The Best Potting Bench for Your Garden in 2023

Some gardeners spend a significant amount of time tending the potted plants to make sure they come out perfect – that is where the joy of gardening lies.

However, it can sometimes prove tiring if the flowers and the necessary tools are scattered all over the place. The idea of a potting bench adds an element of convenience when working on the plants– you will definitely enjoy working on this piece of furniture.

If you have finally decided to acquire a potting bench, your next task is now to choose the right one. In this write-up, we review some of your options.

best potting bench

What is a Potting Bench?

A potting bench is a piece of furniture where you can do all your tending of the plants and pots. This is where you perform all your gardening tasks, such as trimming your potted flowers, watering them, and transplanting seedlings.

The advantage of working on a potting bench is that it gives you an appropriate height to work on your seedlings – you never have to stoop when working. A potting bench also acts as the perfect storage area for the pots, soils, and tools, among others.

It is a place that makes it convenient to look after your flowers and vegetables, as everything you need is in one place. For some people, this bench acts as an appropriate display for your flowers and other plants – it is where your visitors can see the beautiful flowers and other potted plants and maybe take a selfie while at it.

best potting bench

This piece of furniture can also serve as a serving bench when you have a family gathering. However, you must make sure that the surface is clean and well-maintained.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Potting Bench

Weather resistance

One thing about a potting bench is that it will be exposed to extremities of weather. It will be rained, experience strong wind, and be battered by hailstones and snow – after all, it is outside. Some of the best wood for a potting bench include cedar, cypress, and teak – they are water-resistant and rugged enough.

The type of wood/ material

The kind of wood used to make a potting bench determines its quality. Hardwoods like cedar and teak are good options as they are rugged and affordable. Cedar is suitable for the outdoors since it is rot-resistant, hardwearing, and can easily withstand the elements. Other good choices include acacia, White Oak, Eucalyptus, and Sal. If the sight of weathered wood is something unappealing for you, then you have the option of choosing galvanized steel or powder-coated metal. However, choosing powder-coated material can mean frequent maintenance to avoid rusting – this can sound like a lot of work for some people.

The designs and features

There are different designs of potting benches, and you should choose the right one depending on your preference and convenience. Typically, you should get something broad and long enough to fit your potting flowers and equipment. Drawers and other shelves under the central working area are functional and make accessing the tools so much easier. There are some benches with wheels so that you can move them around. If you prefer a potting bench with wheels, then pick the one that isn’t too heavy to push around –metal benches are better in such a case.


If it were up to you, you would go for the bench with a large surface. Go for something that will serve your present needs for a working surface and storage area for your gardening tools. Remember that potting benches cannot replace your garden and are there to assist you in your gardening – not act as a garden.


The best bench for you is the one that allows you to work while standing. The best height should not make you strain when working. The main aim of having a potting bench is to make gardening easier for you. You will find most of the potting benches having a similar height as kitchen counters – 36 inches. The right height should make it easy for you to lift and work on heavy pots and other equipment.


Even though you may choose the best quality rugged bench you can find, you must determine first where you are going to place it. The most appropriate location is one away from direct sunlight. You may also consider having it behind your garage, away from sight – of course, it will be messy, and you don’t want your visiting in-laws to have something to talk about.


A decent potting bench has shelves, drawers, and utensil hooks. These storage features hold your small gardening tools for convenience. The hanging hook will allow your appliances to dry following a torrential downpour – you should not leave them in drawers, get dumped, and possibly rot.

best potting bench


Poly-Tex Galvanized Potting Bench

The first thing that you notice at first glance is the nice shiny, and attractive surface. This potting bench is made from galvanized steel, meaning that it is both sturdy and weather-resistant – a good blend for outdoor furniture. This bench is not hard to assemble, and every part fits its place adequately – you will not call the handyman to do it for you. The galvanized smooth surface makes cleaning such an easy task that you will enjoy doing it. It also has an upper bench where you can keep some of your potted plants.


  • Quite appealing – great finish
  • Sturdy construction – galvanized steel finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • An easy-to-clean surface
  • A convenient top shelf
  • Easy to use


  • The feet can be too sharp

Adams Manufacturing 9303-01-3700 36-Inch Deluxe Garden Planter

The thing about plastic equipment is that they are lightweight and weather resistant, which applies to this table. This plastic potting table is strong and sturdy, so it will not bulk under the weight of your potting plants – the rating is 150lbs. This garden planter will not peel, rust or rot and is adequately treated to prevent any fading from sun exposure.

And for easy storage, the legs and shelf are removable – you can easily store them in the garage during winter. Another good thing about this table is its height which is appropriate for work – this is important as it will avert any back pains. The attractive design this product comes in makes it a perfect potting bench for your potted patio plants.


  • Weather resistant
  • A sturdy construction
  • Removable legs and shelf for easy storage
  • A convenient drainage hole
  • Rust-free
  • It is a perfect potting bench for patio plants


  • The shelf may curb and warp over time
  • The plastic is not the best quality and can take in battering

Trademark Innovations Fir Wood Garden Potting Table

This potting table is made from fir wood for durability. Unlike most other products, the bench has a side drawer where you can store your tools and equipment – quite convenient, without a doubt. The natural wood finish is attractive, especially for gardeners. However, you may need to apply some finishing to it.


  • A durable product
  • Has a convenient drawer
  • Instructions and a manual are included in the package
  • An appealing finishing
  • Has a drawer for tools storage


  • The drawer is not covered and can quickly fill with water

Best Choice Products Potting Bench Outdoor Garden

This is definitely one of the best potting benches in the market based on its attractive features. For durability, the bench is made from fir wood and has a beautiful natural wood finish – it is quite appealing to look at. And for your tools, this bench has hooks you can hang them and a side drawer where you can throw some of them.

This potting bench also has one more shelf for more storage space – no more complaining about where to keep your stuff, such as the plastic bins containing soil. And for those worrying about the process of putting this table together, the process is quite easy. If you feel that the bench does not match the décor, then you are free to paint it.


  • Made from the durable fir wood
  • Attractive natural wood finish
  • A side drawer and hooks for your tools
  • It has one shelf below for storage space
  • Easy to put this table together


  • The instructions are in fine print and not easy to read
  • It can become wobbly over time

Jack Post Cypress Wood Lotus Potting Bench with Metal Top

At 38L x 21W inches, this working table has appropriate dimensions for easy potting activities. You will not need to worry about items falling over. The bench is made from cypress wood – durable and weather-resistant. This wood is also rot and insect-resistant. It also resists warping and checking – this may, after all, be the bench you are looking for.

Its work surface is metal topped, shiny, and easy to clean. You will not need to worry about soil spills and water.


  • Durable product – made from cypress wood
  • It may be water resistant
  • Rot and insect-resistant wood
  • A metal top surface for easy cleaning
  • A bottom shelf for more storage space


  • The wood can still break and dent
  • The assembly instructions are not very clear


If you are to choose one potting bench from the above, then Poly-Tex Galvanized Potting Bench is a decent one. It is made from sturdy galvanized steel, which is also easy to maintain – this is important when it comes to outdoor potting benches, as you will always have all kinds of vegetation and soil on top. It also has a convenient top shelf providing additional space for your potted plants.

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