Best Manual Pole Saws 2022 Reviews | Prune Your Trees Effectively

For some of us that live in a peace-loving and quiet neighborhood, noisy power tools can put us at loggerheads with the other neighbors.

Your best option at such a time is to use manual tools – live by the rules.

Let’s review some of the manual pole saws that many love.

Reviewing Manual Pruning Saws

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw Kit

The product comes as a set of three poles that you can easily join to attain the necessary height for landscaping. Its head has a good design for easier maneuver among the branches – talk of a professional pole saw!

It weighs only 10lbs and so it is lightweight for easier handling. However, you may find pole saws that are more lightweight than this product.


  • Comes as a set of three for easier adjustability
  • Has a decent design head that makes maneuvering, a breeze
  • A high quality saw blade
  • Lightweight for easier handling


  • It may be a challenge to disassemble the poles
  • May be a little difficult to use for a long time

Fiskars Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner

Fiskars is among the most reliable gardening tools equipment manufacturer, and this pole saw is proof of that fact. The pole saw features a trimming system that extends to 16ft to reach those top branches that have been giving you a headache. It has sturdy construction poles made from aluminum and fiberglass.

The double locking system ensures that the poles are sufficiently secure for a stable cut. It is also lightweight, and cases of hand fatigue are minimal – that is if you are only cutting a few branches.


  • A trimming system that extends to 16 inches
  • Sturdy poles for stability as you deal with the branches
  • Features a double locking system for a secure pole
  • It is lightweight for easy use – weighs only 6lbs


  • The saw may break if not handled carefully
  • It’s not one of the most durable

Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot ExtendableTree Pruning Stik Pruner

At 12ft, the pole saw is long enough to reach the branches without a ladder. And if you have a few prickly shrubs in your yard, the pole saw is the ideal to help you in that account. But what sets the pole saw aside is the fact that it has an innovative rope-free design for a better two-hand control.

For those thick branches, the pole saw comes with a 15-inch saw, that cuts through thick branches easily, and without much hassle. The hardened steel blade is sufficiently hard for the tasks at hand.


  • Has a 12ft pole to have a better reach
  • A rope-free design for added control
  • Features a 15-inch Woodzig saw that cuts thick branches easily
  • It can also cut through branches up to 1 ¼-inch branch
  • A hardened steel blade for added durability


  • The blade is not hard enough and may break easily, according to several reviews

Milliard 6-16 foot Extendable Tree Pruner/Pole Saw with 3-Sided Blade

A landscaping tool that can cut through 1¼-branches is ideal, and this extendable pole pruner fits the description. It is always good if the construction of the saw is sturdy to prevent easy breaking. The blade head on this tool is carbon steel material that keeps the blade sharp and sturdy enough to handle the pruning task.


  • Comes with a saw head that can easily cut through 1¼-thick branches
  • Has a sturdy and sharp carbon steel blade for strength and durability
  • The pruning blade is the non-stick carbon blade for efficiency
  • A lightweight and sturdy fiberglass material
  • High carbon steel edge that maintains its sharpness very well
  • An adjustable handle for added comfort


  • A malleable metal which bends easily

Finether Telescopic Pole Saw Long Reach Pole Pruner

With a pole saw that extends to 13ft, there’s no branch that you can say is unreachable – of course depending on your height. You will not need to drag that heavy ladder; you have lying in the barn. It also means that you can finally prune that thorny hedge in your compound without earning the nasty pricks.

One feature that you will love is the cut and hold pruner which allows you to hold the branches securely as you cut. The feature makes it easy for you to use.


  • A 13-ft long pole saw and pruner to reach the high up branches
  • Has a double cutting action
  • Comes with a cut and hold feature for easier use
  • The aluminum construction is pretty lightweight
  • Comes with safety features such as the inward lock for the blade


  • Not sufficiently long as some of its competitors
  • The aluminum construction is not the best

What are Manual Pole Saws and why should you have one?

Best Manual Pole Saws

Manual pole saws are miniature, lightweight design saws, attached to a long pole for a better reach.

Among the benefits of having one include the fact that they are lighter than other varieties. They are quiet that you can chop a branch without anyone hearing a thing – talk about stealth! And unlike the battery-operated pole saws, the manual models do not require any maintenance, and are easier to use – you don’t require a manual to operate one.

They are also cheap, and you don’t have to overreach into your savings and anyone, especially the novices will find the machine a good buy to start with. And despite their low price, the poles come with special features to enhance comfort – they are a real joy to have.

There is no limit as to how long you can use them. The pole saws do not have any cord that limits your movement, and the far you can go. They also keep you from using a ladder that can sometimes prove a risk hazard. The tools are safe since you have both feet on the ground as you work towards cutting a branch to achieve the desired appearance.

Another silver lining associated with owning pole saws as your cutting and pruning tool of choice include staying away from the thorns and other ants that may be climbing the tree. You don’t have to lean on the tree or climb it to reach the far branch.

You will find the manual poles in forestry and landscaping. They are popular among gardeners, living in quiet residential areas.

The only shortcoming is the requirement for upper body strength and stamina to operate it effectively – some of us are not that strong!

Other Types of Pole Saws – Electric and Battery-Powered

You will also find the electric models that are easier to use, but a bit heavier because of the engine. The electric pole saws, even though convenient, need a cord leading to an electric outlet – this can be a limiting factor. The machines are quieter than the cordless and gas-powered saws.

The battery-powered are cordless, and so are convenient and portable. They are quiet but can be a bit heavy. And depending on the battery capacity, you may need to make occasional stops to recharge.

Among the various types of pole saws, the gas-powered is the most powerful, and the most durable than its counterparts. Unfortunately, this power comes at a price. They are loud and heavy.

How to choose a Manual Pole Saw

Just like any other important equipment on the market, you will need to be extra careful when choosing the pole saw. The following are some of the important considerations.

Best Manual Pole Saws

Pole Length

One of the primary reasons for getting a tool like this is to have better branch reach. That means you will need to check the pole length, relative to your height. If you are a bit short but have the necessary strength to lift and cut branches, then choose a tall pole saw.


For the sake of manoeuvrability, make sure that your choice of machine is not too bulky and heavy. A lightweight pole saw is easier to lift and use. It will cause less fatigue, and you can complete the tasks in one swoop.


The ideal saw has a decent level of versatility. That means you can easily attach various accessories to change its function. For example, you can attach a blade saw to feel that a high branch is blocking your morning view or a scissor tip to fine-tune the look of a tree in your yard. But it is not all pole saws on the market boasts this specific feature. Therefore, make your choice well by looking at whether it has features to allow attachments.


It is critical to evaluate the durability of the pole saw, especially the pole. A good quality pole easily stands the test of time, has a far reach and will not easily bend – it would be a shame if it were to bend at the middle of cutting a branch.

There are reliable brands that you can rely on, and which come with a strong pole, suited for the task you have. Check the various product reviews, and it will guide you on the right path.


All landscapers, gardeners, and homeowners with a few trees on their property deserve the best manual pole for cutting and pruning. And there are advantages of having the manual variety including they are lightweight. It would be challenging for anyone to choose between the varieties above, but Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw Kit is something worth the extra investment you make.

It is a high-quality pole saw which is quite easy to adjust and use. For maximum durability and strength to handle the tough branches, the saw head is carbon steel head.

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