PU-P03 Air Purifier – The Perfect Choice For The Health Of You And Your Family!

The presence of air purifiers when pollution is at an alarming rate is essential. The air purifiers will help you get a fresh, clean space to maximize the health of you and your loved one! But, on the market, there are so many types of air purifiers so you are not sure which one to choose? In this article, we will send you one of our modern air purifiers – the PU-P03 air purifier.

Highlights Of PU-P03 Air Purifier Compared To Other Air Purifiers!

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 PU-P03 air purifier use HEPA air purification technology and activated carbon technology:

  • HEPA air purification technology: it can be said that this is one of the most modern and effective lines of filtration technology. Hepa filter is capable of filtering microparticles with the size of only 0.3 microns. The air purifier is equipped with a Hepa filter that can filter 99.97% of airborne pollutants including PM2.5 dust particles, ultrafine dust, allergens, pet hair. , … helps bring clean air to your space.
  • Activated carbon filter technology: Activated carbon is widely used in air filtration technology to deodorize. The air purifier is equipped with activated carbon film to remove odors, musty odors, cigarette smoke odors, and harmful odors to help bring the air fresh.

With the combination of all 3 modern air purifier technologies in one product, a PU-P03 air purifier can achieve the best efficiency and outstanding air purification efficiency, safe for health. Besides, the fast filtration effect saves a lot of energy and time when using the PU-P03 air purifier!

The air is increasingly polluted, especially in densely populated times such as big cities due to car smoke, smoke from industrial zones, construction works, and garbage. These sources of smoke and dust are a condition for harmful gases to be strongly dispersed in the air, affecting the health of pedestrians as well as neighboring households. 

Air purifiers are the means of salvation for the pollution problem in the present time. Air purifiers are capable of limiting smog, odors in urban areas, densely populated … filter odors to help keep the air around you fresh and fresh.

Major cities in our country are areas that need to use indoor air purifiers for the following reasons:

This is a densely populated area with a narrow land fund, most families in the city choose to live in small houses, boarding rooms, or apartments … places that lack ventilation and few trees.

The amount of traffic is very crowded, creating toxic smoke and dust that is strongly dispersed in the air, affecting the health of pedestrians as well as neighboring households.

The smell of daily household waste.

Newly built houses and streets are also a strong source of dust and bacteria. Emissions from factories and industrial zones are also extremely toxic to the health of people.

The air purifier has many functions, helping to filter dirt, clean the air, especially in polluted places. Besides, the product also can remove allergens such as pollen, animal hair, insects … In particular, some high-end air purifiers also have integrated advantages to help remove mold. , bacteria, viruses … Not only that, the air purifier sometimes replaces a deodorizer to help remove stubborn odors: the smell of sweat, food, cigarettes, dust. ..

What Are The Benefits Of The Pu-P03 Air Purifier?

The PU-P03 air purifier is capable of effectively filtering dust and dirt. Through the combination of 3 filters: Pre-Filter, H13 True HEPA Filter, and Active Carbon Filter, the machine can help you filter out allergens such as pollen, animal hair. Besides, the PU-P03 air purifier also can absorb odors and smoke to bring you cleaner air, no unpleasant odors. With a filter area of up to 219 ft² / 20m², you can rest assured that it can cover your entire home. Join us to learn in detail about the functions and benefits that this product brings!

There is a child safety lock and a convenient timer

PU-P03 integrates child lock so you can be assured and save time because you do not worry about your baby. To start this function, you just hold down the button for 30 seconds and all will be activated. Besides, you can set 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours timer depending on your needs.

Killing 99.97% of dust harmful to human health

PU-P03 air purifier

Although all air purifiers are equipped with different dust filters today, the most modern one is the HEPA filter – and the PU-P03 air purifier uses this filter. Because this filter has an optimal feature with the ability to hold small dust, sand, including the type of dust that is dangerous to the heart and brain is PM 2.5 – the type of dust often occurs in industrial or magnetic exhaust gases, the smog of the traffic vehicle. The PU-P03 air purifier uses HEPA technology capable of helping to remove fine dust, even pollen, to bring fresh air to your family. You can rest assured that your family will have access to the freshest air possible with the PU-P03 air purifier!

Clean asbestos

Asbestos particles in the air can be very harmful to your health. Breathing asbestos particles can often cause mesothelioma. Although it is much less common to find asbestos in modern products (construction materials, pipe insulation, insulation, drywall, etc.), it is not expected that asbestos particles appear in your home space. Your home’s age can often play a role in determining whether asbestos particles are present in your air. The effect in this case can be exerted when used in areas where asbestos dust may be (or known to be present).

Reduce unpleasant odors

Air quality may be affected especially if you live in urban areas due to common pollutants in the city such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, diesel particulates, etc. Proper ventilation is important in these areas. The effect of the air purifier can help remove pollutants in your home. Also, if there is too much carbon dioxide in your living space (purifier indoor plants, open windows, etc.) then this can be harmful to our bodies.

With the ability to absorb odors from the air, the PU-P03 air purifier is the perfect choice for those who are worried about bad odors that usually persist in their home space. Thanks to activated carbon deodorizing technology, any odors in the air will be significantly reduced when using the air purifier.

PU-P03 air purifier

Eliminate mold, allergens

The HEPA filter in the PU-P03 air purifier in addition to the ability to remove dirt can also remove up to 99.97% ofpedestrians’ health and pollen particles in the air, with a very small size that the naked eye cannot see. can see. As a result, the air in your home will become cleaner and cooler.

Filter airborne allergens from pets

If you have a pet with fur and other airborne allergens can get into the air in your home – not to mention their odors! A PU-P03 air purifier is an effective solution to remove dirt from domestic pets, especially good for families with children.

There are pregnant people in your home

Many families worry about the effects of PU-P03 air purifier on the health of pregnant women. However, did you know that a pregnant woman has a weaker immune system than usual? According to many studies that a pregnant woman is susceptible to respiratory diseases. Therefore, the things that may harm the mother can equally harm the unborn baby. Inhalation of dirt can interfere with fetal cell growth. Using an air purifier can remove these bacteria in your home space.

Energy saving

It was thought that the PU-P03 air purifier would be energy-expensive, but in fact, it was very energy-efficient. The machine is only close to an incandescent bulb ie. So if you choose a product of moderate capacity, it will save electricity, for a machine with a capacity of 50W, using it for 24 hours only consumes 1KW of electricity.

Modern, luxurious design helps beautify the room

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Not only does the air purifier bring many practical benefits to consumers’ health, but also possesses a very luxurious and modern appearance. The presence of the hood not only makes your life more fresh, airy, and safe, but it also contributes to the fresh and beautiful living space. 

On the other hand, air pollution is getting more and more serious, so the presence of air purifiers is the savior that every family should choose to protect the health of each family member. With the above sharing, those who have long wondered what an air purifier is, what it does, should buy an air purifier … must have found the answer to the question for a long time.

Help save cleaning time – Slow down dust accumulation

Dirt on shelves, TVs, and many other surfaces on objects in your home. No matter how often you clean, you will always have dust in your home. Most of the dust you see is actually from human skin scales. The air purifier effect can slow down the rate of dust accumulation to keep your home cleaner longer, saving you time and effort by cleaning your home space less often.

Where Is The Pu-P03 Air Purifier Suitable For?

Here are when you should use the PU-P03 air purifier:

Crowded place, lots of smoke and dust

Major cities in our country are areas that need to use indoor air purifiers for the following reasons:

This is a densely populated area with a narrow land fund, most families in the city choose to live in small houses, boarding rooms, or apartments … places that lack ventilation and few trees.

The amount of traffic is very crowded, creating toxic smoke and dust that is strongly dispersed in the air, affecting pedestrians’ health and neighboring households.

The smell of daily household waste.

Newly built houses and streets are also a strong source of dust and bacteria. Emissions from factories and industrial zones are also extremely toxic to the health of people.

To limit smog, odors in urban areas, densely populated areas … the air purifier with three filters, activated carbon layer to filter odors is the right choice for your family.

Used for cars

Every day, we join the traffic with a dense amount of dust. Ultrafine dust particles that the naked eye cannot see are capable of entering the alveoli and causing many respiratory diseases. In particular, the space in a car is tight but still polluted by unpleasant odors due to a narrow area and inability to circulate air.

The Way To Clean The Pu-P03 Air Purifier Is Simple And Quick

It can be said that cleaning the machine is a very important job because the nature of the air purifier is to suck dust into the machine and filter, keep the filter inside the machine always sticking a lot of dirt and need to be cleaned regularly. to ensure that the machine is fully utilized and has a long service life.

However, cleaning the filter should be very careful, if you do it wrong, it will significantly affect the life of the machine, so you should pay special attention to this issue and ask the sales staff, technical staff of the company. Be careful about hygiene.

You can follow the instructions below:

  • Clean the case by wiping the outside with a soft cloth, thoroughly wiping the 2 air inlet and outlet ports.
  • Cleaning the filter part: First, you need to gently remove the machine’s front panel, then slowly and carefully remove the air filters and clean. The pre-filter is washable with water. The main membrane system including HEPA and activated carbon requires dry cleaning, not rinsing with water. You can dry clean with a vacuum cleaner, hood, .. to clean the main filter system.

Some Note When Using A Pu-P03 Air Purifier

Select a filter capacity to suit the room space

The first and most important thing that directly affects the air purifier’s effectiveness gives you the choice of an air purifier that is suitable for the room size and should not use a filter area. smaller because it will not be as effective as eradicating the virus bacteria.

If you run the machine in low mode, the air purifier will take more time, and if you leave the filter on the highest mode to filter quickly, it will be a lot more power consuming when choosing the right filter for the right area to use. Because the fan parts of these machines are larger so just running 7W-10W can also effectively filter the air.

Note the placement of the machine must be correct

Improper placement of the air purifier will result in lower performance than normal.

Normally, the air purifier will have 3 air inlets to the machine, 2 doors on both sides, and 1 door below, so you should place the machine about 30 cm away from objects such as closets, tables, and chairs. upward so as not to obstruct air convection.

If your family uses the air conditioner, it should be right under the cold side of the air conditioner, which will help the airflow to be operated in a better way, making the filter cleaner faster. When the machine works, the door should be closed will help not to lose, releasing this energy to the outside.

Besides, you should note the following issues:

  • The function of a fan running at low, medium airflow is used in case the air in the room is not too dirty, suitable for daily air purification.
  • The function of running the fan at the highest air flow rate is used for air pollution due to the long period of inactivity, the room often contains many fungi …
  • Intelligent modes notify the air has been purified and automatically pause to save energy effectively and with high convenience.

Air filters and filters should be cleaned regularly

You should clean the air filters and filters regularly to make them operate more efficiently. The air filter is installed on the back of the machine, you can remove it by hand and then use a vacuum cleaner or a small brush to clean the filter to make the filter clean and work better. Should be cleaned once every 1-2 months and once every 2 years, the filter should be replaced for good performance.


Should I turn on the PU-P03 air purifier all day?

Although today’s electronic technology equipment is applied with energy-saving technology with longevity and stable operation, should the air purifier be turned on all day, and is this good?

The answer is no. You should not turn on the air purifier all day because of the following:

First of all, the air filter always has a fixed number of hours, has been tested, tested, and proven to work effectively. When the optimum operating time is exceeded, the air filter accumulates a lot of dirt inside, which interferes with the intake air of the air purifier fan.

Now that the air purifier remains at its original efficiency level, the fan must increase capacity to prevent dust clogging in the filter. Since then, the fan is louder, consumes more power, gets damaged more quickly, along with that the filter quickly runs out of design time and must be replaced.

Is using a PU-P03 air purifier in the bedroom good?

Should we use an air purifier in the bedroom? Is it really necessary? The answer is yes because when you sleep, breathe deeply, evenly, the more air you inhale, a polluted space will decrease your health. Do not think that only on the street is a lot of dirt, in your bedroom, there are microbes, micro dust particles, on the other hand, in the small bedroom area, the air escaping is difficult to be polluted. Therefore, placing the air purifier in the bedroom is a must.

We sleep best in a cool and comfortable environment, so fresh air plays a big role. Fresh air helps the body cool down, burn calories and rest more easily.

What’s more, an air purifier can release white noise, which is a term for the static frequencies that are blended to produce a calming sound. White noise is generated from the fan of some air purifiers, which can effectively block outside noise. Thanks to that, it will help the quality of your sleep better.

A healthy this energy living space is a solid foundation for a supple body and maintains a spirit of refreshment. Air purifiers remove dangerous agents, maintain clean air 24/24, bring many health benefits in the long run, and reduce disease recurrence.

How to use the PU-P03 air purifier in the bedroom?

The air purifier in the bedroom has a power-saving function, so when you are away or going to sleep, leave it to night mode to limit the noise of the machine. Only use the max function when the ambient air is seriously polluted and should not be used continuously to increase the machine’s life and save energy. Normally you leave Auto mode is fine. Pay attention to regularly clean the filter to help the cleaner machine operate more smoothly.


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Air purifiers bring a lot of health benefits to modern, increasingly polluted air. And with a PU-P03 air purifier, combining HEPA & Activated Carbon Filters with 3 filters: pre-filter, H13 true HEPA filter, and active carbon filter in one product to bring outstanding working efficiency, optimal air purification ability! Hopefully, with this article, you can get detailed information about the PU-P03 air purifier. If you have any questions or want to be consulted more carefully, do not hesitate to contact us to get the most detailed information! Thank you for reading our article!

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