One technique currently growing in popularity is the use of LED lights in gardening. The lights are relatively easy to install and use, are energy efficient, and can be employed for the full cycle of the plant.

As a gardener, you want to provide the best led grow lights possible for your plants so you can get the best from them. Continue reading below to find out our recommendations.

The Best Grow Lights for Plants and Marijuana Reviewed

Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w Growlight

The price tag may be the first thing you notice about this LED grow light, but nothing good comes cheap. This light is among the most advanced in its category. It is durable and will take many years before you can ever think of replacing it.

The light is also easy to set up and may not need the services of a qualified tech. This P600 has a reasonable coverage area of between 2 and 5 feet, meaning that it may easily accommodate up ten plants.

The risk of burning your regular or pot plants is minimal as it comes with powerful fans. The light is adequately intense, and you would easily notice how effortlessly it goes through the plant.


  • Easy to set up
  • Intense light
  • Have powerful fans to keep the warm air circulating
  • Comes with a 5-years warranty


  • It can be damaged when shipping (depending on where you purchase from)

California Lightworks Solarstorm 440-watt LED with UVB

The LED comes in an attractive design and a bright red color. The color is one very noticeable distinguishing characteristic – others don’t commonly use the color on LED bodies. This is for those that are looking for a product that gives more intense light – it has 88 5W LEDs.

The angle of the glass is 90 degrees, and it has two bulbs for the UV light your plants need during flowering. It also has in-built fans to keep the warm air circulating and keep your plants from burning. The LED has two standout features – vegetable and bloom.


  • An attractive design
  • Easy setup
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • The light is consistently cool
  • Have two modes of effective plant growth


  • Has rivets as opposed to bolts

G8LED 600 Watt MEGA LED Grow Light

This is a good quality LED that combines infrared and ultraviolet for possibly one of the most efficient lighting for optimum plant growth. The light is cool and safe to use – you can touch it with your bare hands even after 24 hours of use, meaning that your plants are safe from burning risks. If you are growing weed, this light covers the entire lifecycle of the plant.


  • Safe for your plants
  • Easy to install and use
  • Has adequate lighting for vegetable and flower lighting
  • Effective penetration of canopy – up to 60 inches
  • Can possibly cover an 18 square feet area


  • Pricey, though; it’s definitely worth it

Marshydro Reflector 960W LED Grow Light

If you have a small grow tent, you will need LED light effects for the space, and this product is perfect for that. The LED has both vegetable and bloom modes to cover the entire lifecycle of the plant. It is ETL-certified, meaning that the light is safe to use. The light has an efficient spectrum and intensity for the optimum growth of your plants. With Marshydro, you may not need to be wary of burning as the lights are adequately cooler.


  • You can easily setup and use this product
  • Has compact design
  • Suitable for small plant tents
  • The light is safe to use
  • Has growth and bloom switches you can turn on and off


  • Diode quality issues have been reported.

MEIZHI Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light

For people looking for quality LED lights at a favorable price, this might be the right product for them. It produces a full spectrum of light for healthy buds. You can easily replace those HID lights that you have been using and save a significant amount of cash since it considerably consumes less electricity, but the yields are high.

The main worry among users of LED is the burning of young plants (especially cannabis). However, this product makes use of two inbuilt, possibly effective fans to prevent scorching.


  • They are relatively cheaper in comparison to the other lights in the review.
  • Produces a full spectrum light for healthy buds
  • Uses low electricity for the plants
  • Has both the growth and flowering switch
  • An efficient cooling system that makes use of two fans


  • Not the best quality

There was a time when the mere mention of cannabis was taboo. However, that has changed significantly, and it is legal in several states in the US and some countries around the world. As a result, better ways of growing the plant together with other vegetables are continuously being developed.

For a long time, HID (High-intensity discharge) lighting has had a problem with hotspots. This means that light has been more efficient on a section of the canopy leading to irregular growth. Using LED lights for cultivation ensures that there are no hot spots and that every part of the canopy receives adequate lighting. When there are no lighting dead zones, cannabis and plant production is generally optimized.

Your flowers also benefit from the full spectrum of light that LED grow lights produce. This means that they get the best from the “manufactured sun” for efficient growth.

Why are LED Lights Better for your Plants?

best led grow lights

In comparison to HID and fluorescent lighting, LED has the best brightness per watt. This means that you get the best output at reduced electricity costs. They are cooler and are a source of reduced lighting, and have a reduced risk of fire. There are also other things when you compare LEDs to Fluorescent.

Light-emitting diode lights tend to be better for plants being grown indoors.

LED lights also tend to come with inbuilt fans, so in the majority of cases, additional ventilation may not be necessary. They do not require ballasts and return a much higher rate of yield per unit of electricity consumed. LED lights also tend to carry a broader spectrum of light which helps the plants become healthier and greener and have resilient-looking buds.

Furthermore, innovative designs of the light have specialized lenses that point the light directly to the plant. This enhances penetration resulting in much better yields in comparison to light from older models.

HID lights are a pain in themselves as they are heavy and require support. Over time, these lights reduce brightness, and it may be necessary to run to the stores to acquire new ones. LEDs are consistently effective for a long time, so you save your hard-earned cash.

Fluorescents, what about them?

There is usually a misconception that fluorescents are better than LED. However, this can be forgiven as LEDs are relatively new in agriculture.

LED lights are the next best thing your plant can get after sunlight and are associated with better yields. Also, they are much cheaper when compared to other kinds of lights.

The grow lights have a much higher lifespan of 50,000, so you will not need to replace them for a very long time. You will almost forget about them.

How to Choose the Best Growlight

best led grow lights

One of the most critical factors you need to consider when choosing a grow light is the area you will be using it in. This knowledge will help you determine the amount of light you will need. The area will also give you a good idea as to the type of lights most fitting for the environment and coverage. Placing more lights adjacent to each other allows the lights to cover more space.

The stages of plant growth will tell you the most appropriate light to choose. You can run with a full spectrum LED light for a full plant growth cycle. Essentially, this also presents your best choice of lights for any plant you have.

It helps to check the dispersion angle of the light from the bulb. The greater the angle, the better the coverage of the LED light, and if the angle is less, the dispersion will be minimal and hence more direct light.

The amount you are willing to pay also determines the features that you will get. You will need to make an informed decision on the features you are willing to trade-off for the kind of plants you are cultivating.

What you need when using LED

Before you can enter the grow room to check how the plants are doing, you need a pair of sunglasses. I know! This is definitely surprising. However, you will need sunglasses to protect you from the Ultraviolet light produced by the full spectrum lights.

You may think that light meters are only for established growers, but that is not the case. You can have one to inform you of the most appropriate light for your crops.

It is also essential to ensure there is adequate distance between the light and the plants. However, no set distance should be kept, but a range of between 12 and 18 inches is appropriate. If your plants start to change color, maybe the lights are too close. A reasonable distance should allow the vegetables to be green.


LED lights have recently emerged as some of the most effective equipment for higher production from your garden. The thing about them is that they imitate sunlight and help in plant germination and the making of food. You need the best grow light if you are going to get the best from your garden.

From the above review, Advanced Platinum Series P600 is the clear winner. The light is easy to install, is durable, and has a good coverage area meaning that your plants are well covered. It also has both the growth and flowering modes you can choose from depending on the plant’s growth stage. The inbuilt fans keep the warm air circulating efficiently to prevent scorching. Many of these options are also great marijuana grow lights. Happy gardening!

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