How to Use your own Router with AT&T Fiber?

AT&T fiber internet allows your home devices to have consistent and stable internet connectivity with symmetrical speeds. Your AT&R Fiber Internet Plan comes with a Wi-Fi Gateway including a Wi-Fi router and modem combo. You may also opt to use your own router.

Many people around the world rely on a home internet connection for some entertainment and to get some work done. Almost everyone and everything today gets done through the internet; thus, you will want your AT&T Fiber account to provide the fastest speeds possible. 

The speed of your internet connection will depend on several factors, most notably the speeds included in your Fiber plan and the router. 

How to Use your Own Router with AT&T?

Some people opt to use their own router instead of the one provided by AT&T. The router provided by AT&T is quite expensive, offer only generic features, and are not too flexible. Most third-party routers have the parental control features and allow you to turn on and off the Internet. AT&T routers do not have these features.

How to Use your own Router with AT&T Fiber? 7

Step 1: Pick your Router

Pick a router that is compatible with AT&T Fiber optic cable to allow you to enjoy the best connectivity and speeds at all time. Otherwise, you own router will be useless and you will be having more problems instead of enjoying the perks of using your own router.

In pick your own router, make sure, too that it is capable of handling the internet speed offered by AT&T Fiber which is more than 1 Gig per second. If the top speed of your own router is less than the internet speed of AT&T, your own router is useless.

Decide what features you want the router to have and then choose the appropriate router.

Step 2: Locate the Gateway Login Information

The gateway login information is what you will use to access settings on your gateway. This is the username and password given by AT&T when you applied for your Fiber Plan.

Step 3: Login

  • Input your login credentials (gateway login information).
  • Open a browser on your computer. Type in the IP address of your AT&T fiber settings (
How to Use your own Router with AT&T Fiber? 8

Step 4: Change the Settings

  • After entering the IP address of your AT&T fiber settings, you will be directed to the gateway.
  • Search for the settings tab.
  • Go to LAN>DHCP.
  • Change the range to and save it.

Step 5: Plug it in

Once you have changed the range, the internet will turn off.

  • Plug in your own router.
  • Connect your router to the power outlet and the AT&T device.
  • Unplug the network cable from your desktop or laptop.
  • Plug the network cable again.

Step 6: Use AT&T Fiber with your own Router

  • Go back to the gateway settings.
  • Navigate to the firewall section.
  • Select applications, pinholes, and DMZ.
  • The Information about your own router and the connected device (your computer) will appear on your computer screen.
  • Select your router.
  • Click on the “allow all applications (DMZ Modes).

Step 7: Plugin the Router

  • Plug your desktop or laptop to the new router.
  • Login into the configuration page of the router by typing the IP address. Check the IP address of your new router. It may be on the box or user’s manual of the device. Most third-party routers have as its IP address.
how to use your own router with att fiber
How to Use your own Router with AT&T Fiber? 9

Step 8: Double Check your Configuration

Once you have accessed the configuration page, you will be able to see your IP address. if the IP address that appears is 172.16, that means you have made a mistake in the configuration process. You will need redo the entire process and look for any errors you may have committed in the set-up process.

Step 9: Disable the AT&T Router

Make sure to disable the AT&T router that came with your Fiber Plan subscription before you start browsing the Internet. You do not need two Wi-Fi routers running at the same time. Doing so may mess up all your settings.

  • Go back to your gateway.
  • Find the “settings” option.
  • LAN>Wi-Fi
  • Scroll down to Wi-Fi Interface.
  • Make sure it is set to “disabled” mode.

If your new router is a dual-band router, make sure to disable both bands.

You are now ready to browse the Internet and enjoy all the features of your new router.

How to Use your own Router with AT&T Fiber? 10

Final Thoughts

Buying your own router instead of using the one included in your AT&T Fiber Plans subscription allows you to control your budget and get the features you need and want from a router.

It can be tedious to set up your new router. There may also be some backlash if you opt to use both routers. AT&T will also not provide you with any customer service should you be experiencing some troubles with your new trouble. Well. of course, you can always call the customer service of your new router.

I hope you found this article interesting and helpful. Are you using the router provided by AT&T or are you using your own router? Share with us some of your thoughts in the comments section. You may also like to share this article.

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