Top 10 Best Ninja Apparel

Did last night’s dose of ninja movies have you wanting to try out some of the best ninja apparel yourself? Or are you in for an early Halloween getup shopping haul? Guess you’re thinking that ninja outfits are going to be the next popular commodity this Halloween. If so, you’d want to grab yours as soon as possible, right? Preparations at the core of the ninja arts, after all. Well. No one’s here to blame you! After all, no one wants to miss out on playing cosplaying as a badass master of the ninja ways.

Top 10 Best Ninja Apparel – 2023

Top 4 Best Ninja Apparel Reviews

Yet, you don’t know where to look for the perfect apparel. And even if you’re in the hunt for the dress to impress, you still like to make the most of every buck. This top 4 ninja apparel review’s your ultimate cheat sheet to ensure the best make it to your shopping list!

Kage Ninja Gear

Some of you might be on the lookout for the kind that’s not only good for party purposes but also actual training. If you’re one of them, then check out this Shinobi Shozoku Black Ninja Uniform from Kage Ninja Gear. The founder, being a ninjutsu practitioner himself, knows how to put up a product of quality. Although riddled with minor issues, the product truly delivers on its tagline, “Designed by Ninjas for Ninjas!”.


  • Made of higher quality 14oz materials when others use ones ranging from 6-10oz only.
  • Inclusive of accessories to provide for a more holistic look.
  • Comes with an authentic black belt and ninja mask for a more authentic touch.
  • Conducive for actual ninjitsu training.


  • Some users have a bit of an issue with the mask.
  • The hood is maybe smaller than how one would like.

Forum Novelties Men’s Deluxe Ninja Costume

If you’re part of the market with a more constrained budget, the Men’s Deluxe Ninja Costume might do it for you. Forum Novelties provides affordable alternatives for your ninja wardrobe. They have been in the industry for almost 30 years offering satisfaction to their customers. The Men’s Deluxe Ninja Costume will work for you if you’re more into the fun rather than the flashiness.


  • The polyester material is a plus on user mobility.
  • Inclusive of belts and straps to ease perfect fitting.
  • Has arm and leg ties, a hood, and a mask to recreate a legitimate ninja image.
  • Much more affordable.


  • The mask gets displaced along with use due to loose-fitting.
  • It does not come with as many accessories as one would like.
  • Not recommended for prolonged active use.
  • Straps come loose.
  • It May need slight tweaks for better use and to secure a suit in place.

Leg Avenue Women’s Ninja Deadly Costume

With its Women’s Ninja Deadly Costume Outfit, Leg Avenue puts on a sexier spin to the ninja genre. Now this one’s for the ladies who’d like to emphasize their curves while being stealthy about it. This costume by Leg Avenue remains faithful to the generic ninja design while adding a bit more. Its five-part components show this with its inclusion of hood and mask and laced-up patterns. This is perfect for a fun group getup if ever your friends are up for it.


  • Resilient and proven durable.
  • Comfortable and won’t make you tug at the costume as often for readjustment.
  • The costume promotes slimming effects and is flattering to diverse body types.
  • It does not look cheap, even if it is.
  • Most times fit true to size.


  • Leg and arm ties slide down.
  • The costume’s deep V causes a proper selection of undergarments.
  • The garment may bleed during a wash.
  • Although it has a good fit, it might be a tad more lengthwise than what you would expect.

Disguise Store’s Dragon Lady Ninja Costume

The final ninja apparel up for review’s the Dragon Lady Ninja Costume. This piece from Disguise Costume comprises 100% polyester. A top, pair of pants, headband, full-length fingerless, and mask comprise it as a package. Yet, since the product only costs around 23 to 34 dollars apiece on Amazon, one must expect drawbacks. If you manage your expectations, this product may prove quite a decent buy. It does the job for its price. Thus, it’s suitable for your short time needs.

This is Disguise Costumes’ contribution to the pool of affordable ninja apparel available.


  • Comfortable to use and stretchy.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Hand washed with ease.


  • The product is of relatively cheap quality.
  • Sizes may vary from expectations.
  • Some buyers complain about different issues about the pants and how it fits.
  • The star-shaped designs sometimes won’t lay flat even when ironed.


Costumes are there for us to enjoy. This review shows how you have so many options available at your disposal. Wherever you find yourself in the budget spectrum, for sure, you’ll find something for yourself. Now, there’s no stopping you from tapping inner ninja. I hope you find the perfect ninja outfit you’re looking for!

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