Top 13 Quietest Professional Hair Dryer Reviews and Comparison 2021

None of you can deny the benefits of a good hairdryer. Besides drying your hair, you should pay attention to other elements of a hairdryer, especially its volume. How many of you are daily struggling with the annoying loud whoosh coming from your hairdryers? Not only does the noise harm your ears but it also gets on others’ nerves. Therefore, we are going to give you a review of the top 13 quietest professional hair dryers. 

We make sure you will find the best quiet hair dryers for yourself with our well-selected information regarding high-quality products on the market and buying guidance. 

Quietest Professional Hair Dryer Comparison 2021

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Top 13 Quietest Professional Hair Dryer Reviews 2021

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SRI Salon Dry Pro

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This hair dryer boasts the negative ionic technology that assures hair’s healthy moisture levels and its voluminity. Made of ceramic materials, this machine funnels an abundance of negative ions into your hair rendering it naturally polished and shiny. 

Another desirable factor is that the dryer has adjustable voltage, which means you can bring it along when travelling different places without carrying a voltage converter. 

The handle is ergonomic enough for you to change the button with only one hand. There are three heat settings on the handle. For different types of hair including thick-long or thin-fine hair, this flexible heat range can prove its usefulness.

For those who care about the noise level, this machine has a level of 60 to 74 decibels thanks to its 1875 watts AC motor. 

There is good news that you can get a 1 year warranty with no extra conditions. 


  • Cord can be plugged into different sockets
  • 1.3 pounds
  • High maneuverability


  • Prohibitive

Sam Villa Blow Dryer

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This equipment will bless you with a salon-like experience with less noise, weight and more professional results.

The LightProfessional Ionic Blow Dryer uses a recognized Evolution-Turbo Compressor to unleash intensely powerful yet whispering airflow. The noise of this machine can be viewed as a breeze flowing through your ears.

The handle is mildly incurved to fit your hands perfectly and the dryer is extremely delicate to hold.

There are 2 spinning nozzles: a 3 inch wide nozzle that spreads the airflow for long thick hair and a 2.5 inch narrow nozzle to make air concentrated for sleek finishes.


  • Quick cleaning
  • Smoothier, Shinier blowouts
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Cord doesn’t twist


  • Separately sold diffuser 

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer

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BaBylissPRO styling tools are popular among many hairdressers, barbers, and purchasers everywhere because of their durability and versatility.

Compared to ceramic hair dryers, this titanium Portofino is way more lightweight and suitable for quick styling. Titanium holds temperature consistently thus boosting the speed of drying. 

Nano titanium ionic technology is harnessed to beat static electricity and seal the cuticle for shiny, bouncy hair. Thanks to this technology, along with the 2000-wat Italian motor, heat is dispersed evenly for optimum results.

There are 6 heat/speed settings which are easily accessed to but cannot be accidentally turned on and off. With some hair dryers on the market, you are to indeliberately switch the buttons but this will not happen with the  BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino


  • Short drying time
  • Variable settings
  • Comfortable handling
  • Convenient features
  • Removable stainless-steel rear filter


  • The buttons take time to lose its stiffness

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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In this equipment, an intelligent thermometer ensures that temperature is recorded 40 times every second and heat is controlled at a safe level for your hair’s shine. 

It can be seen that the motor is placed in the handle instead of the head so your hair will not get stuck and tangled during drying. Additionally, it has three magnetic styling accessories: a concentrator with high-speed airflow for precision styling, a smoothing nozzle with regulated airflow for natural-looking results and a diffuser with equal air distribution for curls and waves. 

Ionic technology is also harnessed in this case. For frizzy hair, this is good news. Last but not least, there are changeable heat settings and a cool button for hair styling. 


  • Magnetic nozzles
  • Non-Tangle Cord
  • Lightweight and balanced


  • Expensive

Tocmoc Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

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If you used to have a heavy hair dryer, you may still remember the pain it inflicted on your hands and your shoulders. The pain will not be repeated by this Tocmoc Professional Ionic Hair Dryer. Indeed, it feels like weightless (410g/14.46oz) offering you immense maneuverability.

There are two magnetized rotating concentrators included which may come in handy when you want to make your favorite styles. These assorties will stick to the dryer as soon as it stays near to the outlet so don’t worry that your nozzles may get loose after long-term use.

This machine has a unique temperature sensor that can regulate the celsius degree in response to the surrounding environment. Thus, your hair is protected from overheating or damage.  

At the air outlet of the blowdryer, there is a channel that lets negative ions into the layers under your hair hence removing fizz and retaining moisture. 


  • Super lightweight
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Advanced self-cleaning


  • The cord is quite short

Infiniti Pro By Conair 3Q

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The 3Q stands for quick, quiet, and quality. Unlike traditional hairdryers, this quiet Infiniti Pro features a brushless motor technology that uses magnets and electronics to absorb air so it can withstand the test of time and promise to last 10 times longer than the traditional AC motor. 

The brushless motor has a patented noise reduction technology, which provides you with a relaxing drying experience. This special motor also ensures that the main force of the dryer is air pressure, not heat. Therefore, you will not feel too hot with this hair dryer and your hair is protected against high temperatures. 

Hair is susceptible to frizz after getting wet as water contains positive molecules causing hair to raise. The ionic ceramic technology in this Infiniti Pro will get rid of these ions thus making your hair look neat and shiny after drying.

In terms of beautifying, there are added attachments for you to try different hairstyles. A concentrator can help with making blowouts or straightening hair while a diffuser is for curly styles. 

Besides, it is extremely lightweight so you will feel comfortable manipulating it with your hands and making your favorite hairstyles. There is a cool button to lock your curls or waves in place.

You can customize this hairdryer with its 3 heat and 2 speed buttons, which means it is suited to both fine and thick hair. 


  • Frizz-free drying
  • Not transmit too much heat
  • Easy to clean
  • Moderately priced


  • The cord is short

KIPOZI 1875W Hair Dryer

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The state-of-the-art nano ionic technology and a steady airflow are outstanding characteristics of this MHU Professional. With their assistance, your hair will be sleek like silk without any trace of wetness. There are an additional concentrator and diffuser in the gift box for a variety of styling. 

Technically, the working system of this equipment is safe to use with a 6.56-foot long cord, an ALCI safety plug, and a removable air filter, all of which have received ETL certification. The button section contains a cool shot button, 3 heat settings (Low/Medium/High), and 2 airspeed Settings (Soft/Fast).

Last but not least, the compactness of the design permits easy handling and effortless control whereas the handle is designed to perfectly rest well in your paws.


  • Detachable rear filter 
  • Long cord
  • A loop for hanging
  • consistent and strong airflow
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Budget-friendly


  • Average speed

MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w

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The best quiet professional hair dryer for frizzy hair.

This quiet professional hair dryer can alleviate the suffering of your head due to long-term exposure to heat because it significantly shortens the time you usually spend on drying with other normal hairdryers. 

The rationale behind its wonderful function lies in the Far-Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Technology, in which the heat is not very intense and negative ions appear to flatten your hair. 

AC motors can make the current more consistent thus reducing wastage and prolonging the service life. A lot of buyers have sung the praise of this machine for its fabulous low-volume noise, which is due to the motor. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain thanks to a removable lint filter.

When it comes to design, there is a professional hook for simple storage, a 9-foot cord made of heat-proof, and an easy-to-grip handle. 


  • Powerful wind
  • Long-life motor dryer
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Fast blow dryer


  • A little heavy

JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer

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There is a concentrator and diffuser included. The diffuser is employed to lift the curly and wavy hair and stop your hair from being tangled, frizzy and unmanageable, the concentrator for sleek and gorgeous styles.

Harmless infrared heat is gently emitted to reduce up to 60% less frizz, while ionic technology dries your hair much faster and styles for smooth, silky hair.

This JINRI hair dryer has a double-layer net to prevent your hair from being sucked. At the same time, the rear filter is removable and easy to clean, durable to use.


  • Easy-to-use mechanism
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Lightweight and packageable
  • High drying speed
  • Durability


  • The ionic feature is fixed

BIO IONIC Powerlight Pro Dryer

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The quietest professional hair dryer

Bio Ionic is a brand established by a hairstylist and has become many professional’s choices for styling tools. The brand is renowned for advanced natural ionic technology that delivers speed and healthy, hydrated hair. 

But if you are not a professional hairstylist, this Powerlight Pro Dryer is made for you too. Its weight is only more than one pound and the design is intuitive enough for you to understand the function of every button.  

The AC motor ensures the noise generated is not too overwhelming for your ears. This special motor makes the hair dryer use 75% less energy than other available equivalents. 

In this Powerlight Pro Dryer, nanoionics minerals are mixed into the elite pro styling collection to separate water molecules. Hair is then exposed to these micronized water molecules for extra hydration thus looking extremely sleek and silk-like.  

Another fabulous specialty of this machine is its improved nanobead technology, in which your hair is dried without losing its natural moisture and still looks beautiful as well as healthy. 

Those having hair dyed many times should use it on the daily basis to eliminate roughness and frizz.


  • User-friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Additional nozzles
  • Retain moisture for hair


  • Quite expensive

Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

A new point in this professional hairdryer is the fast-running turbo serving to release a huge volume of ions thus reducing frizz, static, split ends, tangles and knots. In addition, the Ceramic Tourmaline technology makes hair look healthy, lustrous, and glossy. 

When it comes to the design, it features a comfy non-slip handle for flexible maneuvers even if your hands are wet. Moreover, your drying spots are limitless as the cord is long enough to stretch as far as 9 feet. 

As its name suggests, this professional hair dryer will gain you salon-like experiences through the top-notch DC motor (2200W) that gives out steady airflow and reduces drying time.

The ceramic technology generating infrared heat will dry your hair strands thoroughly. Also, it can dry your hair at a fast speed without making your hair a mess with the assistance of included drying nozzles.


  • Powerful 2200 watt motor
  • Advanced built-in ions generator
  • Removable lint filter


  • Quite Bulky

Mint STEALTH Professional Ionic Hair Blow Dryer

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The quietest professional hair dryer for high-intensity drying

This quietest machine is designed with an incredibly noise-reducing AC motor emitting strong airflow and a drying power at 1875 watts.

There is an improved sophisticated Ionic+ technology increasing your hair’s health and softness levels by means of churning out supercharged ions at high speed. 

The internal tourmaline heating coil gives off wholesome infrared heat that dries your hair back to front and maintains moisture instead of forcefully burning your sensitive hair.

If you want a machine that will stay with you for a long time, then this blow dryer is worth your consideration. According to the statistics, the lifespan of a Stealth hair dryer is from 250 to 500 hours as it is engineered for hair salons from the very start.


  • Powerful 1875 watts of drying power
  • 3 Heat, 2 wind speed settings
  • Includes two concentrator nozzle and diffuser
  • strong controlled airflow
  • Soft touch grip
  • Ergonomically balanced


  • The cord is quite heavy

Berta 1875W Tourmaline Hair Dryer 

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As you can see, The buttons are at the side of the handle so you will be less likely to unexpectedly modify the settings when drying your hair.

Assisted by the Newly engineered AC motor, Berta 1875-watt is able to give you superior drying and styling experience.

Tourmaline ionic infused heaters and integrated Ion generators put a number of ions onto the hair to eliminate static, condition the hair for a healthy smooth, shiny look.

More importantly, your hair will be protected against overheating due to the thermo protect drying power 


  • Reduces flyaways 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Removable back cover and filter
  • Ionic conditioning


  • Cord too short

Buying guide: What you should expect in the quietest professional hair dryer (2021)?

Bombarded with too much information, you may find it hard to find an ideal hair dryer. Don’t worry because I am going to give you some helpful tips when it comes to choosing this machine. There are inherent features in every hair dryer that you can consider to differentiate many products on the market. 


quietest professional hair dryer

Do you know that the power of a hair dryer influences your electricity bills? Understandably, the higher the wattage, the more electricity it will consume and the higher your bill will be.

However, hair dryers with low wattage will not release strong airflow and improve drying time. My advice is that you should choose hair dryers of more than 1500 watt and they should have good energy efficiency so you will not waste electricity. 

For thick, difficult to dry hair, dryers with a wattage between 1800 to 2000 are a wise choice. They are commonly used by stylists in salons, so you’ll be likely to obtain salon-quality finishes at home!


Heavy-weight blow dryers can put a strain on your back and shoulders, causing pain and enduring stress.

The weight also plays an important role in styling. Lightweight dryers can enhance hands maneuverability and you can perform the right techniques to make the best results. 

As such, a dryer made of titanium is key if your hands are weak and the ideal weight for a hair dryer is approximately 1 pound (0.45 kg). 


quietest professional hair dryer

Many hair dryers have accompanying diffusers and concentrators. 

The purpose of hair dryers is not solely to dry your hair, but to help you try different hairstyles.

Diffusers separate your hair and enhance its natural smoothness, making your hair shinier and drying it faster. They are valuable for curly or wavy hair because they keep the texture intact yet still adding volume. 

Concentrators help dry a specific part at a time, especially your bangs or add volume to the root of your hair. They are also immensely helpful for frizzy or straight hair.  


Long-lasting exposure to loud noises causes you tons of harm. No matter who you are, when you choose a hair dryer, you must choose a low-noise one to protect your overall health. Luckily, on the market, there are a lot of available high-quality low-noise blow dryers for you to opt for. They will contain advanced noise-diminishing technology that can meet your demands.

Heating settings

quietest professional hair dryer

Various heat settings are important in a hair dryer as they will allow different types of hair to receive appropriate temperatures without damage. 

The low heat setting is ideal for fine and thin hair

The medium setting will work well for normal hair

The high heat setting can be used for coarse, thick hair

Cool setting

High-quality hair dryers will contain a cool button for you to use at the near end of your drying. Its role is to cut the cuticle for smooth and sleek hair. The recommendation is that you change from the heat setting to the cool setting when your hair is approximately 80% dry.

Hair type

quietest professional hair dryer

You should know what hair type a hairdryer serves before purchasing it.

For thick, frizzy hair, Ionic or tourmaline hair dryers will do by emitting negative ions that break down the water clusters on your hair for faster drying. Therefore, your hair is made less frizzy. 

Tourmaline is a semi-precious metal that boasts the most intense ionic ability. This material is expensive but it may be a good investment.

If you have fine or thin hair, use a ceramic hair dryer as it can control heat penetrating your hair.

Infrared ray

Prioritize hair dryers emitting infrared rays as they will dry your hair faster without making it look mangy with overheating. Infrared rays dry your hair from the inside out and protect the moisture in your hair. These rays can be found in Tourmaline hair dryers.


quietest professional hair dryer

There should be a hook in a hair dryer so you can hang it on the wall or in the bathroom.


Nanotechnology directs microscopic water particles at your hair to lock in moisture, prevent overdrying and create smooth, high-shine results. A hair dryer built with nanotechnology in itself is very much worth considering.

Give a look at this video to try amazing hairstyles with your hairdryers:

Conclude: Our top five picks for the quietest professional hair dryer in 2021

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After reading our review, have you got your answer yet? Find your own ideal quietest professional hair dryer and make the final decision here!

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