Top 10 Quietest Snow Blowers Of 2021: A Review To Lead You To Your Long-waited Machine

During winter time, it may get really annoying having snow covering all your roads. Especially when the situation of global warming is increasing significantly, it is consequently difficult to predict whether the snow season will last long and how much snow may fall in one day. Since everybody does not want their work or schooling disturbed, people are using snow blowers to deal with the problem. Of course it happens to be effective most of the time, but some loud snow blowers may wake your family members or neighborhoods up in the early morning, when you want to go outside. For this reason, we have reviewed the top 10 quietest snow blowers to help you choose more easily and effectively.


Best Quietest Snow Blowers For Handling All Types Of Snow 

Best Quietest Snow Blowers For Handling Light Snow In Small Areas 

Best Quietest Snow Blowers For Heavy Snow In Small Areas 

Best Quietest Snow Blowers For Handling Thin Snow In All Kinds Of Areas 

Best Quietest Snow Blowers For Handling Thick Snow Or Users Living In Areas With Harsh Climate 

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Top 10 Quietest Snow Blowers Reviews 2021

The first one we want to review is the Briggs & Stratton 1022E. Even though it is gas engined, which may make it run loudly, it is still one of the quietest snow blowers available on the market. But before talking about the operating noise, let’s look at some outstanding benefits of this machine first.

With a clearing path of 22-inch width and intake of 12.5-inch height, this blower can cope with any kind of snowfall on your pathway, from thick to thin, or from wet to dry. The components of this blower are extremely durable and strong, therefore you can totally use it year by year with no or little issues.

Now, let’s find out how a gas-powered snow thrower can operate so quietly. The answer is in the engine. It is utterly efficient since the company reworked the whole set up with their latest model. Even though it is very powerful, the company did spend a great amount of time on soundproofing the engine casing. Everything else besides the engine also works with almost no noise, making it one of the quietest snow blowers out there.


  • Very quiet operation
  • Compatible with any kind of snow
  • Durable and powerful


  • The price may be high for some buyers but it is extremely useful

The first Snow Joe snow blower to be mentioned is the Snow Joe iOn15SB-LT. With the ability to clear snow of up to 15 inches wide and 8 inches deep, this machine is a great choice for small areas, for instance, sidewalks, decks and walkways.

This blower is cordlessly powered by a lithium-ion battery of 40 volts. It can operate quietly for about 30-45 minutes before running out of battery which takes approximately 2 hours to recharge. You may want to buy an additional battery, just in case you have to clear snow on too many walks and paths.

Besides the impressive quietness, this machine also impresses the users with its adjustable handle, less heavy weight and a rubber scraper bar to avoid scratching or ruining the surface.


  • Eco-friendly power-source
  • Easy start-up
  • Low operating noise


  • May not be suitable for large areas
  • Take quite a long time to recharge

Snow Joe iON21SB is one of the best cordless snow throwers you can find on the market nowadays. Being fully charged, it can last for about 65 minutes, which is quite longer than the aforementioned model of Snow Joe.

With the brushless engine of 600-Watt OEM, you will not have to stay outside for too long. The machine will help you solve your snow problems in just a short time of a few minutes. It also features both reverse and forward speed, which makes your snow blowing experience even more comfortable.

This machine is quite famous for its soft operating sound among the users. Many people have used it and expressed their preference for its quiet operation. If you are looking for a long-lasting, strong and quiet snow blower, this may be the one.


  • Quiet operation
  • Can last for long hours
  • Strong engine


  • May not work for long enough for some users with large snow covered areas

Snow Joe iON18SB-PRO is another cordless model from Snow Joe. This is a big advantage since you no longer have to untangle the cord and you can reach anywhere you want without being restricted by the length of the cord.

The machine’s battery can last for about 50 minutes, which may cause a burden if you have lots of snow to handle. You may need to purchase some additional batteries in case the blower runs out of battery during work. It is equipped with a headlight to help you get your work done even in the dark.

It is lightweight and pretty easy to move around, but it may be a little difficult to run through dense snow, which is totally reasonable. Besides all the outstanding points, this machine is also one of the quietest snow blowers you can find on the market along with other models from Snow Joe. Since Snow Joe is popular for their whisper-quiet operating snow throwers, this one will by no means disappoint you.


  • Cordless
  • Includes an LED headlight
  • Super quiet operation


  • Can not work smoothly on thick snow
  • The LED light may be too dim for some users

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The Toro 38381 is one of the most reliable and effective snow blowers you can purchase at a medium price. It can operate at an impressively high speed that will help you finish clearing your paths in no time.

This machine can clear an area of up to 18-inch width and 12-inch depth, which, along with the high working speed, means you will be able to handle any kind of snow in such a short amount of time.

Despite the strong engine and high speed, it is surprisingly quite lightweight and easy to operate. Moreover, it runs extremely quietly, which makes it even more worth your money. This is also a great choice for anyone who wants a strong, durable and quiet snow blower that can help you deal with any kind of snow.


  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Extra quiet operation
  • Can deal with any kind of snow


  • May be more suitable for male instead of female users

The Greenworks 2600502 snow blower is another strong and reliable machine that uses an 80 volt lithium-ion battery. Even though it can run for averagely 45 minutes, its strong power ensures you can clear a large area during this amount of time.

Since you are looking for a snow blower that runs quietly, this is also ideal and worth considering for you. The strong engine, easy mobility and quiet operation make this Greenworks suit a wide variety of customers and handle snow of many types.


  • Quiet operation
  • Strong engine


  • The battery may not last long enough for some users

The Earthwise SN72018 is an electric and cordless snow blower. At a medium price, this machine is quite impressive for us. Since it is an electric snow blower, it moves relatively not too fast, but can deal with a heavy workload. The 40 volt battery is powerful enough for it to clear an area that is 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

Even though it can work with heavy snow, it is surprisingly quiet while operating. If you live in a noise restricted neighborhood, it may be ideal for you to choose this machine. The electric engine makes it create less noise and therefore will not disturb your neighbors.


  • Quiet operation
  • Can do heavy workload
  • Reasonable price


  • The battery’s power may not be adequate for some users
  • Can not move quickly

If you want to buy a quiet snow blower that does not cost you too much money, the Snow Joe SJ623E is the one you are looking for. At a quite cheap price, this machine unexpectedly lasts long and can bear the hardest cold seasons.

Relatively, this blower can clear small paths such as walkways and driveways within minutes. This is an electric machine that requires plugging to a socket. You don’t have to worry about fueling, charging and can just start the work right away. But of course, your working area may be restricted due to the length of the cord.

This snow thrower is equipped with 3 LED lights that help you work even in the early morning or in the late night. Since it comes from Snow Joe, there is no doubt that this machine will work perfectly quietly, just like other models of the Snow Joe, therefore you can work at unusual times without disturbing your family members or neighbors.


  • Quiet operation
  • 3 LED lights


  • Restricted working area, or you have to bring connecting sockets to distant areas
  • May not be suitable for working in large areas

No products found.

The Tacklife GST01 is a low-priced electric snow blower that can help you get the job done. Inexpensive as it is, this machine can clear up to 800 pounds of snow in one single minute, which makes it suitable for both spacious and small driveways.

Since it is powered by electricity, the machine runs very smoothly and quietly. Even when dealing with a heavy amount of snow, it never sounds like it is overworking, which makes it very outstanding from some other snow blowers. If you need to clear a wide area without making too much noise, this may be your perfect match.


  • Quiet operation
  • Can do heavy workload
  • No need for fueling before working


  • Can work for mainly pavement instead of grass, gravel or similar surfaces

Coming from Snow Joe, this SJ615E model is one cheap but effectively quiet snow blower. With a small size, the ability to move 440 pounds of snow within a minute and an electric-powered engine, it can deal with any small area, for instance, walkways and driveways.

Relatively, this snow blower is quite lightweight and easy to operate even for weaker or smaller users. Just like other Snow Joe products, this machine is considered to be one of the quietest snow blowers that can get the job done at such a low price. Its quality and price will surely satisfy you.


  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Efficiency


  • Not suitable for heavy workload
  • Might take some time to do the job
  • Can not work for a longer time

Determinants Of The Quietest Snow Blowers You Are Looking For

We have sorted out the quietest snow blowers for you to consider. They come in different sizes, colors, designs, prices and especially all of them work whisper-quietly. But you may be still wondering which one to choose, it is absolutely normal since there are a lot of options that come with different features. To help you understand more before making up your mind, we will briefly describe the main points that you need to keep in mind when choosing a quiet snow blower

Take your time and read all these factors carefully, it will help you a lot with your purchasing.

Here are our key determinants:

Type of motor

Quietest snow blower

Snow blowers are divided into two types, the ones powered by electricity and the ones powered by gas motors. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. 

A gas motor is very strong and powerful that helps you tackle hard snow in large areas, you also don’t need to worry about electricity plug-in or some sort of things, since not all electric snow blowers are cordless.

But it may be a little bit noisier. On the other hand, an electric motor is easier to maintain and suitable for residential areas, but most of the time it can only deal with restricted areas if it is not cordless and you may find difficulties working with hard snow.

Clearing measurements

Quietest snow blower

If you need to clear a wide path, you should look for one that has large width and depth. But if you live in small areas with smaller areas to clear, it is the best to choose one in smaller sizes to save money and also storage space.

Heated handles

Quietest snow blower

If you need to clear a large area of snow in the harsh climate, there are some snow blowers that have heated handles to protect your hand from the cold. Make sure to check it out if your clearing area is too big.

Snow chute control

You can totally control the snow blowing direction by adjusting its special chute. If you are not too familiar with machines, you may need a snow blower that allows you to control the chute by a crack that can be turned manually. But if you can deal with sophisticated adjustments, go ahead and don’t worry too much about this factor.


Since the snow blower is a powerful machine, it can cause injuries during usage. For example, some people clear the auger using their bare hands, which is obviously dangerous. So don’t forget to check the machine description to see whether it comes with a clearing tool, or you will have to buy additional tools. It is also important to know where you will place your machine when not using it.

Because children may get near the machine, it can cause some unexpected incidents. So make sure, if you have kids, you need quite a safe place to store your blower.

Quietest snow blower

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my snow blower’s auger turn?

This is a quite common problem some users may have encountered once. The reason your auger does not turn is possibly a broken shear pin. Its function is to break hard objects that may come into the auger to avoid damaging the belt or gear case. Remember to replace the shear pin to protect other components and make the machine run effectively.

Other causes of this problem can also be a worn drive belt, a gear case failure or an auger control cable containing too much slack. So it is recommended to check your machine’s parts frequently to make sure everything is still working fine and replace any damaged parts if there are.

Why is it difficult to start my snow blower?

Quietest snow blower

If your snow blower is a gas-powered one, it may sometimes get difficult to start due to water or dirt in the fuel system. So don’t forget to clean it frequently after using. Another cause can be stale fuel. You can replace the fuel with fresh gas to restart it. If you still can not start it, then check the spark plug. 

A burnt spark plug will prevent it from working properly. You can replace the burnt old one with a new one. And in case it can’t be started after you have done all the previous solutions, you may need to have the carburetor cleaned and rebuilt. Of course we all don’t want the worst situation to happen, so it is recommended to clean and check all the parts frequently to identify any mistakes as soon as possible.

Why doesn’t my snow thrower discharge snow?

Quietest snow blower

A broken shear bolt that connects the auger to the shaft can stop the auger from turning and deliver snow into the impeller and discharge chute. Or a loose or worn drive belt can cause slipping and prevent the auger from working properly. Therefore, check the auger drive belt and adjust if there is any mistake.

An auger control cable that is out of adjustment may also affect the auger functioning. Also, a broken shear ooun could also be the reason why your snow blower is not working well.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Quietest Snow Blowers

A snow blower is very helpful for people living in countries that have snowy seasons. For different purposes, demands and preferences, there are different snow blowers that can satisfy your needs. After reading our preview and key factors, if you are still not so sure about which one you want, then don’t worry because we are here to help you. We have selected the top 5 quietest snow blowers according to specific categories. Check the table below to see which one is the best for you.


BEST quietest snow blower for handling light snow in small areas


BEST quietest snow blower for handling thin snow in all kinds of areas 


BEST quietest snow blower for handling thick snow or users living in areas with harsh climate 

No products found.

After our review, key determinants and top 5 picks, we hope you have got the right one in your mind. You can also check out for more on Amazon and select the most suitable one there!

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