Top 13 Quietest Inline Fan Reviews 2021: Best For Quality And Price

Investing in the incline fans will be a considerable challenge for people if they operate in a way too loud. That's also why we created this post to help you find the quietest inline fan that best for quality and price. 

An inline fan plays a vital role in boosting air circulation and heating and cooling systems in our offices or our homes. Moreover, they are also used in many other functions, such as exhausting in hydroponic systems or tents.

With the growth of the buyers' needs, hundreds of brands have made other inline fans that are not all quiet. Most of them have a noise which is irritating for the quality and comfort of living. We understand that you will quickly get confused when buying and selecting the most suitable one. Reading on this review, and we sure you won't have to worry anymore about this problem. Let’s collect these tips and detailed comments on each product that we have researched carefully and become a smart shopper!

quietest inline fan
quietest inline fan
quietest inline fan
quietest inline fan
quietest inline fan

Best Quietest Inline Fan Overall

Best Quietest Inline Fan For Value

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Best Quietest Inline Fan For Lightweight

Best Quietest Inline Fan For Cost Efficiency

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Top Quietest Inline Fan Reviews 2021

This TerraBloom ECMF-250 Inline Duct Fan the size of 10 inches and offers you the airflow of many levels, including the 1065 CFM, which is a detail that we know you will appreciate. Surprisingly, it only needs to consume a maximum of 150W power, which means you can save a lot of money on energy.

As the more expensive price range, it has more options for you to choose from. This inline fan is designed with a user-friendly feature to adjust the speed the way you want quickly. One more detail we appreciate about this machine is the long-lasting it provides you. It has a unique design and is very sturdy for you to use in a long time, and that’s what makes us think it will be a very worthy investment.


  • Easy to adjust the speed
  • Modern design
  • Efficient energy


  • Hard to follow the instructions
  • Quite expensive

One crucial factor you need to look for is the energy-efficiency when it comes to quiet inline fans. And this Vortex inline fan can help you with that. It is designed with double insulated walls, which helps prevent condensation and makes it operate most quietly, and saves energy at the same time.

The detail worths mentioning here is even at high-speed settings, this Vortex inline fan still maintains the quiet noise level. It is also equipped with a handy and convenient speed controller. We like its compact appealing design and the quick clip bracket for mounting on the wall more easily. 


  • It still maintains the quiet noise even at high speeds.
  • Easily to mount
  • Include a convenient speed controller


  • Not very reliable motor’s fuse
  • Low-quality fan speed controller

The Panasonic FV-30NFL1 inline fan is a great example of a durable, affordable, good quality, and quiet operation in one product. The feature that attracts us at the first notice is the multi-task ventilation. It is also one of the most picked and lauded inline fans by most users worldwide.

With just one fan, this Panasonic FV-30NFL1 inline fan can still ventilate effectively, whether in large or small rooms. One fan is enough to use from a medium-large size room to a large area. It can control the air-flow and the temperature very well in your room and help save a lot on your electricity bill. Besides, it can also retain the nasties and pollutants that have a terrible effect on your plants. 

The Panasonic WhisperLine fan provides fresh air continuously and slowly while removing stale air and improving the air quality. It has a super durable design and uses only high-quality components to last for many years without any troubles. This inline fan will wear slower than other competitors with the permanently lubricated motor.


  • Affordable
  • 3-year warranty
  • Well-known brand
  • Operate incredibly quiet


  • The electrical box is located on the outside of the unit.

This AC Infinity T6 inline fan has a power of 351 CFM, which is a lot. It also includes an intelligent controller for you to adjust the speed conveniently from the most silent level of 32 dBA to powerful. 

This controller also has many other useful features such as the alarm system, timer, fan speed control, and humidity, temperature programming. These features are essential to have in an inline fan as fungi and mold can be caused if the moisture is increased.


  • Operate quietly
  • Well-known brand
  • Lightweight
  • Intelligent controller included


  • Short product life

Another inline fan on our list is from the well-known brand AC Infinity, the model T4. It has many adjustable speed settings for you to choose from but does not produce any loud sound or hum that makes you feel uncomfortable. It stills make some noises at the highest settings, but we assure you it will not be deafening to cause any disruption for you. 

One feature that we highly appreciate of this product is the lightweight design. You can hang it easily on top of a growing area or the ceiling, especially suitable for large areas. 

This AC Infinity T4 inline fan also goes with an intelligent controller to control many features, including the alarm system, timer, fan speed control, and humidity, temperature programming, just like the features already listed in the AC Infinity T6. It can also give you an energy-efficient and quiet performance thanks to the design with a PWM-controlled DC-motor combined with a mixed flow.


  • Well-known brand
  • Lightweight design
  • Intelligent controller included


  • The plastic design, which is relatively cheap
  • Not very powerful

This AC Infinity Cloudline S6 inline fan will be the most suitable choice if you are looking for an inline fan that is both quiet and strong in power. It will work exceptionally quietly at only 32dBA, thanks to the DC-motor used to control the Pulse Width Modulated even on the highest power level. We are amazed at this motor as it uses less power when compared to the AC motors. 

This inline fan also allows you to adjust the power settings with eight different fan speed levels. It can also provide the airflow to the restricted areas effectively using the dual hydrodynamic wind cycles and a stator blade.

The 351 CFM airflow this fan provides will also be suitable to use in any mid-sized room. The manufacturer also includes the wood mounting screws to help you with mounting the fan. It, unfortunately, will need to assemble a little. If your room doesn't have many free spaces for the assembly, it will be relatively inconvenient.


  • Suitable for a mid-size room
  • Amazingly quiet even on the highest level
  • Efficient power consumption


  • When mounting, it requires a little assembly.

This TerraBloom inline fan has 6 inches in size, relatively small but still has great power. With the below 40 dB sound level, its operation is quiet, just like what you can expect from an enormous fan. It also has an efficient airflow of up to 188 CFM to either use as an exhaust or intake.

Despite the low price, this TerraBloom inline fan has an excellent warranty that comes up to two years. We find it a massive pro as now you know that you will have the company in your back if anything is wrong with the purchase. It is a perfect choice for the quietest inline fan for small spaces that we sure you won't want to miss.


  • Warranty of two years.
  • Efficient airflow.
  • Great design.


  • Smaller components are easy to break.

The Tjernlund inline fan has incredible power while operates very quietly at the same time. We are amazed the most at its blade, which is designed to run for a long time without slowing down the speed. The noise level stays consistent without any real jumps with the 460 CFM power.

You can also use either control that you can buy separately online or just by using the fan’s controls to adjust the speed. 

The mounting will also be done in peace as the hardware helps you a lot with the installing, as well as all the brackets are included with the purchase. It also offers you a guarantee that you can take your money back if anything that does not reach your expectations.


  • Easy to adjust the speeds
  • Very high-end materials
  • Efficient blade design 


  • Hard to find any parts for a replacement

This Yield Lab inline fan is specially designed to last for a long time with durable and robust air circulation. No matter what size is your mounting area is, it will still give ample airflow with the power of  2700 RPM and 440 CFM.

Compared to other fans you can find nowadays, this inline fan has a pretty unbeatable look with a powder coat finish and solid metal construction. Even on the highest power setting level, it can still operate very quietly. However, the noise will increase after using continuously for a long time. So you need to consider carefully about this problem when you want to purchase this fan. 

The Yield Lab inline fan runs smoothly and lasts long thanks to the lubricated ball bearings and a balanced motor it contains. We like the built-in motor fan controller that it offers as it keeps you away from the hassle and helps save lots of time because you don't need to purchase any extra parts.


One more detail we want you to consider is the weight of this model, which is relatively more solemn than the rest, especially if you’re going to mount it in hard to reach areas or need to transport it to places.


  • Reliable speed controller
  • Smooth ball bearings
  • Durable


  • Heavy

This inline fan has a bit of power that suitable for the 4 inches size. We find the purchase worthy as it has enough power to blow air efficiently at a consistently high level. Its sound ventilation system works efficiently with the lowest price you can find on the market.

It operates smoothly at a high-level thanks to the added at the end ceramic coat, and all the components of the fan are structured in a way that works quietly. You can use it daily, and it will still maintain a long time of use, unfortunately, in small areas only.


  • Versatile
  • It operates smoothly at a high-level thanks to the ceramic coat.
  • Durable


  • There is a capacity limit due to the size.
  • Some of the smaller details are not consistent.

This TerraBloom inline fan is designed with a contemporary and sleek shape. With the 6 inches duct, it can intake and exhaust air effectively while making very little noise. It has a 39dBA sound pressure level at the highest speed, arguably one of our list’s quietest products.

It works efficiently by exhausting air in small areas and bringing fresh air to large rooms. With the 188 CFM power, the airflow it offers is efficient. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, which makes this inline fan a worthy investment.


  • 2-year warranty
  • High efficient airflow
  • Contemporary, sleek design


  • It can be louder than some other models of the same size.
  • The mounting brackets are low quality.

In our list of the quietest inline fans, the next recommendation is this Vivosun 6” inline fan. This product is designed to operate quietly and energy-efficient without maintenance. 

This Vivosun inline fan has a shape that is fluted on both sides to connect the ducts. Moreover, the metallic blades play a significant role in balancing for exhausting air and supply air efficiently. You can install or mount it in anywhere from the greenhouses, grow tents, attics, to bathrooms. It also has a very affordable price that makes it a very worthy investment.


  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use and install
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t offer much safety against moisture and dust.

And finally, the Can RS6HO High Output Centrifugal Inline Fan stands out as we received so many good reviews and high ratings on the selling website for the best overall quietest inline fan. The brand takes lots of time and effort to keep the fan work at a quiet high level with great power.

You can rest assured about the quality of this fan, as it is very durable. You can’t hear any sound-making from the fan’s moving because it is equipped with an extremely sturdy mounting bracket. The feature that helps with the quiet noise it has is the 440 CFM power, which allows the fan to spin very smoothly at any speed.


  • Many adjustable speed levels
  • Extremely sturdy mounting bracket
  • Durable


  • Quite expensive

Things You Should Know To Choose The Quietest Inline Fan

quietest inline fan

You need to know six factors beforehand when choosing inline fans: carbon filters, humidity, heat from lighting, noise, and power rating. Therefore, selecting a quality and suitable inline fan is essential. It's best to have a better view of how to utilize an inline fan first. Below are some criteria you can take a look at to choose the quietest inline fans for you.

Carbon Filters

Especially when you are planning to install the inline fan for growing plants, it's very noticeable that the smell inside your grow area will sometimes be a little too much for you. Therefore, you will need to look for a way to help srub the scent.

Fortunately, the carbon filters that are usually mounted on every inline fan will help you with that. The filters’ sizes will depend on your needs of how many plants you're planning to grow. 

quietest inline fan


When it comes to farming, the worst nightmare that growers often come across is fungi and mold. The fungus can wipe out your stable within a few weeks, while a mold is challenging for you to notice until it's too late. The leading cause of fungi and mold outbreaks is humidity, and your defense tool is now the inline fans, which have good quality to battle against the humid room.

To have a clear view of the suitable quietest inline fans for you, you need to glean the information from the following two factors. Is the region that you live in prone to high humidity? And what season is it in your area? 

quietest inline fan

Especially when it comes to growing, the air inside your growing tent will become moist and stagnant if it isn't vented the right way. And if the situation continues for a long time, it can have harmed your plants. To minimize the chances of disease on your plants, the overall humidity needs to be lower by continually circulating through the grow room of fresh air.

Heat From Lighting

When you plan to use this inline fan in farming, there's one thing you need to notice that your grow room will require a large amount of light to develop. That means the heat inside will increase drastically and results in death for your crop.

The quietest inline fans have good quality will help exhaust the hot air from the room like the way regulators do. And then, they help bring in cooler air. 

Before any hot heat can badly affect your plants, your inline fan will quickly exhaust all of your space. And to help your inline fan do that better, you need to determine the power requirements beforehand. The lighting that you choose will also impact the power requirements of your inline fan. 


When buying an inline fan, the most significant factor you need to consider is the inline fan’s noise. You will need to require the quietest inline fan for your benefit and other people nearby unless you are lucky to live around with people who don't have the idea of complaining about the noise that the fan will produce.

You may think at first that it doesn't matter if it makes a loud noise. But we sure that you will reconsider if you hear the sound that a 12 inches inline fan makes when it works at its full power.

quietest inline fan

Fortunately, on the market today, most inline fans are quiet. But the more silent the inline fan, the better. And some manufacturers even design their inline fans with special housing to lessen the decibel output.

Power Rating

The power rating is another necessary aspect you need to consider when buying an inline fan. It is usually presented in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM).

To have a basic estimate of the CFM requirement for your installing area’s CFM requirement, divide the room’s total cubic feet by 3. The total cubic feet will be counted by measuring the room’s length, width, and height, and then multiply these three numbers together.  

It will be a disaster if you realize that it is too weak to exhaust air effectively after purchasing the inline fan. Therefore, understanding the CFM requirement is essential before you decide to buy anything. As a general rule, if your inline fans are added extra items such as heat from lighting, carbon filters, and ducting, the CFM requirement will increase.

quietest inline fan


The size will be a detail you need to notice to calculate how much air you need for your area, primarily if you use the inline fan for farming. Of course, a compact closet space will need a different size inline fan than a large grow tent. 

You should measure your space first and then draw a clear vision in your mind where to put the inline fan for the most beneficial result. It's never a waste of time to account for every inch of the space - we believe you won't want to purchase an expensive inline fan that can not fit into your area.

Typically, there are some options for you to choose to install the inline fan: attached to the ceiling in the room, on the floor, or hand outside the room. 

You will see many size options when searching for an inline fan online, usually varying from 4 inches to 18 inches industrial-grade inline fan. To purchase the appropriately sized one, it's vital to have a clear vision and carefully measure your room’s size, as different people will choose a large-sized or a small-sized one if they think it will be a waste of energy for a bigger one.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Quietest Inline Fan

As you can see from our review above, the quietest inline fan significantly impacts maintaining a healthy and ideal environment for your area, no matter what place you plan to use. You will have a peaceful mind knowing that your air is always ensured to be cool and fresh when you decide to buy the quietest inline fan instead of other expensive air conditioning. You shouldn't underestimate the inline fans’ job, as they help a lot in exhausting air and pushing air to the outside through lighting, ducting, and the carbon filter, which is very useful for your farming.

Here are our top 5 picks of the quietest inline fan that we have created based on the most efficient feature to help you choose the quietest inline fan successfully. As always, to us, the best way to pick for yourself the most suitable inline fan is to carefully select the ones with all the functions that suit your needs. And with our list of the post “Top 13 Quietest Inline Fans 2021: Best Quality And Price” above, we believe you will easily choose the best one for your house.

Below are our top picks of the quietest inline fan with the most remarkable function.


Best Quietest Inline Fan For Value

Thanks for reading! We will see you again very soon with more informative content.

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