How To Stop Oven From Smoking Regardless Of How Bad The Problem Is!

Cook lovers must be familiar with ovens. This machine is capable of making plenty of delicious food itself, so cookers are now free of some labor. However, no matter how modern and good the oven is, at one point to another you will definitely encounter some problems with it, one of which is oven smoking. Oven producing plumes is a hazardous and severe issue, so how to stop oven from smoking is what housewives are having a headache with. This is an indication that there might be something wrong going on in your oven.

Getting rid of oven smoking is a complex task in some cases, especially when you are unable to detect the cause and not have a technical background to fix it yourself. Trying to do it at home is potentially dangerous, because it is not as easy as you think! 

In this post we will accompany you through the most common causes of oven smoking and give you solutions for each problem. You will get enough information to decide  whether you can do-it-yourself or hire a technician. And keep in mind, safety first, do not risk touching the smoking oven when you are not sure what to do. And, you should fix the problem as soon as it first appears  to minimize the damage as much as possible.. 

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Useful information

Ovens help you cook food fast

In comparison to traditional cooking methods using gas or fire, ovens are a giant leap as they speed up the cooking process. In the oven, air is circulated throughout, and the heat distributed evenly, so you can cook a lot of food simultaneously. 

Oven is safe and is energetically efficient

Oven manufacturers always try their best to come up with a product that is safe for their customers. Using oven, you don’t need to worry about the risk of burning, electrical failure or explosion. All you need to do is to obey the manuscript and perform proper care and maintenance.

Ovens are also designed with electricity saving system, which minimize the use of energy. more , since you can cook plenty of food at the same time, you can reduce power consumption drastically.

Ovens enhance the quality of your meal

And another advantage of ovens is that although they cook more food, the quality of food is not decreasing, instead cooking food by oven actually makes food more delicious, moist and good-looking. Dryness is not a problem of foods cooked by ovens.

Ovens are the versatile appliance

Oven can do more than you think! They can perform various tasks, which include grilling (for meat and vegetables), making eggs in large quantities, producing chips and snacks, roasting chicken and seafood, cooking lentils, and especially baking as well. If you want to find the best oven for baking, we strongly recommend you to read this article

How do ovens work?

To understand why sometimes your oven is smoking, it is very useful to know something about the working mechanism of it, because it is mainly these internal parts that are not functioning well. 

In general, ovens use air circulation to transfer heat, which is provided by gas, from the bottom to cook your food. The broiler of the oven, meanwhile, uses radiant heat to burn the gas. 

That mechanism poses a problem: hot air always raises up, so if in your oven there is something getting burnt, plumes are not avoidable. Also, the top of the oven, for this reason, is always hotter than the bottom.

Oven smoking and its effects

Oven smoking is a quite common issue. This can occur in both new and old ovens, due to various causes. The smoke can either be just a haze or dark plumes, which looks pretty terrifying. Oven smoking, for the most part, is the indication for the problems going on in your oven.

There are many impacts of oven smoking. The smoke can ruin your food, make the food less tasty. Sometimes, you also need to dump the food! Smoke can also affect our health, especially with people prone to respiratory illness, kids and the elderly. Plus, plumes are also the sign of dangerousness, because there are possibilities of fire and electric failures. 

Problems and solutions

New oven having problem

Don’t worry. A new oven emitting smoke is not because you bring home a faulty product or an ite with defects. In fact, smoking is quite normal with a new oven. Why? When manufacturers make the oven, they use coatings which are still in your oven when you first use it. Therefore, it takes a while for these coating to burn off before the oven can really work flawlessly.

If you are in this situation, all you need to do is to let the oven fix itself by running it for half an hour to burn all of these leftover coatings. Remember not to cook food in this 30 minutes or you will get some badly burnt bread for your meals!!

Cleaning your oven regularly

Plume and haze might not be very serious, they could be the indication that your oven needs cleaning. Sometimes, food from past cooking and detergent remains are heated for several times in your oven and burn off, causing smoke. If you don’t perform regular cleaning, you might encounter this problem. Our advice for you is to clean the oven, best after every use, or at least three times a week. Remove all the tiny food parts from your oven.

Even when you clean, you also need to make sure that there is no cleaners residue in your oven. These commercial products contain chemicals which, when burnt, produces harmful and toxic smoke able to affect your respiratory system. 

So, to conclude, say no to food and cleaner remains. To do that, you need to clean frequently, and clean with care.

Replacing heating element

When you use your oven, make sure the broil element (on top of the oven) and the bake element (at the bottom) turn red. If they do not glow this color, this could be the indication of faulty heating elements due to excessive heat in the oven. Non-working heating element could produce smoke so badly before oven failure. 

To check if it is the case, simply turn off and then on your oven instantly. You need to replace them to get rid of plumes.

Here is our instruction on the replacement:

First you unplug the oven to cut the power supply, this is a very important step to assure safety. Then you remove all the wires used to connect the element with the oven before detaching the faulty element. Now reverse the process with new heating elements, either self-made or bought from electrical stores. 

Placing your food in the right position

In some cases wrong placement of food can lead to smoke. The oven has two things that can reach scorching temperature: the broiler and the burner, which are respectively on top and the bottom of the oven. If placed too closely, your food can be burned with ease and cause plumes.

Another thing to be wary is the grease and oil you use for your food. If grease and oil fall into the burner and the heating system, the result could be worse than smoke: it can cause fire.

Our advice for you is to place food at the center of the oven to avoid overheating from the broiler and the main burner.

Avoiding high gas pressure:

Ovens work based on the conversion between natural gas and liquid propane. When natural gas is converted in liquid propane improperly, pressure increases. High gas pressure results in flames stronger than normal, which emits a large amount of plume. Higher flames are able to reach or even go beyond the oven rack, causing fire and oven failure. 

With this problem, if you do not understand much about the oven working mechanism, there is not much you can do. The best solution is to call professional people from the oven company to safely correct it for you. 

Treating your oven well

All in all, the best way to avoid oven smoking is to treat it well from the first place. Not treating your oven properly can cause numerous complex issues which, ironically, is easily preventable. Perform regular maintenance can save you money, time and lengthen the lifespan of your oven.

For example, cover your food to minimize the volume of airborne grease and particles getting out. Also, after use, clean your oven carefully to make sure there is no food and cleaner sticking to the oven, because, as mentioned, they can be heated to the burning point.

In addition, pay attention to where to place your food, keeping distance from the heat generators is the key.

Step-by step guide on how to treat your oven well in the first place

We have gone through numerous potential reasons for oven smoking and now probably you can jump to a conclusion: In most cases, smoke comes out of a dirty oven. Therefore, cleaning your oven can keep most of the problems at bay. In this section, we will suggest two efficient ways of cleaning the oven. Doing it right for the first time is always cheaper and can save a lot of time. 

Clean your oven with baking soda and vinegar

You need to prepare: 

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Detergent
  • Gloves
  • Sponges or old clothes

Step 1: Unplug your oven

For your own safety, always remember to cut off the electric source before doing anything with your oven. Don’t risk your life while performing this simple cleaning task.

Step 2: Make sure your oven is empty

Remove all the items out of the oven and soak them in boiling water for at least 20 minutes. Remember that food leftovers, gunk and other residue become easier to remove with longer soaking.

Step 3: Mix baking soda with vinegar

The recommended ratio is 3 spoons full of vinegar for half cup of baking soda for the highest efficiency.

Step 4: Clean the interior

Make sure to cover as much area as possible. With small places, an old toothbrush is a great help. Use sponges to wipe out all the dirt inside your oven, on the wall, the top, but remember not to touch the heating element.

Step 5 Clean the exterior

Make the clothes or sponges wet and clean the exterior carefully. Don’t spray your clothes too wet because water could leak through the knobs and enter the control panel.

Clean your oven with heat and soap

You need to get:

  • Soap
  • Sponges ot clothes
  • A pan

Step 1: Unplug your oven:

Similar to the baking soda and vinegar method, the first thing you must do is to cut off the electricity. 

Step 2: Prepare to clean 

Pour water into the pan, boil it and let it cool. Once the water gets cool, mix it with soap. Now you can start cleaning your oven.

Step 3: Clean the oven

Perform exactly similar to steps 4 and 5 of the previous method. You need to use sponges or clothes to scrub the soap all over the inside and outside areas of the oven, to prevent scratches.

Clean your oven with lemon

Step 1: Preparing

You pour water into a medium-sized mixing bowl. Make sure the bowl’s size fits your oven’s size. Then, cut two lemons in half, and place them in the bowl.

Step 2: Heat your oven

Turn on the oven and heat it. Look at the oven’s thermostat and stop heating when it points at 250 degrees. After that, place the bowl inside your oven, on one of the racks for around an hour. 

Step 3: Leave to cool

After one hour , you turn off your device and open your oven a little bit to let it cool. Don’t let it to cool completely, you need the warmth to perform this task of maintenance best.

Step 4: Clean

When the oven is cool enough for you to touch it safely, roll up gloves and use damp clothes to clean the whole surface of the oven. You need to wipe the cloth on the top, bottom, door, back and sidewalls. With places that are difficult to reach, sponge and abrasive tool are definitely great help.

Question & Answer

In this Question & Answer Section, we want to give you the simplest instruction on things related to ovens. Let’s get started.

How often should I clean my oven?

If you are patient enough to read until now, you will definitely know that most problems with your oven arise from dirtiness. For this reason, regular cleaning isa great help.

Our advice for you is to clean your oven as much as possible. We strongly recommend you to do this after every use. This way, you can prevent food leftovers from burning up the next time. Even if you don’t want to perform cleaning as frequently as that, you must do it at least once a week. Don’t let residue accumulate in your oven, because time makes it harder to remove and the more dirt, the higher the possibility of smoking.

Why is cleaning oven vital?

As discussed several times above, cleaning oven is so important because it can reduce the risk of smoking. More, perhaps some of you do not pay attention, only a clean oven can produce high quality food. 

Why is it the case? After cooking, the aroma of old food is still inside your oven, so is the food part scattered while cooking. Smell of them blends with the new food and deteriorates the quality of your dishes. Sometimes the influence is so strong that it ruins your whole cooking effort!

Is the machine’s self-clean function useful?

To be honest, I don’t use this tool so regularly. It only functions well if your oven is fairly dirty. If there is so much dirt and grease inside, using clicking self-clean button is quite dangerous for you.

You might wonder where the risk comes from? Well, it comes from the self-cleaning mechanism of the oven. When you use this function, your oven is locked and the temperature inside soars to over 500 degrees, very hot. This heat is used to melt the leftover grease and other food residue, but if there are so much of them, it is like you are cooking the dirt several times, which can backfire and cause plumes, or even fire. 

So, for safety reasons, we recommend you to do it yourself. Don’t take risks just because you are lazy, it does not take a lot of time! 

If you think using the self-clean function to save time, you are making a mistake. Even when the oven is cleaning itself, you must still be somewhere near it to take control in case of emergency. It takes more than two hours to self-clean, so i think this will consume more time than doing it yourself!

What to prepare for cleaning?

A good cleaner is a top priority

  • Commercial oven cleaners: They are the most convenient and fastest products when it comes to oven cleaning. They can remove large amounts of grease and grime in a very short time. However, if your skin is sensitive to chemical ingredients of these products, you should consider natural cleaners listed in the following options.
  • Baking soda, water, vinegar and a spray bottle: If there is a lot of buildup in your oven, you might find this method effective. You’ll have to pour baking soda and water into your oven 10-12 hours before cleaning,  so make sure you are not in a hurry.
  • Lemons and water. This method is faster and baking soda and vinegar; it only takes 1-2 hours. However, it only functions well if your oven is moderately dirty and your racks don’t require cleaning.

What is the most common cause behind oven smoking?

Again, problems are the result of filthiness. In most cases, oven smoking is not serious, the fumes only come from the burning food remaining from past cooking. Therefore, you don’t need to panic when you see your oven emit smoke. This is very unlikely that the machine itself has problems, because if the situation is as bad as that, this may cause fire.

What are the best oven manufacturers?

Buying ovens from well-known producers can help you avoid oven smoking. Their products are of high quality and have long warranty. 

These producers are: Samsung, Electrolux, GE Appliances, and Frigidaire.

What are the symptoms of oven fire?

Oven fire is dangerous; it can lead to severe damage, both for you and your property. To avoid it, we need to know its sign for the soonest detection.

The first indication of oven fire is the abnormal smell of gas from your oven. If you still sense the strong smell of gas leaking even when the oven is off, oven fire is very likely. In this case, do not use your oven. Immediately get out of your house and call the firefighting department for help.

Another sign of oven fire is more obvious: you can see the spark of flame in your oven when it is malfunctioning. Inside your oven there are two heating elements on top and at the bottom. Oven fire is possible when these elements work improperly. Turn off the oven instantly to subdue the risk and then call the oven company or professional technician to fix the oven.

What can i do to deal with oven smoking?

The most crucial thing is not to panic. You should be very calm. Unplug the appliance, then check if there is anything left that is burning. You should also make sure you put the food in the right position, not too close to the broiler and the heating. If so, simply remove the burning food or relocate the food being cooked in the oven.

If none of these reasons are right, you need to call a professional technician or the oven provider whom you bought your oven from. They are the best people to help you out in this situation. But remember to cut off the electricity resource first!

Video guide

We understand that for some of our readers, to totally comprehend to maintenance and fixing of oven through reading guide is not easy, even troubling. Therefore, we want to introduce to you some easy-to-understand videos, on how to care for your oven, to prevent smoking; and on how to fix smoking, in case it happens. We hope you will find these videos helpful.

This video contains tips from an experienced technician. He explains how to care for your oven properly so you can keep most of the problems at bay.

Video: How to stop oven from smoking

This video jumps directly into oven smoking problem and how to fix it. In just over three minutes, you will get a lot of lessons from this technician.


An oven owner will certainly see oven smoking happening with his or her appliance at one point to another. There are a lot of reasons for oven smoking, and the severity of the consequence varies depending on the cause. You need to know as much cause as possible, as well as be able to distinguish between them to find the best solution.

Mostly, oven smoking occurs in an unclean oven. As mentioned in this post several times, food splatters from past cooking and detergent leftovers, after being heated for many times in the oven, cause plumes. Therefore, we can conclude that a clean oven means a safe oven. Performing regular maintenance for your oven can save you time, money and increase the safety. 

And, finally, when you see oven smoking, remember to remain calm. This is the key in every situation. 

***More information for you:

Along with ovens, your other kitchen appliances will definitely encounter problems caused by dirtiness. Those issues might be minor initially but as time passes they get more severe and can lead to malfunction and underperformance. One appliance that can be damaged by neglect of owners is the food processor. The leftover of fruits, veggies and other kinds of food might clog it, in some cases can cause the motor inside to fail. Therefore, cleaning food processors is very important, yet not many know how to clean them properly. We are very happy to offer you the best way to keep your food processor clean.

We hope you can find a lot of useful information here. 

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