Top 10 Best Kids Tablet 2022 Reviews

A lot of parents fallen into the trap of buying a tablet for their small kids. While this might seem like a nice gesture it is not always a good idea. In fact spending a lot of money on a tablet and then having the child breaking it is something that happens all too often and it shouldn’t. Regular tablets are not a suitable toy for toddlers since they are easy to break and expensive to fix.

The solution comes in the form of special tablets that have been designed for kids. They are significantly more affordable due to several factors. The biggest price drop is caused by using lower end hardware. Also the build quality is inferior. They are mainly made to withstand impacts and shocks. To prevent such damage they usually come with a thicker outer shell and use a soft silicone material that can absorb drops.

The bad news is that there are not that many tablet for kids. It is true that it is a niche product which means that the interest for major manufacturers to make such tablets is not that high. The models that are available are however simple and come with special apps that were designed for learning for toddlers. With no further ado here are the top 10 best kids tablet reviews.

ABC Android 4.2 Children’s Kids Tablet

The ABC kids tablet is a great and inexpensive device that comes with a pleasant design and some interesting learning apps. The model is recommended for both boys and girls as it is available in yellow, blue or pink.

Like any tablet the model comes with a touchscreen and Wi-Fi support. It runs Android 4.2 and comes with a modest display. Running the system is a dual core processor 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. The tablet features a solid body that is capable of absorbing shocks and impact.

Tagital Quad Core Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC

Tagital offers a great tablet for kids that comes with a really low price tag. The model uses a powerful quad core processor and runs Android 4.4 KitKat. It has a 4 GB internal storage and supports micro SD cards.

The model uses a modest 7 inch display with a 800 by 480 resolution and features a front and rear camera. The model was made to be impact resistant with its thick outer shell. It has a raised lip that goes over the screen, protecting it from damage when dropped facing down.

FAT 7 Kids Tablet

FAT 7 kids tablet is one of the more inexpensive models in our list. It is a simple dual core tablet running Android 4.4. It has a 512 MB RAM memory and a 2 GB internal storage.

As with any other tablet the model supports Wi-Fi connections and comes with front and rear facing cameras. Being a kids tablet means that it comes loaded with applications for children. It is also built to survive most types of damage and it is available in multiple colors.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids 7-Inch Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite tablet is one of the more expensive models. Otherwise the model is a great option for parents that are looking for something reliable and packet with plenty of applications for kids.

Looking at the hardware inside the model is fairly decent. It has a powerful quad core COPU with a 1 GB RAM memory and 8 GB of internal flash storage. The model runs Android 4.4 and comes with a crisp 7 inch display.

Nabi DreamTab HD8 Tablet

nabi DreamTab HD8 is a powerful and well-built tablet for kids. It uses an nVidia Tegra 4.0 CPU with 2 GB of RAM and a 16 GB internal memory. This makes it one of the more powerful models in our list.

The tablet comes with Wi-Fi support and plenty of applications dedicated for kids. It has a decent display and a rugged construction that makes it quite resilient to damage. The model is covered with a silicone material that prevents damage caused by drops and shocks.

Dragon Touch 7 Inch Quad Core Android Kids Tablet

Dragon Touch 7 inch tablet is a great option for parents that want to get one for their kids yet do not wish to spend too much money. It has a decent quad core processor and a high resolution IPS display.

In terms of extra features the model comes with dual cameras and can be connected to internet over Wi-Fi. The model comes with plenty of pre-installed apps dedicated for kids and has a shock resistant shell.

Orbo Jr. 4GB Android 4.4 Wi-Fi Tablet PC

Orbo Jr is a great tablet that comes with powerful hardware and a rugged construction that makes it extremely resilient. The tablet has a soft outer shell that can absorb most impacts and prevent physical damage.

The tablet uses a dual core CPU and comes with a 4 GB internal storage that can be expanded using a micro SD card. It can be connected to wireless networks and come with dual cameras. Its battery is quite large and comes with plenty of preinstalled apps.

Nabi Jr. – 8GB Kids Tablet

The nabi Jr. kids tablet is a great device that comes with interesting features. It is filled with fun learning apps and comes with a gorgeous design. The tablet uses a large battery and runs Android OS.

Similar to other kids tablet, the model supports wireless connections and comes with a single camera that can be frontal or rear oriented. It is a quite powerful and comes with a silicone coated outer shell.

Fire Kids Edition Tablet

The Fire kids edition tablet is a great option for parents that want something that can also be used for educational purposes. It is a powerful tablet that includes plenty of applications and offers a 16 GB internal storage for additional games and apps.

Similar to other Amazon Fire tablets the model can be used for books, movies, games, TV shows and various apps. It has a gorgeous display and a solid outer shell that protects the tablet from damage.

Fire HD 6 Kids Edition Tablet

Amazon offers a great tablet for kids. The Fire HD 6 inch model is by far the most popular tablet on the market that was built for kids. It has powerful hardware and a solid outer shell that protects it from damage even when dropped facing down.

Similar to other kids tablets the model can be connected to the internet over Wi-Fi. It comes with plenty of pre-installed apps and a large internal memory for additional apps. It is available in multiple colors and comes with a reasonable price tag.

Tablets for kids usually have less powerful hardware to reduce their cost. Also, kids will usually play with apps that are not that demanding. This is the case for all the tablets in our list. All of them are inexpensive and come with interesting apps already pre-installed.

Most of the tablets come with support for wireless internet which is a nice bonus but it is not always required. Regardless, the biggest concern should be their build. Tablets for kids are supposed to be durable and resistant to drops. This applies for all the models in our picklist.

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