Never Go Without Fresh Food Again With A Portable Propane Refrigerator

Tired of eating out all the time because you don’t have a way to store your food? A portable propane refrigerator is a perfect way to ensure you always have access to fresh food, no matter where you are. These refrigerators run on propane tanks so that you can use them anywhere there’s an outlet – campsites, tailgating events, or even in your backyard.

With a portable propane refrigerator, you’ll never have to worry about going hungry again. You can store all your favorite foods in this fridge and then cook them up on the go using the included stovetop. Plus, these refrigerators come in various sizes, so you can choose the one that’s best for your needs. Purchase a portable propane refrigerator today on our website!

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Portable Propane Refrigerator Comparison 2023

Portable Propane Refrigerator Reviews 2023

Best For Design – Smeg FAB28 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Top Freezer Refrigerator

For individuals seeking a fashionable and useful refrigerator, the Smeg FAB28 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Top Freezer is a fantastic option. It has a freezer compartment with an ice cube tray, three movable glass shelves, a shelf for bottles, and other amenities. It is 60 x 24 x 30 inches in size (HxWxD) and 156 lbs in weight. It’s not too huge or little, and maintaining it is simple.

The fridge has an A+++ energy ranking, the highest possible, and it’s very quiet. Smeg is known for its high-quality appliances, so you can trust that this fridge will last a long time.


  • Attractive design
  • Freezer with ice cube tray
  • Three movable glass shelves
  • Bottle shelf
  • HxWxD: 60 x 24 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 156 lbs


  • Some reviewers found the freezer compartment too small.

Best For Off-Grid – Superior Propane LP Gas Off-Grid Refrigerator 10 Cu Ft 2-Way

The Superior Propane LP Gas Off-Grid Refrigerator 10 Cu Ft 2-Way is a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for an off-grid refrigerator. Although it is bigger than some competing products, it is still portable. Additionally, it uses LP gas, making it ideal for use off the grid.

If you consider buying this refrigerator, remember that free delivery requires a commercial shipping address. But altogether, for those searching for an off-grid refrigerator, this is an excellent choice.


  • Portable
  • Uses LP gas
  • Free delivery with the commercial shipping address


  • Bigger than some competing products

Best For Reversible – SMETA 110V/Gas Propane Refrigerator

The SMETA 110V/Gas Propane Refrigerator is a fantastic choice for those seeking an off-grid refrigerator. It has several features that make it simple to operate and clean, and has a total capacity of 9.5 cubic feet.

The reversible door makes it simple to reach your things, and the precise temperature control guarantees that your food will be preserved at a constant temperature. The powder-coated shelves are also tough and simple to clean.


  • Reversible door
  • Powder-coated shelves
  • Constant temperature control


  • A bit expensive

Best For Size – Smad Propane Refrigerator

Having a freezer and a fridge, this Smad propane refrigerator is a terrific size. The best feature is that it is extremely adaptable and may be fueled by either 110V or LPG gas. The convertible door is a fantastic feature, and the temperature controls are simple.

The customer service is also top-notch; once we placed our order, they contacted us to discuss the shipping details, and if there were ever an issue with the goods when we received them, they would provide us with a 100% satisfied remedy. Suggestible.


  • It may be fueled by either 110V or LPG gas
  • Convertible door
  • Temperature controls are simple to operate
  • Excellent customer service


  • Some reviewers found that the freezer compartment was too small.

Best For Budget – SMETA Propane Refrigerator

The SMETA Propane Refrigerator is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a high-quality propane refrigerator on a tight budget. This refrigerator includes two compartments—one for a fridge and one for a freezer—and several convenience features. The propane refrigerator has an approximate gas usage of 1.2 lb per day and can be powered by 110V or propane gas, making it perfect for use in off-grid settings.

Additionally, this appliance is highly efficient, so you won’t waste any energy using it. Anyone seeking a cheap and effective solution to keep their food cool will find the SMETA Propane Refrigerator a terrific option.


  • Highly efficient, so you won’t waste any energy using it
  • It can be powered by 110V or propane gas, making it perfect for use in off-grid settings
  • Includes two compartments—one for a fridge and one for a freezer—and several convenience features


  • Some reviewers found the freezer to be too small

SMETA Propane Freezer Gas/Electric 110v

With a temperature range of 10 °F to 32 °F, food may be kept chilled even in frigid climates. Additionally, it is incredibly portable and lightweight, making it ideal for camping trips. The movable shelves are a fantastic addition, and the adjustable feet are really useful. The shelves can be moved around and are removable, which is convenient. No compressors or fans are required for the absorption system to operate quietly.

This propane freezer is one of the best choices for people who want an eco-friendly, portable fridge. It can be a good idea for those who live off the grid or in RVs. The product is easy to use and doesn’t require any installation. It would help if you connected it to the propane tank, and it will start working. The freezer can also be powered with electricity, so you can use it even if no propane is available.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • No compressors or fans required
  • Movable shelves
  • Adjustable feet


  • Limited temperature range

Dometic CFX3 95DZ

A fantastic portable propane refrigerator is the Dometic CFX3 95DZ. It features a sizable storage capacity of 100 Quart (95 Liter or 133 cans), and the CFX3 App offers performance history while allowing temperature management over WiFi or Bluetooth.

Additionally, it has a powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling system that effectively cools and deep-freezes to -7°F, a 3-stage dynamic battery protection system that guards against dead car batteries, and other features. The ideal refrigerator for your upcoming camping trip is the twin storage compartments that provide independent temperature controls for simultaneous cooling and freezing.


  • Sizable storage capacity
  • CFX3 App offers performance history and temperature management
  • Powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling system
  • 3-stage dynamic battery protection system
  • Twin storage compartments with independent temperature controls


  • Some users find the internal light to be too bright

RecPro RV Refrigerator Stainless Steel

If you’re searching for a sizable refrigerator with a top freezer, the RecPro RV refrigerator is a fantastic option. Its stainless steel exterior gives it a sleek, contemporary appearance, and because it is frost free, you won’t need to worry about upkeep. The fridge’s 10 cubic feet interior room is ideal for bigger families or groups. To tailor the area to your needs, movable shelves and door bins are also available.

In addition, the freezer’s translucent lid makes it simple to see what’s inside. Overall, this great refrigerator is ideal for any RV or house.


  • Frost free
  • Sleek, contemporary appearance
  • 10 cubic feet of interior room
  • Movable shelves and door bins
  • The translucent lid on the freezer makes it easy to see what’s inside.


  • None noted.

Smad Refrigerators 30″ Top Mount Freezer

The reversible door on this Smad Refrigerators’ 30″ Top Mount Freezer makes it svelte and fashionable in silver stainless steel. It is enormous and properly sized for our kitchen. The shelves are movable, and the fridge door has a sizable storage rack that fits bottles up to 2 L. An effective temperature sensor in the freezer detects even the slightest variations and immediately modifies the cooling system in the refrigerator.

There is no need to defrost this refrigerator because it is also manually frost-free. The freezer is enormous and exceptionally quiet. And it has an efficient LED light that illuminates every dark corner. The Smad 30″ Top Mount Freezer is a great addition to any kitchen.


  • The freezer is big enough to store a lot of food.
  • The fridge is quiet and efficient.
  • The door is reversible, making it easy to find a place for the fridge in your kitchen.


  • None that we can think of!

ICECO VL90 ProD Portable Refrigerator

The top-of-the-line ICECO VL90 ProD Portable Refrigerator is ideal for anyone who needs a dependable and tough refrigerator while on the go. With a waterproof barrier, LED lighting, and detachable handles, the humanized form makes it simple to use and transport.

Additionally, the fridge may be used in various locations thanks to the 12/24V DC connections, and the included AC transformer enables pre-cooling from a house outlet. Even in severe weather, the SECOP compressor guarantees that your food will always remain cool. The compressor’s five-year warranty is an extra perk. In general, this device is a great option for anyone who requires a portable fridge.


  • Waterproof barrier and LED lighting
  • Detachable handles for easy transport
  • 12/24V DC connections
  • AC transformer included
  • SECOP compressor with a 5-year warranty


  • None!

Smad 3.5 Cu.ft. Propane Refrigerator 3-Way Gas

Although the Smad 3.5 Cu.ft. Propane Refrigerator, 3 Way Gas, is compact; there is plenty of room for food and beverages. The fridge operates quietly, and the thermostat can be adjusted. It is ideal for remote locations. The fridge can be powered with propane or electricity. When using propane, there is no need for a power source.

The Smad 3.5 Cu.ft. Propane Refrigerator, 3 Way Gas, is perfect for camping, road trips, hunting lodges, and more. 


  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • The thermostat can be adjusted


  • None noted

SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer 3-ways Camper Fridge Outdoor

It was simple to assemble and operate this SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer, 3-ways Camper Fridge Outdoor, and it has many wonderful features. Its dual-fuel capability, which makes it ideal for use while camping or in other off-grid settings, truly appeals to us. The freezer and refrigerator portions are also of a good size. Additionally, it runs quite quietly, which is a benefit.

The best thing is that there is no pollution and little energy is used. The shelves are a little too small, but other than that, we have no complaints about our purchase.


  • Dual-fuel capability
  • Quiet
  • No pollution
  • Little energy use


  • Shelves are a little small

Premium Levella PRF90DX Single Door Merchandiser Refrigerator

The reinforced glass door contributes to maintaining the ideal humidity and temperature levels. We appreciate that it includes a lock so we can secure our beverages. We can fit any arrangement of cans and bottles because the shelves are movable. Since the lightboxes may be customized, we can display the name of our bar or our company.


  • It can be used for business or home
  • Includes a lock
  • Shelves are adjustable
  • Lightboxes can be customized
  • Reinforced glass door helps with humidity and temperature control


  • Some customers report that it is difficult to keep the interior clean.

Norcold Nr740Bb Dc Refrigerator 1.7 Cu Ft

This refrigerator keeps things cool and runs quietly. It is incredibly quiet and the ideal size for a tiny kitchen. The best feature is that we know it will endure a long time because it was specifically created for marine and mobile applications. The white shelves with powder coating are also very simple to clean. The only drawback is that there isn’t much interior capacity, but it works fine as a compact refrigerator.


  • Quiet
  • Ideal size
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy-to-clean shelves


  • Low capacity

ICECO VL75 Pro 79.2 Quarts Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator

Because it can be used for both refrigeration and freezing, the dual-zone is particularly nice. The compressor is so quiet that you hardly notice it, and switching between the zones is quite simple. We were shocked by how chilly it can get, especially in ECO mode. With all of the added features like the drain hole, LED lighting, and detachable handles, the humanized design is also really lovely.

The waterproof baffle is a nice feature of the fridge, which is also incredibly well-made. It works even with a 40° tilt because of the superior SECOP compressor, which is fantastic when we’re on the run. One thing to note is that the freezer only goes down to -8°F, so if you’re looking for something to store ice cream in, this might not be the right pick.

That said, we’ve found that it’s still really effective at freezing solid items and keeping them that way for extended periods. Overall, we’re pleased with the purchase and think it’s a great option for anyone in the market for a portable fridge.


  • It can be used for both refrigeration and freezing
  • The compressor is very quiet
  • Switching between zones is simple
  • Waterproof baffle prevents spillage
  • SECOP compressor works well even with a 40° tilt


  • The freezer only goes down to -8°F, so it might not be suitable for storing ice cream 

Portable Propane Refrigerator Benefits

A portable propane refrigerator is a great way to keep your food and drinks cold while on the go. They are easy to set up, use, and run on propane tanks, making them very convenient. Some benefits of using a portable propane refrigerator include:

portable propane refrigerator
  • They are easy to set up and use – plug them in and start cooling down your food or drinks!
  • They run off from propane tanks, so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet or looking for cords.
  • They come in various sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • They are perfect for camping trips, road trips, tailgating parties, or outdoor events.
  • They keep your food and drinks cold for hours so that you can enjoy them throughout the day.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Portable Propane Refrigerator

When it comes to choosing a portable propane refrigerator, there are several factors you need to consider. Here are the most important factors:


Size is one of the most important factors when choosing a portable propane refrigerator. You must ensure that the fridge is not too big or too small for your needs. If you have a large family, you will need a bigger fridge. If you are single or have a small family, you can get away with a smaller fridge.

Energy Efficiency

Another important factor to consider is energy efficiency. The most energy-efficient fridges will have a low power usage. You want to ensure that the fridge uses as little propane as possible. A fridge with low power usage will save you money in the long run. There are a few ways to determine a fridge’s power usage. One way is to look at the Energy Star rating. The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the appliance is.

Another way to tell how much propane your fridge uses is to look at the BTUs (British Thermal Units). The lower the BTUs, the less propane the fridge uses. When choosing a portable fridge, it is important to consider its energy efficiency. A more energy-efficient fridge will save you money in the long run.


portable propane refrigerator

Durability is also an important factor to consider. You want to make sure that the fridge can withstand being moved around. Some fridges are made with durability in mind and are more likely to last longer.


You want to find a fridge that is affordable but also has all the features you need. Of course, the cost is another important factor to consider. There are many affordable options on the market, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs.


Finally, you want to consider the features of the fridge. Some fridges come with more features than others. You may want a fridge that has a built-in freezer or one that comes with a water dispenser. Consider your needs and find a fridge that has the features you want.

With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect portable propane refrigerator for your needs. Be sure to compare different options and find the best one for you. You’ll be glad you took the time to find the perfect fridge for your needs.

The Best Way To Use Portable Propane Refrigerator

Most people think that the only way to use a portable propane refrigerator is by connecting it to a gas line. However, this is not the only way to use this appliance. You can also use them indoors with the help of an adapter. If you use your portable propane refrigerator indoors, you must purchase an adapter. This will allow you to connect the appliance to your indoor gas line.

Once you have done this, you will need to open the valve on the adapter so gas can flow through it. Next, you need to turn on the regulator knob to release the pressure from the tank. After the pressure has been released, you can turn on the portable propane refrigerator. You need to do this by turning the knob to the “on” position. Ensure that you do not forget to open the appliance door so that air can circulate inside.

portable propane refrigerator

It would help if you remembered that you should never use your portable propane refrigerator outdoors. This is because the appliance is not designed to be used in this environment. If you use it outdoors, you might end up damaging the appliance.

So, if you want to use your portable propane refrigerator, make sure that you follow these tips. By doing so, you can be sure that you will be able to use the appliance most safely and efficiently as possible.

The Different Types Of Portable Propane Refrigerator

There are several types of portable propane refrigerators available on the market today. Depending on your needs, there is sure to be a portable propane refrigerator that is perfect for you.

  • The first type of portable propane refrigerator is the small, personal-sized fridge. These are perfect for people who live in small apartments or studios or for those who like camping and need a fridge that is easy to transport.
  • The second type of portable propane refrigerator is the larger, full-sized fridge. These are ideal for families who need a bit more space or for people who entertain often and need a fridge that can accommodate a lot of food.
  • The third type of portable propane refrigerator is the industrial-sized fridge. These are perfect for businesses that need a lot of space to store food or for people who need a fridge that can accommodate many people.

No matter your needs, there is sure to be a portable propane refrigerator that is perfect for you. With so many different types on the market, you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

Troubleshooting Portable Propane Refrigerator Issues

If your portable propane refrigerator is not working properly, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, check the power source. Ensure the unit is plugged into a 120-volt AC outlet and the circuit breaker is not tripped. If the unit runs on battery power, ensure the batteries are fresh and properly connected.

portable propane refrigerator

Next, check the temperature control. If the unit is not cooling properly, it may be due to the thermostat being set too low. Adjust the thermostat to a higher setting and see if that resolves the issue. If the unit still is not cooling properly, there may be an issue with the propane tank. Ensure that the tank is full and that the valve is turned on. If the tank is empty, you will need to replace it.

If you have followed all of these steps and the unit still is not working properly, contact a certified technician for further assistance.

Differences Between Portable Propane Refrigerators And Electric Refrigerators

When choosing a portable refrigerator, you will come across two main types: propane refrigerators and electric refrigerators. Here is a look at the key differences between these portable refrigerators:

Power Source

One of the main differences between propane refrigerators and electric refrigerators is the power source. Propane refrigerators use a small propane tank to power the fridge, while electric portable refrigerators rely on electricity from a generator or a standard outlet.


Another key difference between these two types of portable fridges is efficiency. Electric portable refrigerators are generally more efficient than propane refrigerators. This is because propane refrigerators require more energy to convert propane into usable power.


The cost of electric portable refrigerators and propane refrigerators can vary depending on the size and features of the fridge. However, electric portable refrigerators are generally more expensive than propane refrigerators.

portable propane refrigerator


Regarding portability, propane refrigerators have the edge over electric portable refrigerators. Propane refrigerators are typically smaller and lighter than electric portable refrigerators, making them easier to transport and set up.

FAQs About Portable Propane Refrigerator

How does a portable propane refrigerator work?

A portable propane refrigerator uses a small amount of propane to power a cooling unit. The propane is burned in a small chamber, and the resulting heat is used to cool the air inside the fridge. This type of fridge is often used in RVs and boats, where space is limited, and electric power may not be available.

How long can propane power a refrigerator?

A small, portable propane refrigerator can run on a single tank for about four hours. A larger model can run on a double tank for eight hours or more. Some models also have an AC adapter, which can be plugged into an electrical outlet when necessary.

How much propane does a portable refrigerator use?

A portable propane refrigerator uses very little propane. Most models use less than one pound of propane per day. This is about the same amount that a standard camping stove uses.

Can a propane refrigerator be used when traveling?

Yes, a portable propane refrigerator can be used when traveling. However, it is important to note that the fridge will need to be vented properly to avoid dangerous build-ups of propane gas. Additionally, the fridge should be placed on a level surface to prevent it from tipping. When using a propane refrigerator while traveling, it is important to keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Make sure the fridge is properly ventilated to avoid a propane gas build-up.
  • Place the fridge on a level surface to prevent tipping
  • Do not store flammable materials near the fridge
  • Keep the fridge away from high-traffic areas to avoid damage

Is a propane refrigerator safe?

Yes, a propane refrigerator is safe when used as directed. Propane is a safe fuel, and refrigerators are designed to vent any excess gas out of the unit safely. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a propane refrigerator and to have the unit regularly serviced to ensure that it operates safely.


Smeg FAB28 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Top Freezer Refrigerator is the perfect appliance for those looking to buy a reliable and stylish refrigerator. Not only does this fridge have a retro aesthetic, but it also comes with many features that make it perfect for any home. This fridge is energy efficient, durable, and affordable. It also has many features that make it perfect for any family.

Thanks for reading! We hope this article has helped you narrow your search for the perfect portable propane refrigerator. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you find the perfect fridge for your needs.

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