Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2023 Reviews

Many might not see the point in getting a portable DVD player, especially since there is great hype around Blu-ray movies and how they will take over as a standard. While that might be true, Blu-ray players are not that common, mainly because they are expensive. DVD players are affordable, and when used for a portable device, the small screen and lower 480p DVD resolution will not matter that much. Picture quality will still seem crisp and clear.

Portable DVD players do have their utility. They can be extremely useful when travelling, for long drives and in pretty much any other situation in which a small device can fit. Most of them come with a built-in battery that provides playback for a few hours. In some cases, they can even be powered by a car lighter. There are many different types of portable DVD players, and fortunately, there is no shortage of such devices on the market.

Best Portable DVD Players in 2023

For today we will go through 10 different portable DVD players that were selected out of the thousands that are currently available. For the most part, they are affordable and come with the great built quality and reliable performance. To keep things short, let’s jump right into our list of the top 10 best portable DVD players review.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

With so many types of portable DVD players on the market, buyers should take some things into consideration. For instance, someone buying a portable DVD player needs to think about how long they will be using the device before being able to charge it. Those that want to use one of these devices or backpacking or camping should make sure the device has a long battery life and is able to connect to a portable charger when needed. No one wants to go out on a long trip and not be able to watch the movies they took the time to bring.

Consumers buying portable DVD players should also take into consideration what size they need. Some portable DVD players are slightly large for carry-on bags, which can cause problems for travellers. Those buying these devices must think about where they are going to use the device and research what size is best for it. Larger DVD players are great for car rides or moving around the house, while smaller DVD players are great for flying or camping as they take up less space and are easier to store.

portable dvd player

Another aspect of these devices one should consider when buying is what features each DVD player has. Some portable DVD players have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, while others do not. Each DVD player has its own unique features that may not be found on other devices. Those wanting a portable DVD player that has the ability to connect to their smartphone should make sure their device has that capability before spending their money.

Also, consumers should remember that just because a portable DVD player is more expensive, it does not mean that it will have more features. Some of the cheaper DVD players have just as many features as their expensive counterparts but are oftentimes overlooked.

Adding on to that, the price of each device is extremely important. Even though cheaper devices have a similar amount of features to more expensive ones, the price usually reflects the quality of the product. Those that want a product with clear screens that will last for many years should go for the more expensive DVD players as the manufacturers tend to use better quality materials during production. The price should also be considered due to the vast amount of companies selling portable DVD players on the market.

One should make sure that the price listed for the device is accurate according to its size, quality, and features. No one likes to buy a product online only to find out that they paid a lot more money than they should have. It is also best to find out if the portable DVD player’s price includes some warranty. Every device gets dropped at some point during its use. Consumers who are buying these devices should see if they are covered if the device breaks in some way. That way, if the device is not under warranty for any damage, the user can invest in storage units that protect against damages.

Best Portable DVD Player Comparison 2023

Best Portable DVD Player Reviews 2023

Sylvania Portable DVD Player with 13.3-Inch Clear Swivel Screen (SDVD1332)

When it comes to portability and convenience, the quality of this Sylvania DVD player can’t be beaten. This unit comes with a large 13.3-inch screen with a swivel feature, which eliminates glare when you are watching in the car. The display is clear enough that it gives you better-quality images all the time.

Since you may not have access to a power outlet all the time, you will love the fact that this device comes with a rechargeable battery built right into it. This means that you can continue watching your movies when you are on the go. Once the battery power runs empty, you may plug in the car adapter to keep the entertainment going. What’s more, there is a home adapter included, so you can also use this unit in your room or any place once you have reached your destination.

There are an SD card and USB port that allows you to watch videos or view images and listen to music by plugging your digital media into the device. You will enjoy checking the files on a bigger screen for your viewing pleasure. Among the formats that this device is compatible with include CD-R, MP3, CD-RW, DVD+R, and JPEG. Included in the package are the car and AC adapter, the DVD player with a rechargeable battery, earbuds, and the remote control.

Perhaps the main complaint about this unit is the battery issue. Since the screen size is too large, you may want to amp up the volume, which could drain the internal battery too quickly. However, you can always use the car adapter to recharge the battery and continue watching movies. Just keep in mind that the battery fails to charge unless you turn the unit off.


  • Large and clear screen with a swivel function.
  • USB port and SD card reader are available for viewing files in your digital media.
  • Portable and lightweight unit for an onboard viewing experience.


  • The battery gets depleted easily if you increase the volume.
  • The picture quality and sound are not very impressive.

Sylvania Portable DVD, MP3 and CD Player with 9-Inch Swivel Screen and Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Keep everyone in the car entertained as you play movies or music while on a long road trip. This Sylvania Portable DVD, CD, and MP3 player is easy to set up and can give you hours of fun and excitement the whole time. There is a rechargeable battery built into the unit, which can last up to 5 hours on a full charge. Once it runs out of juice, plug the adapter in, and you can resume your viewing right away.

You will love how slim and sleek this DVD player is, which allows you to bring it along with you anywhere you may go. Right out of the box, it has everything you need to get started. There is basically no need for you to set up or install anything because it is more of a plug-and-play kind of device. Simply pop the CD in, press the play button, and you can begin watching or listening to music instantly. The screen is also decent enough to watch movies on, with its 9-inch size and swivel function. If you want to use the unit at home, you may do so, as this comes with a home power adapter, as well.

It is a good unit overall. The basic features are there, and it works as expected. The screen may not be as big as what other brands offer at a similar or higher price, but this one works. Yet, you may notice that the material appears a little cheap and lightweight. The AV cables could also use some improvement, and the noise that the spinning disc makes is a little loud.


  • A lightweight and compact DVD player that you can use at home or in the car.
  • No set up necessary, so you can use it right out of the box.
  • Includes a swivel function for the 9-inch screen.


  • The unit has a flimsy and cheap feel to it.
  • When the disc spins, it comes with a loud noise that can be disturbing for some people.

Portable DVD Player 9″ with 5 Hours Rechargeable Battery by SPACEKEY

Don’t you wish you could keep yourself entertained during those long trips on the road? Or perhaps, you want to have a portable unit that you can use for playing your favourite movies and songs anytime you feel boredom hitting you? Having kids in tow also makes the journey challenging when these little ones get bored in the car. In this case, this portable DVD player from Space key is a great product to buy.

It is the perfect long-trip companion, and it allows you to enjoy your favourite movies, TV shows, and music whenever you want. It comes with a wide 10-inch screen that can swivel to let you adjust to your preferred angle. The audio is also quite good, making the sound clear and distinct. Whenever you want to connect the unit to your TV or another device, use the AV cables included, which adds to the fun of watching movies on a bigger screen. Overall, this is an excellent item to buy for yourself or as a gift for anyone who loves movies and prefers a compact device for viewing purposes.


  • Load time is faster and more stable as it has been updated and improved on
  • The swivel screen is perfect for viewing your favourite movies with ease and comfort.
  • The monitor is bright and clear for added pleasure in watching
  • There is an easy-flip design to the monitor for enhanced visibility
  • Excellent audio, allowing you to hear the sounds from at least 15 meters away
  • 18 months warranty for zero hassle in case there are problems with the unit
  • Portable and lightweight for ease in taking the unit with you anywhere you go
  • Great-looking portable DVD that looks quite expensive yet is priced reasonably.


  • The sound quality could use some improvement or update when you use the unit in a busy environment.
  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity.

Sylvania 7-Inch Screen Portable DVD Player SDVD7040B

If the kids are getting a little restless in the backseat, it will help to plug in their favourite movies in this portable DVD player. This unit has a 7-inch screen and a slim design that makes viewing a pleasure. The screen has a good colour display and picture quality, and it can swivel to prevent glare or any discomfort when watching movies. The stereo speaker is built into the unit, and this is decent enough for watching while on the road. The battery life can last for at least a couple of hours, but you can always plug the unit into your car to recharge it once it goes empty.

However, there are no earphones included in the box, so you will have to provide your own if you think the volume quality is inadequate. There is also no remote control, which means you will have to select the setting manually. As for the battery, it cannot last too long. Some users even complain about the fact that it cannot last any longer than an entire movie length. Once you charge it back up, the whole process can take some time, as well.


  • The screen is good enough for watching movies on the road.
  • There is a built-in stereo-quality speaker.
  • You can recharge the battery as it is built into the unit.


  • No earphones or remote control included.
  • Recharging the battery is not very efficient as it does not charge back up right away.

Ematic 9-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player EPD909PR

If you are in the market for a good-quality portable DVD player, then this unit is just what you need. It has a 9-inch screen that can swivel up to 180 degrees, and this enables you to experience an excellent angle for viewing. There are headphones included, and you can plug these into the port.

In case you think the sound quality does not match up to your expectations, having these headphones for use should help. You can also recharge the battery when it runs empty because there is an AC/DC power adapter included in the box. This way, you have a backup power source once the battery has zero juice left. As a bonus, there is a bag for storage where you can place the unit and its accessories for ease of carrying it around.

According to the manufacturer, this unit can be connected to your TV for an even bigger screen viewing. But the AV cable is not included, which means you will have to purchase it separately. The carrying case looks good, but the headphones do not fit in it. The unit also has a cheaper feel to it because of its lightweight quality, and you will need to handle it with care to prevent damage. Some lagging issues were also observed, but you can always pause and resume your movie in case this happens.


  • The 9-inch screen can swivel to 180 degrees for a pleasant viewing experience.
  • There is a bonus carrying case for ease of storage and travel.
  • You can plug the headphones in if the volume quality is not too good.


  • The unit tends to lag at times.
  • The material for the DVD player feels a little flimsy.
  • There is a carrying case, but it is not big enough to fit the headphones.

Sylvania 11.6-Inch Portable DVD Player with SD Card Reader and USB Port SDVD1256

Another good quality product from Sylvania, this portable DVD player, has a clear LCD screen that measures 11.6 inches. It is a good size for watching in the car or even in your dorm room, hotel, and at home. With this portable device, you no longer have to miss out on your favourite movies, even when you are always on the go. In case you have some videos that are stored in another digital media such as your USB drive or SD card, you can watch these on your portable DVD player since there are slots or ports for these.

Overall, the screen is large enough to play your movies with great clarity, which is another plus point of this item. There are no skipping issues while it is being used, and you should be able to enjoy watching movies for at least 3 hours on this unit.

There can be some improvements on the menu because this appears a little outdated. But the good thing about it is the ease of navigating the screen. Operating is not a problem, but it would be best if there is a continuous play function included. Otherwise, you will have to remember the part of the film where it stopped and continue from there to spare yourself from starting from the beginning.


  • A very large and clear screen makes watching movies enjoyable.
  • There is a USB port, and an SD card reader included.
  • The battery can last for about 3 hours, which lets you watch a standard movie in full.


  • The retro-looking menu can use an update.
  • The lack of a “continue play” function makes it tedious to find the part of the movie where you stopped.

DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player with Rechargeable Battery

This is a well-designed portable DVD player with a built-in lithium rechargeable battery that has a high capacity of 2500 mAh, which should be able to last up to at least 5 hours. This battery-powered DVD player also comes with an AC power adapter and a car charger, so you can recharge the battery once it runs empty of power. But with its long life, it should suffice to watch a full-length movie.

This device supports a wide range of multimedia, including DVD, CD, DVD+RW, SVCD, SD card, USB, DVD-R/+R, and CD-R/RW. The swivel screen measures 9.5 inches in length, and it has a good resolution of 800 x 480 that is clear and vivid to give you an excellent viewing experience.

For the most part, this is a great system that comes with a game controller and a remote, and you will find it easy to operate because of the straightforward setup. However, it does not appear to be quite sturdy and even has a flimsy quality to it. In terms of performance, though, this unit works just fine.


  • The long life span of the battery is up to 5 hours.
  • There is an AC power adapter, and car charger included to recharge the built-in battery.
  • The swivel screen is large enough and offers a good resolution for enhanced image quality.
  • The setup and installation process is straightforward and easy to understand.


  • The retro-looking menu can use an update.
  • The lack of a “continue play” function makes it tedious to find the part of the movie where you stopped.

NAVISKAUTO 14 inch HD Portable DVD/CD Player USB/SD Reader

In need of a great entertainment source for your upcoming long trip or just your everyday commute? This portable CD/ DVD player from Naviskauto has so much to offer when it comes to functionality and practicality. It is a great device to use for your entertainment pleasure when on a long road trip, so you can have some enjoyment and beat the boredom away with a 14-inch screen that is wide enough to let you watch those movies without any hassle.

The unit also supports various media formats, including DVD, CD, VDC, MPEG, JPG, and so much more. With good audio, decent video, and a great resolution, this unit is worth every dollar you pay. With a carrying case included, you can grab this unit and go and enjoy all the movies and music you can play with it. An instant boredom buster, without a doubt!

Unfortunately, the battery could use an improvement since it does hold a good charge. The controls also appear a tad clunky, in our opinion. This can be a bit of a hassle for those who want to go from one function to another without having to fumble around the buttons for too long. An upgrade on the design could be a good idea to eliminate these concerns with this portable DVD player.


  • Widescreen and great video resolution
  • Memory function to let you watch the scenes where you have left off
  • Built-in battery, AC adapter, and car charger included
  • Comes with a carrying case for ease in bringing the unit with you anytime, anywhere
  • Reasonable price and works as expected
  • Easy to mount and install as the different accessories for installation purposes are included.


  • The buttons for controlling the functions are a little clunky
  • The battery fails to hold a charge, and it is only limited to 4 hours or even less

Pyle Home 14-Inch Screen TFT/ LCD Screen Monitor Portable DVD Player

If what you are looking for is one of the best entertainment systems that are portable and impressive in terms of performance, then you cannot go wrong with this Pyle Home portable DVD player. It has a bright and clear 14-inch screen with a High-Res display that can support 1366 x 768 resolution with the most vivid colour and ultra-clear picture quality.

This is a versatile device that never falls short of features, so you can expect total satisfaction with your purchase. Perfect for travel, you can count on the astounding features that this device offers. You may even connect it to your MP3 player, smartphone, or iPod using the 3.5mm auxiliary-in jack, so you can begin streaming media right through the screen.

If you connect this to your game console or computer using the VGA input, this opens up even greater possibilities for your entertainment. This unit supports a wide range of formats such as MP3, WMA, DVD-R, DVD, CD-R, DVD-RW, MPG, AVI, JPEG, MP4, and SVCD. There is also the MP3 and MP4 playback that allows you to watch your movies or listen to your favourite hits recorded on your computer. Lastly, you will love the swivel screen that can also be folded for compact storage. The colours come out alive for that exceptional viewing experience.

For the price you pay for this product, it is quite decent. The screen is plenty big, and the resolution is good. But it would be better if the cords used for charging were longer, particularly if you are not anywhere near the power outlet. As for the battery life, it is okay at 3 hours of total run time on a full charge. A much longer lifespan is even better, though.


  • The unit can support a wide selection of formats.
  • The MP3/MP4 playback feature allows you to watch videos recorded on your PC.
  • You will appreciate the great screen quality as it is clear and vivid.


  • The battery life could use some improvement.
  • There is not enough length for the power cord.

COOAU Portable DVD Player 10.5-Inch Screen with 5 Hours Battery Life and Supports Several Formats

A compact and portable home entertainment that you can bring with you anywhere you go, this portable DVD player features a built-in USB port for giving you a chance to watch movies stored in your digital media. You can watch your favourite movies for hours on this unit, thanks to the long battery life of up to 5 hours. If the battery runs empty, though, you can always plug it in using the car charger included in the package.

With a large screen at 12 inches, this offers you clear, sharp, and crisp picture quality. To make it even better, the audio quality is just as impressive, even if there is noise on the road. This is outstanding, considering some other portable DVDs in this price range cannot offer such audio quality to the unit.

The swivel feature of the screen is also brilliant, as it allows all viewers to watch movies from different angles. This also prevents glare that can happen when the sun shines and hits the screen. If you want to plug it into your TV, you may do so since it supports this function. The volume is okay, but it needs some more boost to it. This is why a pair of earphones or even a portable speaker should be ideal. It would also be even better if the subtitle feature does not show up right away since it is a hassle to keep turning it off.


  • Long battery life that goes up to 5 hours.
  • The screen is impressive with its clear and vivid picture quality.
  • Excellent swivel function for the screen for a great viewing experience.


  • The volume would be better if it could be louder.
  • The subtitles appear instantly, which can be annoying for some users.

There are many different portable DVD players, but on the surface, they tend to look the same. The number of formats they support is an important aspect, but not everyone is interested in this detail. Most users will look at the display size and battery life which indeed are valid concerns. For our list, we selected multiple models and their prices do seem to be influenced by the screen and battery. In terms of performance, there are not that many differences but what is most important is for anyone looking at our list to be able to find a suitable model.

What is a Portable DVD Player?

portable dvd player

A portable DVD player is just that; a DVD player for those on the go. Portable DVD players come in many different shapes in sizes but are all built to be easily transported without the hassle of needing a power source. These devices are great for any person travelling or who is out of the house and wants to watch some of their movies that are on DVD.

With new technology and apps coming out every week, many people use their smartphones to buy movies so they can watch what they want where ever they want. But for those who already own the movie on DVD, why they should have to buy the movie again to watch it away from home? That is where the portable DVD players come in. They allow the user to watch any movie or TV series they have on DVD without having to be connected to a television.

Portable DVD players are great for families with children of any age. The devices keep the children from becoming bored on car rides and other trips or even during a storm when the power goes out. These devices are built specifically for playing videos, which is great for parents who do not want to have to worry about what their children are watching while on the road or in the other room at home.

What are the Different Types of Portable DVD Players?

portable dvd player

There are many different types of portable DVD players. For those who want to bring that device with them where ever they go, they should opt for a portable DVD player that is designed similarly to a laptop. These laptop-style DVD players are easy to carry and can be taken virtually anywhere. Those who want a portable DVD player for their car should opt for a style that is designed for cars.

Some portable DVD players are designed to fit on the back of headrests so that those in the back seats can enjoy hands-free movies. These types of portable DVD players are great for long car rides or any trip since the car does not have to be running for them to work as they run on their own batteries.

What about the kids that do not want to watch the movies they have on DVD? With so many new movies and games out nowadays, it is hard to stay on track by buying the newest movies on DVD. After a while of watching the same movie over and over, people get bored. That is why new types of portable DVD players have been created.

Many new types of portable DVD players are also equipped with the technology to act as a gaming consoles. Users are able to place their game disk into the DVD player and connect their game consoles to play. For those that want to watch a movie from their smartphone on the larger screen of the DVD player, many new types of designs include Wi-Fi access and Bluetooth technology to connect each device.

Each new design of portable DVD player is created with the most technology-savvy generation in mind. People do not always want to watch DVDs and these types of DVD players allow those users to play games and watch movies from other devices.

What are the Advantages of Owning One of These Devices?

There are many advantages of owning a portable DVD player. One main advantage is that they have their own power source. This allows for use in any place, from planes to cars to camping, where there are no immediate power outlets. The battery life on these devices is very long, considering they are designed for playing hours of movies.

This advantage is great for cars since the DVD players do not need to be hooked up to anything. This allows users to watch videos without having to turn the car on, which is great for parents who are trying to pack the car for a road trip. They can put their kids in their seats and turn on a movie while they get everything in the car organized without wasting gas.

Due to the fact that there are types of DVD players designed for cars takes away the argument of who gets to pick the movie for the car ride since there can be more than one device in the car. Also, for those going on extended car trips, they can easily plug the portable device into the car charger to charge when the power gets low while continuing to play the videos.

Another advantage of portable DVD players is that they have decent-sized screens for watching movies. Smartphones are getting bigger each year; however, they still have a small screen for watching videos. Being able to connect them to portable DVD players is great since the user gets to watch their favourite movies on their own mini-television.

portable dvd player

Many portable DVD players also have the advantage of other portable devices in that they have many different features. Most portable DVD players have high-end LCD screens that make movie watching very enjoyable. They are also compact and lightweight, so they are easy to carry around. Many portable DVD players fit great in bags and carry-ons and do not add too much extra weight.

One last advantage is that portable DVD players are that they are portable. They can be moved anywhere the user wants to go without any disruption to the movie. It is great for when someone is sick in bed and does not want to move their whole television into their room or set up the DVD player. It is great for any length of trip, be it by boat, car or plane. The portability keeps users entertained where ever they want without the hassle of data charges or connecting to Wi-Fi.

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