Top 13 Quietest Fish Tank Filter: Best Choice For Your Fish!

Are you a fish lover? And you are looking for a quietest fish tank filter? Get the quiet filter so you won't be awoken in the morning by engine noise or you can focus on other things without being disturbed by the noise. There are so many aquarium filters out there that give you a lot to choose from. They differ in design, size, function, and accompanying facilities, etc. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can find the quietest tank filter machine with the desired process. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of 13 of the quietest filters with objective reviews to make your choice easier. Besides, we also have many considerations before you purchase an aquarium filter to assist you in making the best choice.

The right aquarium filter not only helps you remove physical and chemical waste from the tank but also helps your fish stay healthy in the right environment.

Don't miss our top 13 quietest aquarium filters on our list.

You will find our reviews of the quietest fish tank filters below. We base our assessment on our objective view and customer experience. You can click on the attached link for current pricing and customer reviews on Amazon.

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Best Quietest Fish Tank Filter For 400 gallon Aquarium

Best Quietest Fish Tank Filter For 40 - 50 gallon Aquarium

Best Quietest Fish Tank Filter For 90-150 gallon Aquarium

Best Quietest Fish Tank Filter For 40 - 70 gallon Aquarium

Best Quietest Fish Tank Filter For 150 - 200 gallon Aquarium

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Top Quietest Fish Tank Filter Reviews 2021

Fluval FX6 High-Performance Aquarium Filter is the first name to be mentioned in this quietest fish tank filters list. This model has a fairly high capacity, it is designed for aquariums up to 400 gallons.

Besides, this unit has a purification drain in the base, you just need to use this drain hose to drain the water out of the box quickly if you have to maintain this model. You will not need to work too hard flushing the water out of the box.

What's great, this filter comes with an adjustable nozzle. If you are concerned that the water is not getting to different parts of the aquarium, you will be satisfied with this device. The nozzle of this unit has multiple water streams at the same time as well as the nozzles can be adjusted, which will make it easy for you to adjust the water flow.

With the smart autostart program, you only need to add water and plug-in electricity, the pump will work to push the air out of the safe every 12 hours. Furthermore, it also comes with an anti-clogging filter that ensures constant water flow and ensures maximum efficiency.

FX6 has a rubber base for quiet operation, minimizing noise. No longer will you have to be awakened every morning by the noise of the aquarium filter.


  • Automatic intelligent filtering
  • The hose is adjustable and has multiple lines
  • Anti-clogging filter
  • Rubber base
  • Large capacity


  • Sponges can attract many bacteria

Ehm Fltr 2217 Classic Wm is another quietest fish tank filter, this vintage box filter has become quite popular over the last 10 years.

Great volume, quiet and easy to set up. The connectors are attached very firmly, with no leakage if you assemble everything properly. You will feel secure because there will never be a leak for many years.

Proven technology, balanced performance and high-efficiency mark classic line filters as water purifiers in aquariums.

 Simple design with one chamber allows the most flexible setup for mechanical, biological, chemical and adsorption filtration. Not only is it simply elegant, but it also makes it easier to change filters. That means this model is very easy to maintain with a few simple steps.

Best of all, precise velocity-calculated flow balances long-term mechanical and biological filtration, oxygen enrichment and other conditions for building a performance aquarium. Besides, you need to maintain it after 3 to 6 months to maximize the performance of the device.


  • Easy to maintain
  • The filter is easy to replace
  • Simple design
  • Great traffic
  • No noise


  • The filter will weaken the spray over time

Hydor Professional Canister Filter is one of the quietest fish tank filters, which is for tanks with capacities of 90 to 150 gallons.

This unit comes with a ceramic shaft on the pump motor, which ensures the pump's smooth operation and as little noise as possible. Above the ceramic shaft, the impeller pumps water continuously.

What's more, this filter will give you three different filtration stages. First, mechanical filtration helps you to remove solid waste as well as impurities suspended in the water. Next, chemical filtration will remove dissolved waste and toxins to help your pets have an optimal environment. Last but not least, biofiltration will support the growth of beneficial bacteria that help balance the water environment.

Most especially, you will not be bothered by the sound of this device as it is very quiet. The flow rate of this filter ranges from 240 to 280 gallons per hour.

With the expandable spray bar, you can easily customize the water flow of the aquarium. Besides, it has an easy priming system, you just need to get up and running fast.


  • Silent operation
    The spray bar is customizable
    Simple priming system
    Strong water currents


  • Hard to find replacement parts
  • High maintenance costs

The Fluval 307 Performance Canister Filter is also an excellent fish tank filter from the Fluval brand. This device has been improved with new technology to create smooth operation, up to 15% quieter than before.

If you are looking for a filter that can handle a variety of environments such as freshwater, saltwater as well as a variety of aquariums, this model will be the perfect fit for you.

In addition to its versatility, the device has a constant pump capacity and sustained pressure over time. That means it will help you maintain a balanced water environment.

With innovative design, you will not spend much time and effort on maintenance. Besides, you can fasten the filter thanks to the sturdy clamps on the side to ensure it does not move during operation.

More importantly, you will be surprised when using the quiet mode, the filter will work smoothly without making a single sound.

What's great, this unit has a system of independent modules, which will simply help you to remove dirt. Besides, the compact design of the Fluval 307 is also a plus for this filter.


  • Flexible
  • Quiet mode
  • Powerful engine
  • Filter fixing clamp
  • Optimal cleaning independent module


  • The nozzle is slightly short

The Penn-Plax Cascade 1500 Aquarium Canister Filter is one of the quietest fish tank filters that can provide an external filter for your saltwater or freshwater aquarium.

If you have a sizable aquarium and are looking for a heavy-duty filter, this model is a good suggestion. This filter optimally fits 200-gallon aquariums and can operate at 350 GPH.

With the priming button, you will quickly start the device easily. Besides, two independent directional swivel taps keep you from worrying about position.

The filter has flow rate control valves and pool-type hose clamps, which will make it easy for you to set up and adjust.

The air-tight seal ensures proper flow rate while maintaining extremely quiet operation. You will not be bothered when the device is active. Easy lift clamp makes it easy to remove the vacuum and remove the top for media change or other maintenance.


  • Great for large aquariums
  • Durable
  • High power


  • Consumes a lot of energy

EHEIM Classic 350 External Canister Filter is another quietest fish tank filter, which is both simple and powerful. Suitable for aquariums up to 95 gallons, it has a pumping capacity of 164 GPH.

You will be amazed by how durable this filter is, which is recommended for both freshwater and marine aquariums.

With the Permo Elastic Silicone Sealer, you can easily and securely fix the pump head after cleaning. This means that the pump will be stationary, the water will be filtered quietly and uninterrupted.

More importantly, this filter's design allows for ultimate flexibility in environments set for biological, mechanical, chemical and absorption filtration. Besides, you won't need to worry about the risk of a leak with this device.

A coarse sponge is always included with the appliance, which will help you remove leftovers or waste from the aquarium. Furthermore, you will receive a free filter medium upon purchase of this product.


  • Enduring
  • Comes with removable media
  • There is no risk of leakage


  • Some parts have short lifespans

Penn-Plax 1000 Canister Aquarium Filter is another great quietest fish tank filter, which has received many positive reviews from consumers.

With this filter, you can use them in aquariums up to 100 gallons. Also, this model can pump 265 gallons per hour ensuring water is continuously filtered.

With a simple and optimized design for users, the filter can quickly self-priming.

The canister filter is the quieter choice if you're sensitive to the sound, and this is no exception. This silent aquarium filter is extremely quiet and you won't even hear it running.

Penn Plax prides itself that you can see an improvement in the water circulation in your aquarium within one day. The filter uses a large, externally installed filter system.

The device contains a motor with the Pen Plax filter. It is equipped with a very convenient foldable handle, thus allowing the filter to be easily positioned by lifting it.


  • Easy-to-customize filter media
  • Powerful engine
  • Make no noise
  • Fast performance


  • Occupies quite a lot of area
  • Long tube

The Fluval 107 Performance Canister Filter is also an excellent aquarium filter from the Fluval brand. If you are looking for a quiet filter, with a maximum capacity of 30 gallons then this model is a perfect choice.

With the new enhancements, this device will save you 25% of energy yet it's still powerful and quiet.

What's more, this filter is used in both fresh and saltwater. Besides, it has a pumping capacity of 145 gallons per hour, ensuring water is pumped continuously

With the rubber base, you will not be disturbed every time the device operates. In addition, it is easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • There is a quiet mode
  • Energy saving
  • Powerful engine


  • The spray bar has no attachments

Sunsun Hw304B 525GPH Pro Canister Filter is one of the quietest fish tank filters, this model has 5 external floors with a built-in UV sterilizer. If you are looking for a filter with a capacity of up to 150 gallons, you might consider this device.

With a pump capacity of up to 525 gallons per hour with media trays that allow you to add media like activated carbon with the flexibility.

What's great, with the 9 Watt UV sterilizer, this device will help you kill algae spores and bacteria creating the right environment for your pets. Furthermore, the UV sterilizer also promotes transparent water.

The filter medium improves the clarity, color and odor of the water. The porous ceramic ring provides an ideal location for beneficial bacteria to grow.

The bio-ball promotes gas exchange and increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen. The filter media will not affect the water properties.


  • High capacity (525 gallons per hour)
  • There are 9W UV sterilizers
  • Easy installation and dismantling


  • Leakage problems are easy to arise

The AquaClear 60- to 110-Gallon Filter is one of the quietest fish tank filters, this model features an energy-saving pump and reduces operating costs.

With the recirculating filtration system, multiple filters are stacked allowing water to pass through many times. This means that the water quality will be significantly improved. With this upgraded system, the system's filtering efficiency is not only unaffected but also gives your pets a healthier and healthier environment.

The cycle protection system includes BioMax Ceramic insert. This insert provides you with three filtering media that ensure that all of your filtering requirements are met. It will also ensure a continuous biofilter by replacing the inserts one by one.

With a super quiet filtration system, this device is perfect for small and delicate fish. Through 3 stages of filtration, it works quietly. However, this model is also unavoidable with the small sound of the engine.


  • Reasonable price
  • Powerful engine
  • Quiet operation
  • 2-years warranty
  • Energy saving


  • Assembly instructions are not clear

The Polar Aurora 525GPH External Aquarium Filter is another of the quietest aquarium filters, which has a large capacity and 3-stage box to enhance the aquarium's filtration capacity.

If you are looking for a filter for an aquarium with a capacity of up to 200 gallons, you should consider this device carefully. 

Although the engine is powerful and the water flow rate can reach 525 GPH, you will hardly hear the noise coming from this engine.

With 4 vertical tube filters, the overall filtration is significantly enhanced. You can easily customize this kit to use the right biofilter, chemistry and mechanics.

This filter comes with an internal UV sterilizer that destroys any algae or bacteria that come into contact. On the other hand, with the O-ring at the top, the filter is installed tightly to help seal in the gap and prevent water leaks.


  • Make no noise
  • Powerful engine
  • Reasonable price
  • UV sterilizer


  • Difficult to use for the newbie
  • The tube cannot be bent

The MarineLand Penguin 350 Power Filter is a great choice for those who own a 50-70 gallon aquarium and are looking for a reasonably priced piece of equipment.

With 3 stages of filtration, the filtration process will remove odors, waste as well as harmful substances that can harm your pets. In particular, the filtration system uses high-quality activated carbon to help your aquarium filter most effectively. Besides, this device also has a biological wheel to clean nitrite and harmful ammonia to keep your tank fresh and clean.

Although this filter can travel up to 350 gallons per hour, the device works very quietly because it has two vents that reduce vibration. Also, they don't use a mid-level suction filter to further reduce the noise.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy maintenance
  • Keep the water clean quite well
  • No noise


  • The biological wheel could be clogged

The Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter is last on our list of the quietest aquarium filters, this filter comes with self-priming as well as a suspension lamp that can be used in framed aquariums or not.

This unit comes with replaceable cartridges and uses both mechanical and biological filters.

Even though the engine is placed above 2 inches of water, the noise is still well suppressed. If you are looking for a filter for aquariums smaller than 40 gallons this is a great option.

Best of all, this model will reboot itself when the power goes out, it will clean the air in its hose.


  • Affordable fake
  • Easy to install
  • Good filterability


  • There is only one level of circulation
  • Not as quiet as some customers expected

Something You Need To Know Before Buying A Quietest Fish Tank Filter

Filter system


Before deciding to buy a new fish tank filter, you must consider the filtration system that is right for your fish. There are 3 separate filtration systems available to suit specific situations. Or you can combine the filtration systems by devices with full 3 filtration systems.

Each filtration system has its function. They will keep your aquarium clean and provide a balanced environment for your pet.

The mechanical filtration system will help you to remove dirt, waste, or suspended substances.

Besides, there is a chemical filtration system. This system monitors the color of the tank water and maintains the aroma of the tank.

Finally, the biological filtration system is widely used by many people. It will help the aquarium to be cleaned quickly.

Aquarium size

Aquarium Co Op sponge filter with red betta fish in planted tank 93b02881 f21b 4649 9ea0

There are many different filters on the market, which vary in size, function or media. In it, there are filters that are superior in terms of functionality but not necessarily suitable for your aquarium.

There are aquarium filters available to suit all tank sizes. However, most filters are manufactured for specific types of tanks. Therefore, you need to know how much water your aquarium can hold and choose the right size filter.

Based on the size of the aquarium, you should consider the size and shape of the filter. The right filter will be effective to help you control the condition of the tank better.

In other words, you should not buy a small capacity filter for a large capacity filter, which is meaningless, it will cost you money to buy another device.

The manufacturer recommends the appropriate capacity for each filter, you should not ignore this information.


shutterstock 73049719 red betta fish with thermometer d60e5e94 2cd4 43b1 965b

Admittedly, the filters will make working noises because they all use motors to drive the system. If you feel uncomfortable woken up in the morning by aquarium filter noise, all you need to do is find one that makes as little noise as possible.

To reduce the sound, the filters have a separate noise reduction system. The most common is the noise-reduction housing or rubber sole that helps minimize vibration.

In addition, there are intake air filters that reduce the sound the engine makes during operation.


This is a factor that is concerned by quite a few people when deciding to buy an aquarium filter. It will be very helpful if you have an electrical problem like voltage mismatch or sudden power cut.

With the priming system, the water flow through the filters is maintained by keeping the path open at all times. Air will be sucked out by switches, preventing clogging when problems occur. This means that your fish always have a good growing environment.


An aquarium filter is an indispensable device for the owner of an aquarium. Just like any other product, a product that fits in your pocket is a perfect choice.

15 gallon fish tank 1080x1022 1

Price is a pretty important factor for buyers. Often people can only buy a lower-priced option. However, most of the higher-priced filters will generally perform better and leave you with less trouble.

If this is your first time buying aquarium filters, do not buy expensive ones. Agree that expensive filters come with quality, but some don't. However, you should not buy the cheapest product out of the box because its quality will match the price.

Maintenance & Care


Security can often be a lot of trouble if you don't know how to maintain your equipment or it can be difficult for you. Well-maintained filters will help keep your fish healthy in the long run and you will also save money if you have to buy a new filter.

Consider the differences between filters such as media changeability and cartridge replaceability, etc. All of these factors not only play an important role in tank cleanliness, but also help you preserve equipment easier.

Water Flow Control

Anyone wants their aquarium to be filled up quickly and efficiently. Each filter has detailed and specific statistics on the flow rate of the device. This allows you to control the rate at which water drains out of the filter.

If you can't decide between 2 products for the same price, always choose the one with a faster flow rate. Having an adjuster or switch will make it easier to control the flow of water.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Quietest Fish Tank Filter

From the 13 quietest tank filters above, we've narrowed the best options down to the top 5. Above all, we've chosen 5 fish tank filters for many different capacity aquariums because they have superior functionality.

There are many benefits to having an aquarium filter with no noise. Not only is it useful for the aquarist, but the fish themselves will enjoy swimming in an aquarium with no noise and continuous machinery. Your pet will be healthy and happy with an efficient and quiet fish tank filter.

There are many popular aquarium filters on the market for your needs. However, to choose the best equipment for your aquarium, you should consider factors such as noise, self-priming system, maximum capacity, etc. Finally, we hope that you can have enjoyable and great experiences after reading our detailed buying guide reviews above.


Best Quietest Fish Tank Filter For 40 - 50 gallon Aquarium


Best Quietest Fish Tank Filter For 40 - 70 gallon Aquarium
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