Top 17 Quietest Box Spring For Your Unforgettable Experience [Updated 2021]

After a long, tiring day at school or at work, you come back home and all you wanna do is to fling yourself onto the bed. That’s when the idea of the quietest box spring pops into your head. There’s nothing more comfortable and relaxing than having a sound night’s sleep on your bed with the quietest box spring.

The problem is that there are hundreds of types in the market to choose from and each has its own pros and cons. You may find it quite a big deal to decide which box spring will be the best one for your sleep.

Here is a detailed guide with thorough reviews of 17 quietest box spring for your optimal choice. Whether it’s your first time buying a box spring or you want to replace your old one, our selection will not let you down. So let’s get started!

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Top 17 Quietest Box Spring: Reviews 2021

This Tuft And Needle Mattress Box Spring is everything you are looking for if you wish to own a box spring with a little added height since this foundation adds the perfect lift as you want. You do not need to worry whether this box spring can fit your bed because it has many different sizes for you to consider.

You can put this foundation on your metal frame or also you can decide to put it directly on the floor. The product is easy to assemble without the requirement of any tools.

A significant feature of the box spring that you do not want to miss is the durable and soft cover. It will help you have a great sleep because it is soundproof and you will feel like lying on a flower bed. It is also very easy to set up so you can save your time considerably and enjoy a great experience.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfort and soft
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Sturdiness


  • Some complain about the purchase policy

This Zinus Jayanna 7.5 Inch BiFold Box Spring can be considered as an attractive deal to make when it comes to your need for an easy-to-assemble quietest box spring. The folding design makes it much easier for you when you are on your moving day or carrying it through the corner of the stairs. 

Furthermore, you will no longer have to worry about your habit of tossing and turning freely at night because this box spring has many large sizes for you to pick up as your own choice.

The durable steel is also an excellent feature of this box spring that you should bear in mind. The foundation of this box spring is really reliable so there is no need to doubt the longlasting of your box spring.


  • Easy to set up
  • Maneuverability
  • Sturdiness


  • A bit bulky
  • Not thick enough

If you are looking for the quietest box spring that may help to relieve your back pain, this Casper Sleep Box Spring is suitable for your taste because it includes a strong and level foundation which is very soft and comfortable. Your problem now can be solved completely.

In addition, the soft and quiet material to make this box spring may ensure the fact that you will have the best quality of your sleep and you are no longer kept awake in the middle of the night by the noise of the product.

When it comes to durability, this box spring will not fail to meet your expectations. Engineered with solid wood, this product has been tested carefully and proven to stand up to years of sleep. 


  • Pain relief
  • Well-made product
  • Easy to assemble


  • Might be dangerous for kids because of adjustable frame

An incredible cutting edge box spring like ZINUS Upholstered Metal Box Spring will give you a mind-blowing experience when using it. Designed to keep up with appearances, this product has thick wooden slats, a strong structure made of steel and fabric panels. Those features are quite useful yet fashionable which can satisfy all your needs.

This quietest box spring has 3 different profiles available, giving you many choices of the perfect height as you want. There are a wide range of sizes for you to make up your mind according to your preference. This box spring also creates no sound, which may help you have a better sleep at night.


  • Lightweight
  • Bring good sleep quality
  • Easy to work with


  • Some say the product is not strong enough
  • Need more support beams

Another noteworthy product coming from the same ZINUS’s line is the ZINUS Quick Lock Metal Box Spring. You will have an eye-opening experience because of its super easy setup stage when you first started assembling it. Take a closer look at it and you will find some fantastic features to explore.

If you enjoy your bed higher off the floor with a durable steel frame supporting large weight capacity, you would love this product since it has all those amazing features. In addition, your sleep quality might be improved greatly thanks to the quietest box spring. 

The product also can be moved easily into or out of different positions in your house so you do not need to worry about that point when considering buying it.


  • Sturdiness
  • Solid platform
  • Thoughtful design


  • Some complain non-standard size
  • Not supportive

There are some people who love their bed higher off the floor, while some people want their box spring lower to the ground. If you belong to the latter type, you may consider the ZINUS Edgar 4 Inch Wood Box Spring as an ideal choice. The low profile design offers understated support so you will find it really comfortable.

This product also comes with solid wood interior structure and easy zip-on cover for ultimate ease and durability, which can help you climb on your bed with confidence since it makes no sound and is soft enough for your needs.

The quietest box spring also features the excellent slat support, giving you a great experience and a peaceful night’s sleep.


  • User friendly
  • Affordable option
  • Perfect height


  • Not strong enough
  • Some complain about the back pain

Ready for your jaw-dropping experience with this ZINUS Jayanna 9 Inch BiFold Box Spring right at the moment you unbox it! Once unboxed, this brilliant box spring seems to assemble itself by taking shape when it is unfolded so you do not have to spend too much time on putting it together. 

The softness of the product will give you quality time to rest and relax, helping you to have a proper sleep without waking up at midnight by the annoying noise of box spring’s crack. 

This product also has durable steel used as the main material to construct the framework so it is really reliable and safe for your use no matter how long it is.


  • High profile design
  • Quite convenient
  • Solid frame


  • Not sturdy enough
  • Need more instructions

Do not miss the chance to buy the quietest box spring with some interestingly new features like this ZINUS Metal Box Spring With Wood Slats! You will like this product once you have carefully considered our choice.

This box spring is built with all of the trusted support and it has the total package - an unwavering steel structure and closely spaced wood slats, which is very reliable and gives you the most convenient time to relax.

This box spring comes with a low profile design with a perfect 4-inch height for you if you prefer your bed closer to the floor. The steel is also durable and safe so it can ensure the quality of this product.


  • Value for money
  • Great design
  • Easy to put together


  • The wood slats are quite weak
  • Not wide enough

This ZINUS Keenan 14 Inch Smart Box Spring with clever foundation will meet every expectation you might have for the quietest box spring! It has an easy-to-assemble steel framework, which provides strength and longevity for your excellent sleep quality.

In addition, a secure steel frame is supported by durable legs in all corners and sides of the foundation, making your box spring the most comfortable and flexible for your needs. You can also personalize the box spring to suit your taste thanks to the brackets for attaching your own headboard. 

The assembly step will be much easier because the box spring includes all the tools that are needed so you do not have to worry about that anymore.


  • Convenient and compact packaging
  • Strong and supportive structure
  • Clear instructions


  • Easy to be scratched
  • Quite low

If you are keen on having a box spring which comes with marvelous design and material, awesome comfort and size, this NOAH Megatron 7 Inch Box Spring will not let you down. The structure is made of steel which makes it highly durable and sturdy.

All of the materials of this product are eco-friendly so you do not need to worry about the environmental issues. The mattress will stay the same, not slide an inch during your sleep at night, giving you the best experience.

There is another additional feature which may surprise you of this quietest box spring is that the whole structure once assembled properly does not make any sound no matter how many twists and turns you make at night. It also supports you best by smooth and high-quality fiber to suit your taste.


  • High weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Thickness and softness
  • Really quiet when using


  • Mattress needs more center support
  • No tools or screws included

This ZINUS Edgar 8 Inch Box Spring is a smart choice for those who prefer their bed higher off the floor thanks to the high profile design with a perfect 8 inch height. Durable wood is used to construct this product so you can rely on its interior framework with safety foundation.

Engineered with thicker wood slats than most traditional box springs, this steady wood frame is ideally suited to support memory foam or latex mattresses, helping you to have a quality sleep at night.

This product is also designed for optimal mattress support and ease of use so you can stress less and sleep better. With a solid wood structure at its core and a durable zip-on cover, this quietest box spring includes manageable pieces with all needed tools for assembly that’s no sweat for you at all.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money


  • Quite few slats
  • Some say the wood is not strong enough
  • Not sturdy enough

When a normal foundation does not work for your bed, take a look at this ultimate foundation because it may be the right one you need in your bedroom. It is a high profile box spring with 9 inch platform which can raise your low platform bed to optimal height. 

The material is also rust-resistant, making it safe from moisture so you do not have to worry about some problems related to oxidation. The mattress is perfect because it creates no sound at all and it is very simple to assemble.

Another amazing feature is that the center support is solid and prevents bending from the middle. It may keep the mattress in its original form so you can use it for a long time. The sturdy steel slats support heavy mattresses and can support the weight of 4 to 6 people at a time.


  • Maneuverability
  • Sturdiness and comfortability
  • Noise-free


  • Some complain some missing parts
  • Not so easy to put together

Unlike a traditional box spring, this quietest box spring is made of solid steel and soft mattress which can support you to spend a great time relaxing on your bed. Durable steel is used to construct the inside framework of this foundation, making it stronger and sturdier.

The design of the product is also practical and suitable for anyone. Its non-slip fabric holds your mattress in place while preserving the aesthetic of your space, giving you the most wonderful living space in the house.

The steel structure is very sturdy and reliable, making it easier for you to assemble it in the blink of an eye. You can rest and relax comfortably since this box spring creates no sound at all. Furthermore, you can also determine the height of this product to which suits you most.


  • Great quality
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • The slats are not good enough

This Mainstay Half-fold Metal Box Spring deserves more recognition for its awesome design and features. This box spring is made of durable, heavy-gauge steel and it is even naturally resistant to bed bugs, helping you to get rid of many problems. 

It also comes with a cover which provides support to the mattress and the grey color can prevent any kind of dirty spots you may have on your box spring. In addition, it is comfortable and does not let your mattress slide anywhere even if you jump on it.

Another interesting feature of this box spring which can make you want to own it more is that it can be easily folded in half for convenient transport and storage. It is also very quiet and produces no sound at all so you can enjoy your experience with this product.


  • Does not squeak
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Affordable choice


  • Not enough bars for extra support
  • Some say the dimensions are not large enough

From the first look, you may think this box spring only offers the look and functionality of a traditional box spring. It does true, but you will find it surprising to learn that this product is made of steel which is sturdy enough for your long-lasting usage.

The product comes with 2-piece fabric top and bottom covers zip securely together for full coverage and the cover is also removable for spot cleaning. You can enjoy comfortable, reliable support for any same-size mattress with this box spring mattress foundation.

The box spring can be used with a traditional bed frame for added, elevated support. It even includes all components for easy assembly, saving your time from struggling with this step.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Excellent packaging
  • Great value


  • Some complain their back pain

When it comes to brand name ZINUS, the quality of the material is the least you will worry about when considering buying the quietest box spring. The frame is made of steel and the edges of the frame are curved so you will not get hurt while getting on your bed.

Your mattress will feel more comfortable due to the right support this box spring offers. The flat exterior and the additional support also make you feel more comfortable than ever, giving you the most satisfying experience. 

This product is also 9 inch in height which will raise your bed to the optimal height. A tall bed will look great in your bedroom and add a luxury look for your living space. Furthermore, it supports heavy mattresses well so you can have a perfect box spring of your own.


  • Highly durable
  • A wide range of sizes to choose
  • Strong structure


  • Too wide slats
  • Pretty difficult to build up

Anyone who loves having a fabulous and durable box spring should check this Classic Brands Instant Foundation Box Spring right now! The design and material of this quietest box spring will not make you disappoint with your decision. 

Not only does it offer a wooden frame for you to choose from but it also has different frames according to the height and size you want for your box spring. Thanks to this flexibility, you can consider and freely buy the best one which is suitable for you.

The material itself is good enough for its durability. The frame is also made of pine and has a well-built structure to keep it firm for your usage. 


  • Goes well with all kind of mattresses
  • Easy to set up
  • Solid foundation


  • Quite heavy
  • Not wide enough

Things To Consider When You Want To Choose The Quietest Box Spring

When the market is full of tempting offers, you may find it difficult to make up your mind which box spring will be the best one for you. But do not worry too much! The guidelines below will list some significant features you should bear in mind when it comes to choosing the quietest box spring. Hopefully, you can find your own box spring after taking a close look at the options.

Here are some factors to consider before getting the quietest box spring for your needs and preferences:


Quietest Box Spring

The first and foremost thing you should decide is the size of your mattress. A box spring is basically the same size as regular mattresses, ranging from small to large size for you to choose. It is of great importance that you measure the right dimensions for your box spring because you may not want your box spring to be too wide or too narrow compared to your mattress. Based on your specific needs, you will find out the most suitable box spring for your bed.

Bed height

This one sounds like a question for yourself. You need to know that having a box spring means you add height to your bed. You have to take into account the total height of both your box spring and the mattress to make sure the outcome is perfect for your sleep. Do you prefer your mattress to be higher or a low profile box spring would serve you best? No matter what kind of box spring’s height you choose, the height will not affect the performance of your mattress and box spring.

Type of box spring

Quietest Box Spring

Another thing you should remember when you want to buy a box spring is the type of box spring. Nowadays, there are two different kinds of box spring for you to decide. While a standard box spring comes as one whole piece, a split box spring comes in two sections to make up the size of your mattress. It depends greatly on your space, your style, your preference. Whatever it is, you should think carefully before jumping to conclusions.

Bed frame

Considering a box spring that fits your bed frame is also a significant step. Like the mattress, the bed frame has to be measured accurately because it will decide whether your box spring can slide in or rest on top of it. Check the sturdiness of your bed frame since it will provide a tight fit with the box spring, giving you the most comfortable experience. 


In addition to above features, you should select the material of the box spring which suits your lifestyle. Box spring is generally made from wood and contains a steel reinforcement to provide strength. Box spring can also come with many options, including ones with densely packed coils as well as boxes with hypoallergenic fabrics, organic fabrics, and natural fillers. You can freely choose a box spring of your own considering the needed material.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a box spring?

Quietest Box Spring

A box spring will provide both height and rigidity to your mattress, giving it support and stability. If you want to create a firm, flat surface on which the mattress can rest, a box spring will do you good. With the quietest box spring, you can have the perfect height for your bed and you can relax better at night.

How big should a box spring be?

While a box spring should be the same length and width of your mattress, the actual height of the box spring matters very little. The height of a box spring can be determined by your preference. The amount of support provided is the same, regardless of the height of the box spring.

Does a box spring make any difference?

Quietest Box Spring

When you compare a box spring with other products that have the same function, you still find a box spring with some interesting features which makes a difference. Box springs are a popular choice complementing mattresses because it has some strong inner factors that can help you to have the most comfortable sleep at night without worrying about the quality of the product. Some box springs also have cool designs, which can help to modernize your living space and your sleep’s quality at the same time.

Can I put a new mattress on an old box spring?

It is quite a matter of personal preference. It depends on how old your box spring is and how would you like to arrange your box spring. Of course, you can put a new mattress on your old box spring to make it softer and more comfortable for your sleep. But you have to consider the condition of your box spring. If it is somewhat damaged and has scratches, you should buy a new box spring before putting a new mattress on to ensure the quality of your sleep. 

How often should a box spring be replaced?

Quietest Box Spring

Normally, the lifespan of a traditional box spring is every eight to ten years. A box spring acts as a support system to your bed so it will work at its best around no more than ten years. However, major defects like sagging or broken slats mean it's time to buy a new box spring. So you should bear in mind all those strange features may happen to your box spring and rebuy it if necessary.

How should I clean a box spring after storage?

This is an essential step requiring your meticulousness. Firstly, spray sanitizing disinfectant over the box spring to get rid of dirt and dust. Then, dry the pieces thoroughly with water. You can stand the box spring on end or use a fan to help it dry quicker. 

The next step is to spray the commercial chemical on the box spring and allow it to dry before removing it with hot water. The next step is to use a powerful vacuum and thoroughly dry on each side of the box spring or leave it in a dry place.

How do I set up a box spring?

Quietest Box Spring

This seems to be an easy task but actually it requires your enormous effort to deal with this step quickly. The first thing you should do is to read the included instruction carefully to understand the way to set it up. If you are sure about how it will work, let’s get to work.

Firstly, ensure that the bed frame support slats are in place and spaced equally apart  inside the frame before proceeding. Secondly, carefully place the box spring inside the bed frame. The box spring should sit on top of the slats and the inner edges of the frame. 

The next thing you have to do is to lift up the mattress and lay it face up on top of the box spring. The edges of the mattress should be mostly flush with the top edges of the box spring. Finally, place the sheets on the mattress, tucking the corners and edges under the mattress in the space between the mattress and box spring to complete the installation.

Does the type of box spring matter?

There are different kinds of box spring according to your preference and needs. If your mattress is an old two-sided design or your bed frame is the collapsible metal frame, you definitely need to have a box spring to guarantee the quality of your sleep at night. This is also true of any mattress whose warranty requires specifically that a box spring should be used.

Quietest Box Spring

Should I choose to buy a wooden box spring or a steel box spring?

A box spring made of wood is not as popular as ones made of steel. However, there are still some kinds of box spring that use wood as the main material. Based on your need, your preference and also your budget, you can find out the most suitable one for your own. Whether it is wooden or steel, each one has its own great features and it is quite hard to compare which one is better than another.

Does box spring affect the quality of your mattress?

Your sleep can be affected greatly by the box spring and the mattress you use. If you place your new innerspring mattress on an old box spring, it may not provide adequate support. You should know that lack of proper support makes your bed feel softer, causing early sagging. This is an important step when you choose to buy a box spring so be careful and make up your mind thoroughly.

The reason why the Tuft And Needle Mattress Box Spring ranks the highest position is that it is suitable for everyone since it includes all the great qualities of your dream box spring. Not only does it set up easily but it is also very soft and soundproof, giving you quality time to relax and sleep better.

With the features of maneuverability and sturdiness, the Zinus Jayanna 7.5 Inch BiFold Box Spring deserves the second rank when it comes to choosing the quietest box spring. In addition, it is easy to assemble and made of durable steel, giving you the best experience.

The main point that makes the Casper Sleep Box Spring to be a worthy choice for you is the brilliant design helping you to get away from your back pain. Besides, the soft and quiet material of this box spring will make your sleep to be a heaven on earth.

Bear in mind the option of the ZINUS Upholstered Metal Box Spring because of its awesome design and good quality. This is a great choice for you to consider before making up your mind to buy any box spring.

Last but not least, the ZINUS Quick Lock Metal Box Spring with solid platform and durable steel frame will not put you off when you want to choose the quietest box spring. Your sleep quality will be improved greatly thanks to this great box spring.

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