam foods. With our easy instruction on how to steam food in a rice cooker without a tray, it is not a matter.

You can get an undersized trivet that matches into your rice cooker, place the ingredient you want to steam on a tiny bowl, plate or even on a small piece of foil and steam them. Another way is to make foil into balls, put a dish above the balls and utilize that as a stage for steaming your vegetables.

You also can use a bowl or cullender along with the water and steam your food in there. Otherwise, place a small wire-mesh sieve upon the pot with your meat or vegetables in it, then to put on the lid. You should have to cover the top of the rice cooker with a clean towel, that prevents the strainer from pushing the lid open up, and steam will not be kept inside.

If you are still cooking rice, greens and healthy vegetables can simply place on the top of rice at the moment it is finished cooking. Close the lid back immediately, and the rise of rice steaming as it gets cold will finely tenderize your steamed vegetables.

Step By Step Instruction On How To Steam In A Rice Cooker

The process of steaming food and vegetables in a rice cooker is simple and quick. Using a rice cooker to carry on the steam function may be time-consuming compared to the stove top technique, but it helps to reduce kitchen mess by building more space while working. We will offer you a very easy way to learn how to steam in a rice cooker efficiently. 

Today, almost all rice cookers are featured with a steam basket. If your cooker device does not include it, you can be able to purchase it separately with your appliance. You can also steam food without a steam basket, however, we suggest you should get one for your rice cooker. As this steam tray is an extremely handy utensil that helps you do multi-tasking of cooking and steaming at the same time. 

If you are new on this, let’s take a look into the following guides.

Step 1: Place A Rice Cooker In A Generous Space

In the steaming process, there would be steam that exits from the rice cooker, that heat is warm but sometimes it may be really hot. If you do not want your kitchen wall or other eating tools get wet, you should place your rice cooker in a nothing space. 

how to steam in rice cooker

Step 2: Preparing Your Food You Want To Steam

  • Meat:
    First, you need to wash all the meatloaves with clean water. Then you need to cut them according to your different recipes, but meats should be small slices, so your steam process can be faster.
how to steam in rice cooker
  • Vegetables 

You also first need to wash them under the clean water, rinse to guarantee any dirt is off. With vegetables with skin like carrots, peel the outer skin and slice the carrots into pieces so they can suit the rice cooker.

how to steam in rice cooker

Step 3: Pour Water Into The Rice Cooker

Look in your rice cooker’s handbook on the amount of water needed to add. Normally, you should pour about 2 or 3 cups of water in. Do not throw a lot of water as it will extend your steaming process due to requiring a long time to boil.

how to steam in rice cooker

Step 4: Put Your Food On The Steam Basket

With both meat and vegetables, let them spread evenly on the steam tray, do not overlap. If you put it too much on one side, yout food or vegetables may not all steam completely. Make sure there is nothing underneath, otherwise your food could get boiled.

We recommend that you should place the thicker or bigger pieces on the bottom of the steam tray, and the thinner or smaller ones at the above.

If you plan to steam seafood like shrimp, fish or squid, remember to use foil to cover the food before putting them in the steam basket. Because live seafoods are quite stinky, you must not want your rice flavor mixed with that if you cook right at one time together with seafood.

how to steam in rice cooker

Step 5: Setting Time

You should set the timer if your rice cooker owns that function, or else you can set time on your own phones or clocks. That will make sure your food and vegetables are far from over-cooked or burned. 

In order to know how to steam in a rice cooker appropriately, time plays a quite vital role too. We would say you always love food that is moderately cooked. With meat, set about 20 to 30 minutes, after that if it is not steam enough, you still can continue clapping the lid and wait for a little more time. Vegetables would be faster in steaming, just takes about 10 to 15 minutes. 

However, to guarantee you get the perfect food taste, you should pay attention to the rice cooker while it is steaming. 

Cover the rice cooker with the lid, plug in the power outlet and touch the on button, and leave the food for the time you have set. The temperature inside the rice cooker will steam your meat and vegetables.

how to steam in rice cooker

Step 6: Turn Off The Rice Cooker

Turn the cooker off and unplug it. Leave your food products or vegetables for about 3-4 minutes before eating. Then pick them up with a chopstick or fork and place on a plate with rice or noodles or anything you want to eat with.

how to steam in rice cooker

Step 7: Clean Steam Basket And Rice Cooker

After steaming is done, you should wait about 15 to 20 minute for the rice cooker get cooler take the steam tray and inner pot out and you can use a sponge with soap to clean, or you can put your stuff in the dishwasher as they are absolutely safe for use in a cleaning machine.

With a rice cooker, the important thing is to keep it from exposing directly the electrical sections to water. It must be maintained dry and never be approached in water as a rice cooker’s sole connects into electrical holes.  You should also make sure the inside hot platter does not get wet.

Here is a useful video we attach for you in case you are still confused on how to steam food and vegetables in a rice cooker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it require to steam vegetables in a rice cooker?

Well, the steaming time for food and vegetables will be diverse and it relies on the roughness of the ingredients. However, the process of how to steam in a rice cooker is the same. It oftens takes approximately 30 minutes to cook white rice while you just need a shorter moment for steaming vegetables, which range between 10 to 15 minutes.

If you wish to cook and steamed the rice together with vegetables, then you should start steaming vegetables when the rice is cooked a haft-time period. Because rice needs around 2 times greater than vegetables, so if you steam your veggies at the same time of cooking rice, your greens would be over-cooked.

Some thick skin vegetables such as squash or pumpkin, you may need to cut them in small pieces that can suit in the basket and steam them more than a batch. However, you do not have to worry that it will be time-consuming since it needs to steam many batches, as steaming in rice cookers is quick and you can steam huge amounts of vegetables in multiple phases still effectively.

  1. Does it take longer to steam meat in a rice cooker?

Yeah, that’s true. Meats need a more hot temperature than other food ingredients. When you are preparing to steam meat, you have to use a meat thermometer to examine the meat’s temperature, that guarantees the meat achieves a right steaming temperature. The ideal degree of temperature for poultry meats is 165F, meanwhile beef and pork ought to be cooked to a least degree of 145F. 

You want to figure out how to steam in a rice cooker to not only to enjoy the healthiest food for a healthy life, but also change your bored oily and fat foods to fresh and nutrient meals. Steaming food in a rice cooker is a great technique to get steamed healthy food and keeps the pure flavors inside the pot by utilizing moist warmth during a long time. 

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  1. How much water do I need to steam healthy vegetables in a rice cooker?

Today, rice cookers are designed with various qualities and dimensions. The quantity of water needed for steaming veggies based on the rice cooker size and the sum of vegetables you intend to cook. How to steam in a rice cooker correctly also needs the right amount of water.

A typical rice cooker takes around 2 to 3 glasses of water. Place the vegetables in the steam basket and put low into the pot. You can also steam the vegetables above the rice. But the time of cooking rice is double compared to veggies steaming time, therefore, you should start steaming your food when the rice is cooked halfway. 

  1. What can I do if my rice cooker does not include a steam tray?

Although your rice cooker does not feature a steam basket, you can verify the manual guide to know whether the cooker can dual up as a steamer or not. Or you can buy an individual steam basket.

We recommend some methods that can be helpful if your cooker does not own a steam tray. You can use a trivet that perfectly fits your cooker, otherwise, use foil and roll it into balls, place in the inside pot, and then put a place with vegetables above the plate together with a little water in the bottom.

  1. Are there any precautions that I should pay attention to ensure safety when steaming in a rice cooker?

Steaming in a rice cooker is a easy process, but you still need to focus on some safety precautions so that you can keep yourself from any kind of unexpected accidents

  • Prior to purchasing a rice cooker, ensure about the brand, customer comments, and especially the one that comes with a steam basket is ideal for your kitchen.
  • When cleaning your rice cooker appliance, guarantee the plug is out of the electrical connection. 
  • Remember to set time for steaming if you are doing household work to avoid food from over-steamed.
  • Be careful while the steaming process is taking place, the steam may cause you to burn. To check your food quality, use a kitchen towel to lift the rice cooker lid.
  1. Is there any other method to steam food and vegetables without a steam basket?

Yes, of course. The most common way to steam food and veggies is to use microway. You put a bowl of vegetables on the microwave with a spoon  of water, then use plastic wrap to cover. The time that takes for steaming vegetables in a microwave will rely on its quality.  The vegetables when finished steaming may taste crispy and not dry. There are some best microwaves under 100 we suggest you if you are looking for one.

However, we think you should use a rice cooker to steam food, as this way is much faster and causes less mess for your kitchen. You also save time and money with a 2 in 1 product, not only cook rice, but also steam your favorite food to get the healthiest and most nutrients.

  1. Can I steam fish in a rice cooker?
how to steam in rice cooker

Definitely yes. A rice cooker comes with a steaming function that can steam different kinds of foods including vegetables, meat and fish as well. The process is like steaming vegetables. With our guide on how to steam in a rice cooker, you are effortless to do it. 

You first need to rinse the fish with clean water, and then cut in half or small pieces as you want. We pick some best fillet knives for fish so you can perfectly cut fish without being crushed. After that place them in the steam basket and put onto the rice cooker. Then turn the button on and set time so you are done with steaming work. That is easy, rights?

  1. May I steam vegetables along with cooking rice at a time?

A rice cooker that features a steam function offers you to steam vegetables above the rice when it is cooking. The process will carry on best when you are planning to cook a minor batch of rice, as rice cookers do not have enough room for a full rice batch and a steam tray.However, with our guide on how to steam in a rice cooker, you can deal with different methods of steaming food. 

A few vegetables need more time to steam than others, therefore, let be choosy. If your cauliflower florets are quite big, you can be able to steam together with white rice as the cooking time for both are similar. Otherwise, you may remove the steam basket once vegetables are finished steaming or place the tray in when the rice is cooked half-time. This method provides you more versatility in your cooking process, then again you should be always careful of the hot steam.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, most rice cooker products possess a steaming setting function as well as include a steam basket for steaming other vegetables or foods during the cooking rice process. If your rice cooker is not equipped with a steam tray, do not be too nervous about because we have mentioned some other methods that you can implement steaming. However, we highly recommend you buy a rice cooker with a basket and learn how to steam in a rice cooker as it brings much convenience for your cooking.

Steaming in a rice cooker is a 2 in 1 functional appliance, that not only helps you save money and effort, but also space saving for your kitchen. In order to achieve a healthy life, steamed food would be a good way to start. The steaming process is simple and efficient, but you still should pay attention while it is steaming. Chasing a healthy lifestyle would be a great thing in contemporary life.  Some people think that steamed food is boring and does not taste juicy, however, everyone can try to steam a diverse recipe for vegetables, fish and meat, they will be surprised. Consuming steamed food, your physical and mental health may improve after a while eating oily and fat foods. It is a great way to cleanse your body and mind.

When you own a rice cooker to steam, you still need to spend a lot of time to prepare food and ingredients as well as rinse and cut them. We offer you some best commercial food processors so you can pick to help you save time and effort. Just place food in it and your food will be cleaned and cut to prepare for steaming

This is all about things we bring for you on how to steam in a rice cooker. We hope this instruction post will be helpful for you to start hunting a healthful living. 

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