Quietest Paper Shredder Is Always Better Than Others

You need a paper shredder, the best one is not only the product has a high performance but also is the quietest paper shredder.

If you turn on your paper shredding machine and its sound is so noisy and so terrific, you will not have any mood to go on working.

Hence, the quietest one will be the best choice for you. Besides, these shredders still have almost the standard features for customers.

Now go with us to check which they are. And then find out the best product you want. This list includes the products which are both quiet and effective.

Quietest Paper Shredder
Quietest Paper Shredder
Quietest Paper Shredder
Quietest Paper Shredder
Quietest Paper Shredder

best quietest paper shredder for a durable and quality paper shredder

best quietest paper shredder for someone who need the shredding machine can work continuously for a long time

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Top 15 Quietest Paper Shredder: Reviews 2021

And here is the first recommendation in this list for you. It is a product from Fellowes brand. And the name of this version is Fellowes LX22M Powershred Micro Cut 20 Sheet Paper Shredder (5263501). Let’s check its features together right now.

Thanks to the installation of the integrated SafeSense technology, the paper shredder works very quietly and safely, you have any accident.

Moreover, it also has the Monitor Real time performance function. This function helps the shredding machine notify users when the bin is full, the runtime, etc. And from that, you can optimize the efficiency of shredding sheets at one time.

And to upgrade the safety of this product, the producers installed the ability of jam proofing technology with the performance's percent is 100%. It gives the quietest paper shredder not only the effective work but also the last of longevity.

The smallest size of papers after shredding is 5/32 ”x 1/2”. And each time we use it, customers can shred 20 sheets of paper. Users are also allowed to shred paper clips, junk mail, staples and credit cards by this paper shredder.

The good functions combined with the quiet working, this is exactly the perfect choice for the quietest paper shredder.


  • Quality and durable
  • 100% jam proof technology.
  • Integrated SafeSense technology
  • Shredding 20 sheets per pass
  • Also effective with credit cards, paper clips, junk mail and staples


  • Quite sensitive but safe: it will stop if your hand even lightly brushes the top of the machine

Come to the second one. This paper shredder also has a black appearance. But it is the product of Bonsaii brand. Which features make it become a competitor in this list. Come with us to see about the Bonsaii EverShred Pro 3S30 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Heavy Duty Shredder.

To be worth the name “quietest paper shredder”, this product works really quietly. The biggest noise while it is working is 58 dB. Therefore we can talk about it as the paper shredder which works very smoothly and quietly.

And come with the quiet, the speed of this item is also amazing. The speed of shredding can reach 5.9 feet per minute. That is a wonderful number.

It can work continuously for 240 minutes without stopping. Thus when you have a big number of papers that need shredding at once, this quietest paper shredder can help you continuously for a long period of time.

Besides, this shredding machine will be still effective when you shred credit cards, clips, CD/DVD or staples.

And of course if you force it to work so much, it might get paper jams. But do worry, the makers created the jam protection system for it. This system can auto start and auto reverse so it ensures that paper jams are unlikely to occur.

Don’t have any reasons to talk to you that you ought not to try this item.


  • Continuous running time up to 240 minutes.
  • Low noise level: 58 dB
  • 18 sheets of paper each time
  • Have the ability of shredding not only paper but also CD/DVD, credit card, clips, staples
  • Jam protection system


  • Cannot put a plastic liner in it

We meet Fellowes again. Here is another version of a paper shredding machine. It may have some new things and old things. Now we will talk about the Fellowes LX21M Powershred Micro Cut.

Like the product from the same brand we introduce above,this paper shredder not only works quietly but also has many features like it.

First the same technology is jam proof technology. This function was evaluated to be effective up to 100%. We can say that it prevents papers from getting stuck completely.

Secondly, this shredding machine still owns two functions from the product about. They are Integrated SafeSense technology and Monitor Real time. The ability to work with these technologies almost doesn’t have any change.

The next thing is the size of papers after being shredded. It is extremely small - only 5/32” x 1/2”. This is the perfect size for users to be able to take it to a recycling place or throw it away.

Moreover, customers will have selections about the number sheets of paper when deciding to choose this item. The makers provide us 3 selections: 12 sheets, 16 sheets and 20 sheets. Depending on your demand to get the most suitable one.

Such a good product for the place of the quietest paper shredder.


  • 100% jam resistance technology
  • 5/32” x 1/2” super micro-cut particles
  • Also effective with staples, paper clips, credit cards, and junk mail
  • Integrated SafeSense technology
  • Monitor Real time
  • Having many choices about the sheets of paper


  • Don’t see anything

The next product we recommend for you comes from the Bonsaii brand. And its name is Bonsaii 18-Sheet Heavy Duty EverShred C149-C Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder.

This product is completely worth to be called the quietest paper shredder due to while it is working, the noise is created which is very low. It is only 62 dB. Almost don't cause any discomfort for users and people around. Besides, this paper shredder also has some other functions.

The function, which every item from Bonsaii has, is auto start and auto reverse function. Thanks to this automatic ability, the machine prevents paper from frustrating a lot.

Furthermore, the new system in this paper shredding machine is the advanced cooling system. It was patented cutting technology. Therefore it can work in 1 hour continuously without any problems.

These systems help the product's longevity to last so long.

In addition, it has some small points that we can also talk about. Such as: the particles measuring is really tiny 13/64 x 1-37/64 inches (5 x 40mm), the large capacity of the pull-out wastebasket 6 gallons, etc.

Afterall, this is a wonderful selection for everyone because of all features and functions of this quietest paper shredder.


  • 1 hour of continuous operation
  • The advanced cooling system
  • Extremely small cutout size 13/64 x 1-37 / 64 inches (5 x 40mm)
  • Low noise is only 62 dB
  • Function of automatic start and auto reverse


  • It should not be used to shred 18 sheets like introduction, only 12 - 13 sheets

Fellowes may be a popular brand in this list. And the product this time we find out is Fellowes Powershred 73Ci 100% Jam Proof 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder.

Having the same system as other products from Fellowes - jam resistance system 100%. Therefore when it works, all cases of paper jamming or the troubles about paper are almost eliminated.

And to ensure always giving the customers safety, this paper shredder was installed with SafeSense technology. The ability of this technology is stopping shredding when users' hands touch the paper opening.

These systems not only help the shredding machine work more effectively but also give the customers the peace of mind when using it.

We still have some other information about this product: the size of the results after shredding is 5/32” x 1-1/2”.

The bin has the LED indicator. When the bin is full, it will notify users to know that.

And to keep safe for the long life of the machine, the makers installed the cool down period. It will run in 10 minutes, then cool down and work again after that.

The producers cared about the performance and longevity of the product. Simultaneously caring about the safety of the customers, so this is a perfect choice that cannot be skipped.


  • 100% jam proof system
  • SafeSense technology
  • The LED bin-full indicator
  • Small cross-cut particles 5/32” x 1-1/2”.
  • Can be used for credit cards, staples, CDs/DVDs, paper clips


  • After running 10 minutes, it needs to cool down before shredding again.

Here is Bonsaii again. This paper shredder is called Bonsaii EverShred Pro 3S16 12-Sheet Heavy Duty Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder.

To be chosen in this list, this paper shredder of course operates very quiet. The maximum noise level of it is only 58 dB. Thus it will bring to the users the quiet and smooth experience.

However, the quietest work is not the same as being the slowest. The shredding speed can reach 7.2 feet per min.

Even though it operates so quickly, the results which it gives the customers is still very great. The papers can be shredded into tiny size 4mm x 35mm (5/32 x 1 3/8 inches).

And like other shredding machines from the same brand, this shredder also has these systems: jam proof system, auto start and auto reverse. This combination will protect you and the machine from almost all the problems and frustration.

Don’t have any things tell you not to try this item. Why don’t you try once, right?


  • Continuous shredding up to 60 minutes
  • Quiet operation, only 58 dB noise
  • Tiny particles measuring 5/32 x 1 3/8 inches (4mm x 35mm).
  • Also effective with CD/DVD, credit card, clips, staples.
  • Speed up to 7.2 feet per minute
  • Combination of the jam protection system with auto start and auto reverse.
  • Equipped with the casters to move easily.
  • 3 years warranty


  • The shreds tend to stick in the bin
  • Quite hard to clean

A new product, a new design and a new experience. Let’s see the GBC Paper Shredder.

The maximum capacity per cut of this product is 12 sheets. Not a big figure but at this level, the shredding machine not only works effectively but also is not noisy.

You can also use it to cut out some good stuff that comes with documents like credit cards, paper clips, staples, CDs, DVDs and so on.

Another point, the shredding machine has a separate cutter for discs. Therefore it can shred CDs or DVDs completely without influence to the main cutters.

After a long time using it, the bin will be full. And at the time, the bin has the indicator, it will help you know when you need to empty the bin.

What makes this item more prominent is the CCPA compliance. The GBC shredder always works based on the comprehensive data security policy.

For the quietest shredder machine, these are the essential features. And this shredding machine has all of them. So do you get it to experience?


  • Super cross-cut shredder
  • Versatile shredding
  • The bin has an indicator
  • CCPA compliance
  • Limited 2 - 7 years warranty


  • We don’t find out anything

This is a selection for the customers who need a small version of the quietest paper shredder. In spite of the small size, its performance is really not bad. The product’s name this time is Aurora High Security JamFree AU1000MA 10-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper / CD / Credit Card Shredder.

Each time shredding, users can only put in maximum 10 sheets of papers. But to make sure it works effectively, you just should put in from 8 to 9 sheets.

Whether the size of the machine is small, the power of it is not weak. It also can shred some things without papers such as: staples, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, small paper slips, etc.

The makers gave it some indicator lights. These LED indicators will notify customers of the mode of power.

In a small machine, it still has many technologies like bigger ones. 

And the most highlights are: auto start and stop, advanced jam protection technology, protection overload and overheat. These installations will last the age of the shredder for you.

For a small size, this product is still worth having a place of the most effective and the quietest paper shredder.


  • Can shred credit cards, CDs/DVDs, staples, small paper clips
  • Protect from overload / overheat
  • The LED indicator lights power.
  • Auto start and stop.
  • Advanced Jam Free technology.


  • The bin doesn't have any sort of lock or catch

We come over half of this list. And we start coming to some paper shredding machine of Amazon Basics. The first is Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Home Office Shredder.

Besides very quiet operation, operation time is also a thing to pay attention to. The allotted time is 7 minutes on and 30 minutes off. If you let it come over this time, it will turn off automatically. This ability is set to protect the motor from overheating and damage.

This may be a small version with the sheet capacity each time is only 12 sheets. And when you used it to shred credit cards, remember to put in one card at a time.

And the size of the result after being shredded is 3/16 x 1-9 / 16 inches (5 x 40 mm). This is the standard size of the security level P-3.

Besides, it owns a friendly design. Users can control the paper shredder by the control switch: auto, off, forward and reverse.

The machine's status is reported via the LED status indicators, included: power on, overheat, overland and misaligned.

And the can did forget giving it the anti-jam combined with reverse technology to help the product work smoother and more effectively.

This is a selection of the quietest paper shredders that no one ought to ignore if you don't want to be disappointed.


  • Cross-cut shred size is 3/16 x 1-9/16 inches (5 x 40 mm).
  • Shredder will automatically shut off if it continuously comes over max run time.
  • Friendly design with users.
  • LED status indicators
  • Anti-jam auto reverse technology


  • The bucket is quite flimsy

Aurora AU1415XA 14-Sheet Crosscut Paper/CD and Credit Card Shredder/ 5-Gallon pullout Basket/ 10 Minutes Continuous Run Time is the next item we recommend to you.

Besides shredding 14 sheets of paper one time, this shredder also can destroy some other things: small paper clips, credit cards, CDs and DVDs.

And the size of the pieces after being shredded is extremely small - 5/32 by 1-7 / 32 inches. The size is of the information security level P-4.

Each time using it, users can let it run continuously in 10 minutes. This is the maximum time running without troubles.

Moreover, this product has also installed many modern technologies. The most prominent and also most popular products are overload protection and paper jam proof. These are the basic features for long-term machine protection.

On the bin, the makers designed the LED indicator lights. Some modes it can notify you are overheat, overload, bin full, standby and door open status.


  • Quiet operation
  • Overload protection
  • Paper jam prevention
  • Can destroy credit cards, CDs, DVDs and small paper clips too
  • Small pieces: 5/32 x 1-7/32 inches
  • Continuous running time 10 minutes non-stop
  • Having LED indicator lights


  • It sometimes can open constantly while shredding

Next, here is EZBASICS 5-Sheet Cross-Cut (Lubricant is not Needed) Paper and Credit Card Shredder.

To be selected on this list, of course each product has to meet the needs of its extremely low noise. And this time is no exception. EZBASICS 5-Sheet Cross-Cut has the ultra low noise, only 58 dB. This number is not big enough to make someone uncomfortable or angry.

Some minor features are: cutting capacity is 5 sheets of paper, one credit card at a time; small pieces (3/19 ”x 1-3 / 16”); the transparent window to view easily.

Besides that, it also set up essential functions. In order to minimize the case of paper jam, the manufacturer installed this product 2 technologies: manual reverse and auto start. And it is really effective.

Another automatic function is when the shredding machine is overloaded or overheats, the paper shredder will stop immediately. This ability protects it from being destroyed from inside.


  • Super low noise: 58 dB
  • Auto start
  • Manual reverse.
  • Automatically stops
  • Transparent window
  • Shredded paper measures 3/19"x 1-3/16"


  • Don’t prevent paper from jamming 100%
  • Small capacity - 5 sheets

Bonsaii still has another product in our searching. We call this product is Bonsaii Paper Shredder, 12 Sheet Cross Cut Document and Credit Card Shredder.

This paper shredding machine is a medium version. Due to the maximum sheets at a time shredding is 12 sheets.

And with this amount of paper, the shredder will work most effectively. Everything will be cut into cross sections with the measuring is only 13/64 x 1-49 / 64 inches.

It can run continuously for 5 minutes. And if you make it overheat, you need to spend at least 40 minutes for the shredder to cool-down.

Users can know when they need to let it cool down thanks to the overheated LED indicator. In that case, unless you allow it to relax, it will turn off automatically, this will help protect its motor.

Besides, the makers equipped it with the safety switch. When the operators lift the machine head, all equipment inside will stop working. This is the function which protects customers out of danger.


  • To protect the motor automatically shut off when overheated
  • Safety switch
  • Adding the security for sensitive documents.
  • Operate quickly and efficiently.
  • Having the see-through window.


  • It can overheat.

We will come to a new one together right now - RAGU Paper Shredder, 6-Sheet Capacity Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder.

This product was made from a high quality material – top-notch ABS plastic. This material not only gives the users perfect performance but also helps the machine be more durable and non-deformable construction.

Although it is a small size – 6 sheets, its security level is P-4. The papers are cut into 5/32” x 1-1/2”. That ensures the safety of your information.

About the technology, it was equipped with the automatic start combined with the manual reverse and the paper jam proof. Therefore, this product will work without any problems or issues.


  • High quality material
  • P-4 security level
  • Auto start combined with manual reverse
  • Paper jam resistance
  • The transparent window


  • Not completely quiet, still a little noisy

Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper, CD and Credit Card Home Office Shredder is the second selection from Amazon Basics.

This shredder in addition to being able to shred paper, it also can destroy some good things along with documents such as: small paper clips, staples and both CDs, DVDs, credit cards.

It also has the max run time (2 minutes on / 15 minutes off). If you let it come over this time, the shredder will automatically shut down. This mechanism helps it protect the engine itself.

Designed to be easy to use. The control switch includes 3 modes - auto, off and reverse.

It included almost conditions for a quietest paper shredder.


  • Rate of 9.84 feet per minute
  • Security level meets P-2 standards
  • Auto stops when overheated
  • Users friendly design with the control switch


  • The designed appearance is too wide

The last choice we give you is Amazon Basics 150-Sheet Autofeed Micro-Cut Paper Shredder.

The last product is not the worst product. It still has almost necessary features that the quietest paper shredder needs.

The first thing is about the ability of shredding. The shredder shreds papers into 6x smaller than cross-cut others. And it meets the security P-4.

You can also destroy some things like credit cards, DVDs and CDs by this machine.

Moreover, it of course owns modern technology like other competitors. They are auto stops when overheated, jam proof, the LED indicators (bin full, feed error, door open, overheat and overload), 4-mode control switch (auto/on, off, reverse, forward).

Especially, to upgrade the ability of saving energy, the producers created the sleep mode for it. This is the best technology in this paper shredder.


  • The security level is P-4 standards
  • Can shred 6X smaller than standard cross-cut ones
  • Can also destroy CDs, DVDs and credit cards.
  • If it overheats, the machine will shut off automatically.
  • Control switch consists of 4 modes
  • Paper jam resistance
  • Having sleep mode
  • The LED indicators.


  • There are many shreds left inside of the paper shredding machine.

Things To Note To Select The Quietest Paper Shredder For Customers

To choose the quietest paper shredder which is most suitable for you depends on many conditions.

The first thing is about your demand. For each person, they will have their own demands. Let’s think, what is your demand? Do you need a big paper or a small one? Do you want to use it to shred paper only or something else? And then check the product we recommended for you to select.

The next is the design. It is your favorite, no one can help you in this part.

You can also care about the way to use the machine. If you don’t know about technology so much, you ought to choose the user-friendly control for using it easily. And if you like modern technology, you can also try it.

Many things you need to think before getting one. Thus, thinking carefully, don’t be in a hurry.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Quietest Paper Shredder

Don’t be worried about the large number of products. We collapsed selections for you. And here are 5 best products in our opinion.


best quietest paper shredder for someone who need the shredding machine can work continuously for a long time

Thanks for reading to the end. Hope this article doesn’t waste your time.

See you again in other helpful lists.

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