Hu-h03 Humidifiers – Products To Help You Get Rid Of Hot Weather And Dry Skin!

To avoid the scary heat of hot summer days, many people choose to shop for more in their home fans or turn on the air conditioning to improve the cool air at your house. Or for office workers, you can immediately buy yourself a mini USB fan to reduce heat quickly. However, when sitting in the air conditioner, you will feel your skin is dry, it is because the air in the room lacks moisture caused by the air conditioner which will greatly affect your skin and your health. That’s why you should choose HU-H03 humidifiers – high-end and modern humidifiers from the ODEC brand to solve all of the above problems and give you the greatest comfort possible!

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Benefits Of Hu-h03 Humidifiers

HU-H03 humidifiers help reduce dry air problems like sinusitis, chapped lips, and nose bleeds. Besides, this humidifier can help relieve cold symptoms and other respiratory ailments.

For an air-conditioned room, the humidity is often much lower than in the outside environment, but on dry days, the humidity is also very low. Therefore, we often feel dry skin, dry throat because the body is dehydrated under these conditions. Using a humidifier will provide the right humidity for the room, good for everyone’s breathing, especially children, the elderly, or people with chronic diseases such as asthma, sinusitis, and allergies. … Also, some humidifiers are equipped with an air filter, helping the air in the room to be filtered out of the dust, so it’s good for health.

For rooms that do not use air conditioning, HU-H03 humidifiers combined with fans help reduce room temperature quickly during hot and hot days, providing a cooler, more comfortable atmosphere.

However, despite its many benefits, humidifiers can adversely affect the user’s health if they are not properly maintained or the humidity levels are maintained too high. Users should pay attention to regularly measure the humidity of the air and keep the machine clean. A dirty humidifier can produce many fungi and bacteria. People with a history of allergies or bronchial asthma should consult their doctor before starting to use an air humidifier.

Hu-h03 Humidifiers Help Prevent Influenza

One study suggests that humidifiers can reduce your risk of getting the flu. After putting the flu virus in the air, researchers found that the air with humidity above 40% suppressed the virus’s activity rapidly. This will make the virus less likely to infect, which in turn will help prevent the flu.

Hu-h03 Humidifiers Help Remove Phlegm

Dry air can cause a dry cough that won’t push out the phlegm that’s stuck in your neck. You can add moisture to the air to keep your respiratory system moist, which makes it easier to expel phlegm when you cough.

Hu-h03 Humidifiers Moisturize The Skin And Hair

Skin, lips, and hair often become dry and more susceptible to damage in cold weather. Cold air can make skin dry, itchy, and flaky more easily. You can add more moisture to the indoor air to improve dry and chapped skin.

Hu-h03 Humidifiers Reduce Allergies And Asthma

Using a humidifier the right way can also help you reduce allergy and asthma symptoms very well. So, you might consider using this if you find your sinuses or airways are dry.

When the weather is too dry or on dry days turn on the air conditioner in the room, the air will lack moisture and affect the skin, hair, and respiratory system. So, deciding to have an indoor air humidifier will help you better protect your health!

What Is The Ideal Humidity?

Humidity is the amount of water inside the air. Humidity changes according to the season, weather, and geographical location. In general, humidity in the air is higher in summer and lower in winter months. Ideal indoor air humidity should range from 30% to 50%.

Any humidity that is too low or too high can affect your health. Low air humidity can cause dry skin, irritation of the respiratory tract and throat, and dry and itchy eyes. High air humidity can cause a home to suffocate and can cause stagnation on walls, floors, and other surfaces, allowing a wide variety of bacteria and mold to grow. These allergens are responsible for many respiratory diseases, allergies, and acute asthma attacks.

How To Measure The Humidity Of The Air

The best way to check indoor air humidity is to use a hygrometer (English name is hygrometer). This device looks similar to a thermometer, used to measure the amount of moisture in the air. When buying an air humidifier, it is advisable to choose one with a built-in humidifier so that the user can recognize and adjust the amount of humidity within the normal range.

Be Careful When Cleaning Hu-h03 Humidifiers

Dirty air humidifier tanks and filters are favorable environments for bacteria and molds to multiply and grow. Poor hygienic humidifiers are a serious problem for asthma and allergic patients, but humidifiers can also be a potential risk of initiating flu-like symptoms or pneumonia. in healthy people, if dirt and allergens get into the air.

To minimize the risk of harm to consumer health caused by a dirty humidifier, the user should follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual and can refer to the following tips:

Use demineralized or distilled water: Mineral water can deposit inside the humidifier and stimulate the growth of bacteria. When released into the air, these minerals often take the form of white dust particles on household items. Users can completely inhale these dust particles into the respiratory tract. Demineralized and distilled water have less mineral content, reducing the risk of adverse health effects.

Change the humidifier regularly: do not allow substances to settle and develop inside the humidifier. Empty the tanks, rinse and refill with clean water every day, especially with cold or sound wave humidifiers.

Clean your humidifier every 3 days: take it apart before cleaning it. Wash any residue from the tank and other parts of blood with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution or other bleach solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Always rinse the tank after cleaning.

Change your humidifier filters regularly: If your humidifier has a filter, replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions or replace it when it becomes dirty. Replace the humidifier filters with the central heating and air conditioning filters.

Keep the area around the humidifier dry: if the area around the humidifier such as windows, curtains, or drawers becomes wet, lower the humidity level of the humidifier below normal use.

Cleaning the humidifier before storing: when it is no longer needed, it is necessary to clean it, remove excess water from the storage tanks, and dry it before storing.

Consider replacing old humidifiers: over time, the humidifiers can deposit a lot of sediments that are difficult or impossible to clean. This is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. Therefore, it is necessary to consider replacing the air humidifier if there is a need to continue using it.

Use Of Hu-h03 Humidifiers To Humidify Rooms

For rooms using air conditioning, the humidity is often much lower than the environment outside the room; On dry days, the humidity is also very low. Therefore, we often feel dry skin, dry throat because the body is dehydrated under these conditions. Using a humidifier will provide the right humidity for the room, good for everyone’s breathing, especially children, the elderly, or people with weak respiratory tract, chronic diseases such as asthma. asthma, sinusitis, allergies … Besides, some humidifiers are equipped with an air filter, helping the air in the room be filtered out of the dust, so it’s good for health.

For rooms that do not use air conditioning, a humidifier combined with a fan will help reduce the room temperature quickly on hot days, bringing a cooler, more comfortable atmosphere. A humidifier, when combined with an air conditioner, an electric fan will give you a completely comfortable feeling, keep good humidity and avoid respiratory diseases for children. A humidifier helps to balance the right amount of moisture, making your room more airy and comfortable.

Many families, when using, or are planning to buy, have many questions and doubts about whether the humidifier is really useful or not? But over some time, after using them, they both get satisfactory results and a reasonable answer about the product.

Helps To Cool The Air

For families using air conditioners: a humidifier works to increase the level of coolness, reduce the heat more quickly and last longer for the room, this helps to save electricity significantly, some humidifiers There is an air filter that also helps the air in the room be filtered out of dirt and better for the respiratory tract.

For families that do not use air conditioners: humidifiers combined with fans help reduce the room temperature during high temperatures. When the temperature is higher, the mist sprayed out will quickly evaporate and reduce the temperature quickly from 5-7 degrees.

Good For Inhalation

When using a humidifier properly, which means leaving the humidifier in the air at a moderate level will be good breathing conditions for both young children and the elderly or people with weak, sick airways. chronic conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, allergies .. due to the reduction of tiny dust in the air to help clean the air. The ideal humidity level for health is 30-50% humidity, you can use a hygrometer to determine the specific humidity level in the room depending on the environmental conditions.

Prevent diseases caused by dry air, high temperature such as dry, chapped skin, sore throat, flu, eye pain …

Cautions Regarding The Use Of Hu-h03 Humidifiers

If you have decided to purchase a humidifier, here are some things to keep in mind during use that you need to know:

Choose The Ideal Setpoint

Choose an ideal location, not precariously and not too high, because it can cause dangerous collapse. Also, the placement of the head is not too close to all kinds of electronic equipment, because as you know, the equipment is very hydrophobic, if left in contact for too long, it can cause damage.

Choose The Right Size For The Size Of The Room

In addition to the price, what makes the machine so efficient is that it is suitable for the space used. You have to rely on the extent of narrowness, space, and size of the room in which you intend to install humidifier equipment to choose the most suitable humidifier tank capacity.

Simply put, if the room is small and the machine has a large capacity, it will waste energy and the efficiency of the machine is unnecessary, but if the room is small and the machine has a small capacity, it will cause ineffective operation. during use. Therefore, users must give themselves the right choice.

Currently, on the market, most of the most popular humidifiers at present usually have a tank capacity ranging from 2.5 liters to 4.5 liters, which means that the machine will operate stably. most with rooms with an area of ​​less than 35m2 and continuous use during 10 to 15 hours.

Humidifying Capacity Of The Humidifier

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Another factor that you must consider besides the water tank capacity is the operating capacity and the maximum amount of moisture flow that humidifying systems can generate. On average, some machines with an operating capacity of about 30W will be able to allow 200 to 300ml / h of moisture flow.

Along with that, with advanced lines, modern facilities such as ECO technology will help users save energy, integrated automatic power-off mode when the room reaches the required humidity … The tool is a better tool to help you use.

Low Noise

This issue is often ignored by people until it has been used for a while. This is what many of us often find uncomfortable about using an air conditioner is the noise level. A quality humidifier for money lies not only in its ability to provide moisture to the air but also in its ability to operate smoothly, stably, and minimize noise emissions. will bring comfort and comfort to the user.

If you do not know, with a humidifier, users should consider choosing a product with as low noise as possible, specifically it will fluctuate below 35dB. If you reach this level of noise, the device will not affect the sleep of the baby in particular and the whole family in general.

Keep The Humidity Within The Right Range

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If the humidity is too low, the skin will become dry, cracked. However, excess moisture is the main cause of the growth of bacteria and molds. In addition to adversely affecting health, they also create unpleasant odors in the home space.

So, according to experts, you should adjust your humidifier so that the humidity in the house is always at 30-50% is the best. If your humidifier doesn’t have an automatic setting, owning a hygrometer is essential.

Proper Storage

Place the device in a dry, sheltered place to avoid rain and flood; Use the correct power source, if you do not need a power adapter, avoid fire. The fog nozzles should be located away from the power source, there should be no obstructions in front of them because it reduces the cooling efficiency.

Change Water Regularly

Mold and bacteria are easy to multiply in still water. So you need to change the water in the humidifier every day to prevent bacteria from overgrowth in the water from spreading out causing harm to the health of family members.

Water used in a humidifier is clean water for your health. The humidifier does not have a humidifier function. So, quality humidity or not is due to the water you use.

Water reuse is not recommended in humidifiers. When there is no need to use it anymore, you should remove the water tank and empty excess water. Remember to clean the storage compartment clean for the next use.

Clean The Machine Periodically

In addition to frequent water changes, cleaning and cleaning when using a humidifier is also extremely necessary to prevent the growth of bacteria. It is best to thoroughly clean places such as the steam nozzle, lid, and inside of the water tank of the device every 3-4 days to ensure cleanliness.

Use Distilled Water

Water or tap water usually still contains trace amounts of minerals. These minerals are not only the source of nutrients that feed bacteria and mold, but after a long period of use, they also deposit deposits at the nozzle, leading to clogging. Therefore, distilled or purified water is the best choice for a humidifier.

Do not use a humidifier in an air-conditioned room if it already has a self-humidifying mode.

Some other notes:

  • If used with an electric fan, it should only be set to light mode because the humidity in the summer is also quite high.
  • Using a humidifier to create a humidifier in a room that is too tight or too large will not have the desired effect.
  • Do not leave water on the machine while the machine is operating to avoid the case of the humidifying part being cracked or broken easily. With a 4 liter capacity it can be used from 15 – 16 hours without additional water.
  • Before adding new water, you will need to empty the old water and rinse the jar to prevent the formation of mold bacteria from inside.
  • When not in use, empty the flask and dry the device to avoid leaving water in the tank for a long time.
  • Annual maintenance and cleaning. Clean before use.
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Things Not To Do When Using Hu-h03 Humidifiers

Do Not Leave Your Humidifier System On For Too Long

Using a humidifier regularly or over a long period is something that many people still misunderstand. However, in reality, a humidifying system is a device that creates humidity quickly. Therefore, if the machine is left in operation for too long, it will cause high humidity of the air, affect the health and quickly damage the machine.

Do Not Place A Humidifier Near Furniture

Generating moisture in the air at a rapid rate is an advantage that humidifiers bring. Despite the rapid diffusion, the air around the machine is always higher than elsewhere. Therefore, if you accidentally leave devices that do not like moisture around the device, you will inadvertently make them easily damaged.

Including wooden appliances, electrical and electronic equipment is the most obnoxious items that you should place away from your cooling misting system.

Do Not Use Ice In The Humidifier

Many people think that using ice or ice will allow moisture to evaporate can reduce the temperature more quickly this is completely ineffective and in return, it can destroy your humidifier.

Even using dirty water can spread bacteria, creating harmful pathogens in the air.


Not everywhere has the right humidity, especially when we are talking about the house – the humid nest in the commonplace, the more important factors become because they have an impact. greatly increases the long-term health of each of our family members. High humidity, or too low humidity, leaves the body with chronic diseases that make us have an incomplete life.

Not only that, but the factor from the interfering weather causing the lack of humidity stability in the living space is also one of the other reasons that make us consider the use of humidifiers or even machines. Desiccant – superior humidifier.

Depending on the number of uses, you need to give yourself a periodic water change and proper cleaning and maintenance. In addition to making the device durable, there is also a way to prevent bacteria from growing right in the machine, helping to better protect health.

During the cleaning process, you do not use strong cleaning chemicals with scent residue to wash because it will inadvertently cause harm to the user in the future.

Because steam is used to operate, your water source must also be hygienic. Not only that, some European countries or international hospitals also use purified water such as distilled water, sterilized water to ensure safety and improve health.

Why Should Hu-h03 Humidifiers Be Used For Air-conditioned Rooms?

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Air conditioning is one of the best cooling equipment available today. It can reduce the temperature quickly, making the user feel comfortable. However, air conditioning also has certain limitations. When in operation, this device will absorb moisture from the air, making it drier. If you regularly sit in air-conditioned rooms, you are at risk of becoming dehydrated, your skin becomes drier and more susceptible to respiratory diseases. To overcome this drawback, many experts recommend using air conditioners with equipment capable of creating humidifiers like humidifiers. In addition to the health benefits, using a humidifier in an air-conditioned room also saves energy and reduces the “pressure” of working for the air conditioner.

If your room already has an air conditioner that runs smoothly and stably, it is advisable to use a humidifier if the air in the room does not ensure healthy humidity. However, with air-conditioned spaces, the use of a humidifier should be considered. Because some air conditioners today have integrated humidifiers. At this time, it is not necessary to equip a humidifier with a humidifier.

For air-conditioned spaces that do not have a humidifier, you should use it in parallel with a humidifier. This is intended to assist in enhancing air cooling with the air conditioner. That way, your air conditioner doesn’t have to use too much power to keep the temperature low. Some limitations because the air conditioner does not create humidity can also be overcome when used with a humidifier: dry skin, not causing a sore throat. With this information, you can rest assured about whether to use a humidifier in an air-conditioned room.

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Should Use Hu-h03 Humidifiers In Cars

Whether to use a humidifier in a car or not is also a situation that many people are quite concerned about. If the weather outside is too unpleasant to affect the driving process, a humidifying machine will help alleviate this situation, but according to A Hang Duc’s assessment, when used for a long time High humidity will make the device in the car more susceptible to mold, with a closed environment and a baby like on a car, the more likely it is that you should limit the opening continuously.

Hu-h03 Humidifiers In People With Bronchial Asthma And Allergies

If a user or family member has asthma or allergies, consult a doctor before using an air humidifier. High humidity can aid in breathing in adults and children with bronchial asthma or allergies, especially during a respiratory infection such as the flu or a cold. But dirt, bacteria, and fungi that grow in high humidity can aggravate symptoms of bronchial asthma and allergies.


With many of the above benefits and detailed instructions on how to use HU-H03 humidifiers, we hope that this article can be of help to you. In addition, ODEC is offering discounts and promotions for customers when HU-H03 humidifiers from 04/26 to 05/02, customers who enter the code PECULLOP will receive 10% off code + 40% coupon off. If you have questions about HU-H03 humidifiers, please contact us to get the most detailed advice possible!

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