How To Toast A Bagel Without A Toaster That Any Bagel’s Fan Should Know

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Bagel is a popular breakfast dish for everyone, especially Americans. Toasters are definitely the top choice of housewives if they want to make the perfect breakfast for their family. However, not all households are eligible for a toaster. Therefore, how to toast a bagel without a toaster is a difficult question.

Some appliances in the kitchen already have several functions that can replace a toaster in making bagels. However, not everyone is aware of those functions and how to bake a bagel.

Based on our experiences, we will guide you in detail on how to bake a bagel without a toaster in the article below.

Here are a few ways and some tips that help you to create delicious bagels without the expense of buying a toaster: 

  • Using an oven to alternative a toaster
  • Toasting a bagel by employing a stove
  • Toasting a bagel on a campfire
  • Toasting a bagel by utilizing a microwave
  • Tips: Processing of making bagels
  • The necessity for proper storage when using other appliances in the kitchen for toasting a bagel
  • Common Q&A

Table of Contents

Ways to toast a bagel without a toaster

Way 1: Using An Oven To Alternative A Toaster

The oven has the same baking capabilities as a toaster, requiring you to be aware of the time and at times the baking takes place. We are highly recommended to use the oven as a replacement for the toaster. 

Although at first it may seem like way too much heat in an area too enclosed to create anything more than the burnt crust of what was once a perfect bagel, this really could be one of the fastest and most effective ways to bake them without a toaster.

It is clear to say that the method is not easy or convenient. There are a lot of moving parts and temperature settings you need to consider with this method as opposed to the induction hob on the pan mentioned above.

Hence, if your main concern when viewing toast is convenience, you’ll want to look at the other options on this list.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that will bake a toast as quickly as possible and feel comfortable enough around the oven to handle the required setting and slight touch adjustments, then this measure is probably the most effective. 

First Method: Broiling In An Oven

Step 1: Move the oven rack to the top rung

The barbecue is located near the top of the oven. Move the rack to make sure the bread is kept as close to the oven as possible while in the oven. As a result, your bagel can ensure the crispness of the crust without drying out. If you continue to bake your toast, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the broiler grill is ready for the job. Place your bagels on the rack grill near the top of the oven.

This is necessary to ensure that heat dissipation is possible to avoid overheating your bread and forming a black ashes.

When you are sure that the grill is ready to receive your bagels, it’s time to preheat your oven at least 5 to 10 minutes and then add the oven to toast.

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Step 2: Set the oven to baking and heat before placing the cake on a rack 

Pre-heating not only eliminates pre-existing bacteria, but also shortens the cooking time. Just turn on the grill and let it sit for 5 minutes. 

Preheat the oven about 75 degrees above the heat you need to toast the cake. When the oven reaches that temperature after about 5 minutes, put the cake in and adjust the heat back to the original temperature. For example, if you need to set the oven at 300 degrees C to bake, then leave 375 degrees C to warm up the oven.

Step 3: Place the bagel on a baking tray and place it on the top shelf.

Place your slice of bagel on an unglazed baking sheet. Place the baking tray on the top shelf so it is closest to the heat.

If you have a baking tray, you can also carefully place the bread directly on the grill.

Toast plates are usually layered, so this is a good option if you are making multiple pieces of toast at the same time. 

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Step 4:  Turn the cake after 1-2 minutes toasting.

Observe the bread carefully. The high temperature of the oven will make the toast more crispy than desired, but can also burn the bagel if not paid attention. Use some kind of oven-safe clip to flip your bread after a minute or two of toasting. 

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Step 5: Remove the bagel from the oven 1-2 minutes after baking the other side.

 After another minute or two, put your gloves on the oven and remove the baking tray from the oven. Use tongs to move the toast from sheet to plate and place on top of any coating you want. Then, enjoy your meal.

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Second method: Slow-toasting

Slow roasting is another method that focuses on the oven to bake bagels without the need for a toaster.

As with the other method, you can preset your oven at 350 degrees. That means, as we’ll see, this method focuses on giving you more time to bake a baguette, so if you want slower baking time, then pre-order it. at 180 degrees.

Also, be sure to take a good look at your oven during the process to avoid burning the bagel. 

If you are looking for a good way to get a bagel baked golden brown evenly, convenience not because of the fast which allows you to do other things in the meantime, then this may be a good choice.

Again a good thing about this method is that with more time will better control the cooking process. By the way, if you like bagels baked light, you have more time to get out before it gets too hard. 

Step 1: Heat the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit before toasting.

 Set your oven to a lower, standard setting of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which equates to 176.7 degrees C for 2-3 minutes. Wait until you hear a beep of the oven and add the bagels on. 

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Step 2: Place the bagel on the baking tray and place it on the center rack

Place the baking sheet on the oven rack in the most central position, and your batch of toast will be cooked evenly. 

Grab your bagel and place it on the middle rack in your oven. As with the previous method, you can place it directly on a blister or on a pan, although the latter method is usually easier to remove for those who are not used to cooking this way.

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Step 3: Turn the bagels over after 5 minutes of baking.

After five minutes have passed, open the oven door and use a tongs to flip your slice of bread to the other side. 

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Step 4: Remove the bread from the oven in 5 minutes.

Make sure to wear gloves when you take out the baking tray to avoid burns. Use tongs to bring the toast from the baking tray to your plate. After you’ve put anything spread or covered on the toast, the cake will be ready to eat.

If you want to be a little more creative, cover with butter toast, hazelnut butter or olive oil. 


Way 2: Toasting A Bagel By Employing A Stove

In addition, a stove is also a great alternative toaster toast bagel. There are many reasons that we highly recommend you to adopt this useful and popular method. First, all you need for this method is a non-stick pan and a kitchen can provide the energy for it. On the other hand, the steps for baking a bagel in this way are pretty easy to follow.

To begin, you will want to take a pan that you think can work for this purpose and place it on the stove. Once you’ve done this, you will want to heat it before.

When doing this, you need to be extremely careful, because you need to go from zero to heat in seconds.

Step 1: Place a medium-sized pan over medium heat.

To begin, you will want to take a pan that you think can work for this purpose and place it on the stove. Once you’ve done this, you will want to heat it before.

When doing this, you need to be extremely careful, because you need to go from zero to heat in seconds.

Instead, let the pan heat up for at least a minute. When heated on the stovetop, you will have to take into account the level of the kitchen heat. 

Instead, let the pan heat up for at least a minute. When heated on the stovetop, you will have to take into account the level of the kitchen heat. 

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Step 2: Spread butter one side of bagel

While your pan is heating up on the stove, spread the butter on one side of the bread with a knife.

Preserve the butter in butter dishes and so on the kitchen counter so soft and spreadable be. Most people tend to prefer butter bagels placed face down to allow butter spread, absorbed into the bread more evenly and much easier to touch the cake after completion.

If the knife has too much bread stick, use a finger holding a corner of the slices of bread to remain in place.

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Step 3: Place the bagel in the butter pan face down.

Once it is butter, place your bread slices in the pan. The butter surface should be the surface in contact with the pan. 

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Step 4: Cover the bagel for 2 minutes.

Leave the bread for two minutes. If you have a lid for the pan and want to add flavor, you can apply it to better retain heat and allow bagels to bake faster and more thoroughly. This will retain the heat and make the toast to cook faster.

If your stove is hot or you want toast, keep on low heat. 


Step 5: Spread the butter on the other side of the bagel and turn the bread over.

By this time, your bread will start a little brittle, so before you start the burning wheel, turn the cake and bake the other side for two minutes.

 After the 2 minutes have passed, open the lid. Spread a little butter on the face still facing up while keeping in the pan. Then use a spoon to turn the bagel over. 

Your bagels now have enough for baking. If desired, continue to flip it on both sides until you achieve the texture and temperature suitable according to your wishes.

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Step 6: Cover the bread and remove from the stove in 2 minutes.

Cover the pan and wait 2 minutes. Then, use the spoon to transfer the toast from the pan to the plate. Put any toppings or spreads on your toast and enjoy the bagel! 

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Way 3: Toasting A Bagel On A Campfire

As everyone knows, this is the most DIY option on our list. This is hardly the kind of bagel baking method you can or should use on a daily basis. I am pleased to express this choice.

Step 1: Go to a safe place to start a fire.

If you have a fire pit on hand, choose a location to make a fire and stay away from dirty places with lots of trash so as not to obstruct the atmosphere of your enjoyment. Also, make sure not to choose a spot near the low tree branch. 

For starters, the first thing you need to do is make a campfire. Choosing the right website is absolutely essential.

Make sure that you’ve cleaned up the grass and the ground below can sustain heat and fire underneath and win liberation anything malicious or discomfort can make bagels smell or taste funny . 

Step 2: Burning firewood to make a fire

Put some large rocks in a circle just around where you will have fire. Place coverings, such as strips of paper, and coating, such as twigs or cardboard. Burning wood in the fire and blowing lightly on until ignition and fire spread. As the flames grew, more burning, followed by the small logs and finally the larger logs.

If you are struggling to keep the flame continued and developed, try lighting some pieces and slices of different layers simultaneously. 

If you carry a little charcoal, it can also work, although any food cooked with charcoal, it will affect the taste.

Ensure that the flame is stable. The last thing you want is for a fire to break out suddenly burn your bagel and turn it into dust campfire.

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Step 3: Place a baking rack and cast iron pan on the stove

Once the campfire has set, add some charcoal to the fire and then carefully place a baking rack in a stable position over the flame. Then place a medium or raised cast iron pan on a grill.

To avoid burning problems as well as your bagels accidentally slipping into the fire, it’s a good idea to put a grill over the flame if you have one on hand.

If you have a pan, go ahead and put a bagel on it. If not, put it directly on the grill. In the previous case, you can go ahead and spread some butter over the pan as if you were cooking on the stove as described above. 

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Step 4: Place the bagel in the pan

Place the flat of your bread slices in the pan. You can set how many slices as you like into the pan without overlapping. 

Now comes the hardest part of baking with fire left- determine the time for the baking process. Obviously you have a timer preset to rely on it, so you will need to watch the time by the clock, phone, or something similar.

This also means that you’ll need to flip and check their rolls closer and more frequent.

While in the previous methods you could flip bagels while cooking every few minutes, you will need to take a close look at your bagels as they bake on a campfire and turn them over as soon as they appear to be starting to overheat. That means just flip them every few seconds in some time, and that’s okay.


Step 5: Turn the bagel a few times until each side is golden brown.

Campfire has the same mechanism as the stove or oven to ensure that it is cooked evenly. Therefore, regular bagels island is essential to ensure that your bagels are baked carefully in this way.

Campfires can be a bit more unpredictable than toasters, stoves, or toasters, so flip the bread with a sandwich after 20 or 30 seconds to see how quickly the bread cooks. Turn the bread over in about 30 seconds and flip a few more times if needed. Use tongs to remove the toast from the pan when both sides are equally golden. 

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Step 6: Put out your campfire

After enjoying the campfire, fill a large bucket with water and pour over the fire to put out the fire. Use a stirrer of embers while this is done to make sure all the coals are wet. Make sure that the burning wood is free of embers. 

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Way 4: Toasting A Bagel By Utilizing A Microwave

Out of the 4 ways to bake a bagel without a toaster, this is definitely a little less delicious than the 3 above, but baking in the microwave is also a great alternative if your home doesn’t have a toaster. 

Step 1: Place the bagels on the tray of the microwave

Cut your bagel in half. Put it on the disk safe for the microwave with the cut sides facing up. If desired, you can add butter, cream cheese or any topping. Put it in the microwave for 10 seconds.

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Step 2: Toasting bagels over high heat 

Also, wrap bagels in a paper towel, which will absorb excess moisture. On a microwave-safe plate, cook bagels at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes. Then, let the cake cool for 30 seconds. 

Step 3:Turn the cake over and continue baking 

After the 5 minutes are up, turn the bagel over and bake at the same temperature for about 3 minutes. Make sure to use tongs to make the cake if you don’t want it to be hot. 


Step 4: Enjoy your bagels

After baking the other side of the cake, put on your gloves and take your plate. Then just enjoy your bagel. Combining a bagel with nutella, butter, and chocolate is a great addition to your family breakfast. 

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Tips: Processing of bagels

Bagel is a very popular dish in every American breakfast. To cook a delicious bagel meal seems easy, but in fact, it is not that simple. Bagel is only suitable for breakfast, if your breakfast is not good, imagine how low energy you will be that day. The preparation and baking process is also of utmost importance in addition to the toasting bagel. It determines whether your batch of bagels are soft or hard, sweet or light. 


Wheat flour: 250 grams

Filtered water: 125 ml

Enzyme: 3.5 grams

Butter: 25 grams

Chicken eggs stir well: ½ eggs

Salt: 3 grams

Powdered milk: 8 grams

Egg whisk

Big bowl

Bagel baking mold 


Step 1: You put the amount of flour, filtered water, yeast, eggs, salt, and prepared milk powder into a large bowl in turn. Then use a spatula to mix the ingredients together.

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Step 2: Use your hands to knead the dough into a smooth, non-sticky ball. Add the soft butter in the center of the dough and then continue stuffing for another 10-15 minutes.

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Step 3: Put the dough in a large bowl, cover the mouth with food wrap and leave it at room temperature for 1-2 hours. After this time, the dough will swell 2 or 3 times the original amount.

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Step 4: Take out the powder and place it on a clean surface, with a little dry powder sprinkle to prevent it from sticking. Use your hands to hit the dough repeatedly to remove any excess air bubbles.

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Step 5: Divide the dough into 2 or 3 equal parts and then use the pestle to thin the dough until the thickness of the dough reaches about 1.5-2 cm, then stop.

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Step 6: Use the bagel mold to press on the flat dough to get the bagel-shaped dough. If you do not have a mold, you can shape it by using the mouth of the small bowl to cut the large diameter part, in the small-diameter part you can use a sharp knife to cut.

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Step 7: Place each block of bagel dough on a piece of parchment paper at room temperature until each block of dough has doubled, then toast it.

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The Necessity For Proper Storage When Using Other Appliances In Kitchen For Toasting A Bagel

Each of the above measures can make round breads without a toaster. That said, if your bagel has been hard and dry, it’s all in vain. So even before baking bagels, you need to make sure they are stored properly.

Make every effort to combat dehydration and stains, this is a way to say or that you need to ensure that bread is not hard too soon, therefore, use regular kitchen equipment. 

All these methods can be baked bagels if you have available a functional toaster. Some faster, while others allow you to control at a higher level while cooking.

No matter what, we can be sure that you can enjoy baked bagels in the morning or lunch, made the way you like. 

Common Q&A

What is the most effective measure to toast a bagel ?

Naturally, the bagel tastes best when you bake it on a toaster. If you do not own a toaster, then in the 4 ways above, we recommend baking with the oven.

While baking with the stove and microwave does not guarantee the crispness of the cake, and baking with a campfire is difficult to control, the oven will allow you to complete all the difficult tasks mentioned above. An oven might be said to do its job of baking instead of a toaster. 

Do we need to store a redundant bagel ?

Absolutely yes.If you have redundant bagels, you can store them for a few days.However, this can reduce the bagels quality. However, there are ways to restore it and get it crisp and chewy if you store it well. 

If a bagel is stored in one or two days, the two processes will occur.  The first is dehydration, which occurs when water inside a bagel emits into the atmosphere. However, the dehydration process can be slowed down by cutting bagels in plastic bags.

Another ongoing process that occurs when the starch molecules are going to be hard. This makes chewy bagels, although they do not lose moisture. By heating a small tunnel bagel to make the liquid starch molecules back, you can reverse the process. 

It is significant to store bagels in the right way; therefore; they can warm up well. You can put them in a plastic zippered bag in the fridge for several days. If you need to preserve a longer bagel, wrap each round bagel in foil and store in the refrigerator for up to one month. If you put them for longer, they may burn out of the freezer. Bagel defrosted at normal temperature in foil for several hours before toasting. 

Is toasting bagels in the oven or stove harmful to the food as well as to the durability of these devices?

We assure you that oven and stove toasting a bagel creates an ordinary dish, but also creates a great bagel breakfast.

Just make sure your cake doesn’t overcook at too high a temperature, and your bagel won’t adversely affect your health or your oven or stove.

In Conclusion: Everyone can make a toast bagel despite the absence of toaster

There is nothing better than if you can prepare your own breakfast with a bagel. Even if your home does not have a toaster, don’t worry, you still can bake a bagel in one of the ways we’ve listed above.

Bagel is a dish that is easy to prepare as well as has a delicious taste that anyone can become a big fan of this nourishment. Taking advantage of other kitchen appliances in place of a toaster is a great idea and will allow you to save money.

You can toast a bagel using one of the ways above. If you intend to save money by integrating one of the above tools toast bagel, read these review articles: ovens review, microwaves review, stoves review.

So why not cook your own bagel breakfast? Experiment with one of the methods above and you will be amazed at how useful it is.

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