Top 13 Quietest Vent Hood Reviews: Cook In Peace!

A vent hood is used to help eliminate airborne pollutants, steam, or smoke through a vent using the evacuation process. However, a rather annoying common feature that most vent hoods encounter is the quite loud noise. And so we've created a list of different products for the quietest vent hood category that you might want to check out.

The evacuation process that the vent hood applies will help reduce odors and smoke from spreading through the air of your kitchen area. And from there, it contributes to cooling, reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and also provides more light for your dark, hot kitchen.

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Top 13 Quietest Vent Hood: Reviews 2021

The FOTILE range hood model JQG7501 is perfectly designed and suitable for any modern kitchen style. It features a wall-mounted design and powerful extractor that sucks in airborne grease, fumes, odor, and smoke. Thanks to the double centrifugal fan system, this Fotile vent hood can virtually purify the smell and oil from cooking waste.

FOTILE JQG7501.E 30" range hood is on our list of the quietest vent hood, despite its powerful engine, with a 54-decibel rating. It gives you a 3-speed setting via a touch screen control panel so you can tailor the entire appliance to any cooking style. The touch screen control panel also features a lock-screen feature, giving you the peace of mind that you won't accidentally press anything during cleaning.

Besides, the Fotile vent hood can efficiently consume energy thanks to an energy-saving LED lighting system. Another detail we also appreciate about this product is its unique color and design. We like its very delicate and classy black tempered glass.


  • Suitable for any kitchen style
  • The double centrifugal fan system
  • Lock-screen feature
  • Energy saving
  • Unique color and design


  • Expensive

Next on our list, we want to recommend another vent hood that is reliable, powerful, and has a compact size. This Kobe under cabinet vent hood may not be stylish enough compare to other hoods on this list, but we like its robust, practical design.

With a max 650 CFM rating, this Kobe vent hood is more muscular, and it is suitable for most households because of the vast airflow it provides. Also, Quiet Mode, among the three adjustable fan speeds, keeps this vent hood as quiet as possible, with a sound that sounds like a whisper. 

However, this also means it won't be quiet for the other two modes, which is a detail we think you should know before choosing to buy this vent hood.

Besides, it comes packed with essential features for your cooking job, including two dishwasher-safe baffle filters and two ultra-bright LED bulbs. Maintenance and control are also more straightforward for you as they’ve been designed with more emphasis on ease of cleaning. 

In short, according to our research, this Kobe vent hood would be an excellent choice for you in terms of performance over other add-ons.


  • Modern and sleek design
  • Dishwasher-safe baffle filters
  • Two ultra-bright LED bulbs
  • Quiet Mode specifically included for silent operation
  • Max 650 CFM


  • Tricky installation

ZLINE range hood stood out to us when it comes to affordable range vent hoods. 

The first feature we need to mention is the flexible installation when you can go with the recirculating method or simply with vents. 

Additionally, it also features the overheating protection system to help maintain safety in your kitchen. About the cleaning job, one tip from us to keep the machine shiny is to use the cleaner especially made for stainless steel material.

This ZLINE vent hood has an airflow at 760 CFM at the highest level of speed, which is super fast. The operation is very quiet as well. We have tested it at the highest speed level; it truly makes barely any noise.


  • Powerful suction
  • Excellent after-sale services
  • Easy to install
  • Dishwasher safe filters


  • A bit loose baffles

Cosmo COS-QS75 Under Cabinet Range Hood is perfect for a limited kitchen space as you can neatly install it underneath an existing cabinet. The design has a brushed finish and is made from premium stainless steel that suits any kitchen style. In particular, its canopy style design makes it easy to integrate with all other appliances in your kitchen.

This Cosmo COS-QS75 has a remote control and a complete touchscreen control system for convenient remote control and installation. It keeps the grease out very well, thanks to the durable arc-flow filters that seal off the motor. The filters are also straightforward to clean in the dishwasher.

You can also convert this vent hood to a ductless system by using a carbon filter kit. It is powered by a powerful engine that absorbs the air toxic very well and a long-lasting LED lighting system. You also don't need to worry about how loud it is while operating. It is on our list of the quietest vent hood at the 65-decibel level.


  • Five-year warranty
  • Backlit LCD touch screen
  • Can switch from ducted to ductless
  • Four adjustable fan speeds
  • It has a remote control


  • Suitable only for household use

Cosmo 63190 36” Wall Mount Range Hood is right for you if your kitchen is large and has plenty of space. It's a wall-mounted vent hood to match any kitchen style with a canopy design that blends function and style. The model 63190 can be considered the quietest vent hood from Cosmo, with a 3-speed motor, 60 decibels level, and super quiet technology with high airflow.

With 760 CFM, it can very effectively absorb all the harmful fumes and pollutants that your cooking process releases into the air. You can also purchase a carbon filter separately if you need to convert it to a ductless system with a straightforward installation process. This Cosmo 63190 vent hood uses the Arc Flow filtration system to wash in the dishwasher for a few minutes or wipe them easily.

We liked its ease of use, with a push-button control panel for convenient installation of the power and lights. It also has 2-watt LED bulbs included that are very energy-efficient to light up your kitchen area at night.


  • Easy to clean
  • There are two types of filters: carbon and permanent.
  • Powerful
  • Sturdy


  • The suction power doesn’t work very well.

This Perfetto vent hood is a perfect choice if you want a machine that keeps your kitchen dry even if it has a powerful motor. With a size of 30 inches, it is very suitable to use in a medium or small-sized kitchen. It can also be convertible to ductless or ducts depending on your needs. You don't have to worry about the conversion as the product has already provided you with a six-inch diameter duct pipe. 

The feature that is different compared to most other hoods is the chimney flue covers. You also receive a detailed installation guide to help you put them together. We like its Italian style design with brushed steel to satisfy your cleaning more comfortable and the super slim footprint. This design makes it fit very well with any type of decor of your kitchen.

The Perfetto vent hood has a 193-watt three-speed motor including high, medium, and low levels of speed, which we sure you will not get disappointed with. You can also easily control the machine with three buttons to switch the speed and the airflow at the highest level of 400 CFM. 

With the noise level is below 65 dB, which is quieter than everyday human conversations, we all agree that this machine is one of the quietest vent hoods you can find. 

This Perfetto vent hood has not one but two aluminum mesh filters to filter the smoke, odor, and grease effectively. You can clean them effortlessly by hand or just simply let the dishwashers do the job.


  • Modern and beautiful design
  • Convertible system
  • Dishwasher safe, reusable filters
  • Easy to control
  • Versatile


  • Can squeal after some time of using
  • Not very durable design

Cosmo 5MU30 30 in. under cabinet range hood will be a kitchen appliance that will become the highlight of your modern kitchen. With its premium look and slim shape, this device has an incredibly sophisticated look, attracting us at first sight. Its look matches any home decor in every color and style you want, with a brushed finish and premium stainless steel.

This Cosmo 5MU30 is on our quietest vent hood list as it operates at a 56-decibel level, which is relatively quiet, with an airflow capacity of 200 CFM. It also works very energy-efficient with an LED system and a powerful 3-speed motor to remove odors in the air quickly. You can now rest assured of this Cosmo 5MU30 vent hood's ability to absorb bad smells and harmful fumes during cooking.

Regarding cleaning, you only need to wipe down the filters, which are designed to be easily cleaned in the event of grease accumulation. The vent comes to keep grease inside it. You can also convert to a ductless range hood easily thanks to a carbon filter’s flawless operation and multiple layer filtration systems. We appreciate this unique 2 in 1 feature.


  • Lightweight
  • Double-sided
  • Easy to maintain


  • Regularly honing is required
  • Easily rusted

The Broan Aluminum Power Pack Range Hood will be the perfect choice for you if you want a vent hood with good air circulation and vital capacity. It has many utilities born to bring convenience to users.

We got the first impression of its durability thanks to fabrication with a silver layer and powder coat on it, preventing the machine from tearing, wearing out, and rusting. Alternatively, you can use this with or without ducts. Even without ducts, it will not stick its neck out during installation. When installing, you need to make it work properly and install it at least 24 inches away from the cooktop.

The Broan vent hood is designed with two engines, a bit less than the other models on this list. But that also means the machine will work more quietly. And indeed, with the loudness measured at 58 decibels/8 Sones, it works quietly with almost silent sound.

Another feature we are also impressed with this Broan vent hood is the installed thermostat that effectively detects heat levels. Whenever the temperature rises to a predetermined level, the fan can generate about 250 CFM is turned on to cool.

Additionally, an aluminum-mesh filter is also included, which is easily cleanable. The filter works very well to filter and protect your kitchen air from all the grease, hot smoke, and odor emanating from your ovens or stoves. The machine also comes with two LED light sockets for the 40-watt bulbs that, unfortunately, you'll have to purchase separately.


  • Easy to install
  • Powerful fan
  • Good air movement


  • Louder than most of the other hoods on the list

The Broan 424204 is an ideal vent hood that suitable for any kitchen with large to medium size. It is 42 inches wide and can fit under the cabinet. You can also easily install this product. Just be sure to install it with a duct system, and then it can work fine without any trouble in most kitchen types.

This Broan 424204 vent hood also operates quietly with a measured sound level of 53 decibels/6 Sones during operation, which is a near-absolute silence compared to other kitchen sounds. Additionally, we also liked the two-speed motor with the "high" and "low" levels easy to switch just by using a few buttons.

It has a quality aluminum locomotive that can handle harmful particles, grease, and odor effectively. The filter is easy to put back and is safe to use in the dishwasher as well.

However, this machine will only have airflow with 190 CFM, a detail you have to pay for a cheap product that already has a quality filter. Besides, you also have to buy two other 75 watt bulbs separately to install them if you need them.


  • Modern and sleek design
  • Good value
  • Safe to use in the dishwasher
  • Easy to install
  • Great quality stainless steel


  • Installation may take some time.

Firebird RH0387 Wall Mount Range Hood is an island vent hood very suitable for kitchen spaces without a wall-based design. It beats all the usual standards of performance and style. Its appearance is very modern and glossy with a glass dome design. Also, it provides incredibly convenient features for the cooking process, including timer settings, LED lights, and adjustable fan levels.

Thanks to the removable aluminum filters, it is also straightforward to clean. It is possible to immediately intervene in the grease accumulation over time by cleaning it up or even using it in dishwashers.


  • Timer/clock function
  • Modern control panel
  • Adjustable fan levels
  • Glossy glass dome design


  • Not very bright LED lights
  • Can’t turn off digital lighting

AKDY Wall Mount Range Hood will delight you when choosing it for your kitchen. It has both a modern design and an excellent odor absorption but also works quietly.

We love its realistic style with the European trend featuring a high-tech control panel in the front and a domed glass cover. You can even control it remotely anywhere and anytime you want via remote control.

With a 400 CFM rating and four fan speeds for you to customize, this AKDY vent hood gives you precise control over the airflow. Also, it works exceptionally quietly at just under 65 decibels.

The AKDY vent hood also features a timer setting and a clock on a sleek digital panel. Its built-in LED light emits a soft blue glow, which is a small highlight for your kitchen.


  • Soft blue glow LED lights
  • Built-in timer, clock
  • Works at 400 CFM, less than 65 decibels
  • Includes remote control
  • Durable stainless steel material


  • Not very durable control panel
  • Some reviewers say the product sometimes shut off unexpectedly.

Broan E66130BL Elite ultra-quiet range hood is one of the quietest vent hoods that you can find on the market today. Its unique feature not only saves your kitchen space by being able to fit under the cabinet, but it also works quietly, making less sound than most other kitchen hoods.

Inside it has centrifugal fans and has a large capacity with three very convenient speed settings. With 600 CFM, thanks to that, the machine will operate smoothly and quietly without emitting much noise even at full power. It uses a high-tech integrated heat sensor capable of auto-excitation. 

With this feature, you can be assured of safety when stepping out of the room and help keep your hands free during cooking.

The Broan E66130BL range hood uses easily removable aluminum filters, and they are safe to use in dishwashers, making them extremely simple and quick to clean. We were also impressed with its minimalistic and refined design, low maintenance, and good performance.


  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe aluminum filters
  • High-tech integrated heat sensor
  • Ultra-quiet
  • The slim shape fits under the cabinet.


  • Loose controls button
  • Use Halogen lights instead of LED

Things You Should Know To Choose The Quietest Vent Hood

Different consumers will have other preferences for any product. It entirely depends on each person’s individual needs to choose the best product that most suits them. But overall, the quietest vent hood will always be the perfect choice for your kitchen space. What could be better than a kitchen hood that helps prevent airborne pollutants and smoke from spreading throughout the house while operating exceptionally quietly?

Below are things you need to know to choose the quietest vent hood for your kitchen.

Ventilation Systems

Quietest Vent Hood

You can optionally choose between two types of ventilation systems: the ductless system and the ducted system.

The ductless system works in a way that filters the air that is circulating inside the appliance back to the kitchen air. They usually hold grease and oil inside a pre-fitted filter. That filter can also be a carbon filter to more effectively combat grease odors. At the same time, the duct system helps to remove the outside air.


Sone is an internationally recognized unit of the noise level. Inside the hood, the noise that the blower makes will be accurately measured through this sone unit. Increasing sone also means that the sound output will increase, not the same as the decibel ratings. To make it easier for you to imagine, we will give you an example of a sone that will make a similar noise to a whisper, while eight sones will be as loud as a regular conversation.


Quietest Vent Hood

The CFM unit will measure the airflow in cubic feet per minute of the exhaust airflow. A larger noise level will correspond to a higher CFM. Typically, 600 - 900 CFM would be a standard specification for quieter vent hoods. However, you will have to trade-off between effective air cleaning and these low CFM parameters.

Types Of Vent Hood

There are many types of vent hoods on the market today. And we think the most critical factor for you to make the best choice is your kitchen layout and size. Always be sure to choose a vent hood that is large enough to cover your stove-top and cooking surface fully.

Downdraft vent hood

As a general rule, most vent hoods will operate to draw smoke towards the ceiling. Meanwhile, Downdraft vent hoods worked completely differently by pulling fumes and smoke in the opposite direction through a duct below the floor. Unlike other vent hoods, in the position behind your cook-top, the Downdraft vent hoods will be installed.

Quietest Vent Hood

Wall-mount vent hood

Also known as wall-mounted chimneys, these wall-mounted vent hoods are designed to resemble traditional chimneys. They are installed above the cooking space where there is no upper row of cabinets. They are fitted in line with the existing duct ventilation system and mounted in the wall.

Under-cabinet vent hood

The under-cabinet vent hoods are the most popular types on the market today. As their name suggests, they will be installed below the kitchen cabinet and above your stove-top. They will be manufactured ductless or ducted depending on the manufacturer.

Quietest Vent Hood

The ducted under-cabinet vent hood will work by discharging pollutants and smoke outside. In contrast, the ductless one operates by circulating the air circulating inside the kitchen space.

Island vent hood

In contrast to the Downdraft vent hood, an island range hood will be vented and mounted on the ceiling through the duct-work. However, installing them in the kitchen will need a large amount of space because they do not have any cabinet or adjacent wall to funnel fumes.

Reviews/Customer Feedback

If the vent hood you are looking at is relatively expensive, we recommend that you stop for a moment and study the other users' experiences of that product. It's also one way we've come up with to create this list, including the quietest vent hoods on the market that received lots of good reviews and user feedback. However, you also need to take a look at and check out the most recent comments on that product for yourself.

Quietest Vent Hood

Price Point

How much does a vent hood that is quiet to use cost? It seems like a difficult question because the answer depends on each person's budget. For general premises, the vent hoods will have prices ranging from $150 to over $1000. But you can find mid-range vent hoods from $200 to $500 with a full range of features, including interface panels such as screen and buttons, lighting options, materials used, decibel level, and airflow.


Of course, the vent hood's appearance is an essential factor in your choice. Besides, the materials that make up the vent hood also need to be noted. The vent hood is composed of various materials, of which stainless steel is the most common. The wall mount hoods often use more special materials such as copper, different stainless finishes such as black, brushed, etc., or wood.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

The Bottom Line: Our Top Picks Of The Quietest Vent Hood

We know vent hoods are not cheap at all, and they are not easy to install either. Yet they are must-have devices, especially given their long-term benefits, if you're planning on renovating your kitchen.

To choose the quietest vent hood, you need to consider the possibility of low noise operation via CFM and sone values. Then, select the type that suits your kitchen in terms of size and style, and finally, determine the ventilation system.

Below are the top 5 picks of the quietest vent hood we have gathered that you can check out.

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