There Are The Quietest Small Engine Muffler You Are Finding

For someone, the noise can make them angry and tired. Especially the big noise. To solve this problem, you need to install the quietest small engine muffler for your machines and vehicles.

When a machine or vehicle works, it will also create the sound. That sound can be small or big depending on each type, structure and many things of the machine / vehicle. But if it is too loud, not the users who are using it will not be comfortable but also people around are also don’t like that sound and may feel annoyed.

And a small engine muffler will help you improve this trouble. It will give you a more peaceful space without making your vehicle / machine worse.

We spent a long hunt to look for the most wonderful product of this item for you. Let’s go with us to know about them and choose one for yourselves right now.

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Best product for who wants the muffler which has 2 outlets

Best selection for a high durable muffler 

Best item for the stability in working 

Best choice for someone who doesn't want to spend much time installing the equipment

Best selection for perfect performance

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Top Quietest Small Engine Muffler Reviews 2022

Right now, we will come to the first product of this list. And we found out the first quietest small engine muffler that is an item from Borla. Its name is Borla 40349 Muffler, Metallic.

This is a good and necessary equipment for your ride. It works quite effectively and gives users the perfect sound during the whole trip.

It has dual outlet oval shape. The size of all body product is 24 inches. And the exact parameter is 3 inches inlet and dual 2.5 inches outlet. The location of the inlet and outlet was designed so balance and pretty.

Therefore customers need to check their owns machine or vehicle. And after making sure that this small engine muffler is completely suitable with your vehicle, you ought to decide to get it.

To have a good vehicle, before that it needs to have good and right parts. The quietest small engine muffler from Borla will be one of the important parts which you will really need.


  • Specific parameter: 24 inches overall length, 3 inches inlet, dual 2.5 inches outlet.
  • A center/dual configuration.
  • An un notched design.


  • Still having little rumble.

And this is still another one muffler which comes from the Borla brand. This brand may be good in the field of this invention. The name of the next product we introduce to you is Borla 40359 Muffler.

It has the appearance quite like the product above. The muffler was still designed like an oval shape. And it has a silver color due to it being made of high quality stainless steel - 300 Series Austenitic.

But it only has one inlet and one outlet. The size of them both 3 inches. It helps customers install the muffler easily and quickly but still ensuring that the equipment works well.

And it has a smaller size - 19 inches for the overall length. Therefore you still should check your machine before getting item to home.

This is the muffler which has the size and structure that was designed to be used for domestic cars and trucks - these are the most suitable vehicles that follow the maker's instruction.

Besides, if your vehicle has the suitable parameter, you may be able to use it.

The small engine muffler was configured with un notched for the exhaust. This point is also a plus score for this item to become the best competitor in this list.


  • Small size - 19 inches.
  • High durable material.
  • One inlet and one outlet.


  • It's not too loud but still not too quiet.

The next item we want to recommend to you is the product from Walker brand. This is the product which has both the quality from inside to outside. This version’s name is Walker 21357 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler.

It was made from 100% stainless steel. Thanks to this material, the small engine muffler has a longer life than others. And due to the muffler is not aluminized like other products on the market, creating long, strong and good quality.

Another point helps this item last longevity is at the time the temperature changes, it allows internal partitions and mechanically joined tubes to expand and contract. From that, the distortion can be decreased to minimize.

Spun-locked heads and WLifeMan OE-style spot welds give mufflers the stability of structure and it will be supplied with longer life.

Users will have another advantage of this product that is easy installation. Owning to when installing, it does require the welding or fabrication.

The 21357 version of Walker Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel is worth the quietest small engine muffler.


  • High durable material - stainless steel.
  • Easy to install.
  • Having stability.


  • It is still quite loud.

Here is still another item from Walker. The product of this brand may be quite good and qualify. And this is another version - Walker 21337 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler. We will check and compare if it has any new feature with the one above right now.

Like other products from the same brand, 100% construction of the 21337 muffler was still made of stainless steel. And because of that point, it owns its last longevity.

And versusing with the aluminized mufflers, it has the ability of reducing moisture collection thanks to the drainage system inside.

It was also installed inside partitions and joined mechanical tubes. And it can expand and contract too if the temperature changes. And the installation is also much simpler than other competitors.

Specially, it can control the acoustic better, premiumly. Due to it has OE-style louvered tubes and OE-style domed heads. They help the muffler work well when lowing the noise and reducing the radiated noise.

We can say that this product was upgraded a lot about the performance to be the quietest small engine muffler for all customers.


  • Premium acoustic control.
  • Qualify material highly.
  • Easy installation.
  • Having stability.


  • None

So quickly, we have gone through half of the list. Let’s come to the fifth item that we found out. This is a product which has a cool appearance. We call it the Thrush 17661 Welded Muffler.

It was made from high durable material. The material is high temperature metallic or it also can be the 304 stainless steel.

The whole product was polished. Combined with the embossed Thrush logo that makes it look so eye-catching.

This is really a small engine muffler with the size of overall length being only 19 inches.

And the inlet's size is 3 inches and outlet's size is 2.5 inches.

To talk about its performance, so good. Two chambers design helps the muffler give the users good experience with a deep aggressive sound.

We think that you don't have any reasons to prevent you from trying this item.


  • Create good sound.
  • Material is so wonderful.
  • The appearance is eye-catching.


  • Does not have anything to be talked about.

The next product we will introduce to you is the Universal 1.5" Inlet Exhaust Muffler With Removable DB Killer Slip On Dirt Street Bike Motorcycle Scooter - Carbon Fiber Color.

The first thing we can see from this competitor is the appearance - it is so unique compared with others. Its outfit looks like the carbon fiber painted.

Because it was made from aluminum and plastic, its weight is very light. Compared with other quietest small engine mufflers, this can be an advantage which makes this product more complete.

The DB silencer is the part which can be removed if users want. And it also plays a big part in making a better sound.

It is quite easy to install, the vehicles just need to have the pipe diameter 38 mm that will fit with this muffler. Such as street bike, dirt bike, ATV, scooter, Quad, etc.

Do you think Universal 1.5 "Inlet Exhaust Muffler With Removable DB Killer Slip On Dirt Street Bike Motorcycle Scooter - Carbon Fiber Color can be the best selection for you?


  • Can be used for many vehicles.
  • Lightweight.
  • Removable DB silencer.


  • The normal material - aluminum and plastic.

Briggs & Stratton 494585 Lo-Tone Muffler For 4 HP (10 CID) and 5 HP Horizontal and Vertical Engines is the next muffler we give you. Let’s see which features it owns to make it be a brightening competitor in this list.

This is the part which was created to replace the old part before such as: 297506, 297274, 393615 and 493936.

And it was improved to complete the assembly so much. Different from other traditional mufflers, this item includes many parts that need to be assembled when using. They are the gasket, the adapters and mounting hardware.

Its design is suitable with various types of Briggs & Stratton engines for users.

Besides, it has the OEM part. The thing ensures the performance of muffler longevity and the proper fit.

Such a good product for someone who is needing the quietest small engine muffler.


  • Many parts.
  • Better performance.
  • Fit with many types of Briggs & Stratton engines.


  • We didn’t see any weaknesses from description

We came to the end of this list. This is the last product we found out and want to give to you. It is called Oregon 35-012 Super Low Tone Muffler Replacement for Briggs & Stratton 393010, 393010S. Go on exploring it with us immediately.

It owns a special design, different from all the products above.

One end is connected to the motor, the other end has many small holes arranged in a ring. Perhaps such a design makes it possible to reduce sound.

No one can skip this item if they don't want to be disappointed.


  • All parts are produced to meet or over the OEM specifications.


  • Not much noise reduction - just a little.

What You Need To Care To Get The Quietest Small Engine Muffler?

To choose the best product for your machines and vehicles, you need to consider many features of the quietest small engine muffler.

First about the material, we always think that good material will give better work’s effect. However, for someone, the material is not important. It can be high quality stainless steel, or aluminum or plastic, etc. The main thing of a product is its performance. But a perfect material will play an essential part - that is create a long life for the muffler.

Secondly is the size. Each machine, vehicle has its own size for every equipment. Basic on the size of machine, the size of the installation space, and then you will select the fittest part for it.

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Third thing of the quietest small engine muffler is the price. If you like the change frequently, you just need a medium price for each product you get. And in the case you need something to be used for a long time, a high price and a high quality item is the best choice for you. Customers are also the collectors, and of course the product comes from a famous brand and has high price is the most suitable selection for them.

11 Set new muffler

Choosing the fittest thing for each person is not in the same way. For one person, they have to have their own opinion. And depending on it to decide everything for yourselves.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Quietest Small Engine Muffler

In closing, in all recommendations we give you, here are 5 best ones of the quietest small engine muffler in our opinion. You can consider and try it if you want.

Whether you didn’t look for the best thing you need in this list, you still knew a lot of features of this item. Depending on it, you can find out the quietest small engine you need.

Hope this article can help you in something. And see ya...


best product for who wants the muffler which has 2 outlets


best selection for a high durable muffler


best choice for someone who doesn't want to spend much time installing the equipment 


best selection for perfect performance
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