One Wheel Xr Review 2021

One day, I want to try something adventurous and active. It is very exciting. When I ride One Wheel Xr, I seem to go back to my childhood. I can run through quickly anyway.  What a worthwhile item! So I want to make One Wheel Xr Review to help you know more about this product. 

If you find something like a skateboard, One Wheel Xr will be probably a key to help fast riding and better funny.  With a strong tire and a thick deck, you can keep balance easily. Indeed, motor operation improves action when you step on board. 

Below, I will give you strong features of One Wheel Xr. Then, I will figure out a list of alternative One Wheel Xr. Now, let’s explore One Wheel Xr!

5 Things To Know Before Buying One Wheel Xr

one wheel xr review

One Wheel Xr need your practice

One Wheel Xr has many challenge activities. You can’t do a perfect curve in the beginning. You have to practice and practice. But, I have positive info for you. 30 minutes is a time people can ride a One Wheel Xr. I believe you can become a One Wheeler in a short time. Don’t hesitate to try it! 

You can ride One Wheel Xr to anywhere

Road, Hill, Beach,…you can on/off topographic if you want. It’s up to you. One Wheel Xr has a strong operation enough to explore the world in your hand. Of course, you should prevent One Wheel Xr in water. Because, the wheel is not waterproof. Remember that!

Maybe you carry One Wheel Xr by hand

What sad news! It can be a nightmare if your One Wheel Xr out battery. You know, you can hold a One Wheel Xr by hand. So, it is necessary to buy extra accessories to help you. Especially with a person who has small hands. 

Read instruction when you ride One Wheel Xr

It sounds like mum here. But One Wheel Xr has some special features to help you be more funny and safe with One Wheel. It’s not too hard to understand. Just a short time, you can know how One Wheel Xr action. 

You will attract a few looks

Riding One Wheel Xr on the street is an interesting experience but you can look strange in people’s eyes. A person with a skateboard which has one wheel. Anyway, Let it go, don’t hold a thousand pair eyes on you. You only focus on yourself. 

One Wheel Detailed Review

What is the One Wheel Xr?

one wheel xr review

One wheel is an electric one-wheel balance board invented by the founder and CEO of Future Motion.The one wheel has been designed for 8 years. One wheel is often referred to as an electric skateboard.

The principle of one wheel operation: when you lean forward, the one wheel will speed up. When you back away, the one wheel will slow down. Similarly, turning or moving left, right will be like you use the media skateboards. However, onewheel has a special point. It’s onewheel mounted sensors, allowing the engine to automatically steer and balance. This helps to keep the balance of the user better.

One Wheel Xr is an upgraded version of One wheel pint. One Wheel Xr has outstanding features in terms of weight, speed and durability than its brother. One Wheel Xr moves faster suitable for wide terrain, the system is also more stable and less wobble at high speeds. One Wheel Xr can accelerate up to 19 mph, helping you experience the maximum adventure feeling in one wheel. However, if you only want to use one wheel on city roads. One wheel pint would be more appropriate. Because the wheel structure of the one wheel pint is smaller. The weight of the one wheel pint is also lighter. And the one wheel pint’s operation and stop system is also simpler.


  • Bring a sense of high risk to the users
  • Can overcome extreme terrain challenges excellently.


  • Heavy weight, because to keep the one wheel stable when traveling on difficult roads
  • Not suitable for those who have never tried one wheel

Key Feature

With the characteristics:

  • Suitable for 12-18 miles long, can run throughout 20-30 minutes.
  • Speed up to 19mph and can be lowered to 15mph.
  • The battery is made from Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide, suitable for flying in the air.

XR will bring you great future technology experiences. Both speed, power and torque have been enhanced. The One Wheel Xr is about the size of a real skateboard, measuring 29 inches long and less than 10 inches wide. Onewheel both gives you the feeling of being on a traditional skateboard, while also giving you a futuristic feel by its extremely modern and trendy design.

Notices before buying One Wheel Xr:

  1. Children under the age of 14 can’t be allowed to ride this product. Because, the children will find it hard to control this product and to be injured in riding.
  2. Prepare protective equipment through experience. Those are the helmet, knee, elbow protection belt…
  3. Comply with all instructions to ride safety.  Unless you control, you can risk damage whenever and wherever. Because, One Wheel Xr is an extremely risky sport. You are only carelessful a bit, you can face death or serious injury. 

Besides that, I think many people will choose to buy a used One Wheel Xr. This makes you save a lot of money. I will send you 6 tips to choose a good used One Wheel Xr.

1. Make a plan.

Before buying a used onewheel, be sure to do your homework. One Wheel Xr is a premium onewheel line. A careful study will help you to plan a reasonable budget and estimate the quality of the product that is right for you.

2.Patient and very patient

Buying a used One Wheel Xr isn’t a day or two. You may have to wait months to find the XR you are dreaming of. But believe that no waiting is wasted. You will probably be able to buy an XR with a great discount and there is a high chance that you will get more accessories.

3. Make good use of the internet

There are many electronic trading platforms on the internet that can help you find the XR of your dreams. Take time to search on reputable exchanges. In particular, set a notification bell for Facebook Marketplace or Craiglish, so that you are always one of the first to see the XRs that have just been posted online.

4. Contact the seller immediately

A good order runs the risk of being stolen very quickly. So if you take a look and find that XR is right for you. Contact the seller immediately. Don’t think too long, a lot of other shoppers are also targeting the XR you are targeting.

5. Prepare a checklist

This is where what you research about XR comes into play, write down the most important criteria you need in an XR. This list will make it easy to check out a used XR. Please write briefly and clearly.

6. Choose a direct transaction

You cannot judge a used item with just one picture. Choose a safe public place, so you can take a close look at One Wheel Xr. Try moving, and see if there’s a problem with the onewheel. Do not ignore any negative signs, even the smallest. I believe you will not want to spend an unfair amount of money.

  • Onewheel is priced lower than common ground.
  • The seller did not have any knowledge of Onewheel. Onewheel is a picky player sport. So, very rarely, the Onewheel seller does not know anything about Onewheel.
  • The Onewheel has no charger, no box or receipt. Watch for these signs, there’s a high chance that the One Wheel Xr you are seeing in front of is stolen or counterfeit. Worst case scenario, you will not want to someday, police come to your house and blame you as a thief. Be very careful.

And, if you want to search for a skateboard, have an affordable skateboard, you can find it here.


one wheel xr review

The battery used for One Wheel Xr is NMC. This is a rechargeable battery that has some of the top stats available today. A battery made of nickel, manga, and cobalt significantly increases the capacity of the battery.

This is a battery with a high capacity of electricity, can reach the index of 220W * h / kg. This makes the weight of the battery significantly reduced. Thus, it helps the battery charging process be faster. And make the process of carrying and moving more convenient.

This is a battery that meets a new technology standard. The product price is not cheap. This is an extremely expensive detail for the One Wheel Xr. Help One Wheel Xr operate at maximum capacity and can be used for a long time.

App Connected

Display modes on the app:

Main screen: displays the onewheel battery%, the number of kilometers onewheel, travel time, one-wheel speed, weather indicator. This helps users to clearly grasp information about their one wheel, to have the best data for their trip.

Trip monitor: shows trips if you track them. You can also get to know the travels of other users (in case you follow them). This helps you connect with people who share the same passion, creating one wheel love communities. You will have many opportunities to make friends.

Charts. You can see who is dominating the one wheel game. Who knows, one day, you might also be one of the top OneWheelers.

Academy: With Academy you will get the most methodical instructional video onewheel, you will learn great techniques and learn about safety lessons when using onewheel. This, easily allowing for beginners to access onewheel more easily.

Brushless motor

In the 1960s, Brushless motors were developed and became the motors used in many cordless or battery-operated machinery, because of the efficiency of brushless motors. Brushless motors increase One Wheel Xr performance, and the lifespan of One Wheel Xr increases.

This is a compact structure. With less moving parts, Brushless motors are perfectly suited for One Wheel Xr. Brushless motors take up a smaller space, but operate extremely well.

Besides, Brushless motors, when operating, do not cause too much noise. This is because the brushless motors are exposed to electric power. The unpleasant “buzzing” noises when the fan blades work have also been minimized. This is a huge improvement. As such, when using One Wheel Xr, you don’t have to hear the noise caused by the engine. This makes your viewing experience even more comfortable.

Brushless motors, in particular, generate very little heat. This makes it possible to operate engine performance up to 90%. It just makes the friction of the engine always kept under control. Makes the engine less susceptible to damage during long-term use.

Performance Specs

One Wheel Xr has a top speed of 19 mph, a range of 12-18 mile range and incline around 20%. With all of the performance specs, One Wheel Xr has a maximum weight limit of 275 Lbs. This is a high weight limit. It means, if you have a weight from around 180-350 pounds, you totally use one wheel max load capacity. 

However, I have some suggestions for you. If you have a weight above 275 Lbs, you should choose another brand. Because, being above 275 Lb will decrease performance specs. The speed will be 5 mph slower. We recommend you should choose One Wheel Xr, when you are under 250 Lbs, to achieve maximum specs. Aeboard or Bajaboard are brands which help you choose a one wheel suitable for your weight.


The wheel used for the One Wheel Xr is the Vega. This is a type of wheel, with a lifespan of about 1000 miles. When you want to go change your tires. Make sure you use the carrier’s service. As such, you will not lose the warranty period. Because, if you guarantee elsewhere, your One Wheel Xr will void your warranty at the company.

One more point, to prolong the life of the wheel. Check the pressure of the one wheel a few times a month, or before long trips. In addition, learn some tips to make sure the tire circuit board survives the test of time. Once you’re done using it, drying with a dry brush or checking the sides and front are easy ways to keep your one wheel in good condition.


Accessories are indispensable for One Wheel Xr. One Wheel Xr has a large collection of accessories, making the One Wheel Xr your personalized skateboard. In particular, the accessories of One Wheel Xr can completely be used for its predecessor, one wheel pint.

There are some hot accessories of One Wheel Xr such as: stand, handles, custom vinyl wrap or fender. With these accessories, your One Wheel Xr will be raised to a new level. You can do things like techniques that are more difficult to master, like flight fins. Or One Wheel Xr will be more durable with fenders, concave footpads. Or more beautiful with one wheel sticker, with a variety of colors, designs and designs.

Take a look at the accessories if you want your One Wheel Xr to be better and better.

How does it compare?

Boosted Plus

one wheel xr review

The Boosted Plus is a skateboard that uses a new deck structure, eliminating the bamboo cores used in earlier designs. This is the first design to use a Super Flex composite deck, increasing flexibility for skis. 

With Super Flex, the control of the skateboard is enhanced, and the board is more flexible when cornering and turning. Skateboards can move flexibly according to your body movements. On the other hand, the skateboard also absorbs vibrations and vibrations like the suspension system, giving the user better control over the skateboard.

Boosted has a composite core deck with a total of 7 layers of material. Each material has a specific function. Materials can be mentioned are fiberglass, poplar, foam and polymers. These materials easily make out a special distinction compared to previous Boosted versions.

Boosted Plus has improved the mileage of the second generation, the Boosted Board. With Boosted Plus, with the battery there’s an extended range. The mileage is now 6-7 miles up to 14 miles per charge. Note that this distance will vary with different terrain types.

The dashboard that comes with an intuitive controller is also a bright spot for the Boosted Plus. It helps you to accelerate or brake in a pleasant way. When you accelerate or decelerate, the controller has this new recoil filter, which will give you a smooth acceleration or deceleration. You also have 4 modes for riding. These are the beginner mode and advanced dynamic modes for the experienced.

In addition, the new board is capable of handling tough hills very effectively. You can conquer the hills easily.

Onewheel Pint

one wheel xr review

Onewheel Pint is the youngest member of the Onewheel family. Pint is a version that integrates the basic features of the onewheel series. The top speed is lower and the dynamic range is more modest than the One Wheel Xr.

Pint is really not a product for those who use the fastidious onewheel. However, Pint has features that are just fine enough for an onewheel. It is a light bar display to indicate charging status or warn when the car is moving. Pint also features SimpleStop technology, which promises to be a useful tool for those who are just starting out. And above all, Pint has an extremely affordable price tag for those looking to buy the first onewheel of their life.

Boosted Mini X

one wheel xr review

The Boosted Mini X is the smallest Boost series. This skateboard is extremely suitable for short trips. High quality contact presence and smooth acceleration and stopping. The remote control is easy to use. However, the price of the Boosted Mini X is a matter of consideration.

With its compact design, everyday use, the Mini X is the ultimate skateboard worth using. The Mini X’s capacity can reach 1000 watts, reaches a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour and covers up to 23 kilometers with an extended battery range.

The extended battery range is a highlight of the Mini X. The battery range helps the Mini X operate within a range of 23 km, climb 20% steep hills and can alternate 3 vehicle modes. In particular, thanks to the brake, the Mini X can recharge the battery easily.

The Mini X’s design is also a treat. Every detail is meticulously in each line. Fishtail design to help the car easily get lost in tight spaces. The entire deck is covered with fiberglass providing a very smooth experience when using. An additional deep disc mix deck is aligned to increase the control of the Mini X. Finally, with the 80 mm Lunar wheel design, enough to avoid sudden bumps on the road.

In short, the Mini X is a skateboard with a lot of value.

Boosted Mini S

one wheel xr review

The Boosted Mini S measures 29.5 inches, a size that fits anywhere even though. The speed of the Mini S is quite fast, and can reach a maximum of 18 miles per hour. Skis with motors of up to 1000 watts, can conquer slopes at 20%. However, in some cases you may not be able to climb a slope with the Mini S, if you weigh 150 lbs or more.

This electric skateboard also comes in three different modes like its sibling, the Mini X. It’s the taajo novice mode and the expert mode. These modes help you have fun experiences with the Mini S.

Mini S’s battery, fast charging, only takes 1 hour to fully charge the battery. However, the Mini S charger is considered quite out of date. Mini S still uses mini USB-B. This will make it difficult to charge the battery while on the go. Finding a USB charger compatible with Mini S can be time consuming and troublesome for users.

Mini S has a beautiful design, full body black board, plus orange wheels, creating a very harmonious and outstanding overall.

Overall, the Boosted Mini S’s features are very effective. In particular, this product is highly appreciated for its safety. This skateboard can move at a very fast speed, but there is no sudden acceleration or stop. Additionally, with Deep Dish technology, the Mini S rider’s feet are retained on the board in a comfortable and comfortable locking position.

After the introduction of 4 products, now I will compare 4 products with One Wheel Xr to give everyone a most objective view.

In terms of price, One Wheel Xr has the highest price. However, this is a very good value for money with all the technology that XR owns. However, if you want to experience the onewheel in tight economic conditions, you can try the Onewheel Pint, which is half the price.

In terms of speed, all products bring a very happy experience to use. The Boosted series skis will be the perfect choice, if you want to challenge the skateboard at extremely fast speeds. Boosted Plus can reach a top speed of 22 miles. The One Wheel Xr, however, is equally as good, despite not having a top speed that is as fast as the Boosted family. However, Onewheel’s maximum range of action is formidable. One Wheel Xr can reach a maximum range of 26.2 km. In additions, you can choose another skateboard which helps you a good mountain experience with here,

In terms of weight, the One Wheel Xr is the heaviest, at 12.3 kg. If you have a desire for a compact skateboard, choose the Boosted Mini S. You can take the Mini S anywhere. Yet even the heaviest line of all skis. One Wheel Xr is again the largest load-bearing skateboard, XR can withstand a maximum weight of 27.1 lbs.

Hopefully with this comparison, you can consider carefully, to be able to make the best decision for yourself.

Below, this video about One Wheel Xr on Beach trip. This is a very honest look. Hopefully, after watching this video, you will be able to have more inspiration for yourself.


To me, One Wheel Xr seems to be a carefully invested product, using many good materials for you to have the best and safest experience.

The design is simple, not too cumbersome, many details but extremely effective. A lot of users liked this design by One Wheel Xr.

As an innovative design, affordable price compared to products of the same quality. This makes onewheel even more positive in the eyes of consumers.

Outstanding, is app connected. With the app connected, users can connect and make friends, creating civilized and serious one-wheel slide communities. This, in turn, makes this somewhat risky sport seen right.

A lot of users have changed the look of the skateboard when using the One Wheel Xr. Modern, trendy and fun are keywords that people will remember when it comes to One Wheel Xr.

Therefore, should I try the One Wheel Xr or not?

For me, the answer is yes. Because, the experience that One Wheel Xr brings is unique. If you want to find another skateboard, you can click here.

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