Top 13 Quietest Dust Collector Make Your Space Bright: Reviews & Comparison 2021

Cleaning the house or the factory is not easy, especially vacuuming, it always makes you tired and headache because the dust collector is very noisy. However, don’t worry about that; let’s follow and read this article right now to find out the quietest dust collector and enjoy a fabulous time after you work hard all day.

quietest dust collector
quietest dust collector
quietest dust collector
quietest dust collector
quietest dust collector

Best quietest dust collector for industrial

Best quietest dust collector for medium production scale

Best quietest dust collector for small manufactory

Best quietest dust collector for home

Best quietest dust collector for health protection

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Top Quietest Dust Collector Reviews 2021

The Mini-Gorilla dust collector by the Oneida brand is a dual-stage cyclone dust collector. It produces 80.5 decibels of noise at 10 feet, and you can clean up your home or work area quietly. 

Its sound rating is higher than other quietest machines a little, but the 12-inch diameter composite impeller creates a 583 - 600 CFM velocity to decrease the noise level.


  • Handling 99.97 percentages of tiny dust (0.3 microns) with the HEPA filter.
  • Light-weight, mobile.
  • Able to assess when to empty the plastic collector drum because of having a transparent viewing port in the lid.
  • The drum has quick-release clips to clean out easily.
  • Easier control with remote control.


  • Not suitable for a large area (including shop, house, factory).

This product is relatively quiet with sound ratings between 70 and 80 decibels. It has an interior vortex drop more decadent chips and particles out of the airflow, so the filter clear does not clog. And you can handle and drop dust as small as 1 - 2 microns into 5.3 feet cubic plastic bags.

As you can see, Jet DC-1100VX-CK is a single-stage canister dust collector with a twist, so it is economical and quiet operation and is the perfect unit for your workspace to protect you against air pollution.

Besides, the DC-1100VX-CK can work at 230 volts and 115 volts due to the replacement wire. This feature helps you use the DC-1100VX-CK dust collector flexibly even if the electric condition is not stable. 

You can connect 2 machines simultaneously with a dual 4-inch dust port, install and remove with quick-connect collection bags with an elastic band fast and easily.


  • The filter can clean itself periodically to minimize dust accumulation and reduce health hazards.
  • Captures 98 percentages of 2-micron particles and 86 shares of 1-micron particles.
  • Industrial controls are highly durable.
  • The strong motor has a wattage of 1.5 horsepower, is eternally lubricated, totally enclosed, and fan-cooled to work continuously.
  • This product is maneuverable and totally portable with four casters.
  • The excellent warranty: 5 years for residential, and 2 years for industrial-commercial users.


  • Quite heavy.
  • Three racks are rather flimsy.

JET DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector 708658K has the same parameters and features to model DC-1100VX-CK of the JET brand; however, this machine is lighter than JET DC-1100VX-CK. So, you can pull it around your workshop to clean up easier and faster.

It can solve 98 percentages of 5-micron particles and 74 percentages of 1-micron particles. It does not get more microscopic dust particles, such as DC-1100VX form-CK but is still the quietest vacuum cleaner that you should own with a sound rating of 70 - 80 decibels.


  • It is a multi-purpose dust collector that you can use for home purposes as well as industrial ones.
  • The good warranty: 5 years for residential use.
  • Operate correctly with a hand (manual start due to a stop-start switch with a locking pin option) or a remote.
  • Able to connect 2 machines to operate.


  • Not recommend for a small area such as a house, flat.

This is an ultra-quiet dust collector with a noise of between 65 and 70 decibels. The Jet DC-1200VX-BK1 Dust Collector 710701K has a single-stage canister; its diameter is 14 inches, and its length is 25 inches. Hence, it can easily filter out particles 2-microns and larger and improve your work area’s air quality. 

You can use the mounted crank from above to clean the canister. Additionally, it has a self-cleaning filter to reduce the mess.

If you use this product, you can make clean-up faster due to a transparent collector bag. It's below the canister and can hold slightly more than 2 cubic feet of debris.

The JET DC-650CK has a fully enclosed motor (wattage: 1-horsepower). This motor is perpetually lubricated and fan-cooled for hours of working. The shaft-actuator steel impeller makes 650 CFM and a velocity of 7445 FPM at 4 inches. Those would have been really useful when you want to operate a dust collector smoothly.


  • You can connect from 1 to 3 machines due to the tube connection (diameter: 4 inches), increase efficiency, and decrease cleaning time.
  • A steel base with four swivel casters makes this machine more maneuverable and easy to clean.
  • Voltage can be changed easily from 115 volts to 230 volts according to real conditions.
  • Available for out-of-sight operating ease with a radio frequency remote control with a fob.
  • The excellent warranty: 5-year home or 2-year commercial-industrial guarantee to the original owner for artistry and material blemishes.


  • Unavailable for use at home.

Jet DC-1200VX-BK1 Dust Collector uses the Vortex Cone technology to separate chips and particles very well. As a result, the dust collector virtually eliminates the risk of clogging and can improve dust compression. The Vortex Cone technology will increase work performance and extend the lifespan of the machine.

As you can see, this dust collector is an advanced machine with great functionality thanks to a two-horsepower motor and a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet.

When you own this dust collector, you do not need to change the container because it has a transparent dust bag. Besides, you can remove or insert it in a simple way due to a sewn-in snap ring. 

This dust collector is quite portable with four robust casters; you can move it easily. It is also a quiet machine because the quiet coefficient is under the harmful noise level (about 80 to 85 decibels). You will clean your house or manufactory comfortably.

This product can solve particles 30-micron (rate: 96 percentages), and you can connect two machines simultaneously due to the dual serial port (four inches).


If you own this machine, you will feel efficient air movement because it has a fully enclosed fan-cooled motor (wattage: two-horsepower) so that it can work continuously.


  • Suitable for cleaning the factory because this machine has a potent engine, it takes care of big dust (such as saw).
  • Relatively quiet.
  • Easy to set up and use as a stationary, central unit, or a mobile dust collector.


  • You may have to prepare 2 poles 20 amperes circuit breaker, and some new wiring if the current is unsatisfactory. 
  • This machine may not be able to handle dust 2 microns or less in size.

Although its motor is large and tall (78 inches), you can operate it as a mobile unit with a portable stand that goes 21.5 x 33.5 inches. You are able to move it around the work area with ease.

You can solve wood dust quickly with an extra-strong 12-inch steel impeller. If you need to handle smaller dust types, you should buy newer editions because of a 2.5 micron felt upper filtration bag and a plastic lower collection bag.

It is also a quiet machine because it provides an air suction capacity of 1,280 CFM, 5.4 cubic feet of bag capacity, and 10.1 inches of static pressure, and a noise level of about 80 - 85 decibels. It will work smoothly in your factory.


  • Powder-coated paint: This machine is durable, does not corrode or oxidize even if it works in extreme conditions for a long time.
  • Having a six-inch inlet that features removable Y-fitting with a pair of four-inch openings: You can arrange multiple machines to increase vacuuming efficiency.
  • Safety switch: You are able to prevent unauthorized use by slapping the paddle down to switch off power.


  • Working for wood dust only, it is a little hard to solve other dust types.

This product is cheaper than model W1685 of SHOP FOX little; however, it is also ideal for a narrow area. It has a smaller dust collection bag than W1685's one (volume: 2 cubic feet) and offers 537 CFM of airflow. This machine has powerful suction and operates so quietly.

I really appreciate two other features about this unit: the dust bag collection to gauge how much dust is in it and the bottom zipper to quickly dispose of dust. They will help you clean your dust collector easily and promptly.


  • The wall-mountable design: Free up your worksite.
  • Single 4-inch intake hole: It's convenient to manage the dust collector drawers.


  • Not able to move it around, you shouldn't use it in an immense space. 

If you want to use a quiet dust collector, suit medium or small production scale with an affordable price, you should choose BUCKTOOL Dust Collector DC30A. It makes a noise level of 81 decibels and produces an air suction capacity of 550 CFM, the safety rating for your ears.

Alternatively, another useful feature is a steel impeller with a metal frame and four rubber feet, which can help you prevent this machine from vibrating across the floor. Therefore, you can work in a quiet environment.


  • Easy and safe to install with the locking screw system and the mounting bracket.
  • Able to mount on the wall or move so that you can save space.
  • A high- performance dust collector: It can capture dust of size 2 microns at the source effectively with the minimal duct.
  • Suitable for medium or small factory.
  • Save energy.


  • The degree of suction is not good.

This model of POWERTEC is a suitable choice for a small business with a pretty reasonable price. The manufacturer designed it with an airflow capacity of 537 CFM, so it is relatively quiet.

It can solve the dust with a size of 2.5 microns and more, ensure maximum air quality, and not let the dust come out. You can monitor the dust collection through a window and clean up and dispose of dust, debris quickly with a zipper. You also can hold the bag while you connect the clamp due to a drawstring around the neck.


  • Easy to mount on the wall, workbench, or floor with an included mounting bracket and exclusive clamp and bolt.
  • Be safe with the against unauthorized use lock.
  • The reusable dust collection bag.


  • It can’t handle ultra-small dust (less than 2.5 microns)
  • Not be able to use as a mobile unit.
  • It can’t work in a large space for many hours.

If you are looking for an industrial factory with many pieces of equipment on the floor and walls, WEN 3410 Air Filtration System will be the perfect choice for you. You can hang it on the ceiling; especially your work area is very narrow. All you need to do is attaching four anchors to your roof and hang this device from them.

This machine creates a noise rating of 50 - 60 decibels; you can see it is truly impressive. In addition, it has three levels of airflow, including 300; 350; 400 CFM, and you can adjust the speed with a remote-controlled. This is really a quiet dust collector for your factory.

This device also has another version, which can process the air at 1044 CFM. Its noise level supposedly goes up to 68 decibels, higher than the previous version little. You may choose either of these two; they will be an excellent idea if you have a big factory.


  • Solving all of those harmful particles floating through the air (1 – 5 microns) with the filters are cleanable and replaceable.
  • Save space.
  • Delaying shutdown by up to four hours to ensure the unit work continuously with set the timer feature.
  • Suitable for industrial scale.
  • RF remote system allows you to control the air filtration system from any angle of the workspace, even if a direct line of vision is obstructed. 


  • Do not capture dust or chip at the bottom.

If you have WEN 3401 Dust Collector, you will enjoy a clean, quiet, and organized work environment with an airflow of 660 CFM. It is also an effective machine with a 5.7-amp motor. 

With an average price, you can own it in your workshop. You can work more effectively because the 6 inches impeller combines with the 4 inches dust port inlet, so you can connect to your favorite tools.


  • Flexible installation: use as a mobile unit or wall-mounted unit.
  • Provide excellent protection with four swivel casters lock in place; they can prevent unwanted movements while you are operating this equipment.
  • The compact design makes for easy storage and transport.


  • The suction is not really good.
  • It may be clogged when using it with the planer and the jointer.
  • You can make the dust collection bag messy while emptying.

Model CMXEVBE17595 of the CRAFTSMAN brand is an excellent solution for finding a compact mobile dust collector for all space because its engine is mighty (6.5 horsepowers). It is known as a fairly quiet unit with an airflow rating of 190 CFM. However, if you use it for many hours, you will be uncomfortable.

If you use this machine, you will not have to set up a web of pipes and hoses coming down from the ceilings or walls. You can move it easily in your house, garage or worksite.

Besides, it has an extensive range of attachments to complete every cleaning, including a locking hose, dust collection bag, 2 extension wands, a car nozzle, a wet nozzle, utility nozzle, standard filter.


  • Compact, easy to move.
  • Suitable for every space.
  • It can handle both wet and dry vacuuming.


  • The lid’s locking mechanism a bit weak, which means it might be prone to snapping off or breaking. So, you are very careful while using.
  • The disposable dust bag: We have to replace the dust collection bag repeatedly; it’s very inconvenient.

Oneida dust deputy deluxe separator is a machine that you can connect to any shop-vacuum. It will help you separate about 99% of dust and debris into the 5-gallon canister pail. At the same time, it also removes clogging of the filter and loss of suction.

This product has an airflow rating of 50 to 150 CFM and works with 1 inch to 3 inches hose diameters. Hence, it operates very quietly and does not make you disturb with noise.


  • Compact, easy to set up in every space.
  • Save significant time and money on expensive replacement filters and dust bags.
  • Anti-static polyethylene cyclone: removing dust particles as small as 1 micron can cause short-circuit semiconductors.


  • Not recommended for use with hot dust or debris such as soldering, welding, etc.

How to choose the quietest dust collector?

quietest dust collector

A dust collector is equipment that can make noise so much, and you will be uncomfortable if you have to use it for many hours. Even you may be an earache or hearing loss or meet other serious issues about health. Hence, it would be best if you had a quiet dust collector to protect yourself and everyone.

Here are some tips that help you choose the quietest dust collector.

CFM parameter

This is an essential element when you consider buying a dust collector. You have to reference CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) specifically as it's directly related to a dust collector's loudness or sones. 

Most of the dust collectors have ductwork systems, which keep a stabilized stream of air going through to handle the wood chips, shavings, and dust at a determined velocity. That is FPM (feet per minute), then it measures by CFM because this system has to move a considerable amount of air volume.

As you can see, the duct's size directly affects the relationship between volume and velocity of air. As a result, the larger the ductwork system, the greater the air intake, which means the smaller the CFM, the smaller the sone, and the quieter the dust collector.

Sones and noise level

Sone is the international measurement unit for loudness measurement, and it is a linear measuring unit. You can understand that if you double this unit worth for a device, you will be doubling that one's loudness.

Normally, we usually decibels (dB) as the unit measure used to how loud a noise source. The quietest dust collector produces noise between 70 and 90 decibels. The more power the dust collector has, the noisier it will be, especially in a small area.  

If you expose to the noise of magnitude 85 decibels in 8 hours, it will seriously damage your hearing. You are discomfort or a ringing in ears when the noise level is up to 70 decibels and more. Therefore, you should limit noise from equipment such as vacuum cleaners to ensure safety for everyone.

Hence, you have to check these parameters carefully when choosing a dust collector.

You can measure sone at the climax CFM value for machines. In case you don't want to outrun a definite volume factor, you can choose equipment that's appreciated at that sone value or the equivalent CFM worth.

Additionally, you are able to convert sone from a decibel level. If you need to buy the quietest dust collector, you should pay attention to the decibel and sone factor. Usually, the most silent dust collector has decibel ratings of 50-80 decibels or a sones coefficient of 5-39.

Types of dust collector

The single-stage dust collector

This is one familiar type of dust collector to woodworkers. It works by transporting dust and chips through an impeller to a collection bag. Then, the air will exhaust through the filter bags, and the heavier dust will settle in the lower bag.

This dust collector type is compact, easy to install but has some defects. The larger chips or particles can ruin or be stuck in the impeller; besides, the device's performance will be affected when the smoother dust can enter  moving parts and bearings.

Additionally, you will be in danger if your machine sucks a metal screw because it could ruin the machine cover or hit a metal impeller blade and ejects a spark. This spark will make the dust burn and cause an explosion.

Lastly, it would be best to use a dust collector with plastic or nylon impeller blades instead of metal ones because they will become electrostatically charged and cause dust to accumulate on them. Then the metal impeller blades can't work very well.  

However, the single-stage dust collectors operate quite quietly. This is a factor in choosing the quietest dust collector.

quietest dust collector

The two-stage dust collector

This type of machine needs two stages to clean dust. In the first phase, the wood chips and heavier particles and debris drop out of the airflow. In the second stage, you can see that the finer dust particles pass through the propeller then into the filter.

If you own a two-stage dust collector, you will avoid the downside of the single-stage type. Simultaneously, a two-stage machine provides better suction, and you can improve the quality of air more effectively. 

However, this type of machine is noisier than the single-stage type. You need to check some elements that can reduce the noise level before deciding to buy a two-stage dust collector.

Dual-stage cyclone

A dual cyclone dust collector usually has the motor and impeller at the top of a canister. This canister has a cone-pattern and can capture larger particles while they are dropping out of the airflow. The airstream entering and exiting the impeller exhaust sucks finer particles into the filtration system.

Moreover, the impeller doesn't encounter dust, debris, or chip, so the absorbent and discharge air quality will be improved. You can see more roundish turbulence thanks to longer cyclone bodies. They allow more particles to go down before meeting the filter.

As a result, this machine type can improve dust detachment so that the filter will be cleaner, and it is quieter than a two-stage dust collector.

quietest dust collector


This type of dust collector is usually the fixed dust collector system. You can mount them on the ceiling, floor, or roof. They may be more expensive than other machine types and suitable for intensive-scale industrial workshops.

The permanent dust collector system is frequently multi-phase units and has fixed ductwork.  

The manufacturer designed this system for numerous machines in work simultaneously and may not add a removable collection system, so you can operate them in quiet and decrease dust. Furthermore, you are able to set it up outside your workspace. 

As a result, you can protect your worker against harmful noise in the factory every day.

Wall Mountable

If you use a fixed dust collector system or wall-mountable unit, you will free up your space even you work in the shop or the factory. This type of equipment is often a single-period dust collector, so it can't separate smooth and big particles in the filter bag.

This unit type can be set up like the fixed type and relatively quiet, but the suction performance is not good because it doesn’t contain larger devices.


This type of unit is quieter than other types so much; however, you should use it in your home or a small factory.

A mobile dust collector typically has rolling casters. You can move unit to unit. It may be a single-phase unit or two-stage unit or dual-phase cyclone unit and frequently has flexible connection hoses instead of permanent ones.  

quietest dust collector

Space requirements

This is another important factor you need to consider to pick a suitable dust collector.

Space may factor in the machine's portability and decide how many units you can set up and shape. For example, you need an ample area to arrange ductwork in the walls and the ceiling for a stationary dust collector.

Additionally, it would be best if you also regulated some machines, for instance, planer, jointer, sander, etc., so that they're closest to your dust collector. As a result, your dust collector will be quieter due to cleaning up quickly.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Quietest Dust Collector

Best quietest dust collector for industrial: JET DC-1100VX-CK Dust Collector 708659K. It can solve an immense amount of tiny dust (1 -2 microns), has a potent engine to work continuously, and durable industrial controls, portable in a large space. You can combine 2 machines to increase the performance of cleaning. Besides, you also have a 2 years warranty for industrial-commercial users, ensuring your business is convenient.

Best quietest dust collector for medium production scale: JET DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector 708658K. This machine has most of the strengths of JET's dust collector; however, it's pretty light, easy to move. You also can operate it with a hand or a remote correctly.

Best quietest dust collector for small manufactory: JET DC-650CK Dust Collector 708642CK. This unit is more compact than the 2 previous models I mentioned. Its engine is not too powerful, but its noise level is suitable for small workshops and its ability to handle dust very effectively. 

Best quietest dust collector for home: CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum. This equipment has a compact design, high-mobile, easy to store in your house. You don't need to arrange a web of pipes and hoses coming down from the ceilings or walls. Alternatively, you also have a large range of attachments to perform many cleaning tasks.  

Best quietest dust collector for health protection: Mini-Gorilla Portable Cyclone Dust Collector. It not only has a dual-stage cyclone technology but also captures ultra tidy dust (0.3 microns). It is challenging to perform with most of the dust collector. You can ensure a clean work environment and protect the health of everybody in the best way.

I hope you can choose a suitable dust collector that makes your space bright after following this article. And you will not be stressed because of vacuuming every day. Let's own the quietest dust collector and enjoy cleaning up comfortably right now. 

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