Top 10 Quietest Sump Pumps: Reviews And Comparison 2021

Whenever the rain ends, you always feel pity as your basement is fully wet and there is nothing you can do with it. Having a sump pump is definitely a necessary investment. But sometimes it is too noisy and you are so annoyed with that. So looking for a quietest sump pump is a vital action you should take.

Sump pump is an equipment to remove all the unwanted water out of your basement, or wherever the water should not appear. It prevents flooding and other issues. 

A sump pump in your house will give you peace in mind because you do not have to always wonder whether your basement is wet or not.

I know that some of you are hesitant because you are worrying that it can be too noisy and hard to install. But we are here! After careful research, we would like to introduce you to the Top 10 quietest sump pumps available on the market.

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Top Quietest Sump Pumps Reviews 2021

With only around 45-50 dB, this model from Wayne can be considered as the quietest sump pump on the market. It is assembled with both domestic and overseas lateral in America.

It is already assembled, so it is really convenient as you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out which part to assemble or trying to read the instructions. All you need to do is to locate the sump pump and embed the connections

It is an renovated version from its older brothers with a body made of steel and a cast iron base. Although those metallic pieces make it weigh even more, it is a main contributor to its durability and strength. 

The suction pump on the top is designed specifically to keep at a minimum the debris and airlocks clogging. It offers a 15-inch basin, so it only takes you around 15 minutes to install or even less if you are a professional.

A float switch is also designed for your convenience. As the water level rises, it will automatically turn on the unit.

According to the dealer, the pump can make it to 1 million cycles. So if you buy it for your home or a small business installation, this is the best quietest sump pump for your use.

Zoeller M53 can surprise you with its durability and quiet ability. This will be the quietest sump pump that promises to keep your house away from flooding. If you are a big fan of submersible pumps for draining water, you can not ignore this.

It is covered with dark green. But well, let’s get over it.

With a robust unit that boasted up to 3/10 HP, enough for the whole residential area tanks and sump pits.

According to the dealer, this unit can release more than 45 gallons/ minute, even though it still depends on the depth of the place where it is installed. But this feature is the main reason making this one of the quietest sump pumps and the strongest one.

The design of the Zoeller M53 looks kinda bulky, but do not mistake that with its robust motor. And also, it is one of the most lightweight sump pumps with only 21 pounds.

The base is equipped with thermoplastic with an aim to regulate temperature. With that reason, you do not have to be afraid that it will overheat.

Zoeller M53 offers a waterproof cable and power covered to prevent the risk of electric shock. And the life cycle of this Zoeller model can last around 3 years without any problems technically.

From the day it first launched, Wayne CDU980E has been considered as one of the most valuable sump pumps available on the market. The features of this Wayne model makes you realize it is too good to be real. And that’s true. It could be the quietest sump pump you are looking for.

It can deliver gallons of water at once smoothly and keep your basement dry. The process itself does not use up much space at all.

It is covered with high quality materials, with cast iron and stainless steel for the case. This is a kind of guarantee that the sump pump is well built and less exposed to corrosion. 

Despite using heavy materials, the pump is not really heavy due to its compact design. Lightweight impellers also contribute to reducing its weight.

It is equipped with an automatic pump switch, which helps to reduce the noise of the pump. This makes this Wayne’s model stand out from other sump pumps. 

 With its powerful ¾ horsepower, it is capable of delivering up to 4600 gallons per hour.

If you are seeking a portable and quietest sump pump, this one's for you.

It is covered with stainless steel, which prevents your sump pump from corrosion. One outstanding feature of this sump pump is that it is designed with a water sensor ON/OFF. So there is no room left for a float switch.

If you are worried that your pump is prone to damage if the pump is working dry when you forget to notice it. Well, it is over now. After a few minutes of working dry, the pump will automatically turn off to avoid jamming.

It can deliver up to 26 ft with a maximum of 81 gpm. It is best used for narrow space due to its small size and can be used for flooding basement, draining water,...

This Little Giant is a smart option for a compact basement. As its name refers, this sump pump hardly makes any noise.

The manufacturer minimizes its size and power to make it as quiet as possible. So this is surely an affordable and perfect choice for those who are uncomfortable with the loud noise of a sump pump.

But don’t be fooled by its small size, it can pump up to 65 gallons per minute, which means up to 3900 gallons of water per hour.

If you need only a few gallons of water irregularly, then this is the one for you. It is not only at the most affordable price,but also one of the quietest sump pumps ever.

It runs smoothly and barely makes any sound. It is also energy savings and works automatically.


Don’t be fooled by its small size, to be specific, it only weighs over 11 pounds, but this could make the installation process easier.

It can pump up to 4000 gallons per hour with its ⅓ horsepower at ground lift and up to 2500 gallons at 10-foot lift.

At this price, what surprised me is its durability. It can last more than 2 decades and still work well. This is definitely a budget-friendly purchase for your home!

This SCHRAIBERPUMP’s model is one of the most lightweight sump pumps you can look for. 

As any other model from this brand, it offers a water sensor ON/OFF. So the float switch is useless here.

If you are worrying that the pump works dry and many damage the motor, this Schraiberpump will solve this. After a few minutes working dry, it will automatically turn off.

It is only used for clean water, and able to pump up to 20ft and a maximum of 26gpm. It is suitable for those who live in a small house with a narrow basement. Moreover, it can last for long but still work very well.

And last but not least, it not only be used in a basement but also other environments such as farm use, fountains, swimming pools,...

Wayne VIP50 is well-known for its multipurpose and quietest sump pump at an affordable price. It is best used for well, sump, sewage, etc,.. And also it is amazingly portable due to its lightweight and small size compared to other sump pumps. 

If you are afraid that a sump pump is hard to use, well, this Wayne is for you as it is extraordinarily easy to run. This offers years of guarantee and assembly in America.

It is best used for jobs that offer little time rather than removing the water from your basement. The base is equipped with thermoplastic with an aim to regulate temperature, which means you do not have to be afraid that it will overheat.

The machine is sealed to keep at a minimum amount of debris and airlocks clogging. 

You can easily turn on or off the machine yourself as it is an electric and manual sump pump.

The unit can release up to 2600 gallons per hour with a discharge height of 0 feet. And 300 gallons per hour with a discharge height of 20 feet.

Wayne VIP50 is able to last for many years without any technical problems. But make sure you use it carefully.

If you are under a low budget but looking for a quietest sump pump, well, this Superior Pump is just for you.

Superior is a business company that you can fully trust as they have been in this industry for almost 100 years. They provide high quality products that I believe will satisfy your demand.

But do not be fooled by the price. It is still doing its job very well. Many people are seeking a powerful sump pump but they do not realize that all they need is the one that can do its best job.


It comes with 2 different styles: stainless and thermoplastic. And tons of sizes depend on your demand. In my opinion, I would go for thermoplastic as it stops from overheat and is durable.

It is equipped with an intake screen that will strain all the dust from going into the pump.

This is the one for those who are looking for a quietest sump pump and drain water quickly. There are 2 size options for you due to your preference and usage: 1/4HP Manual and with float switch.

Different from other sump pumps, it is made of plastic, which makes this quite cheaper. And it is super lightweight, only 8,3 pounds, which makes this really handy and portable.

It is easy to install and it will immediately work when you turn it on, and can remove water from 0,2ft. The appearance gives you an impression of environment-friendly. Moreover, with thermoplastic design, you won't be afraid of erosion and its durable ability. 

It is capable of delivering up to 1600 gallons of water per hour from ground and 21,5 gallons of water per minute of 10 ft of discharge lift.

How To Buy The Quietest Sump Pump And Suitable For Your Usage

quietest sump pump

If you are not an expert, choosing the right sump pump, especially the quietest sump pump, is not easy and can be an arduous task. You do not know which features to consider and focus on. 

So we are here to make your searching journey easier, we will point out some features that you should consider carefully and how to check on them.

How the product is built

The first thing you should consider is the overall building of the sump pump. For me, I am a real picky when choosing the cover of the product.

A high quality case determines the durability and  well-made of the unit. It will make the erosion process slower and can save itself from unexpectable damage.

One of the ideal materials is thermoplastic. It is sturdy and heat-resistant and also reduces the weight of your sump pump. It is portable and easy to install. Moreover, it is a budget option for your home.

quietest sump pump

Stainless steel is another ideal material. As it is made from steel, it is not as lightweight as thermoplastic. Even though the process occurs quite slowly, it will rust after a long time using it.  

But if you are looking for an ideal material that is not only lightweight but also durable, well, cast iron is for you. It is more lightweight than stainless steel but heavier than thermoplastic.

The rust process still occurs in cast iron, but you can slow it down by applying extoxy all over the pump. However, there is a possibility of breaking if you use it regularly.

Here are some materials you can think of for your pump. Bear in mind that the material has a direct impact for the durability of your pump.

Pump Type

There are a variety of sump pumps out there and it may confuse you.

Submersible pump is a kind of pump that still works well while immersed in water. It is the easiest to run.

quietest sump pump

Pedestal sump pump is portable and convenient as you do not have to put much effort in maintaining it. The top of the pedestal pump is especially designed for easy carry. You can carry it at your most comfort.

Both of these pumps are portable. But one more thing you should consider is the backup sump pumps. Trust me, it is helpful when the electric is cut down.

In case that you are suffering a severe flood, it will offer battery support. Which means your sump pump still works well for hours even if there is no electricity.

Both submersible and pedestal sump pumps have their own advantages and disadvantages. So the decision is all up to you. Remember to think about the situation in your house and your usage. 


So, why is the switch? 

Well, because not all the switches are the same, and they actually have a major impact on the longevity of your sump pump.

On the market has 3 popular switches:

The tethered switch can last longer than any of below. But you have to dig broader sump pits. 

Vertical switch pump is suitable for smaller pits as it is able to dig in quite easily. But it can not last as long as other switch pumps.

Unlike the 2 above, electric switches do not have moving parts. And it is prone to be affected by unknown materials in the water. But you can stop that by cleaning it regularly.

Horsepower Rating

One more thing you should not forget is to check the measure of the motor. 

quietest sump pump

When we talk about horsepower rating and stuff, well, remember, the more the better. Because the higher the horsepower rating, the quicker the draining process. But notice that it will consume more power.

Choosing a pump that is at least 1/3HP as it will remove water faster and more water at a time.

But before all of these, don’t forget to measure the depth of water when your basement is flooding. And consider the depth where you set up your sump pump and the width of the sump pits. 

A Quiet Sump Pump

Well, last but not least, how can we forget the noise of the pump.

The ideal brands would go for Wayne or Superior. Both of the brands have the utmost quietest sump pump. Normally, the noise is only around 50dBA, so it is not noisy at all.

A quietest sump pump will definitely satisfy your using experience. A peace and healing in mind that you know that your basement is safe from flooding and still, have a deep sleep.

Installation Process

If you are not an expert, it can be a real challenge to install this stuff in your basement. To make it as clear as possible, instead of writing it down, I would like to introduce a Youtube video to help your installation process easier.

I hope that after my reviews and buying guide, you already have a clear perspective in your head of what and how to buy the quietest sump pump. 

Buying a sump pump is a necessary investment so remember to consider carefully before making a decision.

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